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  1. Jumping one of these short routes for a pick would be timely right now lol.
  2. Thank you. Never seen a forum get so off subject so fast lol. That being said I’m super excited. Both QB’s were waiting their whole lives for this moment so of course this is a sad situation for Joey but I am very excited to see what Bo does. Do you think there’s as much pressure on Bo going into this season as there was for say JJ in 2015? Or is that a different type of pressure?
  3. proud of the team for not quitting when Georgia made a run. Now they have a great chance to close this one out strong and get the win!
  4. What a shot by a Johnson to give the team a pulse. I'd like to see some more LaRon Smith as opposed to Waddell out there. Defense somehow has to pick it up I hope Pearl can do something in the locker room to fire them up for a change in the 2nd half.
  5. LaRon looks like he's practiced a lot on his free throws. He's made more in the past 2 or 3 games than he's made all year lol. May not be many but still progress!
  6. I feel like there needs to be a player who takes control, and it absolutely sucks there isn't one due to the hot/cold nature of this team lol.
  7. everytime Auburn gets it to 11 or 10 they call the cheapest foul to stop the momentum and hand Tennessee free throws.
  8. And I mean Bryce Brown couldn't hit the ocean with the moon. Talk about a sophomore slump ?.
  9. Bryce Brown isn't having a good game tonight. He's usually hot from behind the arc.
  10. 24/7 posted this free article. Looks like he's on board for next weekend with the others!
  11. my main concern with mizzou is the matchup with the big receivers on our cornerbacks, getting pressure on Franklin will be huge in helping our corners out because in the A&M when they were able to apply pressure Franklin couldnt hit the throws from the little bit that i saw. Pass protection will also be key in keeping them from getting turnovers and for us to exploit there poor pass defense. I dont think theyve played against an offensive line as good and talented as ours all year correct me if im wrong, and they allowed georgia without gurley and marshall to rush for 164 yards so thats a little more comforting, and toledo had a 100 yard rusher on them as well even though it was early in the year.