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  1. AUsince72


    Thanks Gr82be. My prayers are with your daughter, you and your family. God bless!
  2. FINALLY!!! Somebody that can give Wade Christopher a challenge 😎
  3. AUsince72


    Quick update AUFam. Just had a CT scan for mapping purposes today as in roughly 2 weeks I'll begin a radiation & chemo combination to hopefully (possibly) eradicate the original tumor. Again this won't cure me but the idea of having no more signs of the cancer are so exciting!! I'll have the combination treatment 5 days a week for 6 weeks (the last 2 probably fairly painful) and then 6 weeks of recovery. Thank you for the continued prayers & support. It means the world to me! God bless and War Eagle!
  4. Easy way around that.... Simply post now as "rotille" and nobody'll be none the wiser... 😉
  5. My prayers are with you Doc. I understand what you're going through and then some. God bless & War Eagle!
  6. AUsince72


    Hi 3rd Gen. Thanks, as always, for the kindness. We're doing pretty good. Saw a surgeon at Moffit last week and they confirmed they wouldn't do surgery on me unless it was necessary for me to function. We didn't realize just how rare & aggressive my cancer is until he laid out the study and statistics from the expert on their board. (Not sure why we didn't "get it" before but....) won't go into the negative statistics because they're actually very scary but after a weekend of crying, yelling, gnashing of teeth (plus me taking a long drive to clear my head) we got it all out and after seeing my oncologist yesterday we're back in a good place and feeling the warmth of The Lord's arms around us. My scans are still fantastic and we're seeing a radiation Dr again to see if that might be useful but regardless it's just a matter of keeping my cancer at bay until they can't anymore. It could crop up somewhere else at any time and any place so we're just trusting in The Lord's plan and hoping Jesus has more use for me on earth for more years rather than less 😉. Regardless, we are planning our move to Knoxville over the summer to be with family so we're very excited about that! Just gotta have some garage sales and minimize so the move will be easier (I'm NOT excited about that....I hate garage sales) LOL!! But as long as The Good Lord allows me time I'm SO excited to be able to live somewhere with actual seasons again 😁! Anyway, sorry for the novel. We're just keeping our eyes up to Jesus and trusting in His plan!! God bless! Nathan
  7. Gatewood hasn’t always been a crowd favorite. During this past Christmas, several were telling me he wasn’t cut out to be a QB. People are warming up to him though.  I was one of the doubters early on. ...had him transferring even... For some reason the HS highlights I saw earlier in the year didn't impress me. I had a conversation with @ellitor about that....his running seemed tentative at contact, much like JJ. However, I stumbled upon more highlights later in the season and they were so much more impressive than what I saw previously. Not comparing him to Cam but much more Cam-like. His poise in the bowl game (though in mop up duty) was a very pleasant surprise compared to the reports that came out through the season making him out as a bit in the doghouse. Maybe they were right, or not, but I'm guessing the "de-recruitment" went well and it sounds today like he's even possibly showing signs of leadership. If he truly has a leadership mentality then he is coachable. If he's coachable his passing will come along. Add that to his running ability and he certainly will resemble Dak Prescott, if not Cam. No knock on Bo but I'm still of the opinion that a Gus-run offense is much more suited to a QB who can run like a RB (as well as pass). That's why I'm team Gatewood. War Eagle!
  8. I don't even DO basketball and I was on pins and needles the 2nd half. Congratulations to Bruce Pearl and the team. To get ME excited about basketball is almost as impressive as beating Kansas, North Carolina & Kentucky back to back to back
  9. Absolutely! I remember him getting into penalty trouble on occassion for maybe being a little too fiery at the other team, etc, but get the ball to him and he made big time plays.
  10. Maybe his head's on a little straighter than ES? IIRC ES could be his own worst enemy at times.
  11. Maybe Gus can hire Bruce as a Motivation Consultant for the football season... Bruce's job will simply be running up and down the sidelines during the game yelling and pumping up the team. I'm not even a real basketball fan and I was fired up..... just watching him! 😁
  12. Make sure to keep Gus in line recruiting wise....since you seem to know enough about it. 😁 Seriously though... congratulations E!!!
  13. Love this! Sign me up for #1 on the production line 😁. Glad to hear he's enjoying track and can't wait to see him on the gridiron next season. I'm SO hoping to be in good enough shape to attend a game and see him in person. BTW, having seen Caddy play in person, I suspect they'll get along great. Very similar in respect to the effort given on each and every play. I can certainly see Caddy taking Worm under his wing. God bless and War Eagle.
  14. Literally pulling for the best QB to win but I'm excited to see Joey's style. Not a knock on Bo but I just feel like Joey would lead Gus to a more 2010 style. On a side note.... Anybody notice Cord's physical size? Starting to look like an NFL tight end IMO.