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  1. Anyone else having problem using Auburn Tigers app to get our call?
  2. Classic. Also run O for 3 quarters. Just enuf O to give me hope in the 4th. Then mediocrity returns. There is not enough bourbon in my house tonight to forget.
  3. Oh Gawd. My heart. O is giving me hope. God bless me.
  4. Does anyone else find our offensive HC OFFENSIVE?
  5. I feel like we're getting outplayed a little, out kicked a little more, and out coached a lot.
  6. Done. Complete coaching failures in planning and execution. Our players do not deserve our overpayed OFFENSIVE coaching staff.
  7. So happy we have an OFFENSIVE guru leading this hot mess. D is playing their hearts out. O play calling and execution is , ONCE AGAIN, NOT worthy of the effort.
  8. Love your fight Bo. Take this loss and mistakes and process it. I know you will do us proud soon!
  9. Other than our outstanding D, nothing about thos is good. O and ST play were out schemed, and our played
  10. Was thinking the same. Gonna be a tough one in 2 weeks. Then again, its lsu. They could come out completely flat in second half and lise by 2 tds.
  11. Part of it is the db getting his head turned.
  12. Smh. For an offensive “guru” we are SO unimaginative. Keep putting our D out there and they are getting gassed and making mistakes (penalties)