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  1. Thanks for checking that out. Must be my emotions when watching the game getting the best of me. Another thing to consider is the schedule. Sure that low 3rd Down conversation rate looks great when playing the Kent States & Ole Misses of the schedule. What's MUCH more telling are the statistics against the true challenges on the schedule.... the Florida's, LSUs & the critical rivalry games. It ALL adds up during the season but those critical games against teams with equal (or greater) talent is where we separate the statistical wheat from statistical chaff.
  2. Yes, and awhile back mommaworm made a great point when talking about the subject. A player in any position, in any sport, cannot consistently just stand around for 30 minutes, come in for 1 play, come out for 15 minutes, come in for 1 play, etc.... Think about baseball and relief pitching. The reliever doesn't come in, fresh off the bench. He throws several minutes worth of warm-up pitches. Even pinch hitters get the chance for practice swings to get revved up. Think about yourself (not just you, Loof, but anybody)....get off the couch, go outside, and SPRINT! It actually physically hurts, you're liable to pull a muscle & you're not comfortable. Now, instead, lightly jog a few minutes, break a sweat, THEN sprint. THAT way it doesn't hurt, you feel more in control.....heck you probably even run a lot faster. A running-back can't run laps before going in. He's got to stand there, at he ready, and in KMart's case (NTM Worm, Joiner & Barrett, etc...) they come in 1 play and whether good/bad comes back out. They can't get warmed up, loosen up those muscles and maximize their quick-twitch abilities. This is unavoidable for a situational player which, unfortunately, is Gus' favorite thing in the whole wide world, or a 3rd stringer, but for an immediate backup (such as KMart was, especially in '17) it just makes sense to give them some complete series in every game to maximize their abilities and, who knows, maybe shock you with how good they are when it's game time.
  3. Then Bo can autograph his Yella UA shoes after each game for top Dolla!
  4. My viewpoint of KMart is that we just didn't see enough to know, in terms of his overall AU career. However, IMO he should have been given a lot more work in '17 to A: gain more experience thru more reps and B: give KJ less wear & tear thru less reps. And on that bore itself out.
  5. K-Mart should have had at least 13 more carries on Dec. 2, 2017. He was SEVERELY underutilized that day....
  6. Hey brother from another mother. I know man, and I didn't take any real offense. I just spoke my mind because there's been a few posts by me in these two (related) OP/subjects recently that have been misconstrued, by ones I consider friends, as mixing socio-economic politics when I'm not, yet there's some convos in these threads that have completely left football behind and are nothing more than extensions of today's Right vs Left political garbage. It's unfortunate that two, in particular (who I normally like) would probably be in fisticuffs if they were in person, and I'm not a Reality Show kinda guy. BTW, I actually loved the gifs.....hilarious! Just wasn't sure why they applied to me. ....but it's all good.
  7. So I get admonished by friends for bringing up a very mild reference to a political reality that is 100% pertinent to the actual subject of scholarships & recruiting but the down & dirty fighting, calling of names, and ugliness of posters who've way past football and 100% into politics are good and I need a piti-party? Okay. 👍
  8. 👍👍👍I don't mind a little politics coming up now & again, but this is getting very ugly.
  9. I can vouch for that. I know that it may seem that O-Line positions are all the same to many people but they have very different responsibilities & the techniques are worlds apart. I was (VERY LIGHTLY) recruited by a couple very small schools as a Guard as I was actually pretty decent (just too small at 6' - 225 lbs ..... and academically stupid) but the few times I played Tackle my head was spinning and I could never get comfortable with my footwork and responsibilities. It was amazing how different I felt & performed between those 2 positions.
  10. Yeah, I'm a bit facetious because there's a few on here that have taken it political, and also so personal, that they're practically at the point of "meet me behind the gym". So I figured since this discussion (along with "The Bag Man" discussion) are being taken so seriously, I thought I'd throw a curveball in here. Again, I didn't state a position (though I admit, anyone who knows me has a good idea of mine) but it's a serious possibility. So since we're all supposed to take these conversations so seriously then; seriously......what if? It COULD happen, after all, and that IS his position so, how would THAT affect this whole situation?
  11. Not to be political (because I'm not stating a stance) but genuinely curious.....isn't all of this conversation moot if Bernie were to get elected? I mean how's CFB gonna be effected when it's "FREE SCHOOL FOR EVERYONE!!!!!" Heck, I'm sure that's for kids who don't even qualify right? I mean if school's free anyway, the next step is to not make students abide by those dusty old archaic rules of actually having to make the grades too, because where's the social fairness in that? That'll Change college football.....for real. AMIRITE!?!?
  12. Don't forget the double play-action with the opponents' max pressure defense and DE's pinning their ears back on said play.
  13. Yessir, I know. I thought it was pretty clear that I was being a wise-guy (you know....since, at bammer rules don't apply) and just trying to get a laugh or two. But I'm sure the poster who asked a legit question thanks you. 🙂
  14. I'm sure that "officially" they watch film, make notes, suggest....whatever is necessary. That's probably it....officially. However, we know better than that....don't we?
  15. I'm certain that you're correct regarding guidelines & restrictions and all colleges & universities are supposed to abide by them. I'm also sure the PTB (REC) at bammer follows them too....
  16. My guess.... At Auburn, the no-name GA's & high-school coaches that are hired..... probably Analyze. At bammer, the former big-time college football head-coaches that are hired...... probably Recruit.
  17. Information only available right here! the AUF Recruiting forum. Recruiting services ain't got nothin' on us... BELIEVE DAT BABY!!!!!!!!!!WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  18. So..... I see football's going back to leather helmets....
  19. Meh..... Semantics. Under the New Sports Order, they'll be called "payroll slots" and they're only as limited as a school's budget.
  20. That's not hung-over. That's Gus' half-time adjustments.
  21. I understand it's a pretty easy job...