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  1. ESPN Preseason FPI Rankings

    Well, (I believe) the prevailing opinion is that the 5 win seasons were a direct result of the garbage brought down by Ramsey & the REC. Between the NCAA investigation with threat of "death penalty" and the "60 Mins" expose, etc., Pat Dye was put through the ringer and nobody could have successfully coached through all that. Now, for the record, and to be fair, I suspect bammers own Gene Jelks fiasco was probably returned fire from prominent AU boosters but that's just a day in the life of the AU/uat rivalry.
  2. ESPN Preseason FPI Rankings

    TL/DR.... ....just kidding... Sure, there are plenty purely negative that just want Gus gone. That's fine and that's their opinion and I don't really react to them. Same with some that are just all rainbows & unicorns (which are getting fewer with each passing season) and I don't think I react to them either. Those are the two extremes and I find them amusing now, more than annoying. I DID, in the past, react to some negative posters just for their, what I felt was unwarranted, negativity a la what certain posters have been doing currently. Proved nothing, gained nothing, then I realized it's a forum and they're entitled to feel and say what they want within the rules of decorum, just like I am. So I try to not call people out anymore but rather actually have a conversation or argue my point, piggy back on an idea, etc. As far as name calling, if you're not calling someone out in particular then, oh well...sticks & stones. Overly sensitive "groups" are not my thing. If it's specific to a person, then that should be taken up in PM's. I don't THINK I call anybody names on here but if so, I shouldn't and I'm sorry.
  3. ESPN Preseason FPI Rankings

    My feeling living here is they don't put much stock into Meyer's time here. They love them some Tebow, but Meyer is "meh". Spurrier, on the other hand.... There's a few Hatfield's but most of the McCoy's would take him back ... even now. ....although I think they are excited about their new coach. That is int about BSU, though. I wonder...
  4. ESPN Preseason FPI Rankings

    My feeling is most "legendary" coaches are forced out due to age or health.. They're the personality types to keep going as long as they have breath. So even if they "retire" it's not really their decision. Bahr, Bobby, Schembechler... Fulmer WAS forced out but just due to the team's decline. That's why he's still revered as time (& sucky coaches since) has healed the old wounds. Dye was forced out due to the scandal (and bad health) but he was forgiven from day one because most AU fans feel it was a shaft job perpetrated by the REC.
  5. ESPN Preseason FPI Rankings

    You're right about the internet. As Mrs. Boucher would say "It's the Devil!!" But I personally feel there are plenty "middle" people on this board. There's a lot of us who love Malzahn and want him to succeed. But because we're not willing to just go "we're gonna win cuz we're Auburn" and actually have honest critiques (because we care about the direction of AU football), which honestly come up in an honest conversation (yes, I'm meaning to keep using "honest"), we get lumped into the "negative" posters group and attacked by the truly Head in the Sand "sunshine" posters group. We WANT Gus to do well and be AU's coach for a very long time. But just cuz we SAY he doesn't have major flaws doesn't MEAN he doesn't have major flaws. IF he fixes them this year AMEN! I'll be among the first to say "Gus for President 2020!"
  6. ESPN Preseason FPI Rankings

    I get all that and understand. I actually agree with you on the figurehead thing but then, how many "legendary" coaches from a school live on well past their time there. I imagine some at FSU are ready for "Bowden influence" to leave (though many others revere him still). Typically when a coaching legend leaves, they're REALLY gone inside of a few years so they can't do anything to sully their Legend.
  7. 2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    How bout we all (Hatfields AND McCoys) just forget 2017 ever happened. Then, to do that successfully, let's forget 2016 & 2015 too. Then, let's forget 2014, that started this trend, and just pretend 2013 (4 years ago) JUST happened. Then we can ALL put on our O&B glasses and expect AU's gonna dominate this year and take us to the promised land. Gus lovers = Gus haters = Reality = Guess we'll all know who's right by Jan. 2019.
  8. ESPN Preseason FPI Rankings

    I remember you mentioning this to me before. I certainly understand if that's all you knew of him. However judging Coach Pat Dye only on '91 & '92 is like judging a supermodel only once she reaches her 80's.
  9. ESPN Preseason FPI Rankings

    I get what you're saying and don't disagree. Even the mighty bahr had some head scratchers in his career. But being able to name a handful of games per a 10 year span is different from being able to name a handful of games per year. I am a fan of Malzahn. I WANT him to do well and become the next big name and Auburn to thrive. I promise I do. ...and I'll leave it there.
  10. ESPN Preseason FPI Rankings

    Lots of wisdom contained in this post. ....and not just as it relates to Auburn football, or even sports.
  11. Spring Practice Schedule

    Serious question, and maybe nobody can really answer, but is it really "enjoys where he's at" or is more like doesn't want to coach under Gus? Seems Horton should like it where he's at too, yet it's rumored he wants to leave/may leave every year now. And with AU's "strategy" of pick 1 RB and run his ass into the dirt and when he's broken run him some more.... Something tells me if Horton's as good as he's supposed to be then that's probably not his decision to do that.
  12. ESPN Preseason FPI Rankings

    I agree with you about Tubs. Especially whenever they had an early game against Arky. I liked him fine, but was never 100% comfortable with him either. I was too young through most of Dye's years to be critical. I mostly just had the innocence of youth to feel like all Auburn games were magical regardless. (Some of that probably had to do with the fact that less than 50% of the games were televised unlike today.). However my recollection of AU losses during most of Dye's years (before '91 anyway) were more like the former on my original post: a bad break, a bad play, a bonehead moment, or a better team. I don't remember feeling like "did they even practice this week?", like I have too often the last 3 years.
  13. ESPN Preseason FPI Rankings

    And if Gus would go ahead, admit he's still trying to run things on Offense, then he should run his REAL offense instead of this watered down version of it, and Willis should be the starting QB. If Stidham (or Bo Nix or Joey Gatewood) is going to be the QB, then Gus needs to step away and cut CCL loose. They (CGM & CCL) do not run the same offenses. And no, I don't put Gatewood in Nick Marshall's class. *There will be no other Cam.* Gatewood's highlights make me think of JJ which is not necessarily a bad thing, but again, is not the right QB for Gus' offense.
  14. ESPN Preseason FPI Rankings

    I'm not going to disagree with you about the offensive coaches because I can't. I would like for Gus to step aside from that side of the ball and let us truly find out. I'm not sure we're really seeing what they're fully capable of. least would like to see what CCL is really made of because this past season (minus Gus' two Hulk Smash amen corner games) looked like the same O that's been run since 2015. Either that or just admit it and make it his mission to find the next Nick Marshall and run HIS offense the way it's MEANT to be run instead of this square peg / round hole he's been forcing the last 3 years.