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  1. Never looked for an option, so I was default white and now I'm on blue. Dark wasn't an option, not sure if it was pulled out of the dropdown given some comments on this thread about potential issues with it.
  2. It was gone for about a day and a half, then they reached a deal and brought it back.
  3. I don't know, I noticed during a game this year we finally got them fancy blinky lights everyone was raving about. So maybe things are on the upswing.
  4. What was this in reference to? Suspect I am just forgetting something.
  5. Some people just choose to be optimistic no matter how contrary it seems. Jerks. 🤣
  6. You realize he was only head coach at USC for one full year and won 9 games, right?
  7. Nicholas Saban averaged 7 wins per year at Michigan State. #themoreyouknow Note: not using this to portray Sark as the next Saban, just wish some would look a bit deeper when trying to knock a potential coach. The simple fact is there is no coach that comes off the tit winning 10 games a year and natties left and right. Well, except maybe Urban Meyer.
  8. It's not legit. That isn't the @AuburnFootball twitter account.
  9. Of course. It’s the insinuation that any other fan base is fearing a great hire that has me laughing. If anything a solid majority of them expect us to become the next Tennessee. But they’re certainly not afraid. Not yet. Hope we give them a reason to be. Anyway, gifs are always funny so I say carry on.
  10. I promise none of these reactions are accurate. But hey, at least they’re funny. 🤣
  11. So it’s a pass on Muschamp, then?
  12. 100% this - looking at the division/recruiting opportunities then yes, it should be a top 10 job. But any potential coach worth their salt is well-informed enough to know what they'd have to deal with, and what they (won't) have control over and it would be an understandable deal breaker for many of the best.
  13. Opened this thread just for the commentary on that awful dance and pump. Hope to see it as a gif soon.
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