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  1. Saban has idea to change season schedule

    No, I get what you're saying. I just completely disagree with the "needs" they have (both the schools & the students). Colleges & Universities are Businesses first and foremast...yes, even our beloved Auburn University. Look at the cost of tuition. They ain't there to do the kids any favors. They budget silly astronomical amounts of money because they can. If they can't I'm sure they can figure that out too. And if not? Well, in a capitalist society businesses fail all the time. And, as for poor/middle class/non-rich kids who can't get "higher learning" without a football team? Sorry, but if a kid can't go to Arky State because they won't send their football team to get pummeled by Brute U then he can do like me and thousands (maybe millions) of other kids did/do and first go to a school they CAN afford (we used to call it Living Within One's Means) like Strictly-for-Education U or a Tech School that doesn't field football yet gives the same opportunity to get drunk & high & go protest Conservative ideals. There's a heckuva lot more schools without "big time" football as with it, so schools CAN survive within their means as well. Let's not forget. Higher Education may be seen as a Right by many, but in truth it's a privilege. And football? Don't see that anywhere in The Constitution. Of course, that's another issue with this subject. We're not even talking about football now....
  2. Saban has idea to change season schedule

    Ah, the charity angle. Well, I guess the "haves" could simply pony up and pay a "L'il School with L'il Program Tax" every year to keep them going. I'm sorry but if a program needs to be curb stomped so they stay out of the red every year then maybe they should drop down to Div. II. But hey, I get it. $$$$$ and mo $$$$$!!!
  3. New Kicks for Fall Camp

    They looked like duck feet to me. The bigger the feet, the goofier it looked. But hey, to each their own.
  4. Favorite AU Player That Wasn't Everyone Else's?

    One of the most underrated kick returners ever as well!
  5. Fall camp is near

    I agree with @Gibson SG first and foremost "No arrests or unexpected dismissals/departures" - Numero Uno! With that said, I want to see JS named starting QB asap (just get it over with) and I want to see how the OL shapes out. On defense I want to hear about how much the QB would be killed if he weren't wearing an orange jersey.
  6. Saban has idea to change season schedule

    I don't understand the injury comment. Do players not get injured in "non-power 5" games? As for non-power 5 schools not surviving... 90+% of them don't have any real chance of competing for meaningful bowl games or the CFP anyway. Just make the power 5 another "division" of football a-la the old D1-A and D1-AA days. There's already a de facto 1A and 1AA anyway, so just cherry pick the teams that have a realistic shot YEAR IN/YEAR OUT like the Boise States of the world and send the rest of them back to 1AA or create their own division and let them have at it with bowl games. Then if they need a few million dollars injected maybe allow the Power 5 conference teams 1 game a year (homecoming) to schedule them. I'm sure there's die-hard "I watch ALL college games ALL the time" out there but let's face it...the only people watching Tennessee play Western Ky are UT fans and WKU fans.
  7. Saban has idea to change season schedule

    I preface this by first admitting that I'm one of those backwards old fools who loves Tradition and cannot understand why there is such an aversion to it by "younger" generations. I grew up on college football and I loved it so much for what it was, what it meant and, again, the "tradition" of it. But we move forward the P'sTB always got to change things to "make them better" to the point of making the things I love almost unrecognizable and something completely different and turning them into the things I "used to love". CFB is feeling more and more like the NFL every year and, well, I stopped giving a crap about the NFL years ago..... but who gives a flying doughnut what I think? With that being said, and understanding that they ARE going to continue to change things in the name of "growth" I actually threw-up in my mouth a little as I read l'il general's comments and mostly agree with him. The NCAA er, um... ESPN has completely changed the college football landscape by adding 3.2 million bowl games and completely watering down what it meant to actually BE in a bowl. I mean, wasn't there actually a team or two in bowls last year with LOSING records? Anyway, point being, bowl games are pretty much garbage now and only reality TV for espn so they might as well just expand the playoffs and get rid of the bowls altogether.
  8. New Kicks for Fall Camp

    Better than the orange monstrosities but I prefer black cleats.
  9. Breakout Players in 2017

    I'm not even going to post on this subject because DAG said exactly what I was thinking. The hammer met the nail. .....well I AM posting but I'm only posting to say THAT.
  10. Teams AU has never played

    For all the talk of BSU and the smurf turf and "green" teams on grass, watch an Eastern Washington home game'll feel like you need to adjust your tv screen. ....Red turf...
  11. Teams AU has never played

    Love for AU to schedule nothing but reputable "power" conference teams with Homecoming being the one exception. Since $$$, rather than actual on-the-field results, seems to flog the mules pulling the wagon nowadays what difference does 3 W's over Ga. Southern, Mercer & LA. Monroe really make? Stanford, Notre Dame & Michigan type matchups would keep AU in EVERYBODY'S mind as a team with cajones at least. AU should be good enough year in & year out to go at least 2 & 2 OOC regardless of the competition and if they win the SEC they'll always have a chance at the Arbitrary Championship Playoff. I'm backwards and old school so the season ends in Atlanta every year anyway. Bowls and subjective championships are just icing on the cake.
  12. The Myth of the Lopsided Rivalry

    I get where you're coming from but I will say this. The Kick Six not only propelled AU to the SEC & BCS but kept bammer out! I'll take those for as long as I have breath in my lungs over "forgetable" massacres. Those beatdowns of AU by the turds merely kept Gus out of the Awful Waffle, etc. Now a 36-oh beat down of an, til then, undefeated tahd that actually sends AU to the SEC, etc? THAT would be most satisfying...
  13. Favorite AU Player That Wasn't Everyone Else's?

    Clayton Beauford. Former QB turned WR who loved to beat thUga and looked good doing it.
  14. What they're saying nationally

    Remember, they're no longer "journalists" or "the press". They're " the media"....has a much looser connotation and they don't have to adhere to pesky old ethics & standards. ....after all, movies and music are "media" too.
  15. Fitzpatrick says LSU is Alabama's biggest rival

    Point being, by late in the 4th Qtr of pretty much every LSU game bammer is stiil fighting for it's life waiting for the officials to help them out on a crucial play. Most IB's lately have been forgone conclusions by halftime.