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  1. AUsince72

    Malzahn post game

    Nobody wants to see that. Certainly a new meaning of "sunshine"...
  2. AUsince72

    Malzahn post game

    Maybe "job security" is a poor choice of phrase. FINANCIAL SECURITY, however, was definitely provided to Gus.
  3. Betcha Purdue doesn't give him $49M w/ $32M buyout just because he beat tOSU....
  4. AUsince72

    Miss. State @ LSU

    I'm not totally against it but I'm closer to that camp you don't like, I admit. If they did something slick, yet classy like LSU'S tonight I'd be on board but most alternate unis IMO look cheap and, as you said, bush league.
  5. AUsince72

    Miss. State @ LSU

    LSU might be a poor example, I'll give you that. But they still mostly wear traditional (+ the tradition of always wearing white jerseys). But they do the occasional alternate. GA has done alternate but it's rare. Not every season. But mostly, they stick to their traditional. Notre Dame has changed it up between blue & green jerseys for decades. They might be the "original" alternate uni team....but then, that's traditional for them. I'm not against an occasional alternate uni. But I agree with those who don't want to become UF or Oregon or Missouri, who's fans younger than 30 probably couldn't tell you what their traditional unis looked like.
  6. AUsince72

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    That's a very true statement. Can't argue with it.
  7. AUsince72

    Miss. State @ LSU

    LSU & UF are not what I'm calling traditional powers. I'm not talking about "good since the '80's- '90's...". I mean the blue bloods. ThUga very rarely does it. I'm thinking Texas, ND, PSU, bammer, USC, Neb, Mich has changed from always wearing the gold pants but beyond that, they stay traditional, etc... tOSU does ocassionally but mostly maintain their traditional unis.
  8. AUsince72

    Miss. State @ LSU

    I don't think we (fans) would have a problem with an alternate occasionally (especially a throw-back style) but teams who ALWAYS are changing their unis ARE usually bush league. Outside of tOSU most traditional powers still mostly wear their traditional unis.
  9. AUsince72

    Miss. State @ LSU

    I'm not always a fan of the alternate unis...too many times they look cheap or too pimpy, but I gotta admit these LSU unis are SICK!! (Good sick, not bad sick..)
  10. For the Brohm fans out there... Purdue up 14-3 over tOSU at the half... FWIW...
  11. AUsince72

    Incredible side of Malzahn

    Took him 6 years to do something like this? He's been different this week (since he's under fire)? Actually not a very positive article TBH. I would hope they'd expect this "version" of Gus every week.... there's only 12-15 of these weeks per year. Shouldn't be that hard for a $49M coach to fight like that ALL the time.
  12. AUsince72


    Hi 3rd Gen. Yeah, unfortunately it's not the most positive of seasons and honestly, I'm pretty blah to it at this point. As for me, I'm doing okay. The chemo is taking it's toll on me but I'm sure it's doing a number on the cancer as well! I had a Pet Scan Thur so I should have some good info on Mon.... before I'm in the chair for my 5th round...yuck. BUT, I'm praying for good news!!! I'll certainly have an update on this thread as soon as I feel up to it (I doubt I will on Monday itself as chair days are flat wearing me out at this point). Hopefully I'll be able to update on Tuesday with positive news!! War Eagle and God bless you!!
  13. AUsince72

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    ^^^So much this. Matter of fact, the quote you reference is exactly what I think and have said. It's like the Michael Vick reference I made the other day.... lackadaisical until the criticism reaches a boiling point then suddenly you're competent, if not really good. A $7M per year professional should not have to be threatened into performing to the level he's being paid. And no, the way he decided to worry about playing chicken with Auburn vs Arkansas instead of preparing for the SEC Championship Game turned a lot of people off I'm willing to sure did me (not that he cares).
  14. AUsince72

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    Wow! I wouldn't relish living up north, although Wisconsin does intrigue me, but I'm looking forward to our move to Tennessee where there are actually all 4 seasons!! Here the 4 seasons are Really Hot Summer, Really Really Hot Summer, Summer, A Little Less Summer.
  15. AUsince72

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    I agree with you. If he WERE to win out then no, they would not fire him. I just, personally, am SO disappointed in him and that he's made me feel like a zombie on college game days. I truthfully was very blase' the whole game and couldn't help it. It's a weird feeling.... Sorta like when I gave up on MLB after the strike season where they actually cancelled the World Series... haven't really followed my Braves since. Now, unlike that, I'll be re-energized when he is gone but he's already fooled me enough.