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  1. Can't give enough "loves" Zeek. Wonderful verse!
  2. So, judging from this map, he'll be to McDonald's what Gus was to Waffle House.
  3. I thought this was the same Josh Heupel who was the Oklahoma QB several years ago. From the pics they don't even look related.
  4. Lord willing, we'll all see... More Completions. Less Incompletions. More TD passes. Less INT's. More first down runs. Less boring runs that net little. More TD runs. Less sacks. More wins. Fewer Losses. More smiling and butt pats. Less screaming at fellow players & coaches. War Eagle.
  5. Loof, you were a friend of the highest degree from the beginning of this journey. I really appreciate your continued support & love through good and bad and I truly hope God blesses you with all the best! I pray for you always. Thanks brother! Nathan
  6. Believe it or not, they passed for nice shorts on the Gulf Coast. Those were actually church clothes in SW Fla. LOL!
  7. Spent an entire game in the village, under the ship several years ago. Also went to the 2010 Outback Bowl (AU vs NW). What a cool experience.
  8. He certainly threw some boneheaded backfoot balls but his leadership is proven. They had been sorely lacking in that area. And that run by Fornette was incredible.
  9. I don't know why I said 2011. That's when we adopted our girls. We moved in 2007. Used to LOVE boating (not a fisherman) and the intercoastal waterway was like a constant party on the water. Especially an area by the Venice jetty's, close to where we lived.
  10. Yeah, the chemo would thin my blood and I have a port running to my jugular so I just use clippers. LOVE that passage!
  11. Oh, I'm sure. Just thought it funny. I don't follow NFL enough to really know. Another aside... We moved to Florida in 2011 and were close to Tampa that I figured I'd give being a Bucs fan a go (Raymond James is an AWESOME stadium) until.....Jameis Winston. So forget it. Then we decide to move, Tom Brady comes to Tampa and now they're in the SB. I'm just not meant to be an NFL fan. Although I am glad to see Brady take them there.
  12. Nice! As an unrelated aside, Tom Brady taking the Tampa Bay freaking Bucs to the Super Bowl seems to wipe some of the luster off of Bill Belichick's shine LOL!
  13. Just wanted to share a photo for those who might be curious or haven't seen any of the few I've shared over the years. My family shortly before moving from Florida. It's the last photo of me before I started physically going down hill. I've lost 30-40 lbs since. ....I don't recommend my diet plan LOL. My wife Sonya w Ruby by me & Emme by her. Yes, they're twins, believe it or not HAHA.
  14. Welp, guess the on-field positions are now.....INcomplete. 🤣😂🤣😂
  15. Okay, hopefully NOW he's ready to DOMINATE! Let's goooooo woooooo!!!!
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