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  1. TecmoBoJackson

    Boobee Whitlow

    That's the same boat I was in....which is kind of sad
  2. TecmoBoJackson

    Boobee Whitlow

    I just noticed it looks like he is only 374 yards shy of becoming the next 1,000 yard rusher at Auburn. After the first few games I assumed there was no way that streak could continue. It would be a bright spot if he could hit that mark over the next 4 games since we aren't playing for any championships. I have been highly impressed by this freshman, minus the fumbles, and his toughness. That is all! WDE!!!
  3. TecmoBoJackson

    Jalen, Nate And JM gone now.

    You sure do have a lot of variables and what if's in your point. I will say that I agree that anytime a coach leaves and said player was recruited by that coach then the player should absolutely be able to leave, no questions asked. But we as fans don't know what was talked about during the recruiting process and what was or was not promised. What's to stop players from leaving bc they want to go to a better team or a "championship" contender? To me it just seems like it's the early happenings of a full blown free agency, and maybe it won't, but that's the way it feels to me.
  4. TecmoBoJackson

    Not liking this new 4 game rule

    I thought that the original idea was intended for freshman....and I am fine with the rule in regards to helping them.
  5. TecmoBoJackson

    Jalen, Nate And JM gone now.

    This is exactly what it is about. Look at the current state of sports as a whole. The "take my ball and go elsewhere" mentality has been increasing over the last decade or so, with players willing to sacrifice a year to transfer. And now you have pretty much given them a free pass with this rule and yet you are surprised that more are leaving??? I understand the new rule and why it was done, I just think it should have been limited to freshman, which is why I thought they came up with it in the first place.
  6. TecmoBoJackson

    GIF - That last pass interference was the correct call

    I agree this was PI but my complaint is with the ref's overall performance for the game. They were consistently missing calls (both ways) and my biggest pet peeve was the fact that they hardly ever got a player's number correct on the call. When I went back and watched the game again I counted almost 10 different penalties where they called the wrong number - even the announcers started correcting them. It seems to me that if they can't read a number off a jersey then maybe that explains some of the other missed issues. But I am not going to say any of this 100% cost us the game bc who knows what would have happened on following plays, but it would have been nice to at least had those opportunities. WDE!
  7. TecmoBoJackson


    The two ejections I saw in the Texas A&M game last night were legit and idiotic on the player's part. Both times the guy making the "tackle" lowered his head so low that I can't even believe he didn't get hurt himself. This poor form, to me at least, is either due to lack of teaching or lack of skill to make a correct tackle. I agree that sometimes it is questionable but when it's obvious that your head is so low that you can't even see what you are tackling, then the flag needs to be thrown for both players sake. Just my two cents.... WDE! Edit: And I will throw this out as well......I wish they would start throwing flags on offensive players lowering their heads as well.
  8. TecmoBoJackson

    Richard McBryde season over!

    Hopefully he is ok....neck is a very scary area and there are much bigger things than football!!! WDE Richard!
  9. TecmoBoJackson

    2018 Auburn vs. Washington Score Prediction

    Anytime someone asks me in recent weeks about Washington I usually stay reserve with the "It should be a good game", "they are pretty good"...but here lately I honestly don't think it will even be close by the time we see triple 0's in the 4th Qtr. Maybe I would feel differently if the game was in Washington or the team didn't have a good spring/fall camp. But I really believe this team is poised for something special this year and we are going to run them up and down the field in Atlanta. 42-17 WDE!!!
  10. TecmoBoJackson

    ** Nip Watch 2018 ** Called-8/22 2215

    By far my favorite thread every year!!!
  11. TecmoBoJackson

    One burning question.......

  12. TecmoBoJackson

    Chip: We really didn't make adjustments

    I certainly am not a coach (but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night) but I have always seen that when you are getting whipped upfront and the defense is living in your backfield that getting the ball out faster is a way to combat the pressure. From what I have seen from other teams before, quick slants, screens, etc. help offset an aggressive defense. Not by any means saying that would have worked, but I thought we might would have at least tried something like that versus the drop back and hold the ball for 10 seconds.
  13. TecmoBoJackson

    Get better this week

    Yes and Yes...
  14. TecmoBoJackson

    I saw Georgia in person

    I would take him at Auburn....
  15. TecmoBoJackson

    I saw Georgia in person

    They run quick slants like crazy and that's where the YAC's come in....it really is amazing how many yards they rack up on quick slants