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  1. Positive thoughts to your grandfather, you and your family, @ellitor.
  2. Not that Loof's opinion matters one bit, but I'm totally okay with negative as long as it's logical. It's logical to be negative on Auburn football these days. (It's also logical to be positive. There are facts to support both arguments.) What I can't stand is when people get personal towards kids they don't know a single real thing about. That's illogical. And it's damaging.
  4. Where do I start? Slow clap for sure.
  5. Lol. Definitely wasn't suggesting you're prone to trashing the kids. Some are, though.
  6. It's this new thing I'm trying... Btw, watching Sesame Street with my toddlette. She says your performance in this episode is "ok". *shrug*
  7. Props on painting the picture without insulting the kid or using the word "drama". Seriously. We can make these observations without making it personal, and I appreciate how you did so here.
  8. It means he's a huge guy who might be really good and might be able to help us. Why wouldn't we take a look?
  9. What's the protocol here? I mean, it's funny, but it's Creed. "Like" pending while I look into it a little further....
  10. Got talked into coming out to watch the soccer match. Was regretting it til I saw this place has Scofflaw Basement on tap. #get3
  11. Saw the Dead once. Didn't think I liked Touch of Grey. They opened with it. It was awesome.
  12. Burial's not messing around. I have on good authority that Great Raft isn't, either. Looking forward to the review.
  13. Yep. That's a mighty fine guitar solo.