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  1. This! ☝️☝️☝️☝️ Lane is a gypsy in the college coaching world. I give him 3 years max - wherever he goes. If he comes here I know that he will catch us up on player talent via recruiting and the portal, win some games, etc. He is not going to "build a program" for years to come (full disclosure - same thoughts I have regarding Prime Time as well). But I do believe he will set the next guy up in a pretty good spot - and we go from there.
  2. Man I keep seeing the same reasoning over and over here. TJ is gone and so is Calzada. We are left with RA and HG. Robbie couldn’t hit my grandfathers barn from 5 feet. He would make a hell of an athlete other than qb. He literally threw a hand off at tank tonight. Secondly, all these posts about “we can’t put HG out there behind this crap o-line”. There were more times than not that the line gave plenty of time to the qb and nothing happened. I don’t know that HG is the answer but I certainly don’t buy these nonsense reasons for not putting him in.
  3. Yeah, so I watched the game tonight (like everyone else I hope who comments on this board). I’m not in on the meetings and coaching staff so I can’t speak for anyone other than myself, but I don’t know at what point you call him progressing or regressing. At this point to me (10 games in) he doesn’t have the level headed-ness or vision to be a good passer. I just don’t see it. He wants to run and has no touch on passes.
  4. I think that RA is one hell of an athlete but if I'm a defense I'm playing to stop the run. Our offense is dialing up a lot of called running plays for him because I just don't think the accuracy is there and sometimes just doesn't see the open receivers. Reminds of Bo Nix's happy feet and always wanting to run first. That being said, RA balls out every time and gives it his all and that's a lot to ask for at this point in the season with this record. I'm proud of all the guys continuing to fight on, coaches included. WDE!
  5. At this point in the season with everything that has transpired - are we just going to roll out with Ashford at qb? I mean I am fine either way because this season is what it is. I was mainly thinking I have been wanting to see what Holden has to offer. But I also get it if it's a redshirt issue as well.
  6. We are attending our first game since our kiddos were born (2013) and it will be their first ever college game as well. Since it has been so long I was wondering what the parking situation is now or if there are any recommendations for it. I would like to think we would make it the whole game but more realistically I am think we would be doing good to get through halftime. We are coming from Ga and will be driving back after. Thank you in advance and WDE!!!
  7. In regards to the journalism, hasn't J Johnson rejoined the team as of last week????
  8. Not sure where or if he calls Arizona home but I know he is from Columbus, Ga and went to Carver High. So that could be alluring to him maybe???
  9. I know I am like everyone else wanting to know if Bo, Tank, etc are coming back - but has anyone heard about what Anders might be doing? He can come back for his extra year correct?
  10. Congratulations - I hope he gets even more next year!!!
  11. Any word on the availability for these guys for the UGA game this weekend? I knew Pappoe and Walker might miss the LSU game but Moultry was one I had not heard about.
  12. Anyone know who or when this will be announced? I just assume it will be a CBS game.
  13. Until Bo proves his play at JHS can translate to playing on the road at that same level - then I am always going to be a little suspect with these road games - especially one of this caliber. I will say that he does look like a different player so far this year, even compared to his home games in prior years, so that gives me some optimism.
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