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  1. Interesting that all those offices suddenly stopped being viable the year before a presidential election. We could also talk about how Brian Kemp purged a massive number of names from Georgia voter rolls- many, many more than typically happens in a given year- the year before the gubernatorial election that he himself ran in. Per Brad's post above, there are numerous strategies. And they all seem to favor one party.
  2. This completely ignores what life is like for many of those who most desperately need more representation in government. Furthermore, it suggests that voter ID laws are the only form of voter suppression. Ask a poor farmer or single parent in Alabama's black belt what is required of them to vote, compare it to what is required of you, and then throw your stones if you still think it justifiable.
  3. There are 2 major developments we should all be keeping an eye on.
  4. Correct, they would no longer be scholarship players in that situation.
  5. Without watching it, I've picked up on a strong Kenny Powers- actually, every Danny McBride character ever- vibe.
  6. Yeah. Looks like the schools have the option of carrying more scholarship players on their rosters, but they don't actually have to pay for the scholarships.
  7. Damn. I might have to sit this one out, too, then.
  8. Trump's pathological lying is not a construct of opinion or political leaning. Even the "what he really meant was" industry that has spun up in his wake doesn't try to argue that the things he says are factually accurate.
  9. Last I heard, Kat was transitioning from full time Buck to primarily a WDE, but I could be wrong.
  10. Which is why it would be great to have another guy play like him so that we can say "Remember Derrick Hall" instead of "Remember Stanley McLovin"
  11. Man, I don't even know how to respond to this, other than to say that I read it and processed it and am thinking about your fight.
  12. Do the animals get mistreated? Might be a dumb question but it's something I hadn't really considered and last night the wife said she wouldn't watch the show because of what she heard about the animals.
  13. Probably the biggest thing on TV since the GOT finale. And the timing couldn't have been better.