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  1. Clayton Beauford. Former QB turned WR who loved to beat thUga and looked good doing it.
  2. Remember, they're no longer "journalists" or "the press". They're " the media"....has a much looser connotation and they don't have to adhere to pesky old ethics & standards. ....after all, movies and music are "media" too.
  3. Point being, by late in the 4th Qtr of pretty much every LSU game bammer is stiil fighting for it's life waiting for the officials to help them out on a crucial play. Most IB's lately have been forgone conclusions by halftime.
  4. Didn't read the article, but at this time in 2017, they probably are. Outside of 2010 & 2013 AU hasn't really competed since Tubbs. LSU has given them all they can handle pretty much every time they play. I'm sure during the "fear the thumb days" AU players felt LSU was a bigger rival than bammer. It'll come back around...
  5. Nice to read praise of AU players but I love the "I'm too good to know those peons names but I'll throw them a bone" attitude from the bammer...
  6. Georgia.... + 9 others.
  7. Two of my all-time favorite QB's were Tommie Frazier (Neb) and Nick. Neither one "could pass" but somehow their offenses rolled up millions of points & billions of yards. 'Course I'm on record as stating those are my favorite kinds of offenses...
  8. As much as I loved Ed West (stated earlier) to piggyback the last two posts, I think if you put Ed West, Ron Middleton & Walter Reeves in the same jersey and played them each in consecutive series you might not notice any difference. Pat Dye could DEFINITELY recruit TE's. Not to mention a little bit lesser known Jeff Parks. Very steady performer if not "great".
  9. Count me in the Ed West camp.
  10. I agree, those were awful! I guess since I was just a young barely teen that year I was emotionally more elastic and bounced back easier. Those games happen now? ....I'd be a blubbering mess. ...and yes, bourbon would be involved.
  11. The '86 team was my all-time favorite team and "The Lawyer Reverse" was my all-time favorite Iron Bowl followed by one of the best Pat Dye Show segments ever as they showed that final drive from ground level. As a 14 year old it was just the best time ever! Jeff Burger, Brent Fullwood, Tommie Agee, Lawyer Tillman, Trey Gainous, Walter Reeves...a young James Joseph & Alexander Wright with one of AU's all-time best O-Lines with Yann Cowart, Stacey Searels & arguably the best AU Center ever in Ben Tamburello. Good times!
  12. I guess this is about achievement vs expectations but I submit that achievement vs ethical means and a halfway level playing field should be considered. To me, and my decidedly O & B glasses here, tha tahd IS overrated by a mile. Last I checked if the Horse Racing PTB were to let a Ford Raptor race truck run against the horses at The Kentucky Derby or The Belmont Stakes or The Preakness nobody would take it seriously, much yet allow it. But the NCAA head allows sabear to basically do the same thing and we're supposed to admire and worship him and his minions and their "achievement"? I wonder if Tiger Woods were to play me in a round of golf, and of course beat me by 37 shots (in 1 round) people would be so impressed? Of course not! But Saban's a god (little g....VERY little g) because he's allowed to cheat more than everyone else because we live in a society now where apparently the ends DO justify the means. Just win baby...I don't care if it's fair!!! Competition means NOTHING...just the results on paper.
  13. I hate everyone while they play Auburn . When they're not, I don't really mind anyone except, of course, I hate any bammer or thuga coach all the time, no matter who, no matter what . I'd say I like Freeze except evidently he's an institutional problem. If Butch can turn the attitude around at UT I think he could be a good one.
  14. "Best" is tough... Most of the great AU receivers I've witnessed were underrated since that was not Auburn's forte. Tough call between Tillman & Sanders. Both made crushing game-winning plays against big rivals. However, I'm gonna go with Tillman because he was on my favorite team (86 Tigers), made the biggest play in my favorite game (the reverse) and was Duke before Duke was even born... without getting in the doghouse. War Eagle!
  15. Obviously I can't speak towards might-a-beens and what-ifs and "tradition" means different things to different people. However, I can tell you one fact about Pat Dye, like him or not... He brought the AU/UA game to the Auburn campus. In my opinion Auburn people will always owe him a debt of gratitude for that.