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  1. Dude. If you haven't figured out how live stream the AU feed by this point, you deserve him. Lol
  2. This season is over. Better served to put 110% into recruiting OL and DL. Thats where we are getting whipped, consistency. I'm a basketball fan now.
  3. Just a total team loss. O, D, coachesm kicking, ball boys. Everybody. Very winnable and we screwed the pooch.
  4. It's really noticeable when we are on defense. Opposing teams know it, and will run pace to catch us in base or worse. And we seem to be slowing down getting plays in as season progresses.
  5. We pull this out, and it will be the most JABA thing all season.
  6. I honestly don't know how we are down only 10.
  7. At least they are filming another season of Dexter. BG fans just left thinking wtf for all these years
  8. Series Finale of Battlestar Galactica reboot was worse.
  9. We look like a high school team.
  10. So be it. Put the practice squad in if that's what it takes. Might wake up a couple of starters.
  11. At this point our offense is completely ineffective. We just pass it around outside until someone launches a 3 from the parking lot. If I was BP, I'd tell everyone to just take it to the hole on every transition. No dump offs. Just take it to the hole.
  12. Baseball team is off to a strong start too!
  13. Great heart. No quit in these kids. Just need to be smarter and more situational with our aggressiveness.
  14. Dean is obviously more offensively aggressive, but I think what's lacking is situational aggressiveness. Short backstop, B7/1 out needing 2 runs, etc...
  15. My stream was buffering a lot, and discovered it had somehow toggled to 1.5x and was catching up with itself. Went back to 1x and its fine. Who knows...?
  16. Proud Auburn dad (presumably) near the mic shouting encouragement and calling out the blue "questionable" calls is my hero right now!
  17. So what happened on that ground out to 3rd that umps called back? Did someone call time or something?
  18. This afternoon is taxing my man cave AV. I'm casting softball on the small screen, will have hoops on big screen, and baseball on the tablet. Whew...
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