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  1. You know I'm a DD fanboy but I have no problem believing that we can get better at the position. Britt seems to have all the intangibles plus elite athleticism. Maaaaan it would be great if Moultry stepped up.
  2. Deshaun Davis and Jeff Holland the last 2 years. I updated the thread often No clue who I'm going to pick this year, as I'm pretty sure the apple of my eye is spoken for.
  3. Connelly's S&P+ graph gives an excellent illustration of how we've arrived at the results we have and how our two primary units have performed relative to each other.
  4. Hahaha. You're the guys who don't think it's our head coach's fault when we lose.
  5. Whoops, embarrassing! Thanks for being kind. But yeah. We probably would've won without the Dyer play. Where he very clearly wasn't down.
  6. Is he one to pay attention to? I know almost every expert on the uga beat likes to use the Munson "we", but I'm sure at least one or two of them are professionals.
  7. I knew some Ga Tech girls when I was in Atlanta. Boooyyyyyyy did some of them ever have skewed perceptions of themselves. Every girl there is mathematically unattainable to like 75% of the student body.
  8. See above. His account is private.
  9. I'm sure that's true of Colquitt County, too. It's almost like they have a good staff there who are occasionally presented with an unusual situation whose solution is heavily dependent upon timeliness and competence from the NCAA. That's rich. Good lord. What do you guys have against guidance counselors? You're being so weird, lol.
  10. I'm surprised that anything that ever happened in a Houston v San Antonio matchup would resonate with you, but I have to admit that whoever that Houston point guard has some decent moves. Looks like a poor man's Jared Harper?
  11. With you on this. This is a football forum. Respectfully stated criticism of the players seems completely normal and appropriate. As of March 18th- when this thread was started- this kid was still in contention to be our starting QB for this season. It's worth noting he side-arms his throws. It wasn't even a harsh criticism. Some folks just look for fights to get into.
  12. That drives me so crazy. The game was tied. There was still plenty of time left and we were already close to Parkey's range. It's like people who think we would have lost if not for the Kick Six.
  13. Inconceivable! Glad you brought this up. @Barnacle, did the little one enjoy her first viewing of the greatest film of all time?
  14. In fact, when rural ass schools in poor ass Georgia have championship football teams and rock star (albeit scumbag) coaches, you think it's because they're adequately paying their guidance counselors? From your article, 64: Wow. Almost top 40% in education in a state that's bottom 40% in the country. 3 out of 5 kids are "college ready". Yeah. I'm sure that guidance counselors are flocking to Moultrie, Georgia for high salaries, cosmopolitan living, and the high premium they put on getting *all* students into top universities.
  15. Negative, my friend. You should have asked me how I know. I've been to Moultrie. The fact that the school has 2000 students only spreads the faculty that much more thin. The fact that they're a football power doesn't mean that they are equipped to get every special case college-eligible. Especially when the NCAA rules change from year to year. Lol. You and Mikey have people who work in these kinds of schools and with these kinds of programs telling you you're wrong and you're still arguing.
  16. Girls of the SEC, '93 or '94. A girl I had class with was in there. And they were spectacular. She used a fake name, which I remember. I don't remember her real name.
  17. As do I. If we ever start pushing War Eagles from our side, I'll be on board. But I'm good if we don't, lol.
  18. I demand that they be referred to exclusively as Los Lobos. Also, I don't think it's any accident that Lobos is Spanish for
  19. Fine. You guys win. I'm still gonna freak out and make emotional predictions for the rest of the season and even the future of the program based on the Oregon game, though.
  20. Wait a second. So we might just float away before the atmosphere burns up? I'm actually okay with this. Should improve my 40 time and bench press max. (Yes, I am being sarcastic. No, I am not discounting your information. It's just pretty much a laugh-or-cry thing.)
  21. Straight white guys have to make up things by which to feel persecuted.
  22. Well, especially given their exorbitant salaries, that should leave plenty of time for getting their annual NCAA guideline cert.