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  1. I was wondering the same thing. It looked like Shivers was nowhere near the sideline when they blew the whistle. I would like to see an angle of that play showing when/where he went out because it's been driving me nuts.
  2. On the SIX year anniversary of the Kick Six! To the day. I vote this game is named The Pick Six
  3. I'd typically agree with you, but Vegas has underestimated us two weeks in a row, now. Against my better judgement, I am going to enjoy this week believing that we are a top 5 team and are getting better each week. A 2010, 2013, and 2017 (until the SECCG) kind of season. Sticking to my prediction--we expose the Gators 31-13 and Vegas stops underestimating us.
  4. 31-13 AU, and we go into the BYE week with the media talking about us as a true national contender.
  5. 27-23 AU Both teams have an ugly first half and aTm goes into halftime with the lead. We make defensive adjustments and get a spark on offense in the second half to get the W. WDE
  6. So I have seen this happen in a quite few different games this season (not just Auburn ones), but what is up with the clock not stopping after a first down to move the chains?? Was there a new rule implemented that I didn't hear about?
  7. Glad to see some recognition for CT pizza! I actually live in the New Haven area so I'm right in the epicenter. Just wish college football was bigger in these parts. Everyone here knows me as "The Auburn Guy".
  8. 33 Male Connecticut Did not graduate: - Grew up in graduate housing while my dad did his PhD from 89-94. - Attended as a freshman in 2004, but 18-year-old me was too stupid/immature to do well at a large school with class sizes in the hundreds. Side Note/Random Rant: I will always have a hatred for OU and USCw for gypping us out of a BCS Championship bid that year, especially because the game was awful and the Trojans had to vacate the trophy. I don't care what anyone says, I will ALWAYS claim '04 a natty year for us!
  9. Those turnovers were very vital today.
  10. I actually would prefer LSU in September and UGA in October, but I have no rhyme or reason why.
  11. I can't believe we pulled out the win! WDE
  12. Fire Chip Lindsey and bring in Hugh Freeze!
  13. Teach her Bodda Getta and make sure you're in the stadium for the eagle flying!
  14. That is a good question. I was under the impression that he would be eligible next year, but I have no real basis in why I think that. Can anyone clear this up?
  15. SDS already speculating that it's between us and the porkers. Considering the state of affairs in Fayettevillle and him having one year of eligibility (is that correct?), I think we have a much better shot. Of course, SDS is an SEC oriented site so it's possible he goes somewhere else. Who else is in need of a QB next year and where he can immediately be successful? Nebraska? UCLA? Penn State?
  16. I'm more partial to this, but I'd happily take either one!
  17. Can we just brick off the north and south ends please?? Anyone in construction that could guesstimate the cost of doing that?
  18. Gah, me too! My girlfriend, born and raised in Connecticut, LOVED Auburn (and the south in general) last week at the LSU game. She'd be so excited for a night game and a chance to roll Tommer's. On the bright side, she wants to go to a game at JHS each season and is now actively interested in watching AU games with me in the fall. ?
  19. Like others have said, we have the toughest HC job in the country with our main rivals being Bama and UGA. I think people do not realize how easily we could wind up like UF or UT and have a decade + of mediocrity. Gus has made us a consistent top 25 pretty much every year, and often we are a top 10 or even top 5 team. We have to let him further develop (look at Dabo). If we call for the head of every HC after a disappointing loss, it will just make it that much harder for us to recruit a quality coach in the future. If our offense can't get it going this season, Gus needs to find a new OC. This will probably be super controversial, but what does everyone think about Hugh Freeze as our OC in the future if things don't work out with Chip?
  20. I see where you are coming from, OP. It sucks about NCM. It sucks a lot. However, this can also help us with getting quality transfers in the future. Keep in mind that all teams are in this boat together. WDE
  21. Yeah, this year it has been our relatively weak Oline as well as JS not having very good pocket presence. He does not go through his progressions and gets spooked WAY too easily. If a D lineman is getting blocked past him on his left, he immediately takes off to the right. Our O-line has been pretty decent at pass protection, it's just the running game they can't get the push. JS needs to trust his O-line in passing situations and spend 1-2 more seconds in the pocket. Just my 2c.
  22. Just hope we can tighten up the o-line by the time we play this one.
  23. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I have a question that doesn't warrant creating a new one. Like my post above says, I'm going to this game with my CT born and raised girlfriend--and it'll be my first time in JHS since 2004. We need AU pom poms! Does anyone know where I can order them online? If I bought them on game-day, I imagine I'd just stop in Anders or J&M right? We are staying in ATL and renting a car to drive down Saturday morning, checking out the tailgate scene (not that I know anyone there anymore ☹️), and I was going to show her Toomers, parts of campus, my old Apt, downtown Auburn, and stop into Anders and J&M. That's obviously a lot to do before game time, but at least we will gain an hour crossing time zones. I'm worried that we won't have a chance to grab pom poms somewhere around there on game day and I should just get them now, bringing them with us. What do y'all think? And yes, she thinks it's hilarious and that I'm out of my mind for wanting pom poms so badly, as well as my deep concern of not having them for the game. Ohhh ignorance is bliss. I can't wait until she sees what a REAL football game is like... ?