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  1. There’s the payback for the fumble game a couple of years ago.
  2. When I win the lottery I’m buying a run out, old crappy single engine Cessna and flying it between schools who have a hot coach and a coaching vacancy or who are underperforming….
  3. This clock “management”. Did anyone tell these guys they’re down two scores with less than five to go in the game?
  4. Harsin has to be fired tomorrow. There is no excuse to retain him.
  5. Can the wheels come off if there were never any wheels to begin with?
  6. You’re right about there being turnover. Who the turnover was is the problem.
  7. Oh horse manure. The man has run off more talent that he currently possesses.
  8. Give Robbie some credit for hitting the cut off man.
  9. There is no over/under for today’s game. We’re just straight up going under….
  10. Why would you wish for anything but success? This is how Walmart alum think.
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