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  1. He is getting ripped to shreds on Twitter. Gus gonna Gus
  2. Serious question to people who may know. How hard would it be to work on and develop touch for a QB during the season? Is it something that could be corrected in the season, off-season or never
  3. How do you not use one or both of your 2 star RB’s on that last 4 downs? Dumb decision to trust the QB to run when it hadn’t been their all night.
  4. That line judge should be ashamed of himself and the review official too. Wow!
  5. Wonder what this 1st half looks like without all these penalties?
  6. If Irven makes anything resembling a block it’s a huge gain.
  7. So teams should have everything together and figured out by the time the first game comes? Injuries play a factor as well as you never know how they will respond under the lights when you watch them in practice.
  8. Who is calling it “great call” if it actually worked?
  9. Why? The coach/coaching staff didn’t throw the interceptions and muff the punt?
  10. What about if the players maybe made a few plays that they didn’t and didn’t fumble handoffs and muff punts. Love that people act like it’s all coaching. The guys played their tails off but outside of a couple strange play calls I’d say it was a good game plan and we looked like the better team.
  11. What that gamed showed me was Bama is definitely beatable. In fact much like if Bo was healthy last year (we win), I think Ewers plays the whole game, they may have actually won by double digits.
  12. My Lord at the penalties on both sides so far this first half.
  13. Texas looking pretty good vs Bama. Southern miss vs. Miami 😳
  14. Him and Harsin must have a good relationship. I believe Harsin values Coach Watts input because the last few games I have noticed Watts right next to/talking to Harsin every time the camera showed Harsin. Whether on O or D, but it was mainly on O because I remember thinking that it was odd for OLB/Special Teams coach to be talking to the HC when we were on offense.
  15. Got to thinking randomly last night about “whatever happened to Boobie Whitlow”? So I did some research and couldn’t find much on him, but going by the 2020 season stats for Western Illinois he didn’t even play this season. I hate it for him because he was a good RB and showed flashes at times then transferred to a nobody FCS program and didn’t even play. Anyone know what the deal was? Just curious.
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