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  1. ESPN OTL Report on Auburn football, AD

    And honestly, I will not be linking any so called headlines or news stories about this subject, as it is a non-story in regards to Auburn football and the upcoming LSU game.
  2. ESPN OTL Report on Auburn football, AD

    ^^^^THIS^^^^ Articles can be as long and convoluted as Webster's dictionary, all it comes down to is proof and substance, neither of which is present here. Internal investigation - nothing, Law firm - nothing, accuser - nothing. These articles are intended as click-bait and for people who need gossip to live out their lives. But this is also know around the ESPN circuit as "standard operating procedure". And yes the timing is very suspect....
  3. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    Guess that settles the redshirt debate....moving on
  4. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    So much for getting the new guys some work...ridiculous!
  5. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

  6. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    I agree. I am certainly not putting the Clemson game all on JS either....just thinking outside the box bc I get tired of reading the same stuff all the time....and MW does make me excited about the future if he lives up to billing (I learned my lesson w/ JJ)
  7. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    I recently went back and started watching some of his highlight film and film from A-Day. I'm not saying this kid will be get the start anytime soon but if his number gets called, I will certainly being paying attention. Seems like he has no problem making the reads and finding open guys as well as being smart with running and passing options. Again, most of what I am pulling from is A-Day, not a "real" game as some would say but I also watched Stidham too, and a lot of the plays he made in the Spring look like duplicates of the first two games this year. I believe (hope) JS will get settled in, but if he doesn't and MW gets put in, could be fun to watch. Looking forward to game day and Mercer! WDE!!!! Here is a shortened version of A-Day if anyone is interested:
  8. Any chance of Auburn-FSU 2018

    Well yes, that would be ideal....
  9. Any chance of Auburn-FSU 2018

    I know there has been some talk around websites about this in the past but has there been any actual movement on it???
  10. Food for Thought

    I had someone put CGM's teams into perspective for me the other day at work from a fellow AU supporter. No I preface this by saying I know CGM can coach, has a decent win percentage and even an SEC Championship and National title appearance. But here is something I have never really harbored too much on for some unknown reason. Had it not been for two miracle plays in the same season CGM would be 0-8 against our two main rivals (UGA, UAT)..... Like I said, just food for thought while we are waiting on the bowl game.... WDE!!!!
  11. Let's talk about Sean

    I am aware....I meant in the fact that Brandon wasn't afraid to take off either and take a few hits either.
  12. Let's talk about Sean

    Sean reminds me of an exact replica of Brandon Cox in the way he plays....I think Brandon may have had a more accurate/stronger pass (or maybe he just had better talent around him), but the playing styles are exactly the same. I have no problem with SW right now, I think the play calling has been suspect up until now and if he could have been the primary QB for the majority of the game against Clemson, I think we have one more win in the bag.....just my opinion.
  13. Chandler Cox

    ^^^^THIS^^^^ We certainly had an unusual off-season with one RB transferring and the other being removed from the team. I certainly didn't have the highest expectations coming into the season because of that, and I honestly think we have exceeded my expectations so far given the fact that teams know we are going to run first. So yeah Cox has some issues and that's why they keep practicing during the week but we have no other options, the RB well is pretty much dry ladies and gentlemen (at least for this season)..... That being said, we are still going to win some games and probably pull a few upsets.....WDE!!!
  14. ***Auburn 16 Texas A&M 29 -- Post Game Thread***

    ^^^^THIS^^^^ I don't understand all the down field throwing against Arky St (which worked fyi), and then we sit on it tonight. Not to mention we started out running good and then stopped bc stupid ass gimmick plays sounded like a better option. Granted the receivers did drop some passes which didn't help either. I am like most other people, even if we fire GM, where would we go from there???
  15. concerning lashlee

    The quote was something to the effect that Gus didn't want Nick Marshall to go to a QB guru because he didn't want him learning another style, and came during the off season when they were supposed to be improving his passing. That was actually discussed at length in another thread as to what the true reasoning behind that was. I personally think, since Gus brought up eligibility no less than 3 times when discussing that topic, it had something to do with the fact that QB gurus aren't cheap and, to not break NCAA regulations, the parents have to pay for it. NM still threw for over 2500yds and rushed for 1000. ^^^^^^^ In a run first offense as well.......