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  1. This child’s behavior resembles the north end of a southbound polecat. I won’t say I’m glad he’s not coming, but I’m glad he’s not coming. Just wish it was JUCO where he can grow as a human rather than West Vance.
  2. I hope the Shitrus Bowl enjoys a half full stadium that’s about 65-70% Michigan. No way the bammers travel for that game.
  3. They have every right to be pissed.
  4. Major shade thrown at Auburn from the citrus bowl turds....
  5. Felony State University Free Shoes U Crab leg College? Seems like a great place for a promising career to take a major step back, but I’m just a casual, biased observer.
  6. I hope we award him a minor in humility also. That kid is unreal, but oh those end zone poses....
  7. I was in a room full of coworkers and the only AU person there when a replay of Worm blowing that safety up played. Everyone in that room knows who Worm is. That was the shot heard round the world in that game. My son is an eleven year old hockey goalie and some of my proudest moments are watching him shut down an opposing team with that crap eating grin boys get when they go lockdown on an opponent and impose their will. Your son went lockdown and imposed his will. He became legend when he blew that safety up. I’m forever in deep appreciation I got to see it.
  8. Love it. The committee just spewed all over UAT and likely left them out of a NY6 bowl.
  9. Legendary game? I think it was sloppy as hell. First game this year there seemed to be no answer to stopping the opposing offense. The defense DID capitalize twice on pick sixes, which saved the day (along with snapping the ball at the whistle and Waddle not waddling off the field...). I love the win and have no complaints, but at the end of the day we’re fortunate to be celebrating today.
  10. I had a strong suspicion the refs were going to have a say in this game with Moo one away from the Bourbon Bowl, but had no clue Ole Piss would live up to the moniker so clearly.
  11. Gus, stand up when you’re talking to us... Sit down, Gus......
  12. Nope. Injuries to opposing players don’t make anyone over here smile. I imagine everyone here is hoping for a complete recovery and praying it isn’t career ending. They’re kids. As much as I enjoy a UAT loss, I want every player in one piece at the end of the game.
  13. Multiple sources reporting a broken hip for Tua. Really hope it isn’t that. Prayers to him and his family.
  14. I hope Steele is the head coach in the second half....
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