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  1. Can you have both? If our D-line is getting pushed around, then wouldnt that bode well for the O-line and Vice-Versa? I expect our Oline to get Smoked by the D-line BTW.
  2. This is why I really like this kid.
  3. Also the last time we got to roll the OG trees at Toomers.
  4. I actually picked this one up pretty cheap several years ago. You can find them decently priced on ebay if you keep your eyes peeled. Bettinardi did putters for Hogan and Mizuno early on while getting his business going. He also did milling for Cameron early in his career.
  5. Tanks man! You cant really tell, but It spent years being polished to a mirror-like finish, so I'm not to worried about the glare, but the idea is to let the copper patina, and if I dont like the look, i can always shine it back up.
  6. What a backfield.Duce Duce will always hold a special place in my heart.
  7. Had an old Bettinardi refinished- should be back in my hands in a day or 2, but BOS Golf out in California was kind enough to send pics before sending After: Before:
  8. What atmosphere did you enjoy the most? Best Fans? Prettiest campus? sorry or all the questions....
  9. You chose well.... They refer to Clemson as 'Auburn with a Lake.'.... And we definitely need the luck Where are you located, and where all have you gone? Always thought doing a guys trip every year to a different place would be really cool.
  10. It is pretty easy to navigate around.... If I knew what our situation was as far as our tailgate this year, I'd invite your group to our corporate tailgate, but we still hae yet to make a decision about what we are gonna do. If you can find favorable parking, you will make friends fast in Auburn as far as a tailgate goes.
  11. There are a pile of bars/eateries on and around College street to check out on gameday. Get a Lemonade at Toomers, a BBQ Sandiwich at Byrons and make sure to get into the stadium early enough to see the Eagle fly.
  12. ...... Like I would hate having to go up against him every day. Never comes close to taking a play off, and if you do, that's your ass......
  13. He looked upset that he couldn't maul would-be tacklers in the public practice. He runs with such ferocity- it is super cool to watch.
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