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  1. Nope. Not Harsin. Coach Garner.
  2. I thought Capers announced he is not entering the portal?
  3. Given that Freeze has done a good job improving every program he's ever run, bringing on some of the same coaches that helped him do that seems like a wise move to me, not favoritism.
  4. I don’t think you’re looking at it very objectively.
  5. Maybe he turned it off too early and forgot to check the final score.
  6. I'm not going to fantasize about making the playoffs just yet, but if you're being honest getting into the top 12 is not all that lofty of a goal when you have 3 loss teams up in that range now. But those 3 losses can't be Bama/UGA/LSU and still expect to get there. For next year, I "expect" improvement and we get Vandy along with an easier non-conference schedule, so I'll say 7 wins minimum, hoping for 8.
  7. Well that's a great point, they don't have to say anything. But they did.
  8. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. So far so good. https://auburn.rivals.com/news/recruits-react-to-hugh-freeze-hiring-auburn-tigers-football-recruiting
  9. Yep, not trying to pretend that didn't happen, but I'm also not going to hold one or two games in his first HC season against his future potential. Even the best coaches have made some boneheaded decisions a time or two, the hope is that the better ones will learn from them going forward. All that said I doubt he leaves after his first year, but I'd be very excited about the hire if it came to that.
  10. I see where you're going but I'm not really basing that opinion on his results in a first year at Oregon, would have been a good hire even straight out of being Kirby's DC for a couple years along with his recruiting skills. A year of HC experience only helps that.
  11. Clearly you don't subscribe to modern day cancel culture.
  12. I'm beginning to think it is apparently not going to be Freeze.
  13. I’d be pretty pleased with Lanning, let’s do that.
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