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  1. beating two #1 teams in a season

    And we will have missed the shot to beat 3 #1 teams because when we played Clemson they were ranked #1
  2. AU vs Indiana State Game Thread

    Chuma Okeke > Danjel Purifoy
  3. AU vs Indiana State Game Thread

    Wow didn't realize Indiana State beat Indiana 90-69. If Auburn can blow out a team like this? I think this is going to be a great basketball season
  4. AU vs Indiana State Game Thread

    Also mind you guys I saw Austin Wiley at the chick filet on Campus at Auburn. He did not look even close to 7'0" or 6'11". I'm only 5'11" I think he's only like 6'9" and he was really lean. Did not seam like someone great rim protector to me. Okeke seems to being doing that job well
  5. AU vs Indiana State Game Thread

    Wasn't impressed with Wiley. He had one post move. Never dominated the boards for his size. Never took over a game. I get he was young but still. And Purifoy had like one good game then he just completely fell off. I'm talking 100% eye test. Not match ups and names. Auburn looks completely different
  6. AU vs Indiana State Game Thread

    Auburn might be better without Purifoy and Wiley. They slowed us down
  7. Looking too far ahead (playoffs)

    I would rather have more BYE weeks to help cobat injuries as opposed to watching Auburn play East Wesleyean Polytechnic orphanage college, but college football is a business and that would be the loss of a lot of revenue. And RE: the pac 12. They may not be outstanding this year but they have a lof of name brands in the college football like Stanford, Oregon, USC, and recently Washington. If they had a 1 loss team (conference champion) even with a less than average out of conference resume I would say they absolutely deserve a shot at the playoffs
  8. Looking too far ahead (playoffs)

    The pac 12 is unusual because they play 9 conference opponents and 3 out of conference teams usually bottom feeders. I mean USC played Texas and Notre Dame and got whipped by the Irish. Ideally I would want to see every team play 8 conference games and 4 out of conference games from each of the big 5 remaining conferences (so a Pac12 team would have to play SEC, ACC, Big 10, Big 12.) Of course this eliminates any possibility of a non Big 5 getting in, but was that happening anyways?
  9. Looking too far ahead (playoffs)

    What if 5 teams from power 5 conferences go undefeated? Who do you leave out? The team with the weakest schedule? Is that really their fault? If you go undefeated in a power 5 conference you deserve to get in. 8 is a fine stopping point because the conference championships serve as the psuedo-round of 16. But you could make an arguement that 8 teams would basically ruin conference championships since in many cased they might still be in even if they lose their conference title game. So it's a slippery slope. Maybe 6 teams with 2 byes?
  10. Looking too far ahead (playoffs)

    At the end of the day an 8 team playoffs has been long needed. That way valid 1 loss teams and the PAC 12 would be involved for a more fair geographical match up. Basically in the current set up one of the big 5 conferences gets screwed every year.
  11. UGA forums Look at the first page. It's probably the most satisfying thing you'll see all day.
  12. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    We almost got away with that
  13. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    great catch!!!
  14. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Let's go!!!!!!!
  15. Score Prediction- Georgia

    27-10 Auburn. Auburn has a consistent offense with a late score. Chubb is shut down and Fromm is completely rattled not used to being in a situation where he has to come back, and fails miseably