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  1. AUsince72


    Funny enough, the idea of losing my hair didn't bother me at all. However, all the hard chemo did was make it a little thinner and grow slower. Also, it WAS grayer during the chemo but seems to have darkened again. Keep in mind, due to neuropathy and VERY low blood platelets count (due to the chemo I was on) I haven't had hard chemo since Feb-March. Because of my low platelets I can't even have the chemo that's supposed to be combined with the radiation I'm finishing up (instead they added a week of radiation from 6-7 weeks). People usually do say I look great considering since I was able to maintain my appetite due to some other serious meds. But I'm pale as can be now and walk with a cane. I can't walk more than 30 mins or so without giving my feet a break (I literally cannot feel them if I walk too much) and everything I touch with my hands or toes feels like sandpaper. I'm keeping big pharma in business. Sorry. That's a long, negative way of saying "thanks". Haha!
  2. AUsince72


    HaHa, yes I am....big country fed white boy. Though before the cancer I WAS tan more often... living near the beach. I'm also big & ugly so thank you for not focusing on that 🤣😂🤣😂
  3. I've always said there's just something about Fisher that gave me the heebie-jeebies and it's interesting to see an article articulate some of that. But more importantly "Florida safety Chauncey Gardner-Johnson" LOL!!
  4. AUsince72


    I wanted too, to show this just because I think it's awesome. My Aunt and her church group made me a prayer quilt and it's beautiful. Can't wait to live in TN where I can use it a lot more HAHA.. Don't mind the ugly guy...just enjoy the quilt 😁
  5. AUsince72


    Just wanted to say, today begins my last week of radiation (week 7). Though I'm in lots of pain at times and feel so miserable in general, I am still so uplifted by those who pray for me and those who ask me for updates. After this week ends I get six weeks of recovery and then finally another PET scan. Please continue to pray as my blessed hope is NO MORE TUMOR! Thanks again and I love you all AUFAM!! War Eagle!
  6. We was disliked from academia to athletics. ...from the state of Iowa to the state of Alabama... Maybe thUga will hire him...
  7. Firstly backatcha buddy! As for that group, I almost went with "immediate future" in my post as in "this season upcoming + the next few years". But yes, the ones who want Auburn to tank.... before the season even begins.... are their own cult. I think many/most of us would be happy if Gus actually turns it around but just don't see the evidence to support it enough to feel overly confident. That's me, at least.... BUT he turned on "Dawgcrap Gus" and left him on moving forward we'd be very happy.
  8. Says the guy with the dumb name....pshaw...
  9. As DAG said, I wasn't putting you into either of the "cults". I was just backing his family premise. After all, could there BE a more dysfunctional family than a message board family?!?! There are those who want Gus to fail & get the boot, no matter what, even at the expense of the future of the program but on the other end there's those who seem to want Gus to be Auburn's now and forever coach, no matter what, also at the expense of the future of the program. ...and most people who happen to read this post know exactly who is who in each of those groups. I'm not putting you in either cult. I don't always agree with your take and our deliveries are VERY different but I believe you're at least reasonable, I often do agree, and I count you as AUFam.
  10. Chalk them up to the "weird cult" @DAG mentioned. Then there's a few members on the other end of the spectrum that are their OWN cult as well. Between that, I feel like we are a pretty good forum family.
  11. 🤣😂🤣😂 Thanks, I did need that pick me up.
  12. I don't have the gaming rig I once had....I still play Company of Heroes (single player) when my hands cooperate but yeah, I actually go back to original Halo, original Call of Duty, Half-Life 2, etc... Of course I cut my teeth on Pong, Atari and actual arcade games.