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  1. I definitely get that. I just wouldn't factor it into recruiting decisions if I were Gus. Unless he breaks down in the first half of the season this year and then, yeah, you right me wrong lol. That's very true.
  2. He was on the Daily Show the other night and Trevor Noah said basically that he would pay money just to listen to him talk. And, crap, how could I forget that it's North Lauderdale County. I've only heard the man say it about a dozen times.
  3. I thought he stayed healthy his freshman year? I know he wasn't pounding the rock all season, but he was healthy IIRC. All our RBs got hurt last year. Pettway got hurt just by running down an open field. It took about 5 minutes for Miller to get hurt. Kerryon could very well get hurt on his first carry, but that could also happen on his first reception. I don't think it's a reason to remove him from consideration as an every down back or to grab a scrub off the trash heap for poor quality depth.
  4. Yep. He and the Drive-By Truckers are all from that Shoals/Colbert County area. Certainly possible that his people made their way down from VA.
  5. If we have KJ, Miller and Barrett next year, then I agree that we're set. KJ can run between the tackles. Definitely would be good to go ahead and get someone in behind them, but I agree with @corchjay. We don't need a body but we should try to lock down a legit starter if we can. Hopefully it's Pierce. Too bad it's likely not Teague, but I'm glad we're not 100% giving up on him.
  6. Was that plantation in the Shoals area? Love the family lore. Quite possibly less interesting than the truth, even.
  7. We were just reliving that sack the other day, via the hype video from that year. Good gravy, what a loaded team that was. Every position group had a nominee for our best ever conversations, it seemed like.
  8. Well said, as usual.
  9. John Heisman was the first winner of the Wade Christopher trophy. Not sure many people know that. Love the topic. Lots of great names already mentioned. I'll take the opportunity to give a big, posthumous shout out to Quentin Groves. RIP, brother.
  10. He was our best center last year. That doesn't mean that it's his best position or that we don't have a better center this year. He never once played the position before 2015. He's still only got 2 years under his belt, and it's not like he's had much stability or consistent coaching in that time. We have a new OC and QB this year, so there's not as much continuity to be lost. It always makes me nervous to change centers, but if he's our best option at one of the tackle positions- which was his position coming in- and we have another center who's as good or even almost as good, then it's the right thing to do.
  11. Totally agree if KP stays healthy
  12. I bet she's heard that a lot from people her father's age
  13. If KP goes down, I think KJ becomes RB1 with a heavy dose of MM and KJ still gets his 1000 by a comfortable margin. As the article said, he would've easily cleared that last year if he didn't go down.
  14. Friends like these...
  15. listen here buster