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  1. I’m guessing 75% of all fan bases are grumpy. Weird, few dominant teams season
  2. I’ve always admired South Carolina fans. Loyal, passionate, always show for games - even though team never breaks through. Programs like lsu and uga should always be good due to their monopoly on high-talent state recruiting. Tamu and UF are in a massive recruiting areas. Bama has a unique nfl farm-system setup. IMO we have a tougher “word problem” than those programs, which has consequences. People can “demand excellence” all day but I think we will always have ok years and then occasionally a special season (unlike USCe). Comes with being an au fan. However, yesterday was emoti
  3. This one’s going to take a while to …. process
  4. Regardless of the 28-3 I always thought was going to be a track meet. The defense has issues, but the crazy up and downs of the offense is literally bipolar.
  5. My son went to his first auburn game today without me. He’s been deciding between going to au or uga next year. Got a feeling where this is heading.
  6. I think he usually has very good analysis (which is different than being a head coach) but accept many will call any ex au coach a total idiot except for Jordan and dye.
  7. Ole miss did this 50 times during their Tennessee game. Part of the reason their fans went primal bata$$ crazy with the trash.
  8. Regarding the UT fan meltdown last night. I went on one of their forums just now and they’re having a total fan base civil war. 1000’s of posts pitting the sane trying to rein in a crazy faction that’s saying last night was justified will happen again. Creepy.
  9. Far from a prediction, just a fact - if we win out we win the NC. It’s just math. Much still to play for.
  10. IMO We are currently in the middle tier of the sec - and there’s a bunch in this tier. Only multi-year superior recruiting will fix this . Schemes, discipline, and coaching up would not have changed today except a maybe a couple of points. I can’t decide if Bo’s frantic, chaotic style helps more than it hurts. Don’t think he can change. Receivers consistency is s mess.
  11. Brutal, diverse conference. UGA runs, bully balls 80% of the time, Miss St passes/finesses 80%.
  12. After watching uga’s DL today. Those of the run the damn ball religion may be in for a tough day next week. Going to me a major major challenge
  13. It was Bo’s redemption night (but also kudos to the defense in the 2nd half - total turn around!)..
  14. After watching our secondary this half and Mississippi state’s passing highlights today….. Potential weekly trips to liquor store.
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