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  1. We will soon have more Birmingham Bowls than Sugar Bowls. Pass.
  2. I wish we could get a coach that wasn't managed my Jimmy Sexton. Out of the gate, Kiffen will probably have an outrageous contract (I personally don't find his head coaching record anything special, and not worth 10 million dollars). Given Kiffen's history for hopping around, every two years we are going to have this Sexton bull**** on a platter of "pony up" while the rumos swirl. Auburn is like a battered woman, and Sexton knows he will get the most for the least out of Auburn. Kiffen will go like 9-4 next year, and then pull a 10-3 and the cycle will start. Big raise...followed by a couple of 7-6 type years and 50 million dollar buy out.
  3. Rhett Lashlee would be the very Auburn thing to do. I think this time the pressure is on to make a splashy non-controversial hire though.
  4. Given that we have a QB that can't hit the side of a wall, I thought last nights game plan was the best thing I've seen all year. When something was working we kept using it, and we actually had some plays that were creative. Western Kentucky is a losable game and Bama, well I would be shocked if we score a point. But I think the point is - if Harsin was here, we would have lost last night.
  5. Week late to this thread, but are you using a recruiter at all? There are jobs that never even get posted that recruiting agencies fill (I know from how I found my way to my current job). And are there any opportunties to work remotely (I'm not sure what one does in your field of study)? Can you apply nationally instead of just locally?
  6. All I can say is, be prepared for CRL - Coach Rhett Lashlee. Auburn either can't or won't pull in a big name coach.
  7. Well, Georgia has been in the same position we are in. They only beat Florida like twice in 15 years. Eventually these things work themselves out. However, nothing will change if we keep this guy around.
  8. First 25 minutes or so was a thing of beauty. But we had all seen this song and dance before. I think 90% of the AU faithful knew the outcome of that game when Ashford fumbled and they got 7.
  9. I'm sitting here watching the Texas A&M game on YouTube. Auburn game should be the same. Just go to youtube and google Texas A&M. It is like the 3rd video down.
  10. I have ESPN+ "free" through Verizon. So of course, it doesn't have all the normal EPSN content, but it does show Auburn-LSU at 6:00. It will most likely be the version like that I just watched with the Ole Miss-Kentucky game, which was with no announcers and is mainly from the overhead camera (live) but replays from the normal angles. Better than nothing.
  11. You guys are blaming the wrong people, and they will just turn around and try to extort from YT Tv as they did last year.
  12. Muschamp is a two time terrible SEC head coach. If Auburn even sniffs an interview with that guy....
  13. Hey, I'm grateful it only took a little over one season to figure this out. Much better than him going 12-0 last year and getting a raise and an extension and then this sh*t coming to light.
  14. This has been the mantra for every Auburn season since the mid-90s. Never happens but always gives us hope. I think the 94 Florida game is burned into everyones memory, when tator tot utilized the tight end Andy Fuller for the first time like 6 games into the season.
  15. The solution then, is to bring back the baggy jersey.
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