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  1. AUFlyer99

    Hurts and Tua: a tale of deceit and betrayal

    At least a few of you realize football isn’t the only reason one attends college.... Why in the world would anyone leave a free ride right before they have the diploma in their hand?
  2. AUFlyer99

    Miami v LSU

    Pretty sure you can put this one in the books unless Coach O drives off in his Hummer while eating chicken on a stick in the second half.
  3. AUFlyer99

    Miami v LSU

    I hate to take anything away from LSU, but the Miami D looks soft. Maybe I’m wrong and LSU is for real. Hard to tell right now. Either way the LSU D is legit and has been for years.
  4. AUFlyer99


    So that’s where last year’s uniforms go.....
  5. AUFlyer99

    uat has already won

    He owed her one. He’s still a very short richard of a person.
  6. AUFlyer99

    Miami v LSU

    That catch was sick!
  7. AUFlyer99

    My nitpick worries from game 1

    The 2013 RB situation started out similar. I believe it was around game four that Tre Mason had his coming out party. Hopefully this year is similar with the ground game.
  8. AUFlyer99

    uat has already won

    I just walked by to say something similar. The homerism was nauseating. UAT may very well go undefeated this season. Moo State and Auburn are really about the only threats with ATM knocking on the door. I’m not sure how much of an accurate barometer this weekend is in terms of what team is where. I do know Auburn played sloppy football and won against a top ten team. UAT did their thing with a mediocre six win team and if both teams play to their potential, a good showing in West Vance has our boys playing another game in Atlanta. War Eagle. Let ‘em homer....
  9. AUFlyer99

    Michigan vs ND
  10. AUFlyer99

    *** Game Thread: Auburn vs. Washington ***

    SAL CAUGHT A BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! WDE!!!!!!
  11. AUFlyer99

    *** Game Thread: Auburn vs. Washington ***

    Put down the headset, Gus.
  12. AUFlyer99

    bammer 2017 co-champions per NCAA

    Does Oprah have an office in West Vance awarding nattys? Sure seems like it. I like the way we do business, but it does sting a little.
  13. AUFlyer99

    Former UGA players comments on Pruitt

    I’d put a case of Natty Lite up that no coach will ever find success in Fulmerville. Pruitt will be back on Satan’s staff as a coffee runner/analyst in four years.
  14. AUFlyer99

    College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    We can dream. I see the FBI turning over stones in other sports as well during this mess. Whether or not it includes UAT football is another story, even if it did, then what?