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  1. I'm blessed. We don't have cable & our antenna only gets 4 channels. We're watching back-back-back-back Star Treks on H&I. Come to think of it.....I'm so sick of Star Trek but it's still better than any bamr game. LOL!
  2. Alright, this'll be my last night posting for at least the next 2-3 weeks. I know, big whoop!!! 😎 I start my next 2 weeks of chemo tomorrow. Please pray for His miracle!! Oh, and we closed on our house today! 🎉🎈🎊 God is so good!!
  3. That's what I'm hoping for. Dye had a rebuilding year, a decent year w/ earth shattering win over bamr and then took off. Tuberville...similar. Prefer not to have Bowden & Gus type trajectories.
  4. I suspect Auburn will be 3-1 out of conference, so even by Gus' standard it won't be a "solid season". . . BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I crack myself up. I second @DAG & @bigbird 's posts and frankly am not that worried about overall record in year one. If CBH, CDM do what I think they're capable of (I'm not as sure about CMB outside if being a really good QB coach) I expect competency, competitiveness & improvement with the abilities to adjust to adversity. If those things happen in '21 & AU has hired a bunch of recruiting beasts then '22 could be a pleasant su
  5. God bless you & your wife's soul Masters. Wow, sounds like a woman I'd have loved to meet. VERY inspirational!
  6. Yeah, I thought that was.....odd. Guess he forgot his audience there for a minute.
  7. Thanks brother! Glad to feel up to it. Amazing what a fresh start will do. Now it gives me a reason to keep living. .....bwahahahaha, just kidding. 😁 Seriously though, I thoroughly enjoyed Harsin's opening press conference. I admit I don't know a whole lot about him but his presence was commanding, he didn't sound like he'll put up with too much crap from the players, media, etc. I can imagine his opening talks with the players, whether online or in person and a lot of "oh crap, we're gonna be held accountable" bubbles popped up over a lot of heads and well....there you have it. Tra
  8. Nice! We'll have Xfinity high speed when set-up so speed won't be a problem. As an aside, funny story (now that it's almost over).... We've been in a single wide trailer in the boonies since Nov 1st. In a valley surrounded by ridges with no cable or "good" internet access. So we bought an antenna and get a whopping 4 channels. We have Viasat satellite for internet and it's supposed to be 25 mbps but we've been getting 10% of that. Our girls will truly be able to tell others "I remember when we only got 4 channels and there was no internet" HAHAHA!
  9. All these transfers, IMO, is evidence "exhibit A" that Gus ran a soft program. Harsin comes in, pulls a Pat Dye, and already the chaff is being separated from the wheat. Never heard of such a thing in my football life with all these defections before even giving Spring Ball a try. I'll refrain from saying anything about the transfers but I hope the fans & PTB are understanding of this for the next couple years, at least, and fully support CBH & the young men who have the guts to tough it out. Frankly, this is what it means to have a solid foundation for the future.
  10. Yes, I know all you're saying...we definitely are brothers in side effects LOL. ...not that it's funny. I've given up so much just to stay alive. Used to love golf but gave my clubs to my Dad. I just found out at Thanksgiving, when we drove to Ft Payne to visit my family that he feels guilty and wouldn't use them. Shame cuz they're a nice set. I had to assure him it's okay and he finally used them a couple weeks ago. Which is extra good because he has his own heart & breathing issues so the fact he could play is a blessing. When still in FL, I had to give up the beach because
  11. I'm sorry for your losses & other tough issues but I'm glad to hear y'all are people of faith. It's amazing the peace one has, regardless of circumstances, when Christ is in their heart! God bless brother!
  12. Me too. Also the deeper into my faith I get the more I cry but it's so often tears of joy. Funny, I was saved & baptised years ago but never had those tears I would see people crying in church. I used to pray for it, I wanted to feel what they feel... Then back in May, I've told this story before, The Holy Spirit washed over me during some crazy times and I've often been a blubbering mess ever since. But again, often it's tears of joy. You should see my watching "The Chosen" and trying to compose myself. LOL!
  13. I appreciate you using one of your very first posts to support me. Mighty kind of you. Welcome to the Family Max!
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