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  1. In regards to the journalism, hasn't J Johnson rejoined the team as of last week????
  2. Not sure where or if he calls Arizona home but I know he is from Columbus, Ga and went to Carver High. So that could be alluring to him maybe???
  3. I know I am like everyone else wanting to know if Bo, Tank, etc are coming back - but has anyone heard about what Anders might be doing? He can come back for his extra year correct?
  4. Congratulations - I hope he gets even more next year!!!
  5. Any word on the availability for these guys for the UGA game this weekend? I knew Pappoe and Walker might miss the LSU game but Moultry was one I had not heard about.
  6. Anyone know who or when this will be announced? I just assume it will be a CBS game.
  7. Until Bo proves his play at JHS can translate to playing on the road at that same level - then I am always going to be a little suspect with these road games - especially one of this caliber. I will say that he does look like a different player so far this year, even compared to his home games in prior years, so that gives me some optimism.
  8. Case Closed.... I do wonder however how many of these talking heads and journalists (I use that term loosely, very loosely) actually bothered to look up the rule or just figured they knew they were right because they have watched football on tv.
  9. Well you can thank recruits like George Pickens...
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