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  1. AU RBs in NFL - Contract News

    Disagree about Dyer but agree about Robinson. Crazy that Roc Thomas didn't pan out. Best high school film I've seen.
  2. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    Almost grabbed the stout variant but went with the Sexton instead. Will try Black Barrel.
  3. AU RBs in NFL - Contract News

    Omg this gif perfectly captures my whole creepy-cute dynamic!
  4. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    Hair of the dog for me. Irish coffee. The Sexton is a pretty good Irish whiskey at a reasonable price. Big caramel flavor for me. Better than Jameson at least. Not that I have any hate for Cousin Jamie. Oh, and the Extra Foreign Stout is outstanding.
  5. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    Interesting write-up of 3 macro-craft (maybe? no?) NEIPAs made moreso by the philosophical opining, IMO.
  6. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    Evidently my Scottish ancestors weren't of much better character and thus moved south and became Irish.
  7. AU RBs in NFL - Contract News

    Hmm... would that make all 3 of them qualify? Tullamore, better than Tullaless.
  8. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    Yeah, I tend to assume that any Irish/British stout is going to be compared to ours. Just about any beer will do this weekend, really.
  9. AU RBs in NFL - Contract News

    We build statues for the guys that win them. Again, your point stands. We historically hold our own with the best. But it is silly to say that we have been better than all of them the last 10 years, which was the initial comment that started the discussion (and which veered away from how excited we all are for Corey Grant, whose value as a kick returner is a huge component in his overall value to Jacksonville).
  10. Post a picture

    Forsyth Park in Savannah. We will be hiding in Hilton Head over the weekend.
  11. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    We are doing the thing this weekend- corned beef and cabbage, soda bread, Irish whisky (and coffee), and 2 "Irish" beers- Guinness Extra Foreign Stout (supposed to be better than the standard brand, right?) and Coastal Empire's #SAVPARADEBEER (they're from Savannah), which is an Irish red ale. Anyone else?
  12. AU RBs in NFL - Contract News

    I would agree with this, as it is in stark contrast to the initial comment that kicked off the spirited debate. (As for the college part, we also have to keep in mind that bama has produced their first 2 Heisman winners, no matter how undeserving, in the last 10 years... at running back. Which means they have twice as many at the position all time than we do.) Slainte! Erin go bragh!
  13. Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    Divergent rabbit holes on a Friday. I love it.
  14. Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    Sir Duke is the king of all, after all.
  15. Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    My humble attempt to join the Duke discussion.