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  1. Fake fg against Arkansas up 49-3 Oh.... I was thinking 15 yd quick slant inside the hash-marks...
  2. Yep, the Lions and he also played in Cleveland.
  3. Well, for guys like you & me it's just called.....Six Pack Abs.
  4. @AUfan_UAgrad That's a very cool thing you're doing. War Eagle!
  5. Oh, it's more than Coach O....
  6. I don't have any evidence because it's not important enough to me but my (beer)GUT tells me.... Seems that for noon (11am/CST) games our beloved Tigers do better away than home. Often for early kicks, it's the fans who are flat and it does trickle down to the field of play. However, a flat Away crowd works in the Visitors' favor. Again, just my feeling...
  7. Okay, that was funny. Then I thought about it again.....and it was even funnier, LOLOLOL!!!!!!
  8. Reminds me of this story... " Ultimately, Fly Williams will be best remembered for a very clever and funny chant that would have the NCAA higher-ups in Kansas City squirming in their starched shirts and suits were it popular today. During Fly’s playing days, the APSU faithful would chant at length: "Fly is open, let's go Peay!" "
  9. You get a "Love" reaction for this video. Also, you get several ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ emojis too. Being 12 years old at the time, these guys larger than life, watching these classic matchups, listening to legends like KJ..... MAGIC!!!!
  10. ^^^^^^^^^ There's something that would be a pleasant diversion from the norm. It's not like he has REAL job pressure. Job pressure is the fear of losing your $30K-60K (PER YEAR) job therefore taking away your ability to provide food, housing & clothing for your wife & 2 children... therefore being conservative and toeing a line is understandable. However, in his case, he gets more BY BEING FIRED than this entire board (put together) will likely see in our that's not pressure. Therefore it would be nice for him to quit going into the Gus Turtle Shell when things get tough and instead, maybe throw caution to the wind. What's the worst than can happen to him?.....and GENERATIONS of Malzahns to come, financially. To paraphrase Rob Bramblett...GO CRAZY GUS!!!!!
  11. I mean.... C'mon y'all. Vanilla IS a spice after all...
  12. I try to get on the bus but then games like Florida happen and...
  13. FTR, I wasn't serious about going after Chryst. Although, I wouldn't mind it. .....BUT, I am VERY serious about going after their OL coach (& recruiter).