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  1. How did you start a topic with zero posts?
  2. I’m pretty okay with this hire. Coach is putting together a very good staff
  3. If I’m thinking of the same bull in the ring...that alone made me quit football.
  4. Since people wanted him, I also think it’s interesting that Urban Meyer is pretty much ready to take the Jasksonville job.
  5. What? No lazy river or bouncy castle? Do we want recruits to come here or not?! In all seriousness, it’s fine. I agree that the exterior is nothing special-it looks like every other building that has been at Auburn for years minus a few updates. The barber shop is awesome. The pool room is kind of neat, but you’d think for that kind of money you could do better than a few pool tables. At least it’s an upgrade. And I’m not a recruit, so who cares what I think
  6. That would be a clear waste of time. Obviously they would flip a coin
  7. Probably because Malzahn couldn’t call plays to save his job
  8. So is it a common thing for a head coach to give his OC a menu to choose from? I knew Gus did it, but that was Gus...
  9. Quite possibly. I just found it interesting
  10. Sorry if already mentioned, but according to 247, Muschamp has reportedly declined the Texas job.
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