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  1. If it makes you feel better, there are usually layers between the coaches and the money.
  2. We were clean in Cam's recruitment. Anyone who looks at the situation objectively sees the flaws in that whole fabrication, and why it really is just a Starkville story. He was practically forced to go somewhere else- cleanly- because of what happened over there. Kenny Rogers really messed things up for Mullen. As for how we play the game otherwise, tell yourself whatever you got to.
  3. For a lot of reasons, yes. But David Straithairn is one such reason. It's on Amazon.
  4. The more I hear and see from him, the more I think we couldn't have possibly gone in a more different direction. I see zero warm and fuzzy from that guy. That's neither praise nor scorn. That part is up to the players.
  5. Have you been watching The Expanse?
  6. Totally agreed about TWBB. I thought it was a phenomenal film, but that was a loaded category that year. But it was phenomenal primarily because of the acting and cinematography. And I've tried a couple times to rewatch it but it is grim and a bit of a slog. As for NCFOM, it was indeed a better movie. And tying the Coen Bros back to Fran McDormand, I finally saw Blood Simple recently and it is fantastic and she is fantastic in it. Highly, highly recommend if you haven't seen it.
  7. The word "absolutely" is the problem in how these things are discussed. I brought it up in another TWill thread. All of these guys have their strengths and weaknesses. Very few of them are purely good or bad people. Not many guys who have left the program that I don't wish all the success in the world. Not many that I wish were still here, either.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, this is the approach that Clemson has used for Dabo's entire tenure, and the approach they used to go from being Auburn with a lake to being Clemson. Doesn't mean it will work for us but I think it can and eventually should. Auburn is a big time football program and I'm fully in favor of us acting like it. (That is not me trying to sound like some kind of cool guy or smart arse to you, but more of a response to what I perceive to be the kind of thinking *at the top* that has held the program back.)
  9. Sorry if already discussed but is it reasonable to view this commitment as a positive indicator of the impact we hoped that Mason would have? And a positive commentary on the reputation that a lot of us thought he carries?
  10. Watched the trailer for that the other night and it looks like one of the most interesting things to come along in quite some time. Rosamund Pike seems to be securing a spot as a convincing villainess. Love the GoT reference. Dinklage is a beast.
  11. Powell Gordon would also love my smash burger off the cast iron pan. Lamb burgers tonight. Can't wait. Oh and the best thing about making your own- this is where we find out how coachable young Powell is- is putting them on Martin's potato rolls. Although I've been coming around on brioche buns, too.
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