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  1. Not at all. But I was glad he could create what he did versus Kentucky.
  2. While this isn’t normally true. Is nobody gonna bring up the fact that he destroyed Tyler Herro off his own dribble with mid ranges?
  3. Excellent breakdown of the pack line in a great example versus a similar opponent. Thanks for posting. I think Virginia’s defense takes advantage of dynamic guards who have think that when the beat their man they can go straight to the basket every time. The only problem is Auburn’s guards are great at the drive and kick and I expect Auburn to get 20 open looks from the corner on Saturday. If I was pearl I’d practice 5 out sets with extra practice put on corner 3’s
  4. You could make the argument that Auburn has the most versatile fast break in college basketball. There’s speed all around. Shooters everywhere, and Harper can either use his speed to run to the rim, throw a lob to one of our rim runners or find Bryce from anywhere really. I don’t think Virginia can just defend all of this on the fly, simultaneously, if the right read is made.
  5. Bet you can’t say Mamadi Diakite 5 times fast. He is an elite Rim Protector. Maybe the best in the country. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Harper swatted by him.
  6. They are never rattled. They always play slow so we can guarentee we will be playing at THEIR pace. So Bruce better get his guys ready for a half court set defensive slug fest.
  7. Here's a link above to Tony Bennett's "Pack Line Defense", The short version of this defense is this. It's a type of man to man hyrbid where the on ball player is pressured and the 4 offball players are sagged off, where almost everyone played in the middle near the paint to establsh a "Packline." Virginia thinks they match up well with us on their boards but I say how? We have 7/9 players who will play saturday who shoot 33% or above from 3 and and 5/9 players who shoot 37% or better from 3. Is Virginia's plan to just sag off and leave us open hoping we miss? They also talk about they're great at transition defense, which means either 1. they all go back on defense simultaenously giving no chance for offensive boards leading to more Auburn possessions and chances for fast breaks or 2. They misundestimate OUR speed on the fast break. Since they're so concerned with defending the rim at all times bryce brown and his speed on transition should have plenty of chances for transition 3's. Virginia is not a transition team. They rely on screens, and great shooting from the outside. They are not an athletic team but more a well coached and fundamentally sound team. Auburn can play slow or fast with Jared Harper making the right decisions. I say we kill him slow or fast because of our guard's quickness. If Auburn manages to push this to a fast pace, it could get ugly for Virginia. Also Virginia has no real shot makers. Only role players within a system. So if we disrupt the screens and pressure/trap the shooters their offense will struggle.
  8. Two elite shooters in Ty Jerome and Kyle Guy, am all around small forward in De’Andre Hunter. An Elite Rim protector and rebounder in Mamadi Diakete (Black Guy with blonde hair). And a midget 5’9” guy Kihei Clark which I’m not really sure what his contribution is. They also have a bench of 3 slow tall bigs that are essentially there to set screens and get rebounds. They’re number one in the country in not turning the ball over and they have one of the slowest paces in college basketball. We CANNOT I really CANNOT let Virginia get hot from 3. I would throw a zone/trap to double Jerome and Guy and make Diakete and Clark beat you offensively. They will shoot you out of the building, lock you down on defense, and slow the pace down at that. The slower the game the more advantage Virginia. The faster the pace the advantage goes to Auburn.
  9. This is the gist I got from the Kentucky basketball boards. Tyler Herro is a legit shot-maker. P.J. Washington is a dominant all around player, great at the post up, can shoot lights out and dominated on the boards. Then there's Keldon Johnson an athletic 6'6" guard who can look great who's a great shooter and scorer but forces the issue at time, their center reid travis is technically great, a stanford transfer who does well, but not a dynamic player by any means. After those 4 it's not much. Their point guard Ashton hagans is hesistant and looks lost, they have decent bench guys who can hit 3's but overall Kentucky strives be be an elite defensive and rebounding team, at the cost of offense. Don't let Kentucky scoring 80 on us twice, fool you. They are not an offensive team. They just benefitted from Auburn's fast tempo. If Kentucky is down 8-10 in the second half, many posters on their boards don't believe they can come back.
  10. We can replace Chuma’s Individual contributions but we can never replace what he does all around. Wiley can pick up his rebounds and post up ability. Macklemore can pick up his blocks defense and pick and pop ability. Danjel can replace his athleticism and shooting ability. Now who will be our bailout bucket? Can Danjel step up and fill his shoes? I’m worried what we look like when our offense is stale. An Auburn team that keeps it close is a team that almost always wins recently.
  11. North Carolina has a big 3 (similar to Duke). A 6'5" Freshman Phenom Coby White who is a pure scorer and as fast as they come averaging 16 ppg. A 6'9" effeicent sharp shooter in Cameron Johnson shooting an insane 46% from 3 and over 51% overall and is their leading scorer at 17 ppg. But 6'8" Luke Maye is the glue that puts it all together averaging 15 and 11 he is a dangeous rebounding post scorer similar to Kevin Love in the NBA. We have the keep him off the glass or from getting hot. North Carolina LEADS the country in rebounding so keeping their bigs off the glass is crucial. They have tons of size and speed and run about a 7-8 deep lineup. Watch out for Nassir Little off the bench a 6'6" forward who despite averaging 10 ppg on the season has scored 19 and 20 in the tournament so far, respectively. North Carolina focuses on tempo and rebounding and are elite if not the best in the country at doing both simultaenously.
  12. Correction: Cincinnati is the #2. Were at #3, having allowed only 2 more points than Cincy.
  13. Auburn is now allowing 12.6 points per game good for second in the country. The first team? Washington at 11.6. Had we prevented that touchdown vs Southern Miss we would be the #1 Defense in the country. Kevin Steele is earning every penny with our offense struggling how it has.
  14. They also did lose their 6’4” 350 pound defensive tackle Vita Vea who was the #12 overall pick of last years draft.