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  1. Fantastic win on the road against a ranked SEC team at 11 am that is actually really good. Wr’s looked amazing, Bo was fantastic, D did what they had to and got some key stops and even a TD. We looked well coached and well prepared. Solid win over all. War Wagle
  2. I think we should give all of our coaches time. War Eagle
  3. Good thing getting gashed in the first half was nothing to worry about, am I right, guys? Having said that, the defense looks more disciplined, so hopefully some rest will be the difference and we can hang on to win
  4. Our offense definitely needs to stay on the field longer and still get 7 next drive. The D is doing what they need to now. They’re closing lanes and getting to the ball, but they’re clearly tired
  5. He seems to absolutely excel at half time adjustments, so I’m looking forward to seeing that
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