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  1. Gus, stand up when you’re talking to us... Sit down, Gus......
  2. Nope. Injuries to opposing players don’t make anyone over here smile. I imagine everyone here is hoping for a complete recovery and praying it isn’t career ending. They’re kids. As much as I enjoy a UAT loss, I want every player in one piece at the end of the game.
  3. Multiple sources reporting a broken hip for Tua. Really hope it isn’t that. Prayers to him and his family.
  4. I hope Steele is the head coach in the second half....
  5. Pilot. I flew for an airline for a few years and now work for a private jet operator.
  6. Mine came from the year I graduated Auburn and my career path (not very creative. Sorry😁).
  7. It’s all for TV rankings. The playoffs themselves are already set. SEC winner vs. Oregon (dependent on which SEC team gets in), Clemson vs OSU/Penn State. If Oregon drops a game it puts Oklahoma back in assuming they win out. An outside shot to Utah if the OSU/PSU winner does not win the B1O. Auburn will finish no higher than fifteen assuming losses to UGA and UAT.
  8. I just....uh....hhhmmmm. Crap....
  9. I was referring tot Alabama potentially losing Tua with the statement you highlighted. The only way Alabama loses their officiating edge is if college football uses national officials instead of conference officials, or enough noise is made inside and outside of the SEC to blow the lid off of the hows and why’s behind it. I don’t see either happening.
  10. I would love to know why they motioned the QB out when UT went wildcat. The targeting call was legit and the unnecessary roughness marginal. When that happened even I thought the flags should be thrown. Watching a postgame interview with Satan, you’d have thought somebody stabbed his puppy. I’m not saying it is, but this years UT game could have been one of the more costly games in UAT history.
  11. Tua is a generational QB and seems like an all around good guy. That being said, I hope he makes a full recovery after sitting out the rest of the season and loses his first Super Bowl appearance to Jarrett.
  12. Same. It will be a great day when the NCAA takes officiating out of the conferences hands. That of course will never happen.....
  13. I said this at least twice yesterday. Multiple pictures of Jalen with “built by bama” in the captions. Nevermind the night and day difference in a Bammer coached Jalen and a Lincoln Riley coached Jalen. If Jalen doesn’t win the Heisman, that likely gives it to Tua. I don’t EVER want a Bammer to win that trophy again...
  14. Looks familiar, except with a rodent.