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  1. We need about two more offensive lineman and our class turns out alright. We can surely turn one of those safeties into a linebacker if they put 20-30 lbs on, maybe more.
  2. This is the most true statement I’ve seen. Save keondre Jones, Schenker, and Kobe we want a clean slate.
  3. Georgia has been holding all game and they just now call it
  4. I haven’t seen Auburn receivers this poor in a long time.
  5. 2 missed field goals 2-3 potential interceptions, an unlucky bounce on a sack fumble, and a weird bounce on an onside, I hate to say it but we’re just unlucky.
  6. How can LSU DBs just flail and hack at our Wide receivers with absolutely NO calls?
  7. Have referees every played football? Do they understand inadvertent head banging? When Hall went for the quarterback he still had the ball
  8. People who are blaming the coaches aren’t seeing the same thing I was seeing. We were in the game despite inferior talent ESPECIALLY at both lines of scrimmage. Bo is bad. The Wide receivers are bad. The pass rush is really bad. Tank was wide open on the 4th and 2 play call. Kobe Fumble cost us 7 points. Give us those two plays back we win this game. On the flip side we’re lucky this wasn’t a 42-20 beat down if the PSU defender catches the pick six and if the refs saw shedrick fumbling the ball on the scoop and score before he went down. Bo nix is not the answer. We have a huge talent deficiency in a lot of places but a better quarterback wins this game.
  9. Najee Harris had 95 of their 96 yards in the first quarter
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