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  1. That's cool brother. I was like that too until the end of '17. You enjoy those possibilities and I'll just wait till I see the changes. War Eagle sir!
  2. In fairness to some, the negativity isn't regarding Morris himself. It's that history strongly suggests that, under Gus, it might as well be Kodi. As a matter of fact, it's to the point that it's not really even negativity anymore.... it's simply resignation.
  3. If I read you correctly, yes. This is what I expect based on years of evidence. As I've said the last few years.... I hope Gus FINALLY proves me wrong. But I ain't holding my breath.
  4. I was wondering what an insider's take would be. Yeah, just feels like JGBG to me. I'll hold my opinion until I see the product on the field in 2020 (the season.... NOT the bowl game). Feels no different than the last few years.....
  5. Not silly at all. ....matter of fact it's the most pertinent question(s) in this thread.
  6. You should always be very careful when you look up to a bird, just in case.
  7. It was definitely a muddy slog. I think it was the old sombrero stadium too, which wasn't particularly nice. I wasn't down here back then, but I have been to Raymond James and it's actually a fantastic venue now. I was at the '10 Outback Bowl against NW and had a great time.....even though it was cold & rainy then too. For that matter, I think the '90 HoF Bowl was rainy too.... So, apparently it rains on New Year's Day all the time down here, LOL!
  8. Ah you are right sir! My apologies. I don't know why I forgot that one. I will fix it now. Actually you might want to blow up your OP anyway, LOL... The 2010 Natty didn't come after the first one either. In fact, Auburn was not only in the '96 Outback bowl (losing ugly to Penn State) but was even in the Hall of Fame Bowl (which Outback bought the naming rights to), beating Ohio State, in 1990.
  9. I kept turning on their home games after mid-October hoping for a Snow Game. I thought I could count on them but never got one. They suck. 😠
  10. Wait....what? So, MN actually has MORE NCs than they CLAIM? Well.....they're certainly no bammer, LOL!
  11. I thought that when they made good plays it was Kevin Steele & bad plays it was Gus meddling...
  12. And sometimes by a combination of defense and punt return despite the offense. Generally speaking, unless it's a game tying FG or a game winner as time is expiring, FG's are symbols of an Offensive failure to score touchdowns. Don't think for yourself or even bother thoughtfully watching the game. Just look at the score and parrot what the Statistics say. After all, Auburn was an Offensive juggernaut in the UF (269 total yards), LSU (287 total yards) & GA (329 total yards....most in the 4th when GA prematurely went into prevent) games. 😐