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  1. AUsince72

    Ole Miss Vacates 33 Wins

    Yes, the PTB vacated all of my A's from 3rd grade. My life hasn't changed one bit due to that 😉😂🤣
  2. AUsince72

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    Unfortunately, people respond so his posts will often still show up. I ignored that T-town bammer guy who likes to brag on rivals but people keep responding so I have to close my eyes and go "LALALALALALA....."
  3. AUsince72


    Thank you all for the recent posts and PM's. I'm still alive and kicking! We have had some great scans but also some other developments that kind of spin our heads a bit so obviously I have not been posting as much. With the good news of my liver & lymph nodes being clear I've also been told that the hard chemo, that's been working do well on the cancer, he has been damaging my bone marrow and my blood platelets have taken a bit of a nosedive. Therefore, I'm off of the hard chemo for now, while taking the much milder maintenance chemo, but surgery is back on the table. I've got an appointment with a surgeon at Moffitt (who I'm NOT a fan of....the center, not the surgeon) but it's scary to think of how that meeting might go. In researching him, he might be able to remove the rest of the tumor in not such a radical way, as they originally said they would (forcing me to need a colostomy bag) but then...we won't know until we see him. If the surgery is still a "no" then we just have to wait for my platelets to (hopefully) rebuild and then get back on the hard core again. If not then..... Well, God is in control!! Also, I'm having bad neuropathy that's beginning to get painful in my fingers and makes my feet numb so I use a cane often and my wife's afraid for me to drive. I have a Neurologist visit upcoming as well....yay 🙄 The biggest change, is now I'm transitioning to Long Term Disability which I won't really go into here but we will be seeking a financial advisor moving forward along with figuring out how to pay for Cobra, etc. So, big changes as you can see.... But, as always, we are faithful as The Lord has paved a path for us through this entire process and we know He will continue to do so. We are SO blessed 🙏 so I will not complain 😁!! On a side note, if anyone has any good national financial advisor advice please feel free to PM me. Thank you! Again, to you all, my AUFamily, thanks for the prayers and well wishes and support. I love you all! War Eagle and God bless!! Nathan
  4. AUsince72


    Yes absolutely, praise the Lord!! I'm so glad to hear your scans are clear 😁😁😁, God bless you! You are right too.... The treatment/recovery is almost worse than the disease. I'm getting more and more side effects every treatment and even starting to need to walk with a cane due to fatigue and neuropathy. It's a bitch for sure! But it's a good fight and when I think of my wife and two young girls (who just turned 10 today!!!!), it's a fight that's well worth it. God bless & War Eagle!!!
  5. AUsince72

    Prince Tega graded highest pass blocking

    What has two thumbs and picked Tega as his pre-season Mancrush?
  6. AUsince72

    Playing Akron in 2021

    A home & home EACH year! That would be interesting 😁
  7. AUsince72

    Playing Akron in 2021

    Yes, Cal will be early 2000's USCw quality by then. When I say P5 "top tier" let me rephrase a bit. I don't mean AU has to schedule tOSU & Oklahoma every year. But maybe Oklahoma & Northwestern or Utah. Just one of those instead of San Jose State, etc.
  8. "Tuscaloosa. All's Well, Just Part of god Saban's Process. Meanwhile, Look at the Dumpster Fire in Auburn. HaHa!"
  9. AUsince72

    Playing Akron in 2021

    I wish AU would quit opening with P5 top tier programs. I'd prefer they open with an Akron or Kent St each year. But I would prefer 2 top tier P5 programs early in the season instead of just 1 and the rest cupcakes. I know some would rather have all cupcakes since Auburn plays in the mighty SEC but I'd rather be entertained and with a good Coaching staff it's another extra week for Auburn to be on a top stage.
  10. AUsince72

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    #Enlightenment 💡
  11. AUsince72

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    A place like that is probably one of the VERY few times in a man's life that he can break out his Android or iPhone camera at a urinal and not get his ass beat down from Boston all the way to NYC 🤣😂
  12. AUsince72

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    Wow, some sensitivity this morning.
  13. AUsince72

    Oregon Game Time

    Just called the ticket office and they said "what day & time can you be there?".
  14. AUsince72

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    I second... So.... Asa's still transferred to Miami right? He's no longer an Auburn Tiger?