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  1. Very well said! About to watch Arsenal at local pub #2. It's more of a British style pub than local pub #1. They are Arsenal supporters, they have good dartboards and they keep Wells Bombardier on tap. I do my best to support that choice. Cheers and Happy Presidents Day, gents.
  2. Have been to one ball in Mobile. I didn't expect to enjoy it a fraction of how much I actually did. I can see why your progeny are rolling deep. South Alabama throws a proper party.
  3. Nice camera work! The weather down there looks at least as nice as it is a bit north and a bit east. Currently in Montgomery enjoying a Fairhope Judge Roy Bean. I love a good coffee stout, of which this is one. Arrogant Bastard was a formative craft beer for me. Introduced me to the notion of beer as manhood challenge. Recently saw it on a list of most important craft beers ever.
  4. Learned to drive stick on a '71. It was my brother's. So forgiving and fun. I was 13.
  5. I can't wait to try my hand at a crystal yum-yum. Just genever and vermouth chilled in the glass in the freezer?
  6. Actually just read the history of the stuff. Didn't know it was Dutch!
  7. Attempted ignorance. If every sip of the world's finest whiskey were accompanied by 10 gnats buzzing around my head while I drank it, I think it would be easy for me to switch to gin.
  8. Guilty
  9. If only it were 100% effective. I use it liberally, and yet I still have to maneuver around the same idiots starting arguments with everyone. But the problem's not them. It's the rest of us.
  10. Have you tried this yet? Sounds potentially quite good. Foothills Sexual Chocolate is around in Atlanta right now. So good, but I wish it was in six packs like Expedition Stout and Narwhal, in whose same category I'd put SC. Their BA People's Porter is really good, too. 5.8% with huge flavor and some body to it... nice balance of barrel flavor and roasty/hoppy bitterness... good stuff.
  11. Good point. Maybe the literal will succeed where the metaphorical has not.
  12. Do what you gotta do. I think you can stream them directly from his site. He's still got some great ones up. I liked Springsteen and Bromberg a lot. Nick Thune was surprisingly interesting.
  13. Nailed it.
  14. SO WEIRD. And awesome. Marc Maron had a great interview with Dweezil on WTF where they discussed Frank's process, tendencies, etc. It's easy to get distracted by the spectacle and gloss over the genius. Btw, WTF is a great podcast for any music fan. A lot of the interviews are with people in other areas of show business, but he does a great job with musicians. In the middle of one with Robbie Robertson. So many great stories.
  15. That's some good word usage right there, sir.