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  1. Ah, A4E has a type. layer of the onion peeled-away.... BTW, I'm with you buddy!!! If she don't make you scream "War Damn Eagle!!" then nothing will 😎😎😎
  2. Yes, he could have been a great one. He just had the "misfortune" of being at Auburn the same time as Bo....then Brent. His best season was as Fullwood's primary back-up in '86. However, he was still good enough to be drafted by Da' Bears!
  3. BSPN gets a lot wrong but this call was an all-timer. Even the setting up of the play, talking about good & bad body language and even that little "it can all change in 1 snap".....right before the snap. LOVE IT!
  4. Best stop-gap everrrrrr..... He was almost Cam-like. Burst on the seen from JUCO, made freakish plays, never got hurt, dominant...then gone. Ahhhh, the Wyoming run..... "Rudy Johnson.....Ruudy JohnSON....RUUUDY JOHNSOOOOONNNNN!!!!!!"
  5. I would like to hear about some of these guys. Unfamiliar with all of them. I know most all of the names but the exploits of some are unknown to me. Weygand was much like Terry Beasley, right down to the red hair. Made some of the most amazing circus catches you'll ever see. He, Lawyer Tillman & Trey Gainous (maybe another unsung name) made for a surprisingly potent WR group in the mid-late '80's. What I remember about Trotman is he was the AU Football color-analyst on the radio for awhile IIRC. I don't remember much about him playing but he was the QB for Brooks & Cribbs, I believe. Bob Harris had (2?) big INT's in the '82 IB....1 of them sealing the victory, again IIRC. Reid McMillan was the Chandler Cox/Jay Prosch/Heath Evans of his day. Big part of the '93 team. Wynn Lyle was automatic as the kicker in the late '80's. Kicked FG's in the '89 IB (1st one ever in Auburn). Known for wearing two a kicker, LOL. He's a MD now. Ron Stallworth was a big DE (even by today's standards) at 6'5" - 260+lbs. Huge presence in Pat Dye's best defenses but he was overshadowed by guys like Tracy Rocker, Quentin Riggins, Kurt Crane, Aundray Bruce, etc. Dowe Aughtman was a great OG in the early '80's...part of the '82 & '83 IB teams. Maybe one of Pat Dye's first recruits?
  6. Absolutely, they are legends. However, I could not bring up the '84 "Bo-less" RB Committee w/out bringing up their names. That said, how many of you (especially under 40) have even heard of the other names on the list? Collis Campbell & Kyle Collins? That's over 800 yards of rushing (mainly in 7-8 games) from two guys I'd bet many even on this board have never heard of (although there are a surprising number of Old Timers on here, LOL)!
  7. Yes, I've been studying it. Jeez, I thought it would be simple but it's surprisingly difficult to find the right fit for what I want. I've learned Strains are more important than Indica vs Sativa. Plus how to incorporate CBD into it without cancelling out too many of the good effects you want... I have also learned that potheads can apparently be quite studious. 😎
  8. ^^^^^This. Much of what we discuss (or argue about) is rendered moot when Gus keeps the hammer down. However, when he feels overwhelmed (IB last year) or overconfident (LSU 2017) he tends to let off the gas, the offense becomes downright incompetent and the D gets hung out to dry. Maybe 2019 Gus will be Dale Earnhardt from the beginning to the end.
  9. I'd say the message here is of compromise. Compromise: The D will happily allow the O to have short TOP if the O will promise to score said "crap ton of points" in their short possessions. No Compromise: However, if the O continues to have short TOPs that conclude in punts or TOs then the D will probably, again, struggle as the season wears on them which ironically will be followed by a small handful of posters on this board who actually blame the defense for Auburn's seasonal shortcomings.
  10. I can tell who's kid you are LOL! ....I mean that in a GOOD way btw...
  11. Not *nearly* as bad as ours in bama's case. And in both cases, those teams were moving the ball and scoring points, which further alter the dynamics of the game. And on that list of nine teams, Clemson was the only one whose TOP was remotely close to as bad as ours. So your takeaway is strange. It's not an exact correlation but those numbers suggest it's significant. Regarding TOP for Clemson vs Auburn (in this case) since they're similar... How many of Clemson's short TOP possessions ended in points rather than punts? I'm asking about Clemson because I don't know. What I DO know is so many of Auburn's short TOP possessions ended in punts, turn-overs or changes of possession...not points.
  12. Did a few Funnels in my day... My fave was the Keg Stand though. Nothing like chugging beer while upside down! Now, I just take an edible & a couple hits before bed....then go to sleep. That's how I "party" now.
  13. @ellitor Buddy, you worked HARD to weed out these posts to create their own thread. I had lost interest but then this...
  14. I'm still convinced that AUFamily IS the source of some of these articles. I'm pretty sure I've seen actual posts quoted in articles (no credit, of course).