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  1. We're lucky to have grown up when we did. Even if that's the only reason.
  2. And some nasty dudes pushing behind them, too. I'm all in on Jernigan, Jones and Johnson. And zee German!
  3. 1. Phoebe Cates getting out of the pool 2. This 3. Phoebe Cates again
  4. Yeah. I mean, he did repeatedly reference trump's sack. If he's got trump's sack on his brain, that means he's got trump's taint right there on his face. Ew. By the way, some of us want to hear your hate for trump manifest itself on this forum, Fitty, although I wouldn't word it so poorly myself. That dude's the one on my ignore list, not you, so there's one right there. Keep doing your thing, Bro Nix.
  5. at least 10% of me would like to see him prove you wrong in this I hear ya. Like I said to someone else, I'm glad he's got 9 other games to show his stuff.
  6. I'm starting to kind of love the story. Which I can do since they haven't played a game yet. But I mean, how can you not love it?? At LT, we'll either have a converted defensive tackle or a walking damaged ligament museum. Two cancer survivors. A small school transfer. And the Brahmsa Bull (copyright pending). I love this ragtag band of misfits! LFG!
  7. And I don't mean to hate on any of our guys. But if we're comparing them to each other, then let's be real about it. Put another way, it's crazy that anyone could look at this group of backs- and how they're arranged on the depth chart- and complain about it. That hasn't been true in years past, which is exactly why I couldn't imagine not celebrating it now.
  8. He had another long run in that game that a lot of backs could have probably gotten a lot more out of, too. I wouldn't be surprised if he's half a step faster this season, though.
  9. This is the extent of my dude's ability to evaluate running backs.
  10. It's useless, Mav. You're talking to a person who said other running backs- plural- that he's never seen play college football have "more tools". Oh wait, there's Harold Joiner, who isn't on the depth chart. And.there's DJ Williams, who failed to actually score on this play: I wonder which tool he was using on this play that Worm doesn't have.
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