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  1. I’m not reading all of that. War Eagle
  2. It’s neither absurd nor flawed, it’s common sense, which clearly isn’t as common as it used to be. It’s all good though. I don’t care to go back and forth on this because as I said it’s been beat to death. You see what happened in a completely negative light and refuse to concede there might be more to it, even though you don’t know the man or the situation at all. Your job is different, so you comparing it to coaching football is absurd and flawed (unless...you coach football?) We both agree on the obvious point he didn’t honor the contract. At this point we should give each other a War Eagle
  3. Every effort beyond just saying no. How often do you hear of a college assistant getting an offer for the NFL and then seeing if the college would match it? You don’t do that unless you want to stay, but anyone with common sense would know they can’t pass up a better opportunity if it comes along. Leveraging the NFL for more money, as you put it, is your cynical way of looking at it without being open to the possibility that this decision might have been more difficult than you think. To me, it shows he wanted to be here, but needed a reason to say no to the better job. It’s kind of a dead hor
  4. I didn’t say he did honor his contract?
  5. By wanting a reason to say no to the NFL. Think about it
  6. Exactly. If he really did that then he made every effort to stay at his alma mater and honor his contract. It seems to me his heart is in two places. Can’t blame a guy for that at all
  7. Coaches really do leave all the time. He could be leaving for a job he likes better and that pays more. There’s not a single person on this board that wouldn’t do the same. No one else in this world is going to take care of you; you really have to do it yourself. I can see why it rubs people the wrong way. Yeah you can now consider him a flight risk and I wouldn’t blame you. But there’s really no reason to be upset at the guy. Just take YOUR emotions out of it, cause they don’t matter to him or Coach Harsin either. It’s that simple
  8. I’m fine with it. Where a coach comes from really isn’t all that important. You gotta start somewhere. If Coach likes him then that’s that.
  9. I’m pretty okay with this hire. Coach is putting together a very good staff
  10. If I’m thinking of the same bull in the ring...that alone made me quit football.
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