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  1. So take the 10k for not visiting, then sign with Auburn. Win-win
  2. If you’re not smart enough to recognize sarcasm you will be lost every time I speak. Should I use yellow font from now on just for you, so it’s painfully obvious? Best hit that ignore button kid
  3. If he has no idea then he shouldn’t be coaching. Maybe you should coach. You sound smart
  4. They should practice free throws instead
  5. Do they work on free throws in practice?
  6. Lol welp. You sold me! On not drinking it. Good job!
  7. Yo I don’t think I’ve ever tried that before. Describe the taste- ad style.
  8. “Pepsi. Achieve mediocrity. At best.”
  9. I need to know this too. They probably prefer Sierra Mist as well *dry heaves*
  10. You know, I was in a pretty good mood until I saw this topic. Now I’m forced to relive how awful Auburn football is and deal with the fact that for what seems like the fourth year in a row, if we had just had a pulse on offense, things could have been so much different. Instead I’m told I should be grateful that we’re ranked 14th and came so close to beating these four teams, as if the games were ever actually that close (Do some of you even watch the games, or just check the score at the end?). We held LSU to what, 24 points? No one else came close to that, and because we couldn’t even fart out an offense we lost, again, to a super beatable LSU team. I don’t understand how some of you look at that and feel like that’s an accomplishment, like it’s something to be proud of. Maybe if we were UAB, sure. We’re Auburn. We’re better than that. I can appreciate my guys’ work without labeling these yearly performances as acceptable. I can go on and on but I won’t
  11. Reminds me of people trying to excite themselves for Scott Loeffler. “He coached Tom Brady”
  12. There is not one Auburn football player that comes from practice, checks a message board and thinks to himself, “Golly, these guys are so negative. I’m just going to transfer to another school.” Besides that, the reason people are so pissed at Gus is BECAUSE of our love for the players. They deserve so much more than the incompetent crap show we see year after year. They deserve a coach that can coach them up, put them in positions to succeed, and bring out the best in them, not watch befuddled as they regress or watch them waste away on the sidelines. We’re pissed at Gus because we love the Auburn brand and our players, and he refuses to adapt so we can be our best, instead offering half-hearted excuses or “give ‘em credits” when we lose, like it shouldn’t be a surprise! I can’t believe people still can’t see this. Every game is another wasted opportunity and another notch in the evidence column of why Gus needs to go. For crying out loud, love Auburn enough to want more than the product you’re treated to every Saturday. There’s your middle ground
  13. Having not seen much of the game, I thought this was an interesting and frankly candid read. It’s a short article from 247, but I’d like some insight from some of the coaches on here on this as well.
  14. I really don’t want another year of this crap
  15. At some point beating Bama shouldn’t matter. If you can’t beat a ranked team in a bowl game you need to go
  16. For any other coach it would be a grand slam. For someone as controlling as Gus it’s all about potential.
  17. What did you expect? It’s Arkansas
  18. I love the news! Just hope it makes a difference
  19. You guys are nuts if you think Gus will trust Chad with the offense. Gus doesn’t trust anyone with the offense no matter how long he has known them. Know why? It’s not about “trust”; it’s his personality. He could literally bring in a Gus clone and it would still get micromanaged. Why would a man that “bet it all” on himself this year turn right around and give someone else the keys next year?
  20. Some people are obsessed with statistics because it’s the only way to make them feel better
  21. I just don’t understand why Gus can have these brilliant, out-of-nowhere games against Bama and braindead we’ll-be-lucky-to-score-15 against everyone else. It’s like he’s got a small jar of coaching dust on his mental shelf and knows he needs to save most of it for Bama. I wasn’t able to watch most of the game, so I don’t know if he ran different plays, if we just executed better, or if it’s just the Iron Bowl. Can someone help me out? What I do know is that, in this day in age, even with our schedule, if you beat Bama you should be playing for championships
  22. This sounds like the exact wording you would use for a coaching rumor that someone says right before they are proven to be as completely wrong as possible.