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  1. Recent seasons notwithstanding, AU could be considered Punter U if you go back the last 30 years. Lewis Colbert was superb (with 1/2 a foot) and Terry Daniel was the "Bo" of punters, not to mention names I can't remember. HEY, they were PUNTERS after all....
  2. Brooks & Cribbs (not to mention William Andrews) on a Dye, Tubbs, Chizik/Malzahn team? ...this might be a different conversation.
  3. I always felt like Fullwood would have had the same (or better) numbers as Bo.....if not for Bo. Bo was a true freak of nature in everything he did/does, but Fullwood produced ARGUABLY even better. Plus he did a lot of what he did hurting (dare I say, injured). The ONE knock on Bo was obviously his durability. My 2 tarnished pennies, Brent Fullwood is 1a.
  4. I'm not sure why fans care about safety anyway... I ain't seen a fan yet who was hurt by a good football lick! Keep the players looking cool...with slick gear and nice uniforms. Don't ugly up the aesthetics with "dark helmet" safety silliness.
  5. Well, there ya' go... Auburn is FORCED to change divisions. Bama is the one forced to CHOOSE. If the turds choose UTk, then who are the cowards now?
  6. Burying Gus' old playbook to keep him from meddling??
  7. So.... After 12 pages is Woody still transferring? Stidham's still at Auburn right?
  8. Thanks to the ncaa, we were old school; listening to the radio in Lawrenceville, GA and enjoyed one of Jim Fyffe's greatest games ever. His "TOUCHDOWNNNN AUBUUUUURRRNNNN" for Bostic's "final nail in the coffin" run is in my top 5 plays ever. Good times!! War Eagle!
  9. I LOL'd.
  10. My 2 tarnished pennies... You're both right. The REC will never allow Bammer to fall into oblivion but they were "mere mortals" in between bear and saban. The narrative that I'll stick to til I'm proven wrong is that they were blessed by the un-holy (hyperbole for those who take it TOO seriously) with a perfect storm of saban as HC at a time when Emmert is heading up the ncaa. It's simply an inside job. Sure, I admit Saban's a good coach but when you can push the envelope, tear the envelope, crap on the envelope, throw the envelope in the trash (with plenty evidence over the years) but you get treated like Jim Comey for Hillary (sure the evidence shows he did it but let's look at those pretty unicorns instead)... Sure...winning is everything. But I fault no-one who prefers to do it (or pulls for their team to do it) the right way and with some class & self-respect.
  11. I've always suspected Urban was a "front runner". When he has the right toys and the competition is "light" he's real good. But when it gets the least bit tough... He's like that kid in rec league who's a real good pitcher during the reg season but when he gets lit-up in the all-star game he sits on the mound and cries for his mommy to "make them stop!" No lie...I've seen that scenario more than once. Urban fits that mold. He's a punk! Chizik, on the other hand? Like him or not as a coach, I doubt too many will ever question his integrity and mental toughness.
  12. I'm late to the news but want to let you know I'm throwing prayers to the Man upstairs for you. God bless you, get better quickly and War Eagle!!
  13. Whether you or I are conservative or liberal is not the point of (at least my) the comments being made. The point being the views expressed, the targets acquired, the programming created by that network has been very one-sided the last several years. When a TV or radio station that is producing a product that SHOULD be "American" or "unifying" or "bipartisan" (whatever you want to call it) such as SPORTS, decides to choose a side and bang that drum, whichever direction you lean, then they're going to alienate 1/2 their base and lose viewers. In bspn's case they're losing a lot of conservatives. If they chose to celebrate morality, Christian beliefs, support Trump, etc, then they'd lose the some liberals and all leftists. Either way, the point is.... Its sports programming. They should have left social justice and politics to the Fox News and CNN channels.
  14. Saban doesn't get over much of anything. .....
  15. Yes, it's one of those "elephant in the room" things that so many are afraid to talk about but bspn has been the MSNBC/CNN of sports channels for years now. Conservative minded people need not apply, but they'll sign all the brash, trashy, morally questionable figures that they could get their hands on. They may be fun to watch in the field, on the court, whatever but that just doesn't translate to an information format. I'm sure the young, urban, hip, millennial whatever thinks it's all cool and funny watching all the posturing and lingo but in the end its all fluff and garbage. I suspect a lot of what's left of their viewers are like me, and other posters I've read, and pretty much only watch when a game is ACTUALLY being broadcast.