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  1. I cut about 3 years ago in January with the expectation I would replace it with something. Somehow or another I have gotten by without replacing it with anything (the exception i do have 'rabbit ears', which work great with CBS, not so much for my other locals). For the most part, college football outside of Auburn had just become 'noise' in the background of my Saturdays. If it is on CBS i'm good with watching it at home, otherwise I go over to my dads, a friends, or a bar.
  2. Would probably make the trip from Birmingham to be there, and may still make the journey to Auburn Saturday, but I need to be somewhere with some beer.....lots and lots and lots of beer. These basketball games are like packing a weeks worth of cardio into 2 hours.
  3. One of Gus's fatal flaws is he picks a RB and literally runs him into the ground,. An adequate backup is never allowed to develop. Same goes for the QB spot really. How many times have we had our first string QB still in the game well into the fourth quarter against teams we are favored over by 28? Pearl on the other hand has really allowed all these guys to develop. Yes we are going to miss the hell out of Chuma, but if we can get past Kentucky, no one is stopping us. It seems as though they are all playing at the top of their game, and when someone is having a slump, another has picked up in his spot. The biggest challenge is going to be to get our rhythm with whatever line ups we will have out their now. I think everyone will be able to enjoy that UNC game a bit more after we dust off Kentucky
  4. If it counts for anything, there were 3 perfect brackets remaining Saturday evening, but only two after our game. Would love for AU to end the streak!
  5. Not only did the refs not call it, but the announcers never even mentioned it that I can remember. That despite playing it over and over and the UCF player getting shoved about 3 feet. That being said, a UCF win would have all but guaranteed me the office pool as 90% of them picked Duke to win it all.
  6. When the foul on the 3 occurred I left the room and went outside, I could not watch. I had the March Madness app open (just shows the score) and I kept waiting for it to either tie or go down by one. It seems like I was outside for 20 minutes. Needless to say I was shocked that we won. For the record, i'm the same guy that turned off the 2010 Iron Bowl after Bama went up 21-0 and didn't turn it back up until almost the fourth quarter.
  7. We lost to Richmond in the first round Barkley's last year I believe.
  8. If we keep playing the way we have the last month, we could have a very satisfying win over Kansas and we could stand toe to toe with UNC to try to make it to the Elite 8.
  9. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what his buyout would have been today if we had not inked the bonehead extension last year? My guess it would be in the 8-10 million range? By the way if Gus goes...the president who allowed this travesty to happen has to go also. And lastly, the university needs to hire counsel that can be on hand to deal with Jimmy Sexton (and his ilk) at contract negotiations. In reality, it should almost be a fan representative, since every time this crap happens, ticket prices jack up another 20%. Freaking have nice base salary with incentives. Hey, you win the national championship you will make 5 million extra - but hey you go 4-8 the next season, you will be making 5 million less.
  10. One can only hope there is some sort of cosmic karma going on. Georgia beat us so many times recently when they had no business doing so. Maybe the roles will reverse and we will return the favor a few times.
  11. I have never got that sour taste of the last blackout game out of my mouth. Nothing would be more satisfying than exercising that demon.
  12. Hugh Freeze already has a job, and it would be a train wreck to bring him in. Gus would constantly be looking over his shoulder amid speculation that Freeze would take over his job.