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  1. AUsince72

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    So true. I'm almost 47 years old, been married literally half my life and have 2 young kids. I'm STILL a dumbass. Or as my wife says, I'm a jackwagon. I have no qualms about the dude's age myself. However, I am concerned.... Since he IS so young, you reckon he reads social media and message boards and after reading ours he's going to change his mind and go back to Memphis? HAHAHA! Sorry.... couldn't resist.
  2. AUsince72

    Bowl Preparations

    You would think... about Gus. But I'm honestly not sure what his true motivation is. Seriously... Note, I only mentioned the players as being motivated and I support them. Not sure about the highly paid "leadership". I agree about LSU. Unfortunately, *yawn* UCF is even *yawnier* without their star QB.
  3. AUsince72

    Bowl Preparations

    I figured this would be the case. With their history ANY bowl for Purdue is like a NY6 or (former) BCS Bowl for Auburn. "We" may be disappointed in the Music City Bowl but it may as well be the Rose Bowl to them.
  4. AUsince72

    Open Letter From AD Greene To The AU Fans

    Right there with you. Alum, season ticket holder, put 4 kids through Auburn and didn’t get the letter. That is odd. I didn't go to Auburn. Neither of my kids go (they're only 9) and I had an uncle who was a Bama grad. Yet AD Greene personally gave me a phone call and sent a notarized letter thanking me for my support telling me....
  5. AUsince72

    2019 5* WR Jadon Haselwood

    I hope I am too. Which one? Right or Wrong? The suspense is killing me! 😉
  6. AUsince72

    Bowl Preparations

    I don't feel like this will be that type of situation. Auburn came off the high of Amen Corner last year only to lose the SECCG. Plus, instead of being matched up to play an Oklahoma or Michigan or any other "power" school they get paired up with (no offense, I know you went there but) Yawn....UCF. This season was such a major let-down to all that ANY bowl is a plus and, frankly, knowing they did beat tOSU and they're at least a P5 school and I just don't see the players being as lackadaisical as that bowl. I don't feel motivation will be a problem for the players this bowl. I mean, if so, I don't think Stids would play...
  7. AUsince72

    Bowl Preparations

    I will say, sorta like Auburn, it depends on "which Purdue" shows up. They were very schizo themselves this year. The team that beat tOSU could beat ANYBODY (I watched that whole game). But they had some stinkers too. It's actually a very fair matchup and I feel it could be a glimpse at a front-runner for AU's HC search in '20.
  8. AUsince72

    Bowl Preparations

    Yeah, I'd expect him to play pretty much the whole game regardless. Honestly, I expect Purdue to put up a great fight.... probably win TBH.
  9. AUsince72

    Bowl Preparations

    Then keep it to yourself. Your opinion is NOT the purpose of a message board.
  10. AUsince72

    Bowl Preparations

    Said he wants to. Not sure if anything has changed. If he wants to don't see why he won't then. I was hoping he wouldn't and we'd get a possible glimpse of the future but....oh well. It WILL be interesting to see if the offense will look any different with Gus "officially" calling plays vs the rest of '18.
  11. AUsince72

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    Don't ever look him in the eye
  12. AUsince72

    Open Letter From AD Greene To The AU Fans

    You're absolutely right. Often things aren't as bad as rumors suggest. Unfortunately, there's a lot of smoke with this and the fact that Gus was obviously not given the support nor resources (nor apparently mandated) to make a true homerun OC hire but rather he actually has now openly stated that HE will be the OC (regardless of the new guy's title) and calling the plays definitely suggests he was not supported in whatever meetings/negotiations they have been having. Matter of fact, it sounds like they told him what many on this forum have said for a minute.... "Put up or shut up". So, that is the good news. In the '19 season there will be NO excuse he can offer. It's Gus' Offense....period. Maybe that's what their letter would say 🤔.
  13. AUsince72

    Open Letter From AD Greene To The AU Fans

    I know you're right.
  14. AUsince72

    Open Letter From AD Greene To The AU Fans

    I don't mean this post to be negative...and certainly not any negativity aimed at AD Greene. Honestly, I don't know enough of anything he's done except apparently he was instrumental in keeping Bruce, so Good Things. It's merely a question/request/desire. This nice letter is merely reiterating that Gus is Auburn's coach in '19, as he already stated, along with other niceties to the school, winter sports programs and fans. Not really much else to it. The letters that we Auburn Football fans want to read are from those involved (evidently NOT Greene) in the decision to not fire, but rather neuter the HC like a captured alley cat. It's great that Greene supports Gus and "has conversations" with him but what about those who take away Gus' resources, evidently NOT supporting him (or Greene too, perhaps) yet don't have the stones to fire him? I want to know what THEY have to say.
  15. AUsince72

    Malik Willis

    This is wonderful. 😁😂🤣 In more ways than one....