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  1. Yeah, I was trying to touch on that in my post.
  2. Not just you, not by a long shot. In fact, I'd venture a guess that the prevailing sentiment in the fanbase is that we gave up a lot of 3rd-and-longs. And, it's still possible that a significant percentage of the 3rd down conversions we did give up were for a lot of yards, and in the big spots that tend to shape perception. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see, though, that we generally did that well on 3rd down.
  3. Sooooo tempted to jump in on the notion of beefing up security because some dumbass yelled something and got dealt wit... ...but... ...back to Sanogo?
  4. Fred Dryer laying the smackdown on old Nazis would be super dope.
  5. It did indeed feel that way, but I figured that was always a bit mythical. More mythical than I expected. I just checked and we finished 7th in the country in 3rd down defense in terms of percentage converted, and 11th in total 3rd down conversions surrendered. Now, that doesn't account for distance needed to convert, and definitely doesn't account for *when* the third downs got converted- if we only gave up five 3rd down conversions, but they were all 3rd and long and they all happened in the 4th quarter against LSU/uga/bama....- but still, 7th and 11th in the country. We didn't give up many 3rd down conversions. You're totally right on the first part and you were kind to offer a legit response to the post.
  6. ...meanwhile, RB1, who has taken 10 of the first 12 carries, finally breaks off a 30 yarder and... is immediately rushed up to the LoS to run straight up the RG's arse. Nah, would've been a terrible time to give Fresh Legs McSpeedyfeet a series. Just mind numbing stuff.
  7. Can't imagine how long the lines would be and how empty the room would be at tipoff if you guys were going full TSA at the door. Gotta be realistic.
  8. Remember, Tony Barbee said that you can't win at an Under Armor school years ago. Oregon has already massively stepped up their recruiting and overall profile with Nike money. They've already gone to a couple title games. They've already got cheerleaders that are way too hot for the PNW. (Also, what happens when Nike is overtly steering kids to Oregon instead of all the other schools they do business with?) There will still be a 4-5 year cap on a player's college experience (and usually far less for blue chip hoops prospects). Furthermore, Nike and UA and Fat Tony the Booster aren't going to guarantee money for that kid's entire college career. They're only going to guarantee a signing bonus. The kinds of elite players we're talking about are still going to be primarily concerned with their professional career. So they'll still make the same business decisions they do now. And $10k more at Oregon isn't going to make many kids from the southeast go up there when Momma can watch their games live in Athens or turdtown or BR. Not when they have a reasonable expectation of a 7-figure salary in a couple years. And once again, it's already a financial arms race. Facilities, coaching salaries, the sexiest recruiting events (helicopters, Belichick showing up for a camp, etc). The Ivy League schools would already be doing that with all their money if they wanted to. The football factories are already doing it. There are things to think about but it's much healthier to think about how they can be done right instead of us acting hysterical and trying to argue for it not happening at all. It's going to happen, and the sport will be just fine.
  9. Yeah. It's interesting that our (over)work(ed)horse backs have "needed those carries to get going" and "get stronger as the games go on", but RBs that are only sporadically used, only ran in for one weird play, etc have somehow proven themselves unworthy.
  10. BRO. GET TO WORK. I've heard of Dan Auerbach and some other American guitar/blues aficionados doing stuff with some African/Saharan blues-ish folks before but I haven't heard this particular band. Very very dope.
  11. Definitely. Playcalling will tell us a lot. If it changes significantly and the players involved don't- minus Whitlow, of course- then I might have to eat some crow on player evaluation and utilization. If neither changes much... well... you and I might have to find somewhere else to meet up for 5:00 beers....
  12. I don't know how many people are involved in the process of the NCAA issuing an NOA and an institution receiving one, but I'm guessing it's somewhere between "several" and "a lot". As for who one or more of those people would've spoken to, the answer remains the same IMO. And none of them were necessarily Forde. I mean, I'm pretty sure everyone in the industry has seen a lot of smoke coming from our camp. Really, Forde could reasonably deduce it after the Persons stuff. Especially since he's got such a hard on for trying to pin us to the wall. Creeps like him get information. It's what they do. Somebody might've been more loose-lipped than they should have but I doubt some double agent in our compliance office met Forde in an undisclosed location. Or maybe they did. Maybe we have a disgruntled compliance officer who got passed over for a promotion or lost big on that Tennessee game. *shrug*
  13. There are lots of people who are pretty sure there is an NOA that are neither NCAA nor Auburn insiders.
  14. Big shout out to @Tiger for the heads up on this band from Mali.
  15. I saw a quote somewhere where Gus loved how KMart runs but "didn't see him as an every-down SEC back" or something like that. Huh? Very revealing about the kinds of decisions that have been made on offense all these years. Chad Morris, take the wheel. Please. There's a lot of talk about how to use guys like KMart and Worm. They're running backs. You use them by giving them the ball and letting them run it. Maybe even get really wild and throw it to them on occasion. I hate it that KMart didn't get to play for Morris. I'm really glad Worm gets to. At least until Gus gets jealous and takes the reins back.
  16. Now we're talking. I was sent a recipe for making your own coffee-infused bourbon. (This dude actually makes all kinds of bourbon infusions, like banana.) Maybe I'll try that instead.
  17. Pretty sure E meant what he said. Several of us agree with him. And disagree with you. KMart earned a lot more touches than he got. He was hardly the only talented player on offense that wasn't utilized properly the last 5 years.
  18. I feel like I might be your understudy? I love tasting things. Damned near anything. But when it comes to buying 750ml or 22/48/56/72oz of something to enjoy at home, I'm a little more cautious. I haven't even been able to make myself pull the trigger on a $27 bottle of cold brew-infused Jameson. But that will probably change soon.
  19. He was like Grant, except with even less lateral agility (and vision?). And, presumably, he played safety because he couldn't catch. Even Grant was able to make a push as an NFL RB. Davis kicked around the league for a minute as a return guy but never made any real noise IIRC. Definitely one of the true freaks to play for Auburn, though.
  20. I know Woodson brought way more to the table than just crootin Mississippi, but it is uncommonly good luck and timing for Auburn football that we landed him right before that state had a bumper crop of talent and he stayed until we locked up some high grade kids.
  21. When it comes to compensation, I'm only concerned with NIL. I used to advocate for more from the universities but I've changed my thinking on that. While I understand the concerns about NIL + transfers, I don't think they supersede what is fair to the players. Nor do I think it will meaningfully alter the sport. You're right, the recruits and their families aren't "innocent" when it comes to the recruiting "game", but they're very far down the list of perps and accomplices IMO. We the fans, in fact, are further up the list than they are. An argument could be made that we are at the top of that list. Right up until, as you alluded to, we withdraw our support. I should not have used the word "revenue". I meant "profit".
  22. I posted the other day, but like 2/3 of all 5* recruits went to 6 teams last year. On average, the top 10 teams in recruiting fill 17 of 25 possible slots with 4* and 5* players. Things aren't going to change very much, if at all, in terms of where the players go.
  23. Maaaan. Always sooooo many variables in this game and very few of us are capable of tracking them all. Thanks for sharing this.