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  1. Oh wow. I almost went with TWSS but I guess that's actually what she said.
  2. No, you didn't. I think your initial post in the thread was a response to the OP and not to the subsequent conversation. It makes pretty good sense in that context. Apologies if I didn't frame it properly on first reading. It's a habit of mine. I do think that "cancel culture" is largely considered a new phenomenon and attributed to the Left, and I disagree with that. I think the nature of it is just changing. I don't think it's outrageous to suggest that voices are being "cancelled" now whereas entire communities have historically been "cancelled", and what we are seeing now is some sort of reckoning of that. But it is troubling when folks who have neither actively oppressed nor been oppressed can't have a conversation.
  3. Yeah, we've been over it a bunch. Look at the losses the last 5 years and tell me how many of them were a result of our tough schedule. If you get even close to half of them, then you're not watching the same games that I am. Also, look at all of the losses and tell me how many times the defense deserved to lose. That number goes down fast. Look at the last 2 Clemson games. First week or two of the season. Gus's offense didn't get off the bus. Look at the LSU game @DAG talked about. Gus admitted that he quit trying to move the ball on offense. That wasn't a result of the schedule. How about sitting on the ball to end the first half of the Iron Bowl? And we weren't even in the lead??? That Tennessee loss? Mississippi State? Most of the bowl games? Nah. Those aren't scheduling issues.
  4. I also always chuckle at the flat earther "love it or leave it" clowns when trump's entire campaign platform was "America isn't great anymore". Bonus points for claiming that the last sentient human to occupy the White House hated the country so much that he ran it for 8 years.
  5. Huh. Edit: Sorry, that probably came across as a thoughtless and smartass answer to your thoughtful and sober response. Fair enough on the breakdown of open debate and exchange of ideas. But it's awfully suspect to me to position it as some sort of existential threat relative to the other things on the table. Also, the people in that video are idiots and it is unfortunate that so many think of people like that when discussing "the Left". I would like to think that if the worst among them had been in the Oval Office the last 3 1/2 years, they wouldn't have a 91% approval rating among Dems.
  6. Curious what examples you have of that. Of groups "infiltrating venues" to oppose differing ideas. And how that poses a meaningful threat to American security or democracy.
  7. Sounds a bit like a speech that I heard about from Saturday. Regardless, I personally don't equate college kids asking that hate speech not be given a platform at their university- however overzealous they may be at times- to the leader of the free world attempting to leverage his power to employ the very press that was declared free specifically to protect us from those in power. It's possible that there is nothing illegal about how trump manages press relations. It's definitely not illegal for institutions to deny would-be speakers a platform. That is not saying, "You can't say that." It's saying, "You'll have to go somewhere else to say that." Massive difference between those two statements, and also a massive difference between either scenario and the current steward of our democracy displaying fascist leanings by trying to control the media. 2A folks love to pretend that their right to a firearm still has something to do with protecting themselves from a tyrannical government. Well, a free press actually can accomplish that. That trump has convinced so many that the media is the enemy continues to be one of the scariest aspects of this administration.
  8. Maaaaan, the number of times I've seen him stand there waiting for one of his garbage WRs to get open just to end up taking a sack when he could have tried to get something out of it. Damned if he did, damned if he didn't. Says everything that the worst example of this was in that Super Bowl where he was supposedly so terrible.
  9. I don't remember the numbers on the types of hits he sustained *inside the pocket* and how it wasn't penalized relative to other QBs, but they were shocking. It's really has been a lot like it was for Shaq back in the day, when he was just so much bigger and stronger than everyone else that he was always getting called for charging or his defenders never got called for anything that wasn't flagrant.
  10. Kind of you to go down the entire checklist of "I'm totally secure with myself and my masculinity" keywords at once.
  11. He began his protest 5 years after that- and before Trump was elected. You ******* moron.
  12. Like I said. Hopefully there are enough of us to correct the mistake that you and his other voters made.
  13. Continuing to send happy thoughts your mom's way, buddy. Please continue to keep us posted.