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  1. This clip makes me happy. Like, it's not even about the number 405 or that this kid committed to us. It's just cool to see young folks accomplishing things and being happy for each other and having fun with it and what not.
  2. Actually, I realized that after I posted and the misunderstanding is all on me. Apologies.
  3. Be a lot easier for them to help if they weren't wiped out by unnecessarily astronomical medical bills. If, of course, they are lucky enough to find the funding at all to regain their health or even stay alive at all.
  4. I would argue that he was a perfectly fine get. The kind of guy that we should get as our 2nd option in a class. I think he was a guy who, if he had it together between the ears, was more than capable of winning games. He might have ended up being a big time talent. But as far as a get, he's the kind of guy we should expect to get any time we want tbqh. He should be our floor, because why would we recruit anything less at QB? As far as offers, I was surprised to look back and see that JJ's list wasn't nearly as long as I thought.
  5. That was a lot of it, for sure. Between the hate for her and the hate for Obama and the ability that trump has to stir up hate period, I'm not sure who the Dems could have nominated that wouldn't have gotten the same response from the right. But I do believe that a lot of people actually did manage to convince themselves that he was the lesser of two evils.
  6. We still think about him, too. Like that hot girl with the cheap perfume we dated the summer between high school and freshman year of college. Totally psycho. Totally worth it.
  7. Nah. Worm has such total command of our psyches now that we just use it as motivation like he does. Motivation to bitch louder, type harder, post longer, and show the world how committed we are to completely wasting our time. WE'LL BE HERE WHEN YOU WAKE UP AND WE'LL STILL BE HERE WHEN YOU GO TO BED. GRINDING.
  8. Oh, and last year wasn't a product of "running back by committee". It was a product of no blocking. Hopefully we finally see this season what it looks like when 2 RBs and a QB all get over 75 touches and none of them get more than 225. (Were the QB somebody else, I'd say 3 RBs instead.)
  9. You know what's even harder than defending 3 guys running downfield in a straight line? (sarcasm, sorta)
  10. I contend that our backs were situational because of Gus's preference and not because of necessity. Almost every player in our offense has been situational for years now- see WR draft interviews- and it is one of the main reasons we've mostly had an ineffective offense during that time.
  11. Only issue is that we need QB1 to be better repped for the 2nd half of this year.
  12. That's not what she said.
  13. People really don't talk about that enough. I've never seen a king prematurely coronated to the extent that JJ was- well, at least not since Kiehl Frazier, lol- and then suddenly Sean White is starting game 4? Yeah. I'm sure he was more than adequately prepared for that. By noted QB whisperer Gus Malzahn. Let's not forget that Duke Williams was busy breaking an OL's jaw, Jovon Robinson was being restrained on the sidelines from going after the head coach, Roc Thomas was in the tub googling lower division teams that needed a running back... rough season.