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  1. But they won the one that matters obviously
  2. Hate to link an al.com article, but KD expected to rejoin the team tonight
  3. Figured as much, appreciate it yall
  4. Super happy to have Gatewood on board, but if we get Fields and Nix with Stidham/Malik already here I'll be pretty surprised if Gatewood isn't moved to another position - sooner rather than later.
  5. By KD potentially being "back," do we mean back participating in team stuff or just back on campus taking classes and still trying to sort through whatever caused him to take leave in the first place?
  6. May have just been letting DC have a little fun getting some punts in during the spring game. Until proven otherwise, I'm assuming this isn't something that's really even on the table for the actual season
  7. Judging by the hair styles the 2 of them are getting along just fine
  8. Kansas is getting a good duo in KJ and Dedric, especially the latter. Living in Memphis now and watched them play in person 4-5 times this year. The kids are definitely talented, but dad's been known to be anywhere from pushy to a headcase throughout their entire recruitment and time at Memphis (pretty similar to LaVar ball without the spotlight) Solid players and could help the team, but the whole Memphis team quit the last few games this year. Between that and the extra baggage that comes with dad, think we'll be alright without them
  9. Lots of rumors floating around right now. Hopefully KD is keeping his nose clean and isn't in the doghouse, and this is something unrelated to him that he's just needing to take some time away for. It'd be believable he's got some family stuff going on
  10. National Championships are played on a Monday
  11. Looks like he's officially Joey Saltwater now then