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  1. Just remember one of the great truisms of life: It is always darkest............. Right before it goes pitch black !!
  2. I've never seen so much venom and pissing and moaning about AU football until this year. I hope these bandwagon fans we acquired in 2010 hop off and find a new team or board to follow. Just b/c people don't agree with the hire don't make them bandwagon fans. People are entitled to their opinions. At the end of the day those who are real fans want the best for Auburn and wish them nothing but the best. I will continue to support...will even get my season tickets but i will be selling them to make a profit b/c our sports admin. has let us down once again. I don't care to waste my money on a mickey mouse coach...i'll sell them to some fool who does like it. I'll watch on t.v. for free. Anything less than a NC during Gus's tenure is a fail b/c that standard has been set. If he wins a NC..I'll be glad to eat crow with a side of hot sauce but I'm not worried at ALL about having to do that. Who set this standard? Well in some respects we have set it ourselves with some very successful seasons regularly with Dye and Tuberville. Bowden was undefeated a year. Tuberville was undefeated and if things were fair, once USC was defrocked as MNC, we probably should have been given the title. It is just a difficult situation to read. We have a successful coach (Tuberville), fire him, replace him with one of his coordinators, and except for that one exceptional year, things went sour--rapidly. So now we replace this coach with one of his coordinators, again a year or so removed. It sort of smacks of inbreeding! Oh, but I forgot, this is Alabama and I can't remember if inbreeding is actually illegal here. Maybe that sums up the Malzahn hire for me. I sort of feel like I have married my cousin. I wonder what the kids will look like?
  3. If you don't follow or support AU football much any more, why do you care who we hire? The short answer is that it more than X's and O's. The importance of the hire relates to the overall success of the university, and I would like to see the university succeed. Since I have a degree from AU, the trademark sort of follows me around. Those of us who live in Alabama understand that the financial success of AU is tied to overall athletic success. I don't like that, but I understand it. Given the state of the economy and our legislature, I sincerely doubt that higher education is going to be getting a bigger share of the budget pie for a long while. So, yeah, it is important to me who is the hire and will he likely be successful, even though I am not glued to the TV screen or in Jordan-Hare. As to contributions, I will note that I have a degree from elsewhere and that institution gets a regular check from me. I may again see fit to write checks to AU, but only after I feel that I have a competent administration and that we avoid public stains like Jetgate and NCAA queries every 2-3 years. Hopefully Malzahn has the mojo and this works, but somehow the following saying is in my head: Remember that it is always darkest--------just before it goes pitch black!!
  4. This late in the message stream there are too many relevant quotes to include here and I will tell you that I am coming at this from a much different viewpoint than 99% of the folks here. I don't really follow AU football regularly anymore--I stopped attending games (and contributing money) after Jetgate. I was livid over how AU was represented nationally in that debacle. So I am mainly interested in this search from the angle of watching how this hire was handled as an institution. Given the overall state of the major athletic programs @ AU, I think this was a critical hire to right the ship. I think that Jacobs is incompetent and I think the AU trademark has suffered under his tenure. I frankly think this is a "cow college" hire. Yeah, I see the comments about "get behind him," "get on board or get off," and I heard all that before with Chizik. I am afraid that our AD and selection committee will be serving a curious Koolaid at the reception. Or perhaps it will be lemmings over a cliff. So, again I am curious to know how it is that Arkansas hires an established, successful HC and Tennessee appears close on one, but we cannot pull it off. Administrative incompetence? Word is out in coaching circles that the AU job is a jinx because of the AD or other problems (NCAA, e.g.)? Everyone likes ratings: I am going to rate the hire as C- and rate the process as F. Perhaps we need two more searches: AD and university president. As I said, I don't follow the board regularly, and hopefully I am wrong, but I won't be surprised if we are rehashing this discussion in another 3 years or so.
  5. Anyone less than an experienced head coach in a competitive national conference will appear to be a failure. Or certainly Fisher from NFL would fit the experience bill. Search committee apparently includes Pat Sullivan and Bo Jackson, so how much sway do they have over the final candidates? If Malzahn or someone on that order, then I would favor a search committee not only for Athletic Director (Jacobs appears already to be a jinx), but also for university president. Perhaps we should locate the heckler on that famous video of a few years ago and hire him as president or at least vote him on the board of trustees. This hire could really be a point of no return given the increasing competitiveness in the conference.
  6. The comments related to economics are correct. Poor attendance and ticket sales will get attention. There was a story on the local Montgomery news last week discussing the fact that businesses not only in the Auburn game day environment, but also sporting goods stores in malls are seeing a sharp fall-off in sales due to the AU situation. I personally quit with season tickets after "Jetgate." I don't want that sort of administration representing me as an alum. Likewise I don't want someone of the proven character of Petrino representing me. But it is all about winning, right? The problem is that our BOT needs a grammar lesson. They need to understand conjunctions. We are not interested in a situation of either "character" OR "winning." We are interested in "character" AND "winning." Reminds me somewhat of the old saying, "There is not a right way to do wrong."
