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  1. The plan seems so solid, right? "Hey man, wanna make some money?" "Sure, how?" "We are gonna buy 160 pounds of pot wholesale and flip it." "OK, how are we gonna move it across the country in a known drug lane and avoid detection?" "Havent figured that part out yet, but I have a few ideas....." "Like what?" "How about we get an Uber to drive us across country with California plates, and convince the driver to take the heat if we get popped." "Brilliant! Call the plug and set it up."
  2. This is the most accurate description I have seen. I may steal this for future use.
  3. That day is one of my most cherished memories. I was 12 years old, and I've never seen my old man so excited for a ball game. We spent the afternoon high-fiving, hugging, screaming and celebrating. I didn't realize how cool it was at the time, but I certainly do now. Pop and I have seen plenty of games together, but this one is at the top of the list by a mile.
  4. This is the rub for me- the Turds expect to be in the SECCG most every year. Our expectations are that we may have a punchers chance to get there every 4-5. I never felt like maybe we can win the SEC every 5 years when coach Dye was at the helm. We expected to compete for Championships under that regime. We seem to be okay with mediocrity now.
  5. And nobody here sniffed this out? Guess we were too busy trying to figure out why Joey left? This is interesting- I have not heard of one bit of friction surrounding the AD's office- Woulfd be a huge kick in the balls(and perhaps a wake-up call?) for AU to be used as a stepping stone.
  6. Please elaborate on this. I must be out of the loop on this one.
  7. 89 Iron Bowl. Not sure you could have scripted a better day.
  8. Not sure if he has the resume on film to land at a P5 school- I'd think he would go somewhere like a juco where he could light it up and improve his stock.
  9. Kid must be pretty pissed to take off with this many games/opportunities left. I wish the best for him. Had the opportunity to meet him at A-Day and he was super cool to my daughter and her friend. He even joked with my wife about cropping his hair out a selfie he took with our group.
  10. Ive been down there a few times- Ive literally seen nothing as chaotic as you describe. It was a bit more raucous of a crowd than most, but it wasn't like Beirut either. Not saying I don't believe you, but my experiences in Red stick are quite different
  11. Just be glad nobody stuck their fanguhh in yo' booooodee. You would have had to kill outcheah.
  12. Id rather shove barbed wire in my pee hole than listen to Gary.