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  1. He's my 2019 early pick for TZac clone of the year. I should note that this prediction has never panned out.
  2. BUT thank you for posting, @toddc! Still very interesting to keep an eye on.
  3. Don't put any stock into that. A lot of mixing and matching happens at this stage every season. You'll see several more combinations before spring is over.
  4. Agree. This specific habit can be worked around. IIRC, Nick Marshall bounced a LOT of passes off DLs' helmets, at least early on.
  5. Bruh. Good luck. I support home health agencies and I've witnessed many a survey freakout (from a safe distance).
  6. JMO, that was less about him wanting Franklin to win the job than him not wanting to play White. Sean's behavioral issues had already surfaced at that point, IIRC. (And JJ was no longer a viable option.) I could be wrong about all of that, though.
  7. If Gatewood (or Joiner or...) is as successful running the Wildcat in goal line and short yardage situations as KJ was, then I'll be a big fan of his package. WAIT, NO, THAT'S NOT WHAT I... ugh, I hate you guys.
  8. You know, I was ready to contradict you, but it appears you're right. Still, I support our guys participating in other sports. Or at least these two guys, this season.
  9. Whew, man, he is good. 5 losses last season: -3 pt loss to eventual SB champion Patriots in Foxboro (40 pts scored) -3 pt loss to other best offense in football in LA (51 pts scored) -1 pt loss to playoff team (28 pts scored) -7 pt loss to playoff team in Seattle (31 pts scored) -OT loss in the SB to the greatest dynasty ever His stat line for the season: 383 580 66.0% 5,097 50 12 113.8
  10. He does lots of other stuff, too, though, lol
  11. But not the long snapper. We good.
  12. Shaped like Tebow... I also noticed that a good portion of that video has Willis standing next to Gus while the other 3 guys throw. Could just be that Willis has more reps under his belt but still couldn't help but notice.