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  1. Bo Nix fakes a pooch punt and runs for a 55 yard touchdown.
  2. 8-2 would not be bad. 7-3 really wouldn't be that bad. I'm all for shitbricking the out of conference games from now on and just have a 12 game SEC season.
  3. About 10 days before Auburn would play for the National Championship against Oregon in 2011, on New Years Eve I came down with the flu. I had left work around noon and felt fine, and was going to watch the Sun Bowl at home before preparing for the night. Around the the second quarter I began feeling awful....and by the end of the game I knew something was not right. Amazingly the doctors office about 10 minutes from me was still open and they shoved that god forsaken swab up my nose and determined I had the flu. I think I had the bird, or swine, or whatever flu was going around at the time.
  4. For Bama to get in to the tourney, I think they would have to win at least 5 out of the last 7 games plus 2 in the SECT. We made them look much better than they are.
  5. Would be nice if they are in Kentucky's bracket in the SEC tourney. Would prefer not to play these guys again.
  6. Unfortunately, I do not like our chances. I think Bama has the 'rally around' factor going on, trying to prove they can win without Tua. They still have something to prove, and they will come in more fired up than people think. Meanwhile, Auburn has not proven it can move the ball with any consistency all season long against any defenses with a pulse. I think we string together a nice drive or two in the first half and maybe go into the half tied, but the second half Bama pulls away. 31-14.
  7. Why waste it for any of these preseason games. Definately for Kentucky (Feb 1) or Bama (Feb 12).
  8. OK forgive me if this has been discussed. But the main page (home page) has not refreshed for me since the spring. Doesn't matter the browser, clearing the cache or anything. Is it just me or did they just give up? For the record, the images and articles are post Elite 8, Pre Final 4 and Spring football related.
  9. I don't have a good feeling. I don't think our running game is good enough to keep the heat off the passing game. AU 14 A&M 31
  10. I think he knows what type of offensive line he is behind and knows he doesn't have much time. Stidham did the same thing. Unfortunately Gus's offense has the uncanny ability to turn 5 star QBs into basket cases. One thing that utterly drives me crazy (and has for years), is that so many of our passes are either screens, or behind the line of scrimmate, or bombs. I really do not know why we don't have more 10 - 20 yard out patterns like we saw in the last drive of the Oregon game.
  11. Sadly, I think the Texas A&M game will begin the big slide. Auburn has had quite a few seasons like this - where an overachieving defense has had to carry the team over a woeful offense. And eventually they tire out from incessant 3 and outs by the offense, and by the end of the season just get tired of carrying the weight period. You can probably go back and watch either LSU 2015 or LSU 2017 to see how this game will go. We either just come out and look inept from the start and get trounced, or we come out and look shockingly good on our first drive and then tank it until mid-way thro
  12. I cut about 3 years ago in January with the expectation I would replace it with something. Somehow or another I have gotten by without replacing it with anything (the exception i do have 'rabbit ears', which work great with CBS, not so much for my other locals). For the most part, college football outside of Auburn had just become 'noise' in the background of my Saturdays. If it is on CBS i'm good with watching it at home, otherwise I go over to my dads, a friends, or a bar.
  13. Would probably make the trip from Birmingham to be there, and may still make the journey to Auburn Saturday, but I need to be somewhere with some beer.....lots and lots and lots of beer. These basketball games are like packing a weeks worth of cardio into 2 hours.
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