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  1. Cleared as requested, Lane. He’d be hell on wheels with all that talent. Until he pulls an O.
  2. Texas with a 20 point lead = hockey team with a 4 goal lead.
  3. I’d love to see Gus find success down there, but we get what we earn.
  4. Sorta reminds me of that scene in Bull Durham where Nuke was knocking one out with Millie before his professional debut. “You’re leaving your fastball in the locker room for some piece of ___….” Hate it for Coach O, but geez….
  5. Possibly. I don’t think they’ve reached this years ceiling yet.
  6. I would rather this team improve each week in preparation from the future and Harsin prove his worth to potential recruits. This season is what it is and I don’t believe we’ve seen the last W. But: Arky is on the decline at the moment. Pittman is the right man for the job over there and I’m a fan, but his ceiling over there is 8-9 wins per year due to recruiting geography. If Pittman maintains that each year I hope the Hogs keep him because they’re not going to do any better and it makes a win against them meaningful. ATM is on the upswing. That’s going to be a batt
  7. I noticed it as well, but will give some credit to Murray on his Bo commentary. That being said, when was the last time Cubelic was on a crew calling an Auburn game? McElroy is as Bammer homer as they come and was at the cowbell game last night, but does a good job not dripping Saban juice everywhere. Same on their radio show.
  8. I don’t know. I’ll give him a 4, but the Russian judge gave him an 8.5.
  9. That offensive line is all part of the plan to make the Clemson folk want Dabo gone so he can take the UAT job when Saban retires in two years. I say this flying a black helicopter while wearing a tinfoil hat spraying chemtrails. Today is a barium, boron, chlorine and chloroform mix at a 40/25/20/15 ratio.
  10. I think thUGA is the best team in college football right now and would agree with you if Bowlcut wasn’t a choke artist. On the same token, with Jimbo being the first former assistant to beat Saban (which I think was all media hogwash), maybe Kirby will loosen up and Heimlich himself in the big game. First one is always the toughest.
  11. I just stopped by to say what everyone else has already said. Bammer isn’t going anywhere and will take the SECCG this year. Kirby is a choke artist. Saban isn’t going anywhere anytime soon either. He doesn’t know how to.
  12. It’s all part of the “Dabo to UAT” plan. You heard it here first, cue the black helicopters and tinfoil hats…
  13. I think an Ole Miss win is a possibility. That game will come down to whoever has the ball last and with one hundred plus points on the board. ….of course the last time I said something like that I was completely wrong. Might be a small part of why I’m not a football handicapper. I expect Arky to get run out of the building.
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