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  1. Good friend of mine posted this on Facebook this AM - he was the OC for a few state championship teams in the last several years.
  2. Pretty good show- Really gives you more insight into the personalities around the program.
  3. I almost picked this one up on A-day, but they were out of my size https://www.aubookstore.com/p-25146-under-armour-war-damn-tech-tee.aspx
  4. Dark... Not just here, any time I have the option
  5. I believe you are 100% correct on this. The man was sitting in the stands holding court with fans during the open practice in March....... When most journalists were on the sidelines. I guess he was doing research for a lifestyle piece during the first practice open to the public, huh?
  6. Good spot for him to land- New coach, so the expectations wont be out of sight this year,and he has some talented guys to throw the ball at. Also, they will be in the hunt for a conference title no matter what, so he will have an opportunity to shine.
  7. Wonder if Big Kat narc'd these guys out... hear he has a habit of doing so.
  8. Marshall probably got the info here.
  9. You dont think DD sees any reps at all this year?
  10. I'll never forget the way they acted in JHS in 1988. I was like 11. Went with my old man and some dork in the ugliest red and white slacks and his son who was about my age sat in front of us. They were absolutely obnoxious. I felt bad for the kid since his old man was such a douche. Ive never seen a group of folks who were more arrogant for no reason than UGA fans
  11. It would absolutely be the most Gus thing ever.
  12. Man that really sucks. I've watched the kid since he was at JO. He was playing so much better this year too.
  13. Didn't TD get into some trouble earlier this year? Like held out of A-Day?
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