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  1. Reuben Foster...Again

    With his talent level he could have beat up a bus full of nuns and you wouldn't have heard about it while he was there.
  2. ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    Bowlcut learned from the best. The question that will be answered in the next 5-7 years is whether he has the same insulator from the NCAA.
  3. ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    None. "Parents" don't do that. That behavior is in the realm of sperm donors and incubators
  4. Looking Ahead: Washington

    We need Pruitt to turn UT back into a contender and equal to thUGA. UAT will continually waltz into the Iron Bowl undefeated until it happens. What's it been, like 832 years since UT beat the spuds?
  5. Wimp sanderson meltdown lmbo

    ^^Same here. Wimp's segment is usually one of the only things I don't hate listening to on that "show".
  6. Michigan State in deep trouble

    I want this level of scrutiny applied. With as big as college sports has gotten there is little doubt in my mind that if my niece were attacked on a college campus by a star athlete nothing would be done about it. Certainly appears to be the case at Michigan State. Certainly appears to be Felony State/TLH PDs way of handling things. Where else? Time for a very large purge, and if it changes the face of college sports and the power brokers therein, so be it.
  7. Mark Emmert Criticism

    Emmert can't sink fast enough. Hope this gains tons of traction.
  8. Men vs. uat

    Or Jerry Springer.
  9. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    I seem to remember a lot of mumbling, complaining and squawking when JB left. This is is an upgrade. Maybe not a grand slam hire, but a solid hire. Especially given what we have on the O line next season.
  10. Tyler Hilinski (Washington State QB) found dead

    I think the statistic is 1 in 5 adults are effected by some form or depression (anxiety, sadness, etc). It's all interconnected and very normal should anyone reading this feel they are an outlier. You're not, and there are folks out there who would enjoy talking with you about it.
  11. Saban or Bear

    But what if all Judeo-Christian faiths are wrong and Buddhism is right?(ducking for cover....)😝
  12. Saban or Bear

    There are seven figures worth of people in this state alone who don't grasp the concept that God doesn't care about college football.
  13. Hugh Freeze

  14. #48 for bammer

    I did Physics 2 as a transient student over summer break. Same textbook as AU. Physics I was chapters 3/19 at AU. Physics II at Calhoun was 8-11. Got to fly to school at Calhoun several times as well. Was a good summer pumping avgas at one airport, borrowing an airplane and going to class across town when my shift was over.