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  1. First AU commit I know of from Beauregard High. Screw Auburn High
  2. I think he means stepping into the pocket and then running for big gains or designed QB runs to slow the pass rush. I may be wrong though.
  3. Canion would have the best highlight catches over all our receivers besides maybe Shenker and he's barely touched the field. Some say he has had a hard time adjusting to the new staff requirements but I have no way of knowing that to be the case.
  4. Im afraid this is falling on mostly deaf ears.
  5. His name is Canion. 😠
  6. If LSU does fire Orgeron, who do you think will be the next head coach? That would determine whether we could snag a few from them. If they snag a Bob Stoops or Urban Meyer I dont like our chances.
  7. Boise hit on that plays a lot because they were a more disciplined team. We will get there with Harsin.
  8. This is what I suspected. I hope he sticks it out with Auburn and gets things turned around.
  9. What is going on with Elijah Canion? We need him badly for this next game against UGA.
  10. Correct, I wasnt referencing that poll. Although I was looking at the responses to that thread amongst others.
  11. Really? Read the board. More than half the board think TJ should start. If its anything over 50% it means "most"
  12. I hope he's been getting that sunday coaching and ready to go.
  13. Thats where we diagree. I think Williams had a good reason to be fired. Harsin made that decision from his knowledge of whats going wrong with the team. His inside perspective. If he thought it was play calling then Bobo would be gone. From my outside perspective I didnt think the receivers were screwing up that badly however I trust Harsin made the correct decision because he could have fired either.
  14. Not only that but the entire game is no longer available on youtube. The only entire recording has been taken down. The one that claims to be a full game is chopped up and doesnt show the last quarter of play.
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