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  1. More Versatility in Auburn's Gameplan Next Year?

    Could they just hire us as head coach by committee? I would gladly split seven million dollars a year with you guys.
  2. Peach Bowl could be historic

    Talk about going from the penthouse to the outhouse.
  3. What Happened at UT Was a Well-Planned Coup

    A Tennessee fan i talk with at work was convinced that Currie was the problem and they could now go back to the table to all the coaches that turned them down. I'm not really sure if Tennessee should go the coordinator route for a coach, it is a huge gamble - but I guess it has paid off for Georgia. That being said, I would hate to lose Steele, but he would probably do better than some of the head coaches they were looking at and definately better than Tee Martin. By the way, watched USC (Trojans) play for the first time in years last night, and if Gus were to leave to Ark it would not be a bad idea to go after Clay Helton. Players seem to like him and he has helped right the USC ship.
  4. Gary Danielson

    Maybe they should make a video montage of 'doubtful Gary' for the players to watch Friday night...maybe it would piss them off enough to kick UGAs ass.
  5. Gary Danielson

    Well you guys better get ready. Because if this game is close or Georgia is in control he is going to be in full blown UGA humpfest with a side of 'this puts Alabama right back in the thick of things'. There is something about the day of that championship game that gives me such a weird vibe. I guess its because i'm coming off 13 straight Saturdays of wall to wall football and on this day it is usually just cold and it is a trickle of football games most of which I don't care about. Then the SEC game itself is overblown and drawn out for 4something hours.
  6. SECCG thoughts on what to expect

    I just do not see this being as easy as the first time at all. I think playing at home for both Georgia and Bama really helped us a lot and we probably did get some good breaks due to that (crowd noise). We have no idea if KJ is going to play, and if he does he will most likely not be at 100%. I think we will probably give up one punt return for a TD and probably give up another long one that will set them up (punt and kick coverage are by far the worst components of this team). They will pass more this game, I believe, and if they have success it could open the running game up for more success than they had the first time. I'm hoping for something in the AU 31 UGA 24 type range. I hope I am wrong and we blow them out again, but i'm not banking on it.
  7. Kerryon Johnson updates

    So everyone is saying it is his shoulder...what happened on the run where he just sorta fell over? Was that just his way of saying "i don't want to get hit", or did the hand off trigger something?
  8. Playoff nightmare scenario

    So did Stoops leaving Oklahoma cure them of Chokelahoma? Because otherwise they could and probably will lay a big fat egg this weekend.
  9. My thoughts from inside the stadium

    I think most Bama fans realize they are probably in the twilight of Saban's tenure at Alabama. It seems to be this odd mix of fans of some that have mellowed out with their success (in other words not as obnoxious on a daily basis as they were in 2008) and others that are not satisfied with anything less than perfection and that the current years defense must be better than 92 and 09 combined. But yeah I was at the game Saturday and walking around it was a totally different atmosphere than the Georgia game. Alabama fans were much less vocal and obnoxious than usual.
  10. Sights and Sounds - Iron Bowl Week

    The Friday nights before the 89 and 93 game were utterly epic! Wish I could go back in time.
  11. What changed for Stidham

    Ha...OK that is what too much beer on gameday will do. I have not had a chance to watch a replay yet.
  12. What changed for Stidham

    In the euphoria of everything I did not realize he went 14 of 15. Pretty sweet.
  13. Score Prediction- ULM

    I hate games like this. I almost wish we would go back to just having a week off between Bama and Georgia. I wouldn't run KJ more than 5 times. We MUST MUST MUST have him healthy for Bama. Stidham no more than one half. Put Malik Willis out there and give Bama plenty of things to think about. I would give Malik Miller a chance to shine and get some playing time. Please give David Garrett some carries! I am less concerned about the score and more concerned about health, so I don't really care how many points either team scores as long as we win. That means get the second string defense out there as soon as possible and let it be the learning experience these games should be. It will be a hangover for the players and the fans, but the guys really seem to be playing as a team and I don't expect a Mercer like performance. Probably something in the 45-17 range.
  14. Looking too far ahead (playoffs)

    Mississippi State had almost 39 minutes of total possession against Bama. If we have anything near that we would probably blow them out of the water. But if anything it means that Bama had issues stopping Mississippi State consistently the way Bama usually does, even though they ultimately stopped them enough to win the game. If I am Auburn I give Kerryon no more than one quarter of playing time, if any, this weekend against La Monroe. I'm tired of playing Bama with half a deck.
  15. My thoughts from inside the stadium

    Great read. I watched outside the stadium, but it was so satisfying to see how the Dawg fans quieted down as the game went along.