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  1. wareagle7298

    What I would do...

    Hugh Freeze already has a job, and it would be a train wreck to bring him in. Gus would constantly be looking over his shoulder amid speculation that Freeze would take over his job.
  2. wareagle7298

    No watching again until 2020

    I didn't watch the game Saturday. I'm not really sure what the point is of screaming at a TV and a bunch of 19 year olds for 3 hours is doing to 'support my team'. I have a co-worker that is a Vol fan and last week while he was poor mouthing I told him I fully expected Gus to make Jeremy Pruitt look like a genius. It is not the first time I haven't tuned into a game....several of the Iron Bowls I did not watch either. I treat it like Rotten Tomatoes and movies. I'm just not going to watch something I know I won't enjoy. But that being said, that is just me, and I have no issues with people that want to watch every game regardless.
  3. wareagle7298

    mcelroy tweet with receivers open

    Had Stidham actually thrown the ball, it probably would have sailed 10 yards over the targets head. Either that or he would have thrown it a half mile down field and prayed. You could probably do 100 screen shots just like Greg Mcelsack with the same conclusion. I hate to be frustrated with the kid, but someone else really needs to be given a shot.
  4. wareagle7298

    AU opens as favorite against Miss State

    Oh please, in case you guys don't know the script. Miss. State has a new head coach. This is made for TV stuff - it is Auburn's job to come in and lay a complete egg, so that new head coach can get his first 'big' win against a top 10 team. Auburn is always great in this role. The TV announcers must already be salivating for this. I would look for Auburn to find a new way to look completely inept this week. Defense keeps it close-ish but i'll say Miss St 20 Auburn 10.
  5. wareagle7298

    I think Gus May be Tubberville 2.0

    Clearly there is something in the water down in Auburn that turns every coach we hire into this. What separates Auburn from other programs with comparable winning percentages, is that whatever coach we hire comes out of the gate SMOKIN', looking like a genius hire. It literally makes no logical sense how he could go from producing offenses that averages 500 yards a game per season, to what we are seeing now.
  6. wareagle7298

    Kam and Sal considered leaving as well

    And it hasn't effected Saban or the Turds for jack sh&t....us on the other hand....
  7. wareagle7298

    Contenders separate from Pretenders: AU

    This week SHOULD consist of being up 28-0 at the end of the first quarter and letting the second and third teamers play after that. Last few years though he we have squandered around in these games and not given the backups enough reps. Just quit messing around Auburn and come out and do what needs to be don.e
  8. wareagle7298

    Washington: Deep Cuts

    Great stuff! I love seeing plays broken down like this. I can't say I ever watch a game at this level of detail, but it is great to see analysis from someone who understands this. Someone needs to make a Youtube tutorial for those of us who 'never played the game' so we can understand these things better.
  9. wareagle7298

    More Versatility in Auburn's Gameplan Next Year?

    Could they just hire us as head coach by committee? I would gladly split seven million dollars a year with you guys.
  10. wareagle7298

    Peach Bowl could be historic

    Talk about going from the penthouse to the outhouse.
  11. wareagle7298

    What Happened at UT Was a Well-Planned Coup

    A Tennessee fan i talk with at work was convinced that Currie was the problem and they could now go back to the table to all the coaches that turned them down. I'm not really sure if Tennessee should go the coordinator route for a coach, it is a huge gamble - but I guess it has paid off for Georgia. That being said, I would hate to lose Steele, but he would probably do better than some of the head coaches they were looking at and definately better than Tee Martin. By the way, watched USC (Trojans) play for the first time in years last night, and if Gus were to leave to Ark it would not be a bad idea to go after Clay Helton. Players seem to like him and he has helped right the USC ship.
  12. wareagle7298

    Gary Danielson

    Maybe they should make a video montage of 'doubtful Gary' for the players to watch Friday night...maybe it would piss them off enough to kick UGAs ass.
  13. wareagle7298

    Gary Danielson

    Well you guys better get ready. Because if this game is close or Georgia is in control he is going to be in full blown UGA humpfest with a side of 'this puts Alabama right back in the thick of things'. There is something about the day of that championship game that gives me such a weird vibe. I guess its because i'm coming off 13 straight Saturdays of wall to wall football and on this day it is usually just cold and it is a trickle of football games most of which I don't care about. Then the SEC game itself is overblown and drawn out for 4something hours.
  14. wareagle7298

    SECCG thoughts on what to expect

    I just do not see this being as easy as the first time at all. I think playing at home for both Georgia and Bama really helped us a lot and we probably did get some good breaks due to that (crowd noise). We have no idea if KJ is going to play, and if he does he will most likely not be at 100%. I think we will probably give up one punt return for a TD and probably give up another long one that will set them up (punt and kick coverage are by far the worst components of this team). They will pass more this game, I believe, and if they have success it could open the running game up for more success than they had the first time. I'm hoping for something in the AU 31 UGA 24 type range. I hope I am wrong and we blow them out again, but i'm not banking on it.
  15. wareagle7298

    Kerryon Johnson updates

    So everyone is saying it is his shoulder...what happened on the run where he just sorta fell over? Was that just his way of saying "i don't want to get hit", or did the hand off trigger something?