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  1. In the 2024 season. If not, how close are we? https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/35152132/rose-bowl-agrees-amended-deal-paving-way-early-cfp-expansion
  2. I'm in. Especially over Freeze.
  3. 1. Defense needs to play like last year or close to it. 2. We need to successfully run the ball with both RBs as well as the QB. 3. Ashford needs to hit on the occasional playaction pass if we can establish the run game.
  4. Lol Tennessee is getting straight up humiliated
  5. This is the exact question I had when I popped into the thread lol
  6. I'd say it's a must-win if we hope to somehow get to bowl eligibility. TAMU and WKU would be our other two potential wins to get us to 6-6. Now, do I think it will happen? Not really. But it's certainly in the realm of possibility.
  7. O-line remains a massive liability in both run and pass blocking, and our D can only hold out so long before the fatigue sets in. Plus the crowd noise causes some false start penalties, including at least one that kills a halfway decent looking drive. It kills me to be this pessimistic, but I'm just calling it how I see it. 😔 34-16 OM.
  8. My guesses for the two coaches OP mentions in the current 'search' based on absolutely zero evidence and 100% intuition Active head coach: Freeze (Most likely 'big name' hire, IMO. The vibe I get is that he's spent enough time out of coaching and then as a DA HC at Liberty 'paying his dues.' ) Kiffin (Maybe, but I'm not sold he'd come. How much better is the Auburn job than Ole Miss? Yes, a Saban/Kiffin Iron Bowl rivalry would be awesome, but from his perspective he already gets a shot at Saban each year regardless.) Aranda (I don't see it. Why leave Baylor with an easier path to the playoffs and job security for a hostile environment facing Smart and Saban each year?) Wildcard: Mr. Primetime himself, Deion Sanders (LOL yeah right, PTB would never allow it. But it could be a high risk/high reward kind of thing. If he puts together a solid coaching staff led by a strong OC and DC while focusing on being a game manager and the 'public face' of the team/brand, recruiting could explode. Especially if Bo is involved; imagine being a 5* HS recruit with Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson sitting in your living room for you?) Former head coach weighing options: Meyer (Possibly, but I have my doubts and reservations about him anyway.) Stoops (Maybe? I can't imagine the XFL is scratching his 'head coaching' itch. But who knows.) Briles (Ugh, please don't even consider him.) Gruden (LOL, let's not be like Tennessee fans.)
  9. 27-21 AU It's based on a mix of optimism and homerism.
  10. Just saw on the r/wde subreddit that Derick Hall changed his Instagram profile picture to an orange jersey... 🤔
  11. All of my UConn buddies up here are terrified that we are going to poach their AD, David Benedict, considering his connections to the Auburn athletics department.
  12. Anyone know if it will be available for those of us with YouTubeTV? It comes with SECN, but I am just worried that ESPN+ and SECN+ means it will only be on that stupid paid ESPN app that Disney is trying to push.
  13. I genuinely laughed out loud... Love SEC Shorts. As 3rdgeneration said, this clip feels pretty accurate but I hope we can get to at least 8 wins.
  14. Again, the total amount spent by the Athletic department on my hypothetical proposal would depend on specifics (e.g., total number of scholarships available in each tier and the actual amount of the 'stipend' that comes with tier 1-3 scholarships). Let's say the breakdown is 10 tier 1 scholarships ($100k/ea), 20 tier 2 ($50k/ ea) 30 tier 3 ($25k/ ea) and the rest of the scholarships do not include the stipend. That comes out to $2,750,000 total each year. Now let's take a look at Auburn's AD financial profit/losses over the past 15 years. Keep in mind this is for all sports, not just football so subsidizing the others are included in the figures. I have highlighted years when this would be an issue. Even then, profit reserves accumulated from previous years (when subtracting by $2,750,000 for player stipends) would easily cover these. Yes, the deficits for the 2013-2014 and 2020-2021 COVID seasons are brutal, but they can be covered. 2020-21 $123,546,999 $133,289,885 $(9,742,886) 2019-20 $153,703,749 $135,816,431 $17,887,318 2018-19 $152,455,416 $139,260,711 $13,194,705 2017-18 $147,620,569 $139,798,191 $7,822,378 2016-17 $147,511,034 $132,885,979 $14,625,055 2015-16 $140,070,593 $124,864,399 $15,206,194 2014-15 $124,657,247 $115,498,047 $9,159,200 2013-14 $113,716,004 $127,340,380 $(13,624,376) 2012-13 $103,680,609 $104,546,603 $(865,994) 2011-12 $105,951,253 $97,128,835 $8,822,418 2010-11 $103,982,441 $100,497,784 $3,484,657 2009-10 $92,611,558 $90,908,902 $1,702,656 2008-09 $87,001,413 $85,480,343 $1,521,070 2007-08 $89,311,824 $69,841,200 $19,470,624 2006-07 $81,799,266 $68,910,465 $12,888,801 2005-06 $66,599,925 $63,249,119 $3,350,806 https://www.al.com/auburnfootball/2022/01/auburn-athletics-reports-97-million-loss-in-2021.html With that said, your point stands because most universities do not have the luxury of having a cash cow football program like we do. My hypothetical model would make more sense if/when these conference expansions are complete and the big boys start their own league/division. Those schools can make it work, especially since they will essentially be the amateur NFL league anyway. Thoughts?
  15. To be clear, you're suggesting that revenue sharing with football players will kill the budget for most other sports?
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