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  1. I doubt he got started in very many leagues at all. But I hope this continues for him. So weird to think of an Auburn wide receiver as a fantasy stud!
  2. He racked up a lot of stats early and hasn't done much since. Seems like these numbers haven't changed much in a month or so. Who knows what the deal is.
  3. Hard disagree but I'm sure we'll get a chance to resume this conversation elsewhere. I'll follow your lead. WDE to
  4. Engram didn't play. Tate's good. But Engram and Shephard being out opens up a lot of opportunity.
  5. What skill set (Completely agree and I don't understand why people are so down on the guy.)
  6. @GwillMac6, here's a fun little nugget
  7. I would have felt bad making fun of the player's looks like that if he hadn't gone to georgia. And if he's reading this: Young man, I didn't check to see what your name is, but we will both go to sleep tonight knowing that I would never ever ever say it to your face. You are a large, strong, athletic man, and I would 100% run away from you as fast as I could if you challenged me to a fight. And you would probably catch me. Oh man, this is not going well.
  8. I'm not aware of any such group. There is a growing group, though, who want Gus gone because they want Auburn to be successful. Very surprising and a little disheartening that this still has to be explained.
  9. Stidham was light years ahead of where Nix is in terms of talent. But Gus, for lack of a more sensitive way to put it, likes and trusts Nix a lot more. So I'm not sure that the offense would have been operating the same way.
  10. Thank you for this appreciation post GWilly! Awoooooooooooo!!!! I'm just glad the dude went where he could get some decent coaching before it was too late...