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  1. So he went from doom and gloom 15 days ago to sunshine and boobies today? Cant have page views without content, I guess. Sometimes you have to make your own news.
  2. Just my opinion, but of you cant handle someone calling you names on the internet, then it is probably best to not try to enter into arguments there. If someone is being a meanie-face, then they should by all means be told so.
  4. I want to read the ****show of a thread about vaccine fights on the football forum so I can form an opinion based on the opinions of others- most of which I dont know.
  5. I also care deeply about everyone's opinion on the subject as well because I'm incapable of forming my own.
  6. How they gonna get them page views without controversy?
  7. No. I figure he has lost much of his "insider" street cred at this point. He was in the stands holding court during the open practice back in March. What sort of super scoop inside reporter would be in the stands as opposed to the field?
  8. The other ting to think about is that these guys sometimes create content when there isn't much to talk about. I feel like there is more smoke than fire here at the moment. I'll save forming my opinion on the matter until mid-September and see where we stand then.
  9. Kid looks pretty dang good. He is going to announce on 7/25. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/10143748/5f83d5fc5b3cbe0978b3ceea
  10. Thought the deal was renegotiated in 2015 to run through 2025
  11. Agree about Nick.... Kid was slicker than a fresh bass and had an uncanny ability to pull a big play out of his ass in seemingly impossible conditions. When you have a player that can turn a busted play into a big play like that, it can cover up some coaching weaknesses.
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