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  1. McLoofus

    OT: SEC Country / Wolk

    That single post confirms so many aspects of my Atlanta experience, it's ridiculous.
  2. McLoofus

    Greene VS Jacobs

    bruh how do u kno wut i look like and how do u kno that i like pizza
  3. McLoofus

    Learning on the BGE ...

    It's a shame. I realize that this is a BBQ club and it might be heresy to say it, but burgers really do do better on a flat, solid surface. Edit: I just need to buy a dedicated cast iron griddle for outdoor use, I think.
  4. McLoofus

    4th of July is Off The Tables

    The wildly misleading and inaccurate thread title shows that this isn't going to be a productive conversation.
  5. McLoofus

    Learning on the BGE ...

    Huge, huge, huge difference. I still haven't found a good way to do this at home. Tried it once in the kitchen and the whole house smelled like beef fat for 3 days. Have tried making a "flat top" on the grill with aluminum foil per the internet's recommendation, but wasn't entirely pleased with the results. Considering throwing a cast iron pan on the grill, but I don't know if that would make a big mess of the pan? I like to grind my own meat, but don't actually have time to do it all that often. If anyone has a Kitchen Aid at home, the meat grinder attachment is DOPE. Just salt and pepper on my patty, btw, pls.
  6. McLoofus

    Greene VS Jacobs

    Never been in the anti-JJ crowd, and I'm just one of evidently very many whom you incorrectly imagine to be. I trust that neither JJ nor Gus whine nearly as much about their dire, awful, pitiable circumstances as their 2-man fan club does on their behalf in every thread on this forum.
  7. McLoofus

    Greene VS Jacobs

    Oh jeez. Not only is that a wild exaggeration, but it's the offseason. This always happens this time of year. If JJ has a persecution complex, I'm sure that he- like Gus- is amply compensated to bear the burden of it all on his own.
  8. McLoofus

    OT: SEC Country / Wolk

    Part of why uga fans are the worst. is at least forced to pay lip service to Auburn. Not sure everyone at AJC even knows there's another P5 program a few blocks from their office.
  9. I've had a couple great wheat IPAs, although I can't remember what they were called or who made them. It's a very sensible blend, IMO, especially with the modern citrusy hops. Beautiful can!
  10. Appreciate the OP as always, but I feel like the question is backwards. Can our offense take advantage of our embarrassment of riches at WR?
  11. McLoofus

    4th of July is Off The Tables

    Jesus Christ. Lol. Celebrate the good and important things that happened in history. Just don't tell anyone whose ancestors were enslaved in 1776 to act like it's actually 1776. What's the big f'ing deal? What's so complicated? "Nobody wants to have a productive conversation" = "Why doesn't everyone just agree with me??" Nice double down with "those people do it too", btw.
  12. McLoofus

    Reverse Captioning

    Totally made sense in 2013. Hated it last year. But I wasn't there so I shouldn't say anything.
  13. Yeah, screw that guy! Cheers to no more dirty bammer *drink*
  14. Just playing with the image function...