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  1. I'm thinking SPF 1,000. But would LOVE to see this happen!
  2. Been lurking, but hoping to get more involved. Youngest starts Soph year next month. We currently live up in No. VA, so depend on you guys for the inside scoop. WDE!
  3. Heading down to AU this weekend for Camp War Eagle for our youngest. Staying at AUCC...how far south down College does the construction go? Looks like maybe half a block or so, and certainly not beyond Thach. Can someone confirm? Should be wonderful when complete!
  4. Our youngest son will start AU this fall, so we will go to A-Day with him and probably the wife.
  5. Thanks, Stat.
  6. 1. Watching our D made me physically ill. although they showed real spine on the last couple of series including OT. I hope Coach Boom took copious notes today. 2. O play calling today was not the creative series of plays that we have come to expect. 3. Our HUNH series in second quarter was by far the best we played all day. We then seemed to get away from it as game went on. Its obvious we do better the faster we play...its a real weapon we keep on the sidelines too often with too many checks. 4. I'm proud of all our players for never giving up...obviously need some fundamental work in the off season. 5. Really concerned with D recruiting. We we will need more than Lawson back to fix this mess. I love Auburn and hope we use the offseason to get better fundamentally. Always a Tiger...WDE!!
  7. Merry Christmas from Northern VA...was deployed to Kuwait in 2004. Thanks to you and your brothers and sisters for continuing to protect us. God Bless and WDE!!
  8. Merry Christmas from Northern VA...WDE!!
  9. Run--being stranded way up here in VA, thanks for the posts...taking my youngest down for SC game, but will have to settle for local watch party until then. WDE!!
  10. And now moved to 9. http://www.vegasinsider.com/college-football/odds/offshore/