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  1. CT Tiger

    "Podcast Season" is back.......

    Is this on Spotify by chance?
  2. CT Tiger

    2018: AU vs. LSU Kickoff Set

    Sorry to bump an old thread, but I have a question that doesn't warrant creating a new one. Like my post above says, I'm going to this game with my CT born and raised girlfriend--and it'll be my first time in JHS since 2004. We need AU pom poms! Does anyone know where I can order them online? If I bought them on game-day, I imagine I'd just stop in Anders or J&M right? We are staying in ATL and renting a car to drive down Saturday morning, checking out the tailgate scene (not that I know anyone there anymore ☚ī¸), and I was going to show her Toomers, parts of campus, my old Apt, downtown Auburn, and stop into Anders and J&M. That's obviously a lot to do before game time, but at least we will gain an hour crossing time zones. I'm worried that we won't have a chance to grab pom poms somewhere around there on game day and I should just get them now, bringing them with us. What do y'all think? And yes, she thinks it's hilarious and that I'm out of my mind for wanting pom poms so badly, as well as my deep concern of not having them for the game. Ohhh ignorance is bliss. I can't wait until she sees what a REAL football game is like... 😁
  3. CT Tiger

    Heron Transferring to St. John's

    Really hope to see big things for him! I went to the Auburn-Uconn game in Hartford in December 2016 with all my Uconn alumni friends while being fully decked out in Auburn gear (including my Auburn ugly Christmas sweater). I was very loudly cheering on Auburn and caught the eye of Heron's family. They introduced themselves to me and we talked about Auburn; I taught them the origin of War Eagle and the history of our rivalries with UGA and Bama... Etc. I told them how much it meant to me for Auburn to get our first ever 5* recruit from 20 miles up the road from me, here in CT. They loved my enthusiasm and pure love for Auburn and invited me to meet Mustapha after our victory! The picture is hilarious because I am 5'6" and standing next to him, I only rise to his chest. He was the nicest guy, very family oriented. I am not surprised at all that he would move back up here for his mother. I wish her and their whole family the best! WDE *Edit* I have attached the picture of us at the Hartford XL Center after the game. I think it was actually his mom who took the picture because all of my friends had left to go to the bar and drink their sorrows away 😂
  4. You're the man! Thanks for the knowledge!!
  5. Thank you! Believe it or not, I've been a member since Dec 2013 and lurked for a long time before then. I had just never posted much. Anyway, I understand your example there. I do have some questions though--Let's use Owen Pappoe for example. On 247, I see he has a rating of .9934 and 5 stars. How is that number calculated? On our 247 team page, I see'Avg' and 'Points'. Our Avg is 90.43, which I have to assume is the average rating for all of our recruits x 100, correct? How is our 190.43 points calculated? Then on Rivals, Pappoe is listed as a 4-star, but I do not see any numbers. Any idea how they differentiate the number of stars for players? On our rivals team page I see an Avg of 3.45, which I assume is the Avg stars of our players. However, Rivals lists us as having 1255 points. How is that calculated? Thanks again for teaching me! These are questions I have always had but felt kind of dumb asking--plus no one up here in Connecticut seems to know even though I am deep in UConn country and CBB recruiting .
  6. Ahh.. thanks for the lesson there! Sorry about that. What is the composite consist of? I'm still fairly new to the ins and outs of recruiting and things like this, but I'd love to learn!
  7. Updated recruiting rankings as of 6/19/18: 247 Sports - 13 Rivals - 13 Scout - 12 ESPN - ? I don't have Insider and they only show the top 15 to non-Insiders, which we are somehow not in...
  8. CT Tiger

    June Facilities Update

    Ahh, good to know!
  9. CT Tiger

    June Facilities Update

    I'd like to see the field lowered as well. I want to make it as loud as humanly possible in there! WDE
  10. CT Tiger

    June Facilities Update

    I'd like to see another building on the other side of the jumbotron and to eventually add two smaller jumbotrons and upper level on the other end--similar to these renders. Oh, and the whole thing finally getting bricked of course!
  11. CT Tiger

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Out of curiosity, do you have any info on the bigger project? Also, is this something that you know or are speculating? Apologies if I sound like I'm doubting you, I am just genuinely curious!
  12. CT Tiger

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Think it'll ever happen? I'd love for it to while lowering the field to make it even more deafening in there! WDE
  13. CT Tiger

    2018: AU vs. LSU Kickoff Set

    Flying down from Connecticut for this one! It will be my first time in JHS since the 2004 season and my GF's first Auburn/ real college football game! She's born and raised CT so she has no idea what she's in for. I really hope for a big win so she can roll toomers!!
  14. CT Tiger

    Auburn moving forward

    Hi Everyone, Long-time lurker from Connecticut here! I don't post much, so I can't create a thread. Sorry if this is off-topic or should go somewhere else, but my wonderful girlfriend got us tickets for the LSU game Sept 15th!! (which is technically moving forward so I am replying in this thread haha) Can anyone suggest where to stay in Auburn? We'd be flying into Atl on Fri the 14th and would like to fly home on Sunday. What is the procedure to book a hotel room on a gameday weekend? There are none available right now. Also, can anyone give me a ballpark price range for rooms per night? My last time in JHS was when I was still a student there -- 2004 UGA. I am so excited to know I'll be back in JHS next season!! WDE
  15. CT Tiger

    Maybe JJ needs to come back to the real world?

    I own one of these myself. They are prototypes and I really think it is too early to be using this to practice football at the FBS (especially SEC) level. The POV is around 100 degrees, so it kind of cuts off on each side, similar to scuba or ski goggles. Actually, that could explain why he has been throwing so many picks... maybe he is just used to having a 100 degree POV. I'm kidding about that part, but this tech is not quite ready to use for this particular application.