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  1. Exactly my feelings on our, er, @LKEEL75's journey.
  2. I will definitely let you know if I do. Really really want to. Can't even get to ATL lately but I'll get my life back at some point.
  3. Was going to mention to you that your new team's new digs looked great on the broadcast. I love the pillars in the corners to give it a slight outdoor basketball gym feel. That might sound backhanded but it's not. I just love that style of stadium with the full overhangs but still very much an outdoor venue.
  4. We get it, TODD, you're better than all us, gah, do you ever talk about anything except yourself wait how do I do yellow font
  5. 100% accurate. Critical thought and objectivity are funny that way.
  6. Sigh. That's not accurate. Don't be one of those who turns the conversation into this.
  7. All players. And I didn't attest to their accuracy. But players ranked 4*s and 5*s make it to the NFL at a far higher clip than players ranked lower
  8. I don't think either of them put up NFL numbers, though. In fact, maaaaany Auburn fans questioned Slay for leaving early and very few complained about Stiddy leaving at all. Sorry, I've gone on too long about this. I'll pipe down.
  9. Absolutely. It's just that you have guys like Slayton and Stidham who are NFL guys that didn't get the opportunity to look like it in college.
  10. Well, Mikey didn't like the information that came out during Gus's tenure; therefore it must have been bad, inaccurate, and even imagined. It must be nice to be capable of actually believing whatever you want. A superpower, really, even if it doesn't do anyone a damned bit of good except of course for the delusional possessor of said power.
  11. Explained this earlier in the thread. Star rankings are tied directly to NFL potential. Kickers have extremely low chances of making it to the NFL. Only 32 spots total and many of them stay in the league for a very long time, so new openings for rookies are hard to come by. One can complain about recruiting services basing their evaluations on NFL potential, but there's not really a more objective way to do it or to gauge the accuracy of their evaluations. College production and accolades are too heavily tied to circumstances beyond a player's control. For example, how often is a ba
  12. As an 80s kid, I only learned just what killers these guys were later in life. Truly one of the most bad ass rock bands of the 70s. I was raised on the cheesy shtick of the 80s but they are for-real-tho Texas blues assassins.
  13. Bird, can you confirm that you did not die immediately after typing these words? It might encourage others to not to go on humiliating themselves and begging to be mocked and derided.
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