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  1. The admin are now listening (and watching). If fans are passionate about him and believe he’s a generationally elite hire, it’s time to just go friggin get him and stop this ridiculous nonsense. The rumors are he would take it. Deion Sanders - yes or no? We’re out of time.
  2. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/auburn-football/david-pollack-makes-strong-comments-about-lane-kiffin-and-deion-sanders-at-auburn/amp/
  3. The next 24 hours is crunch time. I think we still have time to go big and have a compelling case for either dabo or ds. It’s not fair, but I believe this is his moment that will define him.
  4. If we get prime or dabo - it’s program transformational, if we get a top rising coordinator - it’s a hopeful yawner, if we get freeze - it’s a radioactive disaster
  5. The national noise will die down - besides snide remarks. But the brand sticks. Either that bothers you or it doesn’t.
  6. Either that or our admin have the IQ’s of chipmunks. I promise it’s one of the two.
  7. The only known epic “splash” that’s still available is DS. But it may be too late and he has some pushback. Otherwise a top up and coming coordinator. I’m waaaay open to names. Anyone that people can actually kinda get excited about and wont divide the fan base (gets at let a B- on the creepy grade)
  8. It gets better. Don’t forget Freeze signed a contract extension a month ago.
  9. I remember. We seem to have gotten totally fixated on the “proven sec hc”. Losing reason along the way.
  10. Dabo - Gone. Kiffin - Gone. Sanders - About be gone. All the up and coming elite coordinators - Who the heck knows. And what we’re left with is the one coach who’s literally been stalking us for almost a year. Because he knew we were the only school who’d even consider him. I expected more from Cohen to end the Jaba. And instead he’s taking it to new heights. Sorry for the grumpiness, this is my last thread. Promise.
  11. Prime option is quickly fading. Amazing how we’ve screwed this up Ps 3 freeze threads at once is one of the known signs of the apocalypse
  12. We’re outmanned. But damn we’re ball’in.
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