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  1. For me, it's just interesting when you insult your entire (new) team and tell them to hit the portal because he's "bringing his own luggage, and it's louis vuitton"--only for you to recruit like that. And I say that as someone that wanted him here
  2. It's almost like you should pick the school that is the best fit for you, not who pays you more. Crazy thought.
  3. He committed to Florida, probably more so for the NIL than anything else. If Florida had been honest with him he could have committed elsewhere, but now the spots are gone. Why shouldn't he sue? That's a big deal
  4. That's quite the sentence right there
  5. I would take what these guys say with a massive grain of salt from now on. Not saying he's wrong. Just saying
  6. I feel like any one of those three would be amazing
  7. I still can't believe we pulled this off. Simply amazing. Such a good addition to our line
  8. There are a lot of people that have no idea what they are talking about but still talk and act like they're right. Every time we get one of these recruiting wins I think about those two or three posters that were like, "Do you know how easy it's gonna be to negatively recruit against Freeze? But beyond that, I'm absolutely thrilled at what Freeze and his staff have accomplished. I felt like we could recruit, but I never saw it at this level for this year
  9. Oh I see. Yeah I will never get tired of owning Ole Bert
  10. I will always prefer Bluey, but at this point this gif sums up how I feel about recruiting. The success Freeze has had on the recruiting trail is truly mind-blowing. We are actually meeting every single need we have, and not just with bodies, but good quality recruits. I'm so excited for this upcoming season!
  11. I love his commitment poster. Just sayin
  12. Do we have a shot with him or is he just on people's wishlist?
  13. I personally think it's pretty dumb that they do that. For one thing, there will be kids that look at that and think that's their true value, if it's not. Then there's the whole matter of how they even calculate it
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