  7. I agree that I would like to see us be competitive even when we lose. The fact is that we are playing in the toughest divison of the toughest conference and it is going to be a real challenge for any set of players or coaches. My concerns are 2: (1) I don't see a defensive scheme over the last 3 years that exudes confidence in winning championships. Last year, by fortune of a great offense, we were able to come away as winners. I am not really a great analyst, I will leave it to you who know much more than I do to sort out what that problem is. (2) Realizing that in fact we do have a young team, I am hoping that the recent recruiting will give us more stablility and consistency, such that when you do have a championship team, that there is not a drastic fall-off in the next year. We are going to lose players and coaches over time, and the onus is on Coach Chizik to maintain a competitive level of performance. It would be really nice to count on being top 10 or 12 each year. I am not a naysayer or whiner--I was at AU in the Barfield era, so I have some experience with adversity. (To make matters worse, I am an avid hoops fan, but let's not bring that up). At any rate, I am interested in learning from what you all think.
  8. I stand corrected on the LSU record, but, that said,the other years were 9+ wins for the other champions and I believe that USC and Florida were repeat champions within 1-2 years. Also note that in the 3 "blowouts" we have had, our performance has worsened over time with deficits of 24, 34, and 38 points. Don't get me wrong, I strongly support AU, but briefly analyzing the stats, I would like to see a situation of improvement and consistency. Hopefully this year is a statistical fluke and our coaches and recruits will respond. I agree that it would be great to totally overhaul the bowl/playoff system and yes it would be great to reward the higher performing teams with post-season home games.
  9. "Don't let one blowout by a better team cloud your judgement of what should or shouldn't happen" I count 3 blowouts: Arkansas 38-14, LSU 45-10, and UGA 45-7 Regarding the idea that this team is "about what we should expect," "young and inexperienced", and other comments I commonly hear: I note that on reviewing the records of the national champions since 2003, none of those teams have won less than 9 games the following year. To me, that speaks of a consistency not yet achieved by our recruiting and coaching. I believe that there are too many bowl games--especially since most have no real purpose except to earn money. It would be different if there were 16 or 32 teams in multiple bowls as a playoff bracket. For me there would be much greater interest. In fact, I should consider college football a fraud as a sport since there is not a legitimate playoff to a championship. We all know the current system is about maximizing income, not likely to change in the current economy, and as noted above we can take it or leave it.
  10. "Dumb and very unfair to fans" is exactly correct. But remember, nothing about college football is designed to be fair to the fans. Just look at the timing of games scheduled for TV money rather than fan convenience and comfort. And I suppose expansion is really geared for TV money--I don't hear many alumni really excited about travel to Missouri or A&M. I would be in favor of the major conferences going to a system where they play ten conference games and then go into a playoff system. No non-conference games. I quit buying season tickets long ago because I did not want to pay to see small school "beatdowns" that were scheduled just to make the team eligible for some meaningless bowl game. Prices keep going up and tickets are going to be considered an expensive luxury in this economy, and for that money the fans have a legitimate claim to see quality teams on the schedule.
  11. If rumors are true then OU, OSU, Texas and Texas Tech are headed to the Pac-16. If I pick 3 to add to the SEC, my immediate 2 would be Clemson, and Georgia Tech. I'm not as sure about the 3rd--Missouri or FSU? It is not going to matter what the alumni think, and it is not going to matter about charter schools, and perhaps not about longstanding rivalries. It is going to come down to what makes the most money for the conferences. Money is the only status quo that is going to be preserved.
  12. I think that the regular season should be conference games only. Then we could move to a legitimate playoff system without an unreasonable extension of the season. Of course it is not going to happen because the whole thing is about money and assuring the wins needed to qualify for a bowl. I don't buy a season book anymore for a number of reasons, but one of which is that I don't really want to pay money to watch us play "patsy" teams. One could argue the presence of quality opponents from other conferences--USC, Clemson, Ga Tech, for example.
  13. The ESPN announcers just quoted a remarkable statistic. They said that Tommy Tuberville has had a substantial economic impact in Lubbock to the extent that he has raised 25 million dollars through various fundraising activities. I never really heard figures like this quoted at AU, so I don't know if this is anything unusual. Nevertheless, it was an interesting statement.
  14. "Sonny it's money that matters, hear what I say It's money that matters in the USA It's money that matters Now you know that it's true It's money that matters whatever you do" Lyrics by Randy Newman Cash is the common denominator. Not about fans,tradition, any of that--all about the green. The stadiums all look like NASCAR already. How long before the football uniforms start to add all the logos like the professional golfers? I will admit that I have only watched a handful of games over the last couple of years owing to my perception that the commercialization is ever worse. This may be where I check out for good.
  15. I personally feel that while hoping for a breath of fresh air (Gill, Dooley), Jacobs, Gogue, and the Board of Trustees (a misnomer, by the way) have just broken wind in my face.