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  1. I’ve thought something would happen for many years, but have continued to open the same ol’ can of nothing the entire time. I hope you’re right, but it won’t surprise me if nothing comes of it.
  2. UAT won the last one 6-3. Exhibition game though so it doesn’t hurt the playoffs. The SECHC Playoffs are the first weekend of March at the Huntsville Ice Sports Complex. Should be an AUsome weekend of hockey! I’m stuck at work but my son hopes to see y’all there.
  3. There’s a difference in throwing your players under the bus and calling them out for poor play. I only watched the last fifteen minutes of the UAT game but they absolutely looked like they didn’t give a damn about playing while KY looked like a NBA team. Don’t take that as me standing up for the UAT coach though. He could very well be in the wrong here.
  4. Best wishes to the Florida kid. Hope he’s ok.
  5. Which is a little above his average at Auburn.
  6. Gus wins games he shouldn’t. In this case it’s because Flawrida is TURRRRRRBLE!
  7. See? Autocorrect doesn’t know what a Billiken is either. I turned it on when we were down eight or so (I think). With ZERO basketball IQ, I was entertained and pleased with the outcome.
  8. Friend of mine’s dad went to this school and I’m not sure he even knows.
  9. Still anxiously awaiting the Athens Buc-ee’s to open. My credit card company already upped my limit in anticipation. For a minute I thought y’all were talking about Whataburger expanding.
  10. Yessir. Been there and done that. It was almost two decades after both of us left our respective campuses, but yeah. UF produces some well educated and fun people.
  11. Like kissing your sister. Oh……Wait…..
  12. That’s apparently Kirby’s job. I’m convinced he can’t win the hardware.
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