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  1. McLoofus

    Playing Akron in 2021

    Clemson, Washington and Oregon all jumped up the rankings after we scheduled them, I believe.
  2. McLoofus

    Josh Marsh

    It's all love, sir.
  3. McLoofus

    Prince Tega graded highest pass blocking

    And an Oline that is somewhat better than our Oline was early in the season is still not even remotely good enough. But maybe it will be this season.
  4. McLoofus

    Take That Pelosi

    ned beatty dot gif Except I didn't do it. It's Friday, after all!
  5. McLoofus

    Take That Pelosi

    Seemed a bit overboard when he said that he would have loved to have been there when Homie came up on "one of those little Nam bastards in a dark underground tunnel" or something like that. But hey, I guess that's why he started a thread about bringing home the remains of American soldiers in the Smack Talk forum.
  6. McLoofus

    Take That Pelosi

    So I've noticed.
  7. McLoofus

    Take That Pelosi

    Because the black man called him "dude" or "man" or something like that. He also went out of his way to let the black man know that he knew exactly what he was doing by calling him "boy".
  8. McLoofus

    Take That Pelosi

    Little glimpse into the mind of Proud. When somebody calls him a son of a bitch, he thinks that it's their intent to insult his mother. That comes from actual conversation on this forum. Either he plays his deceased parents as a sympathy card or he genuinely thinks that way. Both options are super awful and pretty much negate any possibility of a reasonable conversation.
  9. FWIW that seems like a great suggestion to me.
  10. McLoofus

    Playing Akron in 2021

    I hear ya. I just personally don't want any OUs or any more Clemsons as long as we have 2 top 5 teams on our conference schedule every year. Let's compromise and say Notre Dame twice??
  11. McLoofus

    Playing Akron in 2021

    I LOVE the Cal matchup. Well, except the fact that they're going to find a coach and QB and be a juggernaut by the time we play them. But right now, I LOVE that matchup on paper. Those are the games we need to play IMO. Give me one of those, a G5 game and an Alabama State every year.
  12. McLoofus

    Playing Akron in 2021

    Evidently we also play at Penn State that year?
  13. McLoofus

    Josh Marsh

    As for the daughters, I guess it depends on who you ask, lol. My experience was similar to Mikey's. Fond memories!
  14. McLoofus

    What became of Sean White?

    From some random message board: "I have a friend that is friendly with his family and lives near them. I asked him yesterday what he was doing. He said he was working towards his degree and hasn't signed to play football anywhere yet." I don't think he lost his fundamentals, unless we're talking about his fundamental concepts of responsibility and priorities away from the game. Or his fundamental bone and joint integrity. Dude just got hurt a lot and partied a lot. Who knows, maybe he enjoyed his pain scrips too much. Put him behind a bama OL and assign him a handler and he probably signs somewhere as a UFA.
  15. McLoofus

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    This is the kind of hyperbole that turns conversations into arguments. It's a man crush just to say a guy that Dan Mullen recruited- the same Dan Mullen who won 2 national championships as an OC and had Mississippi State ranked #1 in the country for a minute, has coached a Heisman winner who couldn't even stick as an NFL backup and the starting QB for the Dallas Cowboys, got far more production out of Nick Fitzgerald as a first year starter than he has had in the 2 years since Mullen left, and who has Florida as a likely preseason top 10- might be pretty good and might be able to start over 1) a true freshman, 2) a guy who wasn't a full-time starter in high school and who barely got any more reps than Sandberg did last season, and 3) a 3* ATH who has shown really poor decision making and has only thrown 14 passes over 2 seasons as QB2? 4* out of high school, #8 dual threat QB in the country, #232 overall recruit in the country, see stats that @AU_Tiger_88 posted See above about Dan Mullen and again what 88 posted Which means he's a full grown man and not some kid still trying to adjust to college. He's got as much time in the system as Gatewood and more than Nix. And he didn't walk on. He's got a full ride. He didn't attempt a pass, he completed one. More than Joey can say and more than Nix can say at the college level. You're missing a lot. People want the best QB to start. Nobody is "hyping" Sandberg, but a few of y'all sure are crapping on him without even knowing anything about him.