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  1. I don't know. Minnesota looked to have a Nat'l Champ caliber Defense in their bowl game against an Offensive juggernaut.
  2. If we see an aggressive blocking scheme predicated on getting below the pads of their opponents and driving forward with the emphasis on pushing the LOS 3 yards downfield PLUS evidence that there's an S&C program in place that helps them in that goal, then it's probably a fantastic hire. If the scheme is the same and the linemen continue to be pushed back into the running lanes while being flipped into backwards somersaults.....then the still......somebody else.
  3. I believe he was BC's Center in the '82 Tangerine Bowl against Auburn. ....there's your Auburn connection.
  4. Love these convos. I once heard a bammer say he was a fan of Alabama because it's the name of the state. ....not kidding. I, myself, did not attend Auburn University. ....and to make it worse, I grew up in Georgia. So my 40+ years of being an Auburn fan, the untold number of games I've attended, the players I've met in person....don't mean nuthin'. ....guess I'm hanging up my Auburn gear for good....or at least until the real fans are back in a good mood again so that they'll let me back into the stadium one day. Oh, I hope they do. It's lonely out on the sidewalk.
  5. Much like the age old question, What does one do when they're fired as a McDonald's janitor?
  6. Could be, he's coaching in the Arkansas HS all-star games... 😂🤣😋
  7. The whole football board is that way now. The longer Gus is at Auburn, the weirder all the threads are becoming. It's certainly not the same board that helped me through my treatments. And I have the flu.
  8. As I mentioned in the previous thread, the first game I remember (I was 4 yrs old) was in B'ham against Tenn in 1976. The first true away game was local for me, as I grew up near Atlanta....pretty much any time the Tigers visited Ga Tech we were there.
  9. Beautiful! You're right, the weather here on the Gulf, has been fantastic for a change!
  10. Who was Gus' O-line coach at Springdale High?
  11. Somebody's got new bikes for Christmas. ☺
  12. Unrelated but I remember watching a Giants game on TV, in the 80's, when Anderson played a game less than one week after hemorrhoid surgery. Pardon the pun but he was Bad Ass!