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  1. McLoofus

    2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    He had 2. One 41 carry game as a true frosh and one 40 carry game in 2003. As a senior, he only had 3 games over 20 carries and none over 25.
  2. McLoofus

    2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    Why would you guess that? They both got drafted highly and they almost won a national championship together. They also both came back for their senior years.
  3. McLoofus

    2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    Kam Martin and Malik Miller were healthy.
  4. McLoofus

    2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    Sony Michel was a 5* guy. He carried the ball 11 times a game last season and got drafted in the first round.
  5. McLoofus

    2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    Agreed. I forgot to mention that KJ only played 12 games. He went for 24 carries per. That only left about 11 carries a game for the rest of the RBs to split among themselves. RB1 should not have more than twice the carries of all other RBs combined in most games. Yeah, that's why I mentioned that the other teams aren't in the SEC and why I said "might" in regards to Franklin, but I'm flattered you ready that whole long post of mine, E!
  6. McLoofus


    We had about 35 carries a game last season for the RBs. KJ took 24 per in the games he was in. If we could get that down to 17-20 for RB1, that would be awesome and would be perfect for RB2 to get those 8-10 carries you're suggesting.
  7. McLoofus

    2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    As long as you would like to keep debating it. How many RBs- since sacks and scrambles count towards QB rushes in CFB- had over 240 carries? 19. 250? 16. 260? 13. 270? 9. So yes, out of 130 FBS teams, 9 RBs had 280 or more carries like KJ did. The powerhouses they played for are: Colorado Florida Atlantic Boston College Wisconsin Navy San Diego State Tulsa Northwestern Auburn Hawaii Of those teams, Florida Atlantic, Auburn and Wisconsin are the only 3 in the top 30 in the nation in total offense. Only 2 more in the top 50. Without looking, I would venture a guess that Auburn is the only one to have finished in the top 20 in recruiting in each of the last 4 years. In other words, there are only a handful of teams that run RB1 as much as we do, and FAU and Wisconsin are the only other ones who know what a forward pass is, and none of them are the SEC, and at least a few of them probably only run one guy because they only have one guy. Guys carrying the ball that many times are on their way out no matter how upsetting that is. Gus needs to get with the times. Even Tuberville was more of an offensive visionary than Gus has been these last few years. Franklin might've been the wrong guy, but Tubs at least knew he needed to move forward. Depth has been a problem but Gus has made it worse. He needs to recruit better and let the guys play.
  8. I am going to buy a bottle of this if I see it. The label grabs me and your review pulls me in.
  9. McLoofus

    Television Shows

    Yes sir, William Robert Thornton himself. And I will say no more so as not to oversell or spoil.
  10. McLoofus

    SEC Media Days

  11. McLoofus

    Television Shows

    Totally agreed about Boardwalk. I feel like it all went to crap when they killed the best character (IMO). I think that was a contract dispute or he did a movie or something, but basically they just suddenly wrote him out of the show and it never recovered. Again, IMO. Fargo has only had 3 seasons, and I'm not sure if they'll do another one. But I HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGHLY recommend it. The 3rd season was my least favorite, but it was still quite good. Each season is a unique story but there are easter eggs linking them all, and linking them with the movie, too, so feel free to watch that again before starting the show. Btw, speaking of subsequent seasons dropping off, I forgot that I watched all of True Detective. S1 was possibly the greatest single season of television in history. S2 was NOT, lol.
  12. McLoofus

    2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    Except we've had multiple RBs get injured every single season. Also, I'm not sure that Bird is being literal as much as he's echoing a negative recruiting pitch that other schools can use. It doesn't have to be 100% accurate. Other coaches also tell recruits that Auburn is a crappy town, for example.
  13. McLoofus

    SEC Media Days

    Somebody tell me that it's totally okay that DD is wearing sunglasses while being interviewed indoors. I promise I won't argue.
  14. McLoofus

    2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    I am so curious what the deal is with that guy's recruitment.
  15. McLoofus

    Television Shows

    I don't feel like the show changed. It was still good! I just don't always keep watching shows, even if they're still awesome. I don't have a ton of time for TV (3 yr old at home, wife also works full time) and sometimes I just find a shiny new toy and want to play with it. Shows that I've actually watched start to finish, every single episode: Firefly The Wire Boardwalk Empire Fargo Game of Thrones (so far) Better Call Saul (so far) That seriously is the whole list, I think. There are probably at least dozen shows that I love just as much as those (and more than Boardwalk Empire) but just can't find the time to finish.