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  1. Can't wait to see what our defensive stats look like at the end of this one.
  2. Assuming we take care of business tonight, I think (hope) that the players will use this as motivation, playing with a chip on their shoulders against UK on Saturday.
  3. This is amazing on so many levels. First, just because it's hilarious and harmless fun. But more importantly, it's harmless fun that really shows how passionate our fan base is. You know who loves fun, passionate fans, and Twitter? Recruits.
  4. If the refs called a fair game, we could have been up double digits at the half. Bama's FG % was not looking very impressive and it was clear that FTs kept them in the game.
  5. We've jumped to #4 in the AP poll which can have two easy-to-forget consequences that will play a role tonight and the rest of the season. 1. We have a target on our backs against every team we play here on out. Luckily, we are legitimately good, maybe great, from a pure talent standpoint. And we have a deep bench that can help offset for any issues our more high profile players run into. (E.g., foul trouble, out due to being sick, having an off-day where nothing goes in, etc.) 2. Our team is young and the excitement of getting propelled up to this stage can lead to ego and/or complacency. I am confident Coach Pearl will ensure that this does not happen. He's one of the best coaches, leaders, and mentors to student-athletes in the country for a reason. Tonight will tell us a lot about this team. If we can go into Tuscaloosa and dominate Bama like we did LSU, then I really think this team is the real deal Holyfield with a real chance to end up becoming the greatest team in AU history, depending on what happens in March. If we lose, sure it sucks but there's a lot more basketball to play for this team to grow even further. WDE
  6. Really would love to see him to finish with a triple double tonight.
  7. Here's the 2022 schedule for convenience.
  8. Interesting. Why is that? Personally I'm on the Slovis train, but I'm interested in your thoughts.
  9. Would he really fit with what Harsin is trying to do?
  10. Compared to what I was expecting last week, I'd give today an A-. I'm just hoping we get some more depth for the O line.
  11. True, but (and this is a big but, IMO) we finally won in BR and broke the cigar curse. That's a huge psychological boost for the players, coaches and staff, fans, and the overall program in general.
  12. We need to run the ball. Run it hard and often.
  13. Wish I lived close enough to go to more than one per season. I'd definitely be a season ticket holder if I was based anywhere within a 150 mile radius of Auburn.
  14. Thanks for this. I agree--this is where it looks like the injury happened. PSU sets up quick to snap the ball for the next play and #0 is not in there.
  15. I really need to get a subscription to The Athletic. Those headlines seem on par with what to expect. I love the AP article and agree 💯. Home-and-homes are the way to go. Can't wait to make it down to Auburn when PSU visits next year!
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