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  1. auburnatl1

    Allen Greene comments

    In order to fire Gus there’d have be 2 parts: 1) paying off the $32m 2) getting a slam dunk upgrade coach. You wouldn’t make a never-been-done-at-that-scale, massive buyout like that without a jimbo fisher’ish or bigger type move (you can’t go with a maybe/high-potential type. Risk, reward, chances stink). Point is that the bar’s been set $ wise with hiring jimbo fisher’s - and it’s massive. And very long term. When you add up what it would take to do both financially - the firing AND hiring - it might be cheaper to buy apple. Btw where’d the Ceo from apple graduate from😋
  2. auburnatl1

    Still in top 10

    Besides heartbreak, what I hated is that we matched up pretty evenly with a good but probably not elite team. Offensely and defensively. At home. With better teams to come. Not at home. The loss is survivable (LSU has a brutal schedule as well), the question is does the team have a higher gear in them. Otherwise, there are some bad scenarios and inevitable board meltdowns to come.
  3. auburnatl1

    Gary Danielson

    First we want fire gus, now Danielson. Yikes?
  4. auburnatl1

    Gary Danielson

    I'm totally lost on this one and I just watched the game again. I've always liked GD. If you want pro auburn radio, that's your choice, but I think he's always done a solid and objective job. I have no idea where some of this conspiracy bias belief comes from.
  5. auburnatl1

    end the hot seat talk

    And since gus hired each of the coordinators, which everyone seems to like, and recruited the entire current team, which everyone seems to be impressed with ........ oh, never mind. My head hurts.
  6. auburnatl1


    1) it’s uat 2) they stand in the way of the sec playoff 3) they stand in the way of the national championship 4) I don’t want to wait 5 weeks to see au play again 6) it’s uat
  7. auburnatl1

    Arkansas wants Gus

    Totally agree.
  8. auburnatl1

    Path to a National Title

    I keep hearing the analysts say the same narrative over and over: 1) the lsu loss was.self-inflected/lesson-learned game, we dominated game and then..... Brain fart that we grew from. AU has completely transformed its psyche since then. No longer the same team 2) Clemson is Clemson, at Clemson, it was early, and we hadn't figured out how to leverage stidham yet in our offense. No longer the same team Bottom line: our 2 losses seem to looked at as not as badly as other teams losses. Almost as if we're not a 2 loss team ps the other thing that's consistently implied is that they see Gus as a innovator/genius, who sometimes gets a few squirrels running around in his head
  9. auburnatl1

    #6 CFB Playoff Rankings

    Scary amount of love.
  10. auburnatl1

    end the hot seat talk

    Yep, and nobody makes crazy sound better and more rational than we do either.
  11. auburnatl1

    end the hot seat talk

    I've been frustrated, mad, and I'm sure will be at times in the future. Gus is smart, innovative, quirky, stubborn, and flawed. And he'll sometimes break your heart. He's in the same state with the most dominant recruiting machine in a generation, probably ever. UAT has become the preeminent NFL farm system - loaded and dominant (also cold and joyless). Even harder, in a state that doesn't have near the population or amount talent of Georgia, Texas, or fla, Gus has found a way to stay top 5-10 in recruiting. Consistently. I get that he starts the season slow, struggles with quarterbacks (though this seems to be the norm these days), goes way too conservative with a lead, and can be predictable with play-calling. He can and I believe will self correct these quirks (i.e. he didn't used to see defense as a priority). In my experience, if he was dumb or non creative - that's would kinda be a much bigger problem.... Bottom line - I stayed on bus, been driven crazy many times on it, but on it for the long haul.
  12. auburnatl1


    A year ago some fans would have killed for jimbo, 2 months ago mullen, 2 days ago Kirby, 2 weeks from now kiffin. I accepted long ago many just work that way, which is fine and make this forum fun sometimes. It's always wrapped up in some sort of fuzzy logic-speak, a couple of facts, and saying we should demand excellence. So fire em all. But it's gets scary when they actually try to force decisions or policy. Can there be peace for a least at little while before gus just quits to escape this? Congrats Gus! Beat Bama!
  13. auburnatl1

    Gus would be wise to look around

    Some feel that firing someone requires testerone or something. Firing someone is the easiest, often wimpiest decision management ever makes. It's a classic. Looks decisive and buys you 2 years. Problem is, then the two years comes. I can tell you the hardest decision is holding on to someone you believe in and taking the crap. There has to be someone actually, factually better available and initially identified, otherwise it's just expensive manipulation. Half of these posts are ready, fire, aim.
  14. auburnatl1

    Gus would be wise to look around

    it's becoming obvious that the uat phenenom is beginning to drive the entire sec crazy and weaken it structurally. And since we're in the same state..... We're 2 years away from everyone grovelling to get the most recent Saban assistant. We haven't even played the games yet and we're doing this crap about losing scenarios to fire our coach. And we're still in the hunt for the playoffs. No matter how many Gus can't win the big games dissertations/rationalizations I read, it's obvious saban has gotten into our heads.
  15. auburnatl1

    #10 in Latest AP Poll

    The ultimate irony would be if Gus ends the season strong and leaves for an opening at UF, tamu, etc, and we end up in a bidding war for lashlee.