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  1. Google tells me that's an excellent use of that word... NERD No, seriously, that's exactly what it is. In ascending order of elegiacity: Summer of '69- "I guess nothing can last forever" Jack and Diane- "Hold onto sixteen as long as you can, changes come around real soon make us women and men" Glory Days- "Pass you by, in the wink of a young girl's eye" Boys of Summer- "Those days are gone forever, I should just let 'em go... but..." Welp. Time for me to go stare in the mirror, suck in my gut, and frown.
  2. Skip the last episode, all they do is show sped-up reruns of the games set to Benny Hill music, then the winners eat calamari on a pile of cash
  3. There's a lot of booze missing from those bottles.
  4. One of the most talented dudes in the game IMO
  5. Hello, soundtrack to my Friday morning Gracias, amigo
  6. Is he a Texas guy? Man, his voice still sounds great! I'm like you. Like, oh yeah, that guy! He feels "big" but I can't even put my finger on why. That's on me. Great pull!
  7. Saw him in concert (Oak Mountain, early 90s I think) and didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to- probably had something to do with the memories associated, or lack thereof- but that opening to Dirty Laundry sounds sooooooo freaking cool. And BoS is an all timer. Probably better than anything the Eagles ever did (except Seven Bridges Road fight me) For some reason I always used to lump him and Bruce Hornsby together. Very illegitimate pairing but that's just the way it is. Saw Bruce at Live Oak in the mid aughts, I think it was, and this song put me on another planet. Okay, so maybe the so
  8. The cynic in me thinks this could have been a set up. But that's not criticism. It was genius if it was.
  9. My God I am looking forward to this movie. And lol at the description of the song exactly. I've kinda gotten annoyed by the trend of slowing down songs to make them creepy for movies but shockingy I'm totally cool with this one... Oh, and the wink at the end was straight murder. Call the police. That woman murdered me. I'm dead.
  10. I thought it might comfort those who are struggling with the realization that all of the criticism leveled at Gus over the years was not "hate" but just accurate observations being discussed in literally the most appropriate place on the internet to discuss them.
  11. Okay, but keep in mind that DD was a Gus commit and Geriner is a very different type of QB. Not many DDs in either coach's history. They'll absolutely play a dual threat guy, I'd imagine, as long as he can do what they want to do. But they're not going to "make him work" if there's a more natural fit on the roster. Also remember that they went and got Finley after getting a good look at our roster. Big dude, big arm, not "dual threat" but can keep plays alive. He's more Matt Stafford with his physical tool set than the other guys. When I get time I'll look up QB rushing stats
  12. Bobo had no choice but to make Bo work. Not going to be the same situation in the post-Bo world. DD and Finley will only have 1 year on Geriner, and neither of them in a starting role. Much more level playing field in 2023. There wouldn't be a reason to "make DD work" if someone else is already ahead of him. That said, I disagree with the person you were responding to that DD is any more likely than anyone else to transfer, or that he doesn't have just as good a shot as anyone to win the job.
  13. When beating two #1s in November goes wrong.
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