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  1. Is there going to be some magical fairy that deposits a serviceable offensive line next season? No disrespect intended, but the team this year possibly would have finished 11-1, possibly 12-0 with a serviceable and deeper O-line. I just don’t see it happening unless Gus finds some Juco linemen who will immediately play at SEC level.
  2. During the Michigan game they were talking about a cyst in his head and it possibly causing pain, blurred vision, vertigo, etc. Urban looked to be in some amount of pain on the sidelines when they showed him.
  3. Same difference. I run across them everywhere, but I’ve also gotten a “War Eagle” as far away as Hawaii.
  4. College hockey night here. Give the other Tigers some anti-turd mojo for us.
  5. Just became the laughing stock of the SEC. UT ends an 11 game SEC loss streak at JHS. Let that sink in....
  6. The numbers don’t lie, but the rest of the article I question. I think when we see a team prepared to play well, that executed and a coach that evolves and recruits well, we are a happy fan base. I believed that’s what I was seeing against Washington with a play or two involving a TE, Stidham’s audibles, and an overall look of a non-Gus start to the season. Now we see the same same garbage again. One good game followed by absolute crap. 2013 and last year were absolutely the outliers.
  7. Did we just get a first down? I can’t see through the frustration tears.
  8. Somewhere Jay Jacobs is watching this season and laughing.
  9. At least a few of you realize football isn’t the only reason one attends college.... Why in the world would anyone leave a free ride right before they have the diploma in their hand?
  10. Pretty sure you can put this one in the books unless Coach O drives off in his Hummer while eating chicken on a stick in the second half.
  11. I hate to take anything away from LSU, but the Miami D looks soft. Maybe I’m wrong and LSU is for real. Hard to tell right now. Either way the LSU D is legit and has been for years.
  12. So that’s where last year’s uniforms go.....
  13. He owed her one. He’s still a very short richard of a person.
  14. The 2013 RB situation started out similar. I believe it was around game four that Tre Mason had his coming out party. Hopefully this year is similar with the ground game.