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  1. I remember that muddy outback bowl game. We were built for finesse and they had a stud at fullback. Didnt Stephen Davis get concussed in that game and spend the second half on the sideline chewing on his chinstrap with his helmet half off?
  2. I reckon he sits them down in his office and says, "you can leave or ride the pine without a scholly. Your choice."
  3. I think we should all be proud to have had an individual like Jeremy at Auburn. I know he's not proud of what he was able to produce in his time with the program. Nonetheless, he has very special athletic talents and a great head on his shoulders. Jason Campbell comes to mind. A few different bounces of the oblong spheroid and Jeremy might have been considered without question for an NFL roster.
  4. Speary McSpears Alot. "Mama says alligators are ongry because they got so many teef and no toofbrush."
  5. Took one look and really like this guy. Welcome to AU Jalil! Great addition to a great team.
  6. Yeah. So, as soon as we bring our capacity to 100k, our work will have just begun, apparently? Not a big fan of our own plans to tack an amorphous edifice onto the corner of JHS either.
  7. The "spin machine" will simply ignore the story. Nothing to see here; move on. Impeach the governor. Build the wall...
  8. I concur. I'm still upset about how Fineboob and Turd Nation treated us in 2010. I'll never forget our big one under Dye. And I harbor no ill will against Ole Siss. I pray for the best for them. (And for the worst for Dodge Charger U)
  9. Look. The guy has worked hard. He sweats outside during practice in the summer...
  10. " The last time the Tigers started a season this high in any ranking, they barely finished above .500. Auburn was No. 6 in the 2015 AP preseason poll, but lost four of its first eight games, finished 2-6 in SEC play and just barely squeezed into a bowl game."
  11. What gives? Is the spike 80 all in the soil? I'd like to see the replacement trees thrive. I've wondered to this day what happened to the wood when the trees were removed. Did they throw it away? Did they burn it? Did they make furniture from it?
  12. Hey. Remember that time a 4* recruit traveled to Paris to film a professionally produced YouTube announcement of his college choice, and the college told him to hold off a season?
  13. He was a talent. He did a special cartoon for a team I played for in HS. Wish I still had it. Everyone remember the "First Time Ever" tickets? Kept mine for years. He's credited with creating Aubie. If Auburn was API before 1960, would they have thought to call the tiger "Aubie?"
  14. "__________ would be a great replacement for Jacobs." No matter who you use to fill the blank, the statement remains true. I like Tubs. I'd prefer to see an executive type take the reigns. This is a very large business enterprise now.
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