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  1. This always seems to happen when I haven't read a thread in a while... "Auburn recruit ___ looks great. Can't wait to get started at Auburn." "Auburn recruit hurt in freak accident."
  2. That was because we had Nick Marshal in 2014, not because Gus may or may not have micromanaged. We've all seen what micromanaging has gotten us the last two years. He needs to let the coaches he hired do their jobs, so he can do better at his.
  3. Safe for another year? Sure sounds like hot seat talk to me. I mean, he's definitely done what he's needed to, but that doesn't mean he's not on the hot seat
  4. "As of now, it looks like Gus is starting to transition more to a HC role." Man, I sure hope so...But I agree. Couldn't be happier with the way this off season has gone. Like this
  5. Would we ask Horton to move to ST coach? Is Porter a better rb coach than Horton?
  6. Did we merge the Fountain thread with the Rocker thread? And then did we combine it with a "which weather would you rather sweat in" thread?
  7. What if we hire him and say it's cause we like him? You know, wait a few months...say there's no connection...picking up what I'm putting down?
  8. ¡¿Qué?! ¡¿Por qué?!
  9. Send him somewhere way out west
  10. Exactly. Especially when that gravy consists of TD. I'm set with those three alone. Yeah I would have preferred some pass rushers, but hopefully we can fill that need next year
  11. Personally, there's no way I can be disappointed in this year's recruiting class. In fact, I've been so unconcerned that Signing Day actually snuck up on me. If all of our current recruits stay committed then I will be pleased as punch tomorrow. Combine that with some of the off season news we have recently gotten and I don't see how ANYONE can be disappointed.
  12. I haven't seen a thread get this personal and hateful since...ever. You'd think we hired Bobby Petrino or something. I hope Chip works out. I have hope, but I'll reserve judgement til December.
  13. Lol at DC being a scapegoat...and this poster...
  14. If half the stuff on this board is true (combined with what my eyes show me during games) I would NEVER want to work with Gus. The fact that other coordinators don't trust Gus doesn't surprise me in the least