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  1. Waiving out-of-state fees for legacies was a policy for a time in the past. My two nieces were out-of-state Legacy students, and they benefitted from that policy, meaning that they ended up paying the in-state tuition rate. They graduated somewhere around 1998-2000. By the time my son started at Auburn in 2005 (he was also an out-of-state Legacy student), that policy was no longer in place. Instead, they had Legacy Scholarships, which were competitive and only available to a few select legacy students. I do not know if that scholarship still exists. However, They did have another different policy that helped us greatly — but I do not know if this is still the situation. If an out-of-state student was awarded scholarships FROM WITHIN THE UNIVERSITY that totaled an amount at least as much as in-state tuition, then 1/3 of the total out-of-state tuition was waived. Since out-of-state was 3X in-state, then that meant that he would not pay more than the in-state rate if he earned sufficient scholarships. Combining his University scholarships, College scholarships, and Band scholarships, he received the waiver and never paid more than in-state tuition. Of course, those types of scholarships are announced on an annual basis. So there was never a guarantee of a fee waiver from year to year. He graduated in 2009 — things may be different now.
  2. The U. S. Army Herald Trumpets are an ensemble from within the United States Army Band "Pershing's Own". They are the official fanfare ensemble for the President of the United States. They are kind of a big deal, and it was a real honor for our band students to have the opportunity to perform with them. I have seen on FB a pretty good video of the full halftime show, but it's a Facebook video -- not Youtube. I don't know if I can figure out how to share it here.
  3. I don't know whether anyone has ever offered a "ridiculous" amount of money to Auburn First Baptist. But I do know that AFBC has at one time considered selling the downtown property and rebuilding outside the downtown area -- to the point of having a committee and beginning to make some plans. This was within the last maybe 5 years or so. I also know that they are no longer interested in making a move. I have several close friends who are members, and I asked one of them about it a few weeks ago. He told me that the church has decided that they are better off remaining where they are. My guess is that PART of the reason is that they feel like their student ministry is better served by remaining downtown and close to the Baptist Student Center. That's just a guess, and I am sure there are a number of things that factor in to the decision.
  4. Auburn United Methodist Church has 3 lots. While it's not the same as tailgating in greenspace, many people tailgate right there at their cars. One lot is across the street from Tiger Rags. A second lot is on the far side of the main church building, with an entrance from Magnolia and an entrance from Thach. The third lot is a couple of blocks down Gay Street at Northcutt Realty (behind the hotel & conference center). The lots do fill up a few hours before kickoff. Cost varies a bit by game but is usually $20-$30; proceeds benefit organizations and mission projects. No alcohol. allowed on the property.
  5. I don't know the answer to your question, but you may be able to figure it out by looking at the University of Louisville ticket site, where there are tickets available to the public. They have both Upper Level and Lower Level available --- I assume that AU seats would be opposite. Good luck.
  6. If you will be in town on Friday before the game, your kids would probably enjoy the Football, Fans, and Feathers show at the Raptor Center. Adults enjoy it, too!
  7. I don't know the names of all of the stadiums ---- JHS, Legion Field, Florida, FSU, Miami (old Orange Bowl), Gator Bowl, Ga Tech, UGA, Clemson, Tennessee, Vandy, Kentucky, Starkville, Jackson (Ole Miss used to play some home games there), LSU, Georgia Dome, Superdome, University of Phoenix, Rose Bowl. That's 19. I may have been to Oxford, which would make it 20, but I can't recall with certainty --- that would have been in the 70's.
  8. We love our West Upper Deck seats. They are between the 45 and 50, 18 rows up, although a few rows lower would be nice just because of the old knees. In the West (home side) upper deck, the sun sets behind us --- so the sun is out of our faces long before it's out of the faces of the fans sitting on the east side of the stadium. If you are in the upper deck between the 40's, probably even between the 30's, your view of the field is not distorted. When we have guests with us, they are always apprehensive about the upper deck. But when they get there, they always say "This is great!". We would love to be able to sit in the lower level, but we will never be at a high enough donor level to have seats that are as good as what we have now. And where we are now is a result of 35 years of GAF/TUF. I sit in the end zone once each year with the Alumni Band. Although there is a lot to be said for sitting close to the field, the end zone field perspective doesn't suit me. I find myself watching the game on AUHD.
  9. Just my opinion --- and my guess ---- the school systems make their decisions based on the weather predictions. In my non-professional opinion, the weather forecasts were off-the-mark for some areas, such as mine. If I am not mistaken, the original forecast for Auburn and Lee County probably did indicate a need to cancel classes for the day. However, the original Atlanta (and probably Birmingham) forecast did not indicate that need. I am in Atlanta (Gwinnett County, actually), and all of the forecasts that I heard before today indicated that the north metro area and the Georgia mountains would be impacted very little, if at all, by the winter storm. Up until this morning, all of the TV weather forecasts said that the central and southern parts of the state would be getting the frozen precipitation. We might get a dusting of snow in Atlanta, but that is all. I'm not sure what the forecast was for Birmingham, but I assume similar to Atlanta. There was nothing predicted that should cause the Atlanta area schools to make the decision ahead of time to close schools for the entire day. As it turned out, once the snow hit the metro Atlanta area, it moved in very quickly. I don't personally place blame with the school systems. They made decisions based on what they knew at the time. The meteorologists were significantly off-the-mark with their weather predictions for our area. And Georgia DOT was ill-prepared, to say the least. Once the weather and road conditions do become bad, even if a school system decides to dismiss early, it is quite a production to handle the logistics to get all the children home simply because of the number of children involved. All of that being said ---- the children's safety is the most important thing. As a parent (and my child is now an adult) --- I would prefer that my child be held at the school, even if it means spending the night there, rather than to be put on a bus that might or might not make it home. Here in Atlanta, there are reports of some school and day care busses that are currently stranded with children on board. I would not be a happy parent if my child were in that situation.
  10. I don't think I'd call it a "bargain", but I bought ATL to Las Vegas last week for $550 per person round trip on Southwest/Airtran. That includes all taxes and add-ons. That's flying out on Sunday, returning on Tuesday (but we aren't rich!). When shopping around, I checked San Diego, Los Angeles (all airports), Palm Springs and found all to be at least $800 round trip. I would have also considered Phoenix (air fare was in the same range as Las Vegas) but was able to get a reservation on the BCSBus from Las Vegas, so now I don't have to rent a car. I have always read that the best airfares are found on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Not sure if that is true.
  11. AU Athletics website shows sections 1 thru 4 and 25 thru 28. Not sure if I'm posting a link correctly, but hopefully you get the idea.
  12. Yes, the AUMB rehearsal is open to the public. I would go with the gameday schedule on the AUMB website. If you have never before been to watch a rehearsal, be sure to check out the link to the band gameday map. The band rehearsal field is on Hemlock Drive, nowhere near the current band building. The map also shows you where the band will be for Tiger Walk and for the Four Corners Pep Rally.