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  1. And nobody here sniffed this out? Guess we were too busy trying to figure out why Joey left? This is interesting- I have not heard of one bit of friction surrounding the AD's office- Woulfd be a huge kick in the balls(and perhaps a wake-up call?) for AU to be used as a stepping stone.
  2. Please elaborate on this. I must be out of the loop on this one.
  3. 89 Iron Bowl. Not sure you could have scripted a better day.
  4. Not sure if he has the resume on film to land at a P5 school- I'd think he would go somewhere like a juco where he could light it up and improve his stock.
  5. Kid must be pretty pissed to take off with this many games/opportunities left. I wish the best for him. Had the opportunity to meet him at A-Day and he was super cool to my daughter and her friend. He even joked with my wife about cropping his hair out a selfie he took with our group.
  6. Ive been down there a few times- Ive literally seen nothing as chaotic as you describe. It was a bit more raucous of a crowd than most, but it wasn't like Beirut either. Not saying I don't believe you, but my experiences in Red stick are quite different
  7. Just be glad nobody stuck their fanguhh in yo' booooodee. You would have had to kill outcheah.
  8. Id rather shove barbed wire in my pee hole than listen to Gary.
  9. So is this on not recruiting decent OL talent, or not coaching up the talent we have?
  10. Best Post-Game interview ever. WE DID IT MAMA! WE DID IT!!!
  11. And poisoned some trees, and shot a family member.
  12. Word is that he can drop one between the hash and sideline on command. When you paint a returner into a corner like that, it can be really hard to break off a big return. Apparently he also didn't understand all of the rules until late in the season last year, so we were pretty limited on what was asked of him.
  13. NFL is quick about yanking content down, huh?
  14. That dude was such a boos in that game. What a warrior.