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  1. Why would you wish for anything but success? This is how Walmart alum think.
  2. After watching that ridiculous cult recruiting tape, er, I mean ATM commercial, Woo Freaking Pig…!
  3. This is straight up the Special Olympics of the football….
  4. This a**hole coach we have LEGIT cares nothing about winning a football game. Maybe he just doesn’t know how to do it.
  5. I’m in the same boat. If Harsin practiced what he preaches I would be completely on board while he built the program to his standard. His standard seems to be smoke and mirrors, however.
  6. So Bo is like every other person who wears the orange and blue…
  7. It doesn’t matter who the quarterback is. There is no one on the planet that could find success behind that dumpster fire of an offensive line.
  8. Back up QB, mop up duty. On the road. In a SEC stadium. Let that sink in…..
  9. Can we send Harsin to State College after this game? We’re about to get run out of our own stadium.
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