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  1. What changed for Stidham

    Ha...OK that is what too much beer on gameday will do. I have not had a chance to watch a replay yet.
  2. What changed for Stidham

    In the euphoria of everything I did not realize he went 14 of 15. Pretty sweet.
  3. Score Prediction- ULM

    I hate games like this. I almost wish we would go back to just having a week off between Bama and Georgia. I wouldn't run KJ more than 5 times. We MUST MUST MUST have him healthy for Bama. Stidham no more than one half. Put Malik Willis out there and give Bama plenty of things to think about. I would give Malik Miller a chance to shine and get some playing time. Please give David Garrett some carries! I am less concerned about the score and more concerned about health, so I don't really care how many points either team scores as long as we win. That means get the second string defense out there as soon as possible and let it be the learning experience these games should be. It will be a hangover for the players and the fans, but the guys really seem to be playing as a team and I don't expect a Mercer like performance. Probably something in the 45-17 range.
  4. Looking too far ahead (playoffs)

    Mississippi State had almost 39 minutes of total possession against Bama. If we have anything near that we would probably blow them out of the water. But if anything it means that Bama had issues stopping Mississippi State consistently the way Bama usually does, even though they ultimately stopped them enough to win the game. If I am Auburn I give Kerryon no more than one quarter of playing time, if any, this weekend against La Monroe. I'm tired of playing Bama with half a deck.
  5. My thoughts from inside the stadium

    Great read. I watched outside the stadium, but it was so satisfying to see how the Dawg fans quieted down as the game went along.
  6. Painting the endzones orange and blue

    Good to know, because I was thinking the same thing. I can't remember what I had for lunch today and some of you guys were just throwing it out there like it was common knowledge. I was like 'damn i better start taking notes on the field layout'.
  7. Tuberville on next AD

  8. Offense clicking, making in game adjustments

    OK my memory is not the best, but have we rolled out Stidham much this year? The one thing I noticed watching the Alabama-LSU game the other day is LSUs QB burned them on rollout passes plenty of times. Obviously just dropping back against Bama (or Georgia) too any great extent is not too wise.
  9. #1, #2, (with prayers) sec championship

    Seriously doubt we will be the favorites against GA. I would think it would be GA by 3 or 4.
  10. ***Auburn vs. Texas A&M -- Game Thread***

    this ad keeps popping up. seems about right for watching an auburn game.
  11. No Excuse to not beat Texas A&M

    This is so true. I hate being negative, but I can already hear the announcers Saturday express their astonishment at how A&Ms beleaguered Freshman QB has turned it around against this tough Auburn defense. As better as we have looked defensively the last 2 years, we still tend to lay some eggs against Quarterbacks we should not lay eggs against. Hopefully A&M has given up though and we go out there and take care of business, stay healthy, and put our sites on screwing up Georgia's season.
  12. AD Replacement Candidates (merged threads)

    We need someone has been around Auburn forever, understands the culture, and will do whatever the powers that be tell him to do. Probably should be overly religious. Hopefully someone from the current AD dept or the AU Network. Also needs a deep southern drawl and say the word 'Family' frequently. OK, this isn't what we need, but inevitably what we will get.
  13. Moving past lsu loss

    The worst will be is when we find a way to beat Texas A&M and start believing again. Then we come out and get pummeled by Georgia.
  14. Lost Spirit for AU

    By the way...Alabama fans will be back to these days one day. Probably sooner than they think. It is my hunch that if Alabama did win the championship this year, he would probably be out of there. The slide down will be so delightful to so many people.
  15. Lost Spirit for AU

    I just don't know, but my Saturdays now are a lot different than my Saturdays up to 10 years ago. Probably like many fans, 2010 took a big monkey off my back that had been on there ever since I started watching football as a kid in the early 80s. I just have a lot of disappointment. I feel like I will go through my entire lifetime never seeing Auburn have two truly great seasons in a row. Its rare for most teams, but it just seems like we always have the potential and never live up to it. We could have gone 15-0 this year, and you could probably bet your house in Vegas that we would not win more than 8 games next year even if we had 85 players coming back.