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  1. lemonade_drinker

    Malzhan Growth

    Fix the 3rd quarter dry spells and release the injury info. That is all since he fixed the D. Side note-go back and watch how short and rude chip kelly was with the sideline reporters at the bcsncg and watch how pro CGC was. I also like how Gus handles the media. Same sortof way. Way better than Saybin imo.
  2. lemonade_drinker

    Caption This

    What light through yonder window breaks? Is it the East, and Jarrett is the sun?
  3. lemonade_drinker

    Mark My Word 2017

    MMW LSU loses 6 games, FSU loses 6 games. Penn St loses 5 games
  4. lemonade_drinker

    AU as head coach U

    Who is the last Auburn coach to not win a coach of the year award and a conference title? That goes back to Doug Barfield 76-80. AU has been solid at head coach since 1950 with the arrival of Shug. Add in Iron Mike Donahue and some guy named Heisman and you have HCU.
  5. lemonade_drinker

    Favorite AU Player That Wasn't Everyone Else's?

    Lee Ziemba got in a fight with a defensive player and broke the boys neck iirc
  6. lemonade_drinker

    Auburn vs SJSU Score Prediction

    Shutout!!! Echoes of Boom!!!
  7. lemonade_drinker

    Attention Auburn Fans:

    I'm just ready to win 10 games in back to back years. @batonrouge in 2017 too
  8. lemonade_drinker

    Aaou Auburn jersey?

    If you have Avengers age of ultron, check out the scene in the African ship, right as the camera rolls over men working. Is that an Auburn jersey?
  9. lemonade_drinker

    The solution

    21 should be enough to beat lsu, the solution needs to be for the defense. Home field or not Auburn still matches up with lsu star for star. Especially since Auburn has a better qb and coaching staff and lsu is 1 dimensional. The L is on the defense.
  10. lemonade_drinker

    The Positive Thread

    I got JJ back. He is a top 5 sec qb.
  11. lemonade_drinker

    Overreaction but where is the SEC Win

    What are Auburn's guaranteed losses?
  12. lemonade_drinker

    ***Auburn 21 LSU 45 Postgame Thread***

    21 should be enough against lsu
  13. lemonade_drinker

    Gonna be another long year for auburn!

    Like 2013?
  14. lemonade_drinker

    It is trending that our last two HC hires have been

    Gus is gonna get it together. He will return triumphantly in 2017!!!!
  15. lemonade_drinker

    ***Auburn 21 LSU 45 Postgame Thread***

    Play calling must have been tough, K Johnson was the best option from what I saw. Lsu will obviously win the national title. Fournette will win heisman. Lsu's whole team was breaking tackles every carry. Lawson would have made minimal difference.