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  1. AUsince72

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 2

    Okay, this post is BEGGING for jokes and snickers...
  2. AUsince72

    2018 Fall Camp - 8/13/18

    Totally agree. He'd probably be a solid short yardage WC option. ...I just had a 2016 flashback...but I'm better now.
  3. AUsince72

    2018 Fall Camp - 8/13/18

    I agree. And it’s because Horton hasn’t been better then Kim at center and Horton is better at guard so far. Taking it as good news. Been wanting Kim to step up and free up the other talents!
  4. AUsince72

    2018 Fall Camp - 8/13/18

    Chandler Cox taking snaps?!?!
  5. AUsince72

    Prayer request for my family (and me).

    Quick update. Just got back from the oncologist with news that's a little hard. I have colorectal cancer and it had entered the lymph nodes surrounding the area. Not SO bad, except the treatment is extreme. Hey it's life saving, so I'm good with it. The bad news... I also have cancer in my liver. So, what was going to be "easy" is now going to be a fight for my life. It's real now! They're getting Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa involved, which is awesome as it's one of the top centers in the country, but regardless my life is about to get real interesting.... But... God is in control, so I don't care what the Drs say, I feel strong and WILL be a success story! It's just gonna be a bigger fight. But I'm a big dude, so I can hack it! Thank you again for the prayers and support. Please keep them coming!!! War Eagle and God bless you!!!
  6. AUsince72

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers

    @Momma Worm I don't know how much I'm going to be able to post this season as I have my own battle commencing (I've been diagnosed with 2 cancers) but I want to say it's been a pleasure reading your posts and your attitude whether responding to positive or negative posters. I've seen video of your son and, unrelated to football, his personality is the bomb! I can tell from reading your thoughts and words where he gets it from. Y'all are good people!! You should be very proud of your young man and also I'm a fan of you too. I'll be watching and reading, posting when I'm able, and please know I'm a big fan of y'all. War Eagle. God bless you and your family!!!
  7. AUsince72

    Countdown to kick off!

    Loved the 1-2 punch of Gainous & Freddy Weygand! Gainous made one of the most important catches in IB history with that 4th down catch to keep the drive alive leading up to Lawyer's Reverse in '86.
  8. AUsince72

    2018 Fall Camp - Fan Day

    And hand wasn't down, so I guess he wasn't playing TE. 😉
  9. AUsince72

    2019 5* OG Clay Webb

    Ah, the old "Coach Grimes couldn't possibly have anything to do with Clay wavering on tha tahd and thinking of AU" talk? Gotcha! He may or he may not, but I'm excited about the prospect of a 5* possibly leaving the dark and coming towards the light!!
  10. AUsince72

    Coach Chizik speaks to team

    If Steele were to leave for a HC gig, maybe Gus already has his next DC lined up
  11. AUsince72

    2019 5* OG Clay Webb

    Maybe Coach Grimes at work?
  12. AUsince72

    Maryland Football Culture: Toxic

  13. AUsince72

    Maryland Football Culture: Toxic