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  1. We've got a very solid OL class but it is kinda crazy that no 5*- any of whom knew he could probably start right away- wanted to come block for another 5* at QB.
  2. Gus isn't the one in here defending his decisions with nothing more than "the guy who rolled out that offense against Clemson in 2016- and 2017, for that matter- and blew that lead against Ed Orgeron in 2017 knows best and you're all stupid for doubting him". Even Gus has admitted several of his mistakes. Why his apologists insist on his infallibility is beyond anyone's comprehension.
  3. The perfect response to "dur hur we 3 n 0 ain't we *hock* *spit*"
  4. Trolling is a truly undignified pursuit and for some reason I keep believing it to be beneath you.
  5. Some fans wait to see what Gus does and then make up their minds about what the correct decision is.
  6. I saw that, too, and it leads me to believe that Bo's "reads" are very much predetermined and, on that play, he didn't do what Gus told him to.
  7. Jumping to Gus's defense without even reading the critiques first. It's been said several times. Joey is one play away from being QB1. If that were to happen tomorrow, we would have a QB1 with more games appeared in than passes attempted. Furthermore, what if Bo doesn't progress and improve as expected? It would hardly be the first time under Gus. How hard is it to comprehend our backup QB needing practice, too?
  8. And how different an offensive line can make playmakers look. Although substitutions might have just as much to do with it.
  9. She's probably wondering why he didn't play more.
  10. Depends on what Wade Christopher feels like that day. Wade Christopher doesn't subscribe to ethnic boundaries.
  11. Thanks. Maybe we can Tommy Lee Jones stupid "blah blah blah says hi" posts out of existence!
  12. I'm genuinely sorry for your friend and I would be equally in support of her earning money on her own as a student athlete.
  13. On that we more or less agree and I would have "liked" this post if I wasn't out of reactions.