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  1. The fact that this is backwards is bothering me way more than it probably should. Am I just crazy or wouldn't this read better as EVER TO CONQUER|NEVER TO YIELD?
  2. Not sold but I will be cautiously optimistic.
  3. This is such a great illustration of what a stimulus check should and shouldn't be. I'm in the same boat, except three $600 checks vs three $2,000 checks and our 'stimulus' will just be used to pay CC debt from Christmas and/or savings. If it were three $2,000 on the other hand, we'd probably use it for some home improvements repairs. Now which of those two actions actually stimulates the economy? Other than the folks who need the $600 check to put food on the table, it will do nothing to stimulate our economy because much of it will just go back to lenders or savings.
  4. I mean... you're not wrong but I'll watch AU sports until the day I die. You're also not considering whether the student athletes WANT to be there (spoiler: they do). I think a sensible rule allowing student athletes to profit from likeness/athletic skills rule will help with the moral issues involved in the NCAA enterprise.
  5. Should I assume there have been no new updates or insider info/educated speculation?
  6. I just said this in another post, but just getting an outsider as HC is a huge deal on its own. I turn 35 soon and this is the first true outsider we've hired in my lifetime, and I am excited to see where it goes. Who knows, maybe this will be our 'Urban Meyer going to Florida from Utah' type hire.
  7. Great post @Auburn2Eugene. I think this hire has been long-needed for Auburn--a true outsider with a fresh set of eyes and no ties to our boosters. I am 34 (35 in March) and similar to you, I have been thinking about the fact that every coach in my lifetime has been some sort of 'insider.' I have been explaining the significance of CBH being an outsider to my FIL and friends up here, but they just don't get it since they never experienced it (stupid decisions made because of the PTB) as a lifelong Auburn fan. I like this hire even though it's risky; the potential reward is too great.
  8. He's listed as the #11 WR and #108 overall. Can't blame the kid for mitigating risk for his financial future--especially with the clusterf***k this coaching change has been. I wish him luck at the next level and I will certainly be rooting for him!
  9. Count me in for an annual $20! In fact, I'll look at it as starting a new Christmas Eve tradition.
  10. Done. Thanks and Merry Christmas and WDE!
  11. I keep getting this error when I put in the donation amount and click "Donate Now." Anyone else seeing the same thing?
  12. Times are tough right now with the pandemic, holidays, and I'm a (relatively) new dad, but I'd be honored to make an annual donation to keep this site free from advertisers! Wikipedia is the only other website that I give annually, for the same purpose. I may lurk/read far more than post, but this place has felt like a second home for the last eight years or so (I read the forums daily for a year or so before registering) and I can't thank everyone here enough for making it a bit easier being a die-hard Auburn fan in UCONN country and a land that doesn't 'get college football.' This
  13. Auburnwire is also reporting it now. https://auburnwire.usatoday.com/2020/12/18/auburn-football-interview-head-coach-kevin-steele-billy-napier-stevek-sarkisian-tony-elliott-brent-venables/
  14. Someone on the Auburn subreddit also posted a link to 247 which apparently adds Venables to the invite list too. I don't see any indication that he accepted the invite but everything seems to be very fluid right now and I am as far away from an insider as you can get. The 247 article is sub only, which I don't have so I can't confirm this firsthand. The Reddit link is below. Anyone heard any talk about BV? https://old.reddit.com/r/wde/comments/kg1b4a/auburn_has_invited_five_coaches_to_interview_this/
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