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  1. I'm glad that more resources are going towards helping those guys understand the big picture. Doesn't seem like it takes with some of them but at least it's being acknowledged.
  2. It's really weird that people forget how bad that offense was, and that Gus was still running it.
  3. We'd better get a serious look or at least a pity mention from IMG kids and RBs in particular for the next few cycles.
  4. Gus didn't appreciate it at Arkansas, either. Huh. Never really thought about that.
  5. Following. Great conversation. @AUBwins, have you checked out /r/Chattanooga on reddit? Very active and informative, and with a lot of perspectives.
  6. This is essentially what I said about Phil Steele before the season when he made a ridiculous prediction for our OL. And it wasn't ridiculous to anyone who doesn't follow our team religiously. Like you said, it's not an insult to these folks. They are good at their jobs and they provide a valuable product. But they can only do so much. What I will say about that 101st ranking, though- and this isn't a retort to anything you've posted- is that it's unlikely that they mistakenly ranked a, say, top-25 guy that low. If we're showing up in the bottom third in the nation on any poll, ranking or category of production, then we're probably doing something pretty badly.
  7. This is an OBJ story. It's not an LSU story. I hope that nothing happens whatsoever, but they'll probably have to do something, so maybe they sit the guys for a half in a game of their choosing. And it shouldn't even be a story. Who cares. How are folks not bored of this tired "person unprepared for sudden, extreme fame and wealth doesn't respond well to sudden, extreme fame and wealth" story? It's so uninteresting to me. I promise you there are so many more things that are actually worth caring about. Signed, Dork who spends an inordinate amount of time on a forum dedicated to a slightly-above-average football team
  8. OSU, TCU and Texas Tech have all taken their turns as that high second-tier program in the B12. Baylor might as well take a crack at it. (It's fascinating to me that that conference seems to stay perpetually top-heavy.)
  9. I haven't listened to a ton of Rush besides the same stuff that everyone has, but on my morning commute I was listening to a small, independent terrestrial radio station and they were playing some song I'd never heard before. Came in on some killer guitar solo, reminded me a bit of 'Maggot Brain'. Similar tone and all. But it's definitely not PFunk. Completely unrecognizable for me. Then the drums kick in a little more (around the 5:45 mark) and I know it's Rush. And it got me thinking, how many bands can the average rock fan identify by the *drums*? Maaaaaaaybe Led Zeppelin? I mean, hardcore music aficionados, sure. But I'm not that, at least not when it comes to Rush. Anyway, here's a tasty jam sandwich to chew on for 10 minutes. RIP Neil Peart, thanks for expanding my mind.
  10. My God, do I love that woman. Even more after seeing her in this. Not only is she an incredible singer and incredibly gorgeous, but she was responsible for roughly 37% of my success with the fairer sex in the early '00s. I should call her The Closer. Also, the Foo Fighters put on one of the best concerts I've seen. Some of the most competent, straightforward, ass-kicking rock'n'roll I've seen live. Total pros.
  11. I was thinking the same thing. Very lightning in a bottle.
  12. Agreed. The 1983 and 2004 teams, if not others, were better than the 2010 team. Maybe a *lot* better. And the 2010 team is a 4-loss team minimum without Cam.
  13. Simple? I've been trying to pull that off for years! Of course, he was able to get into the locker room, which has been my primary roadblock.
  14. Honestly- and you know I don't know anything- we looked so bad that it was hard to tell how much of it was structural flaws in the team and how much of it was just them having a really, really bad night. I know we're bad at free throws but some of those shots were barely hitting the rim. Looked like they were tired, just not mentally in it... I dunno. But it was easy to tell that our team isn't nearly as bad as they played last night.