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  1. Yeah I was also under the impression that we only had one left (which was for Phillips if he chose us). Can anyone shed more light on this?
  2. Agreed. We need someone who can hit their shots and score points... oh, and is reliable from the FT line.
  3. Anyone know how he plans to announce his decision?
  4. True but if you look at his IG page, there are only four total posts (with one being his decommit note to the Corndogs). Between that and how little he posts on Twitter, and how quiet his recruitment has been since he decommited in March, it's clear that he doesn't want the spotlight (which is great because humility is an indicator of a good teammate). Typically I'd agree with your post, but I think in JP's case, the IG post *could* be a sign for us... Especially coupled with the new CB prediction.
  5. The irony and cognitive dissonance of this post is almost too much 😂
  6. That's fair. I was on the fence when I said it because my sentiments are pretty much the same. There's also a degree of subjectivity; how exactly would you define 'bust'?
  7. Any new updates/rumblings about Phillips and the G League? I wonder if we are trying work an NIL angle in there.
  8. Wiley and/or Purifoy? I forget if either one was a 5* out of HS.
  9. Any idea why not? We need some more consistent perimeter shooting.
  10. Wishing him the best of luck finding success at ASU. Happy for him that he gets to play with his brother too!
  11. Where should this put us on the 247 2022 recruiting team rankings?
  12. Agreed. IMO the other most dangerous games are @UF, @TENN, and @MSU. Although it's a home game and The Jungle will be rockin', aTm this Saturday could be a dogfight too.
  13. Can't wait to see what our defensive stats look like at the end of this one.
  14. Assuming we take care of business tonight, I think (hope) that the players will use this as motivation, playing with a chip on their shoulders against UK on Saturday.
  15. This is amazing on so many levels. First, just because it's hilarious and harmless fun. But more importantly, it's harmless fun that really shows how passionate our fan base is. You know who loves fun, passionate fans, and Twitter? Recruits.
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