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  1. Glad y'all at home. I know that even when things aren't ideal, at least it's easier knowing you're home. My chemo was delayed a day so I start tomorrow instead of today. I'll be praying for my man, James!
  2. Brother, I'm praying for success & quick healing. Tell my man James, I'll be thinking about him while at my appt today. Brother to brother!
  3. IIRC he was saved the same year I was born. Just found that interesting... His is a great story.
  4. Brother, I love this! It truly means a lot. I can tell you from experience, He ALWAYS comes through. He never said we wouldn't have struggles. Just know if we trust Him, He'll pull us through. I don't know who the original quote is from, but I'm a big fan of Pastor David Jeremiah. He once said something to the effect of: A man is immortal as long as he's serving God's will. I try to make that my goal every day.
  5. LOVE THIS BTW!!!!! God bless you 3rdGen!
  6. I don't mean to seem like I've given up hope. Neither for the world, nor myself. Matter of fact, I'll be going back on most of the chemo that was successful previously so we're very optimistic. Heck, I could go another 20-30 years as new treatments come down the pike. I just see various news stories and even have personal experiences and such that... You're right; Things have never been like this in our lifetime. I just want to be here for my family. And if not, I want to feel like they'll be okay. I'm probably just a bit stressed. 😉
  7. Thank you Marine. Yes, it is certainly a journey. I'd never wish cancer on anyone, much less myself, but like I say...blessings abound. Many I'd never would have known otherwise.
  8. LOL! It's like when I used to play golf.... "if you ain't cheatin'.... you ain't tryin'!" Thanks brother. I appreciate you.
  9. Tim, I'm sorry for your loss! I'm glad to hear it's your brother's gain, however, and it does my heart good to know you see it that way. May The Lord bring you and your family all the strength & comfort you need! .....And to take the time after your loss to comfort me? I so appreciate your kindness! Thank you so much and I know our Lord sees that. Amen brother!!!!
  10. Thanks Doc. I see you have wonderful news on your front and I'm so thankful. Praise The Lord! Tee 'em up and hit 'em straight brother!
  11. Thanks Tora, greatly appreciated. Funny, there's so much I don't share here (and it would require volumes due to all of the info directly or indirectly related to my condition) but again, there are blessings that would go unseen if not for some doors closing. Mostly I try to share positivity & light when discussing my situation because it's usually how I feel, especially when talking about my battle with cancer. Cancer don't scare me. My God has that covered! However, I feel a little more serious today and it's not necessarily about me. One thing that has come up as a positive result of stopping the trial now, as opposed to 3 months from now, is our moving from FL. I won't go into all of the reasons we NEED to move but the trial was going to keep us here until October and then we would still have to prepare to move (which is extra difficult in my condition) and we want to get out of here much sooner. However, since we discovered the trial ain't working, we are now able to focus on getting ready to move and hope to be out of FL and amongst our family in TN before the fall. Being around our family during times of trouble (especially if I DON'T have much longer on this earth) just gives me a better piece of mind. I I NEED.... to know I'm leaving this earth with my family taken care of. Yes, it's been on my mind a bit lately, naturally. I generally keep it to myself as I'm not worried about myself at all. .....not one bit. But with everything going on today, the husband and father in me worries a great deal. I pray continuously for strength to trust in Him but I am a frail human after all. But again, I don't think I have more than a handful of years left (if that) and I want to feel my wife & girls are with family and in good hands after I'm gone. I know some here think I'm crazy and that's okay, but prophecies of The Bible are coming to life before our eyes and as believers we want to be surrounded by more like-minded people. ....and I'm not just talking about U.S. unrest either, but other world events that non-believers, unfortunately, don't even think twice about....or see it but don't believe it anyway due to the veil being pulled over their eyes. I don't mean that to be insulting. Actually I say it in all kindness as I truly love & care for each one of you. Even those who who don't like or respect me. That's one reason you see me writing more Christian related posts over the last few months (hey, IMO there ain't gonna be any football to discuss anyway....). I really hope to reach people and bear fruit for Our Lord before it's too late. I'm sorry, I know this is a much heavier post than normal from me but I feel convicted to be more serious today. And this isn't about politics but rather about faith. I hope I'm wrong, but I sense serious things coming....and pretty soon. Christians can take heart and find joy in that knowledge but I obviously feel concern for non-Christian friends & acquaintances who eventually might see the light when it's too late. Again, I realize I'm heavy handed today, but sometimes life ain't all sunshine & rainbows. Just feeling a little serious today with all we have to plan and do. God bless my friends! I pray for you all!
  12. Thank you Belle. You are right and y'alls prayers ARE powerful. I'd be a negative, blubbering mess without them. People who really know me know this and are often amazed at my response to this condition (in a good way). God is so good! I am blessed by Him! I hope you all can come to fully understand and feel His power! That is MY prayer.
  13. Hi 3rd Gen. I hope you're doing well too! We just got the results from my scan and the trial meds don't work on me. So that chapter is closed. However, as I was getting ready to go today, and praying, it came over me to not just go into it "Good news" or "Bad news". There is also a 3rd option. Though the up front answer may not be what I'd want, as long as there's optimism behind it, there's always hope. And knowing that, no matter what, The Lord is in control, there's always still REASON for optimism. ...and sure enough, the Dr said that due to my physical strength and more importantly my attitude, I should be able to go back on 2 of the 3 chemos they used previously (that DID work), just removing the one that destroyed my nerves. Adding an antibodies treatment, I very well could have the same success we had previously. So, that's my message. If you have faith, everything doesn't have to be A or B. Don't let option C get you down. Pray about it....embrace may just be The Lord is the one blessing you with that 3rd option. I love you all. God bless!
  14. Just said a prayer brother. I hope for healing & peace! God bless.
  15. Thank you Belle. You're very kind and I appreciate it. I wouldn't call it being hard on myself but rather self aware, LOL! God bless!