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  1. Potatooooooes!!

    2019 4* RB Mark-Antony Richards

    Any chance we take all three?
  2. Potatooooooes!!

    Who replaces Chip?

    I’m honestly not sure why anyone would leave their current job for us. Bentley is apparently not interested in us anyway, at least according to Marcello.
  3. Potatooooooes!!

    Propst in the SEC

    That’s not how logic works bro. Me saying emotional harm is just as real as physical harm does not equal “breaking a girls heart and her getting depressed and killing herself is now murder and all your fault.” That’s called a fallacy on your part, because I never said that; that’s an illogical assumption you made by yourself out of ignorance. Your original point was emotional harm isn’t actual harm, which is patently false. I showed you why, and then you took my point and transformed it into a point I never made. Good job. Second, I never said killing one’s self was an act of aggression by another. Another useless point by you. Third, I know losing property is not an act of aggression. Again, that’s not the point I’m making. Emotional harm is actual harm is my point. Fourth: Maybe by now it will sink in, but forceful aggression is not my point. My original claim that emotional harm is just as real as physical harm is my claim. My basis in this claim is rooted in common sense alone, but has also been demonstrated in my points that you have so aptly lept over in your state of confusion. Look up straw man fallacy; you’re good at them. sorry thinking is so hard for you
  4. Potatooooooes!!

    Potential Grad Transfer QB Jalen Hurts

    Yeah that’s just common sense lol
  5. Potatooooooes!!

    Propst in the SEC

    Just think about it for a second. Can you really not understand the emotional toll that would take on someone knowing the person you loved started a second family, and thus what kind of physical toll that could take on a person? Do you not understand the very real link between emotional damage and physical health? Do you not see how it could cause depression, and how many people die from depression every day? There’s your physical harm. There’s your loss of life. Then the kids lose a mother. Then what happens to the house? Loss of property. Can you really not see how emotional stress is actual harm? I don’t know whether he actually started a second family or not. I also don’t know whether you’re serious or not; because honestly, this level of intellectual depravity is hard to accept as reality. We can debate whether or not he would be a good coach. We can debate whether or not his failures should disqualify him from a position at Auburn. What should be common sense and thus not up for debate is that emotional harm is not “hurt feelings” but “actual harm.”
  6. Potatooooooes!!

    Propst in the SEC

    Yeah...no way being cheated on like that would ever cause any actual harm. Are you serious?
  7. Potatooooooes!!

    2019 3* RB DJ Williams

    Agreed! Welcome
  8. Potatooooooes!!

    Poll: Where do you stand with Gus?

    No offense, but have you been on the board recently? It should be abundantly clear by now where nearly everybody stands on Gus at this point
  9. Potatooooooes!!

    Gus wins (Decison made)

    So if Gus sucks next year like we all expect him to Leath should be fired too. His ego and stupidity not only got us in this mess but produced an embarrassment of epic proportions for our university. Gus will always be remembered fondly for His good characteristics, but not our clown of a president
  10. Potatooooooes!!

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Call me if you ever get confused
  11. Potatooooooes!!

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Bro...do you really think he’s serious? Step away from the ledge
  12. Potatooooooes!!

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Do you ever want to add something to a conversation, but have nothing to add?
  13. Potatooooooes!!

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    I can’t believe it’s been a solid week since this stuff leaked and not a peep (or useful one) from anyone. I’ve never seen such a crapfest before. Where is Gus right now? Is he or Sexton even talking with anyone? Everyone involved in this needs to be fired. There’s my daily complaint for the day
  14. Potatooooooes!!

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Right now he’s posting the most ambiguous tweets I’ve seen yet. He doesn’t know what’s going on either
  15. Potatooooooes!!

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    I don’t understand what he means by worse. Worse as in performance? Worse as in predicament? Mood? Standing?