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  1. My take on Cox, which is just foggy/biased memory, is that he literally did get broken. Kind of like Sean White. They were both confident and tough until they just got broken into pieces. The difference with Cox, imo, is that he was on a pretty good team with a much more experienced head coach (and OC), an adequately functioning offense, and a damned good defense. Sean White probably could have succeeded on that 2005 team. Brandon Cox probably wouldn't have succeeded on that 2015 team. IMO.
  2. Right idea, wrong name. And that's not my opinion, but what I have heard and choose to believe. We're prepared to play big boy ball.
  3. "Anxiety" is a really great way to put it. Or at least a great guess based on observation. I remember seeing somewhere that he got a really bad case of the yips in high school for a little while. Just suddenly started making a lot of uncharacteristic mistakes. And then after however long, he snapped out of it. Of course, I didn't read this until after he had his issues at Auburn so it might have been convenient/hindsight, but it seemed plausible and sounded a lot like early 2015. Kiehl Frazier has been mentioned a few times. Interesting how closely he and JJ were both linked to Gus- basically his chosen prodigies starting in JV- and how both of them came out wildly unprepared for the starting gig. Now, both of them were surrounded by major talent/experience/character deficiencies, but neither of them were prepared to even remotely deal with the adversity. And Stidham didn't seem prepared to overcome any shortcomings he was surrounded by this past season, either. I've never laid all of JJ's issues at Gus's feet, but his QBs do seem to have an unusually high rate of confidence issues.
  4. From 2012-2016, they finished 12th, 16th, 14th, 15th and 19th in recruiting. Now, he might miss on a guy here or there and he might not be "recruiting a locker room" and he might not have the program management skills that Stoops did, but by just about every quantifiable metric- including recruiting- he has improved that program.
  5. Odd that it has been discussed to death here and that's the first I'm hearing of it. And I have tried to look it up but have never found any info. Care to help me out with a link or two? I know that Lashlee went to watch him and Franklin play like a week apart and we offered Franklin.
  6. I still hold out hope that we learn why we didn't go after him.
  7. Fast juco guy with almost no offers = "dual" threat QB who is automatically going to start because... he transferred Air tight logic.
  8. This is patently ridiculous. SW wasn't big enough, couldn't throw the deep ball, wasn't as mobile as JJ (lol), took bad hits, threw bad interceptions in the red zone... JJ didn't have "a bad game or two". He had 3 really, really bad games.
  9. Pretty sure I saw Stidham go through some progressions against Washington last year. After that, not so much.
  10. I think you already know I'ma go with C on that.
  11. Going back to Mitch Mustain.
  12. Most of those guys are at mid-tier programs though. Even Clemsoning was still a thing the last time we went to a national title game.
  13. saban also had his team take improv classes to improve their communication on the field. He is so so so much more than just a guy who gets five star players. And you just perfectly described my biggest criticism of Gus.
  14. Oh trust me, I have to go to the mat all the time in the recruiting forum trying to set the "three stars have more heart" crowd straight. Talent is the biggest thing but it is not the only thing and I am still curious about smart's ability to continue to manage that locker room and program.
  15. Nobody ever said that it was the worst start in history. I said several times that it was the worst start by an SEC quarterback in several years. I don't know how that got misinterpreted. Kiehl Frazier got absolutely eviscerated for the way he played. He got trashed every bit as badly as Jeremy did. Sean White might have been only so-so but he was still way better than Jeremy Johnson. So no, he is not spoken about the same way. All of those things happened long time ago and they have been discussed to death. There are literally no new opinions or no new information here.