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  1. TecmoBoJackson

    One burning question.......

  2. TecmoBoJackson

    Chip: We really didn't make adjustments

    I certainly am not a coach (but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night) but I have always seen that when you are getting whipped upfront and the defense is living in your backfield that getting the ball out faster is a way to combat the pressure. From what I have seen from other teams before, quick slants, screens, etc. help offset an aggressive defense. Not by any means saying that would have worked, but I thought we might would have at least tried something like that versus the drop back and hold the ball for 10 seconds.
  3. TecmoBoJackson

    Get better this week

    Yes and Yes...
  4. TecmoBoJackson

    I saw Georgia in person

    I would take him at Auburn....
  5. TecmoBoJackson

    I saw Georgia in person

    They run quick slants like crazy and that's where the YAC's come in....it really is amazing how many yards they rack up on quick slants
  6. TecmoBoJackson

    ***Auburn vs. Texas A&M -- Game Thread***

    Is Gus calling plays again???
  7. TecmoBoJackson

    Pettway out indefinitely

    I watched the dumpster fire that is Missouri throw on them pretty easily..... I would like to think we are capable of the same thing....
  8. TecmoBoJackson

    Finebaum: CGM to Arky plausible

    That's funny that PF thinkgs 8-4 gets you fired at Auburn....clearly he didn't do his homework....
  9. TecmoBoJackson

    Tuberville Comments on LSU game

    I watched the UGA game Saturday night and it was sad to see how they take advantage of the intermediary passing game. So many quick slants and outs, post patterns over the middle and square ins. I wish we would use the pass for 8-10 yards at the time versus throwing it 40 yards downfield every time.
  10. TecmoBoJackson

    Something UGA did right

    ^^^THIS^^^ No way we beat either team (Bama/UGA) this year, in fact it probably won't even be close. I have seen a lot of UGA football this year and they are legit on both sides of the ball....the sad part is we will get beat due to coaching, not talent. Honestly, aTm has me more worried at the moment.
  11. TecmoBoJackson

    ESPN OTL Report on Auburn football, AD

    And honestly, I will not be linking any so called headlines or news stories about this subject, as it is a non-story in regards to Auburn football and the upcoming LSU game.
  12. TecmoBoJackson

    ESPN OTL Report on Auburn football, AD

    ^^^^THIS^^^^ Articles can be as long and convoluted as Webster's dictionary, all it comes down to is proof and substance, neither of which is present here. Internal investigation - nothing, Law firm - nothing, accuser - nothing. These articles are intended as click-bait and for people who need gossip to live out their lives. But this is also know around the ESPN circuit as "standard operating procedure". And yes the timing is very suspect....
  13. TecmoBoJackson

    A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    Guess that settles the redshirt debate....moving on
  14. TecmoBoJackson

    ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    So much for getting the new guys some work...ridiculous!
  15. TecmoBoJackson

    A few thoughts on M. Willis....