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  1. Smoke started late yesterday, and I've only seen it pick up since then. Not sure how much truth there is, but apparently there have been conversations going on behind the scenes and practice wasn't held yesterday. Can anyone confirm the no practice piece for me? Was it really cancelled? I know this stirs the pot, but that's not my intention. I genuinely don't know if this is true.
  2. @DAG & @keesler - I don't disagree. Just found the info that @JwgreDeux posted to be interesting.
  3. To be fair here, Gene Chizik won that NC with Gus Malzahn as the OC and a physical freak in Cam Newton. Auburn hadn't seen an athlete of that caliber on the football field since Bo Jackson. I honestly think anyone would have won a NC that year with Cam Newton at the helm.
  4. Mark it down. Sandberg or Nix will be our starter. Willis will change positions. Gatewood transfers.
  5. Some seem to think that the important people who need to be involved are compromising for us to bring in Freeze. Let's see if it happens.
  6. I sincerely hope this is a play to make him look elsewhere. I get it - he's still recruiting, nothing is in stone yet. At the end of the day, NO ONE wants him here any longer. This horrible, horrible ride needs to end and it needs to end now. We are not going to see anything different in the next few years. The sooner we rip the band-aid off, the sooner we can begin to heal. If we are going to keep this up for the next year, and honestly it probably won't even last that long, then let's get the vote of confidence from the administration and move on. This can and will destroy the program for the foreseeable future and we will be digging our way out of a hole that will feel forever deep.
  7. I think you've hit the nail on the head. Cut off his resources and make him uncomfortable.
  8. Essentially, we are forcing Malzahn and company to find a new home. The fans don't want him here, the administration doesn't want him here. If this works out like I see it, Sexton pushes him to another school, and we go after someone else. Who that will be is the $49MM question.
  9. This is 100% fact. Asa was under the impression that he would be a redshirt this year, and the coaches failed him. He did not play against Tennessee for this very reason.
  10. Find someone who has a passion for the game as much as the players do and let them change the culture. The longer we hang on to him, the longer we will suffer as a program. He will get paid regardless of the outcome.
  11. This is a simple question with a simple answer. We have play-makers on the offensive side, we just don't use them to our advantage. Sure, our offensive line has issues, but we don't help our QB. We call plays that only allow for downfield development. With these kinds of plays, you expect your offensive line to block for an extended period of time. If I were in the OC shoes, it's simple: Call short passing routes to open up the run. Utilize the size of the WRs who have been recruited to go against larger secondaries and let them GET the ball; Slants, quick outside routes, etc. If they run the routes properly, which we seem to do fairly well, hit them and let them get the YACs. Once the defense backs off of the line of scrimmage, use your RBs to get yards. Look back to the MSU game - we started throwing over the middle of the field at the end of the 4th quarter. This kind of adjustment should be made well before then, yet our HC is too damn stubborn to make that adjustment. He thinks his style of offense is the only way to be successful. Deep shots are/can be pivotal to success, too, but shorter routes will give the QB and WRs confidence going forward. We're not a run first team right now and it's a shame that our HC is too prideful to make changes to put the PLAYERS in the best position possible to make plays.
  12. Just food for thought here, but if we don't hire someone today/tomorrow we are shooting ourselves in the foot. The recruiting dead period begins Sunday and runs through the middle of January. Recruits want to see what type of defense they can expect to walk into in the bowl game. I would if I was considering my college plans. After mid-January we only have around two weeks to talk with recruits again. If we hire Muschamp today, and he brings T-Rob and Rocker with him, recruits will be fired up. Again, just food for thought. War Eagle.