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  1. I feel like Petit-Frere has made more tackles than blocks in this game or I could be turning away when he makes a good block.
  2. I was curious about Fuqua. What about Bill Taylor from last year. I thought he was going to count against this years class or did he end up counting against last years numbers?
  3. I was wondering the same thing. I did find a article on who may be at the game:
  4. Appreciate the the info WFE12. Curious to see what happens at the QB position now that Curry gave a verbal to Western Carolina.
  5. Makes me remember the "Who's your mamma" fantasy commercial.
  6. Yeah, the foggy pick by Keith is the one that caught my attention.
  7. Noticed that as well. I also two saw interesting posts (for VIP members) on 247. Not sure if I'm more curious on the one titled "Silent commit?" or "Big news coming". I guess they might even be related, only time will tell.
  8. E--I thought the staff was looking at Fuqua at WR. Has that changed or am I just getting senile?
  9. I like the snow more than the hail and winds the past few years. Maybe with the exception of the snow fall we had in Colorado Springs in June.
  10. Great job on the updates E, always appreciate it.