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  1. I'm sure li'l general even held a spring practice during the lockdown. They just had them in their indoor facility and with the blessing of the NCAA, SEC & Alabama state government...
  2. Question 1. I suggest reading the book of Job. I am not a religious person , although I do consider myself a god fearing man. The hard truth is you can’t rationalize this. As Christians and as human beings you may never get an answer nor do you deserve an answer. I had this same discussion with some fellow church goers at my workplace the other day. Sometimes the answer won’t be available but the response to the turbulence is key. I don’t think this is the good medium to discuss this topic. Again this is based on my readings of the Bible. I agree with DAG that this is probably not the forum, only because invariably the discussions like this sadly, always turn into politics. However, I'll be happy to give my perspective, if you truly are interested and not just baiting Christians, but it would probably be better in a different forum to avoid the garbage that is sure to follow. Nutshell point though.... Our earthly lives are not the ultimate goal. God has given us free-will and, because of original sin that soiled the Paradise God created, with free-will now comes consequences. It's not the goal of man to "make the most of this life". It's our goal to please Him.....period. If you please Him, you will receive the ultimate reward. With that said, pleasing Him is actually very easy if you have true faith. Believing in Jesus Christ, trusting Him as your Lord & Saviour is ALL that is necessary. That's it. If you truly do that, then The Holy Spirit will guide you. That's not to say He expects us to be perfect. Satan saw to that... However, if you are truly a Christian, you will feel convicted of your sins and naturally try to live a more Godly life. Do we always succeed? Of course not. That's the good news of the gospel. We don't have to be perfect because HE was (and is). Unfortunately, life on Earth is allowed to suffer. Thank Satan for that. And yes, even true Christians suffer (just look at me), but when our faith is tested, how we respond is key. This is VERY basic info. If you'd honestly like more of my perspective (with more detail) I'm happy to IS the Great Commission afterall. But I'll refrain from going further here as I'm not wanting to get the thread locked down. God bless & War Eagle! PS. I've given a testimonial in the "Encouragement Spot During the "Corona-tine" thread in All Things Considered to give you a little more perspective of how a Christian handles a scary & sad situation (my stage 4 cancer) & the importance of prayer. I hope it helps in your quest for answers. But it ain't about me... it's about The Lord!!
  3. That is something I've noticed in many different situations, not just this. A situation arises, it's slowed down or even stopped, due to the precautions taken, then there's always a segment of the population who says "see, it wasn't so bad".....not taking into account WHY it wasn't so bad. Short-sightedness or desired narratives are often more powerful than reasoning. Instant gratification run amok!
  4. Yes! I know I'm different than most apparently, but with all that's going on I'm a bit surprised that a lot of people would even care that much right now. I get people who want some normalcy, but we're still awfully early in this situation to even look that far forward (IMO). Right now, let's just get the country healthy (physically & fiscally) and THEN worry about the frivolous stuff.
  5. @ellitor Excellent news, E! Continuing to pray my brother!
  6. So far not to impressed with Hulu maybe I'm missing something FWIW, we're getting close to cutting the cord and planning to go with Prime, Netflix & YouTube TV. My understanding is that YT has the best Sports support and one of the best DVR situations. Prime & NF for movies + the added benefits of a HUGE streaming music catalog & free shipping w/ Prime.
  7. My faith has obviously grown stronger during my trials and with it, much more Bible reading & study. I obviously could be very wrong but I'm beginning to believe there's a good chance of His return in, if not MY lifetime, our childrens' lifetime. I'm working and praying to lead both girls to Jesus and if I can successfully do that.....well, with The Lord's guidance of course..... then I'll be ready to go home!