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  1. Every bit as good as I remember. Today I am thankful that you turned me on to that beer.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving, you animals. I gotta say, I nailed my first play from scrimmage.
  3. Well, yes, Republicans have been downplaying trump's comments the entire time he's been in office. As for them knowing he's gone, maybe, but Republicans in general have definitely been giving a lot of weight to his ongoing, insane ranting. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/more-republicans-distrust-this-years-election-results-than-democrats-after-2016/ Do you really think that Donald Trump is going to drift off and out of sight? What exactly, from what you know about him, makes you think that? As for the ramifications of his behavior post-election, it goe
  4. As an aside: "No, those pants don't make your ass look fat. Your ass does."
  5. The offensive line was good in 2010, but keep in mind that Lee Ziemba was the only one to get drafted- in the 7th round- and none of them had an NFL career. 50 touchdowns, a Heisman and a national championship with almost no NFL talent around him. It wasn't literally "all Cam" (moron), but it was as close as any football unit will ever be to being all one guy.
  6. I hear ya buddy. I've been pissed about that with other products, too. That's one thing I've always appreciated about Scofflaw. They flooded every corner of GA with their products before they crossed state lines. They're playing the long game.
  7. Um. We have Atticus Atlas. Want me... Want me to send you some? Gosh I feel like a jerk rn.
  8. You literally said "but the left is worse". More significantly, though, you are persistent in calling out the left here (Homer, in particular) and not the right. Totally your right to cast that net and knowingly and intentionally implicate specific people here, but you're not being objective. And you're definitely being condescending.
  9. He's wrong to frame it as a one sided issue. That's literally the opposite of objectivity. You do the same thing, but at least you can bring yourself to occasionally call out the politicians on both sides.
  10. When did I claim to be objective? Much less try to lord it over others *condescendingly*? That's why I'm calling you out specifically. And the second paragraph is inaccurate. No, I don't concede on much, but I do as much as anyone here does. Keep on with the cheap, one sided, drive by generalizations and I will keep discussing it.
  11. You are not even remotely objective. I would encourage you to be more honest about that going forward.
  12. You know what else would be a good band name? 'Parish Reve'. Wouldn't that be a cool name? Maybe for a second line or NOLA jazz/funk outfit a la Dirty Dozen or Rebirth? It would also be a great name for a beer, I bet. WAIT. IT IS! I know you already know that, but I was just reminded of it when I saw that very beer on my local spot's shelf. "Boom, mother f***er."- William L. Muschamp I very rarely get this excited about beer finds anymore. We're gonna chalk this one up in the dubya column. In your face, 2020!
  13. No doubt. Just don't want to make him a martyr to anyone who doesn't already see him that way.
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