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  1. I blame Kenny Rogers!
  2. There goes Corch, stirring up controversy again. SMH Man, if A-Day was any indication, that McClain is a live one. I know the player comparisons are lazy and usually inaccurate, but I feel like a very underappreciated component to our 2009 and 2010 offenses was Terrell Zachery. 650+ yards from scrimmage in both of those seasons. We've had a couple big, strong WRs since him, but I don't think we've had any who played quite as big and strong as he did. Maybe Sammie. But TZach was such a complete receiver. He could catch and run, was deadly on reverses and sweeps, hell of a blocker... gimme some more of that, please. Sorry. Back to TEs and HBs...
  3. Excellent point. Love the optimism in the OP. I'm inclined to agree. If Golson and Smith stay healthy, I think our worst case scenario is "okay to better than okay". Gotta keep those guys off of motorcycles, off of basketball courts and out of bars this summer Dunn might be a viable backup, I just hate hate hate the idea of switching centers if the one we've got is pretty good. I'm a Stidham believer, but even seasoned vets need to be able to count on the intelligence and experience of the guy snapping the ball. And Smith is that ideal combination of talent and experience that you just can't replace.
  4. I think it's a safe bet that the coaches didn't open up a significant portion of the playbook on A Day, but I don't think that our TEs themselves are "secret weapons". Put another way, I think maybe the OP is suggesting is that it's less about the Xs and Os and more about the Jimmys and Joes when it comes to tight ends in the Auburn offense in 2017. As in, we don't have them yet. Touching on subsequent posts, maybe what we have can turn into that, but it doesn't look like we're there yet.
  5. I was just having some fun.
  6. Responding to @ToomersStreet's post, that really is my question: does Gus genuinely get behind these philosophical changes and- if they work, which of course is the actual first question- embrace them going forward? In the event that another OC comes in and successfully implements some of his own ideas, can Gus really be comfortable with that? Can he be the proverbial CEO? I don't think his growing pains are over, not by a long shot. And that I'm genuinely okay with. I'm okay with a coach making an in-game mistake when presented with a unique situation, as long as he learns from it. You're right, we knew that when we hired him. I bet nick saban learned a little bit about long distance field goal attempts in November 2013. There's only one way to get experience. What I can't stomach are personality traits that run counter to success. Those aren't often fixed in a grown person. And what I'm waiting to see is where Gus's shortcomings as Auburn's head coach fall on that spectrum. I think he's done everything right- whether of his own volition or not- this offseason. I just hope he's bought in, he sees the plan clearly and he's got the sack to see it through.
  7. Gotcha, thanks, very well said
  8. What does that mean, exactly? Every kid on scholarship was brought in to help.
  9. If you look at how things played out the last 2 seasons, it makes sense. It would explain John Franklin. It would explain that crap against Clemson last year. It explains a lot. The way Gus Malzahn refused to gameplan around Sean White is one of the worst and most gutless coaching strategies I've ever witnessed. No, I'm not going to let it go just yet. Yes, he's done a lot of things very well and I've given him credit where due.
  10. I was a bigger fan of Cadillac Brown, myself.
  11. The top 2 ASU TEs only had 11 catches between them in 2016. For comparison, Lutz had 15 in 2010 and CJ had 11 in 2013. I realize that both numbers are many multiples of what we've had the last 2 years combined, but they're still pretty low. OJ Howard had 45 catches last year. Anyway, I don't think that we should expect much from the TE position this season. More, but not "a lot". Not sure how much they used an Hback there. They only had 1 FB listed on the roster and he had no stats last year. 6'3 230 lb Kalen Ballage had 44 catches last year and 17 the year before. He was a true RB, though. (Food for thought re: Harold Joiner. Ballage had 8 TDs in one game last year. Ran a lot of Wildcat.) I think Cox was getting a lot better with blocking the 2nd half of last year, but I could be wrong. He can definitely catch the ball and punish a tackler. I will not be surprised, either, if he's much more of a playmaker than either of the TEs.
  12. I just can't buy a division game as a trap game. If our coaches don't have our team properly motivated for a division game, then it's time to blow it up and start over. If we want to just say that Ole Miss is underrated, then I have no argument against it.
  13. Earmuffs might be required, I honestly don't remember...
  14. Agree. Also regularly on an island against some of the best WRs in the country. He caught hell for the Clemson game, but when you have Deshaun Watson throwing strikes to Mike Williams's back shoulder over and over again, yeah, that's tough to defend. But there's probably something to be said for the fact that they kept having to throw to the back shoulder. Sorry for the sidebar. I don't know if we'll have a top 25 defense, but we should have one good enough to give our offense a chance in every game. If we'd had this defense in '14, we're probably playing for hardware. Whether or not we'll have an offense that could even dream of performing like that one remains to be seen.
  15. 100%. He's chasing history. They really will have to carry him out of turdtown in a pine box unless he passes bryant first.