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  1. That dude was such a boos in that game. What a warrior.
  2. Me too- He was super cool to my kid @ A-Day this year. He was getting mobbed and still took the time to make her feel special.
  3. My guy goes whole ass... Too easy. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bo7__IzhoiR/?igshid=1kpr0gearc8b4
  4. I predict Joiner pulls off a glorious backflip catch.
  5. If the team winds up having a special year (my gut says it very well could be) this may be one of the most Auburn things we could imagine. Go get em' Andy!
  6. Bold Move, Cotton.
  7. Striaght Baller.... our backfield was insane during that time.
  8. I was told they weren't hit in the rear end- more like the rear side/rear tire.
  9. From what I have been told the Bramblett's car was struck in the rear tire area, and it apparently didn't trip the airbag sensors. If that is in fact true, it would be hard to survive a crash of that intensity without airbag protection.
  10. Eltoro has been doing the ROTL thing for quite some time................ Still has the best postgame interview ever from the 10' Iron Bowl.
  11. One thing to also consider is that when Bo and Joey were playing in the 2nd half, they didn't have Boobie, Kam, and several of the starting receivers at hand.
  12. Early Enrollee and all... Tweet made it seem like he is homesick?
  13. Some guys at work and I were discussing the whole Pickens fiasco. I have been calling for a flip since the beginning of the season when Hoover and PV were on ESPN- Something never really felt right about him. So you have this kid, who is committed to the same school as the #1 QB in the sate- he is obviously this OB's favorite target in every all star game around- helping his stock rise despite rumblings about his grades and whatnot. Is it possible that he stayed "committed" AU so he would keep getting targets on the big stage to help his own stock?
  14. I literally thought he killed him.
  15. Junior Rosegreen honorary captian?