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  1. Awesome get. Can’t wait to see who’s next
  2. I don’t know about you guys but I have personally and thoroughly enjoyed this thread. Good job @aubiefifty
  3. If it helps I totally thought it was serious too. I am disappointed in myself
  4. Forgive my lack of basketball IQ, but it looks to me like we’re making those tough inside shots, and with those threes not falling yet, that is a great sign. An even better sign is I see flashes of that speed and pace we want to play. If we get that going and those threes in the second half (like I believed we will) then watch out.
  5. Pretty pumped about this guy. Hopefully we hang onto him and start to fix our o-line
  6. I’m assuming he’s referring to the fact that there is a good Malzahn offense, a not so good one, and then a downright toilet one
  7. Me: I wonder how O-Line recruiting is going. Forum: FISH I kid. That’s some pretty cool stuff @abw0004