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  1. Iron Bowl Visitors

    I was wondering the same thing. I did find a article on who may be at the game:
  2. Appreciate the the info WFE12. Curious to see what happens at the QB position now that Curry gave a verbal to Western Carolina.
  3. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    Damn rain has taken my cable out.
  4. 2018 4* WR Matthew Hill commits to AU!!!!

    Makes me remember the "Who's your mamma" fantasy commercial.
  5. 2018 4* LB Zakoby McClain commits to AU!!!!

    Yeah, the foggy pick by Keith is the one that caught my attention.
  6. Noticed that as well. I also two saw interesting posts (for VIP members) on 247. Not sure if I'm more curious on the one titled "Silent commit?" or "Big news coming". I guess they might even be related, only time will tell.
  7. C.J. Smith decommits from Florida Gators

    E--I thought the staff was looking at Fuqua at WR. Has that changed or am I just getting senile?
  8. I like the snow more than the hail and winds the past few years. Maybe with the exception of the snow fall we had in Colorado Springs in June.
  9. Big Cat Visitor List & Thread (June 3rd)

    Great job on the updates E, always appreciate it.
  10. 2018 3* ATH Kolbi Fuqua (AU 4/8/17)

    The only Keeton I can recall off the top of my head was Bug Keeton.
  11. 2018 3* ATH Kolbi Fuqua (AU 4/8/17)

    I was raised in Carbon Hill, AL. Lived in Jasper for 1st grade and the rest was spent at Carbon Hill. If I recall, my Sr year Cordova had three RBs that got scholarships. Not all were D1 offers but still impressive. This was back in '86.
  12. 2018 3* ATH Kolbi Fuqua (AU 4/8/17)

    Like seeing players from my neck of the woods with Auburn
  13. 2018 4* LB JJ Peterson

  14. What about the '18 class targets? Good job E.
  15. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix

    Most of my growth was after graduating but unfortunately it was isolated around my gut.