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  1. I don’t know about you guys but I have personally and thoroughly enjoyed this thread. Good job @aubiefifty
  2. If it helps I totally thought it was serious too. I am disappointed in myself
  3. Forgive my lack of basketball IQ, but it looks to me like we’re making those tough inside shots, and with those threes not falling yet, that is a great sign. An even better sign is I see flashes of that speed and pace we want to play. If we get that going and those threes in the second half (like I believed we will) then watch out.
  4. Pretty pumped about this guy. Hopefully we hang onto him and start to fix our o-line
  5. I’m assuming he’s referring to the fact that there is a good Malzahn offense, a not so good one, and then a downright toilet one
  6. Me: I wonder how O-Line recruiting is going. Forum: FISH I kid. That’s some pretty cool stuff @abw0004
  7. If we have the space and he’s good then reach out to him. Even if we have someone higher on our board, at least reach out to him and establish some form of relationship. I really don’t see the negative in going after him. I’m certainly not worried about qb chemistry or whatever like some were with Wilson.
  8. I’m honestly not sure why anyone would leave their current job for us. Bentley is apparently not interested in us anyway, at least according to Marcello.
  9. That’s not how logic works bro. Me saying emotional harm is just as real as physical harm does not equal “breaking a girls heart and her getting depressed and killing herself is now murder and all your fault.” That’s called a fallacy on your part, because I never said that; that’s an illogical assumption you made by yourself out of ignorance. Your original point was emotional harm isn’t actual harm, which is patently false. I showed you why, and then you took my point and transformed it into a point I never made. Good job. Second, I never said killing one’s self was an act of aggression by another. Another useless point by you. Third, I know losing property is not an act of aggression. Again, that’s not the point I’m making. Emotional harm is actual harm is my point. Fourth: Maybe by now it will sink in, but forceful aggression is not my point. My original claim that emotional harm is just as real as physical harm is my claim. My basis in this claim is rooted in common sense alone, but has also been demonstrated in my points that you have so aptly lept over in your state of confusion. Look up straw man fallacy; you’re good at them. sorry thinking is so hard for you