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  1. Hot Seat Coaches

    Sumlin will probably be gone unless he wins out. Isn't going to happen Butthead at Arky I think will stay. Like I said in another thread, Arkansas is geographically challenged when it comes to recruiting and unless things go into the toilet in four other schools they'll never recruit well. Coach O? If he can instill some discipline in his team he may have a chance. A small chance. Not sure about Odom. His successor won't have much luck either as it's going to take a few years to get the wheels back on the entire university. Butch? He's going to be coaching high school this time next year unless he wins a natty. Every Tennessee fan I know hates the guy.
  2. UAT at Vandy

    GPA is why Vandy is still in the SEC. Maybe baseball too Nevermind this thread. Heard there was going to be a game in Nashvegas today but that was obviously bad intel.
  3. UAT at Vandy

    UAT giving up a yard or two on the ground, up 7. Hopefully Vandy settles down and makes a game out of this.
  4. Texas A&M vs Arkansas

    Garbage clock management.
  5. Worth Replacing Gus?

    Arkansas was mentioned in the coaching search. They may very well fire Butthead after this season, but they are not in the same league as Auburn when it comes to finding a replacement. Arkansas has a major geography problem and will always be fighting over the kids that AU, LSU, UAT, ATM and Texas didn't have a spot for. They'll have a signature win or two every year, but will generally be a smoldering dumpster through no fault of their own. As for us, Auburn's biggest problem is Auburn. There is a way to live the Creed and still whoop ass, we just seem reluctant to find it.
  6. SEC football lacking good coaches

    Coach O showed his true colors in the Moo State game with an undisciplined team. I doubt you'll see that get any better and with the level of talent available to him he's going to get run out of BTR. I hate it for him, but unless he can control his team he'll be gone after next season.
  7. Mississippi State vs UGA

    Seems like Moo St has at least one paid player on the current roster. I don't want Mullen anywhere near our campus. There's baggage there, regardless of how good of a coach he is (and I believe he is good).
  8. Mississippi State vs UGA

    I think it'll be the other Bulldogs.
  9. Alabama defense set to have 'come-to-Jesus' meeting

    Still gotta put gas in that truck.
  10. Chip's O

    Running the ball is fascist. Like strikeouts.
  11. Mercer Assessment from the Stadium

    Yep. You can get food poisoning from Jim n Nicks anywhere. Gotta eat local when in Auburn Hope you're feeling better.
  12. Mercer Assessment from the Stadium

    Food poisoning from Niffers? Say it ain't so!!
  13. Alabama defense set to have 'come-to-Jesus' meeting

    You'll have to ask his translator.
  14. Culture of Excellence

    Nope. But we need a coach who can handle Saban like control.
  15. Ole Miss- Cal Game Thread

    Was. Crap.