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  1. I'll be very happy to finally get this guy on the team.
  2. Weinke was a coach on IMG and with the new rule bama cant recruit there for 2 years now. Although they will probably just get the kids they want to transfer schools.
  3. Hurts had 2 or 3 good deep throws in the 1st half but Tua was the better QB in my opinion. Jerry Jeudy looked really good at receiver.
  4. Anybody watch bsmas A-day? Hurts threw a pretty TD pass in the 1st quarter. That's all I could see. How did the rest of the scrimmage look? Looked like another good bama team from the few plays I saw.
  5. I was able to drink 2 16oz water bottles given to me by the nurse at my jobs designated drug testing area. Seems you can drink a lot before failing.
  6. Well i guess that shuts them out from IMG for a couple years right?
  7. No, they actually weren't that good in the spring game. I expect them to be better though by fall so its really a moot point on my behalf.
  8. Maybe Tuskegee would be more welcoming?? Its just down the road.
  9. But then they go to bama.
  10. It seems that punter would be the easiest of all positions to assess a players talent. I mean wth is the difference between punting 50 yards in high school and punting 50 yards in college? The crowd? Why isn't that easy as he'll to evaluate? Sorry, just got a little heated thinking about our crap punting game. I do love the QB punting because it doesnt allow the other team defense to get their guy back to set up the return team. And it lets the QB make a play if one is there for our offense.
  11. I watched both of these games the week he committed and realized he wasnt as dual threat as I perceived he was from stidham hype. He more than made up for it with his deep ball accuracy though. I was watching Nate Craig in a-day having a Corey Coleman kind of game.
  12. I remember us having a close game with alabama in 15, and a close one with both alabama and clemson in 16. With that said those auburn teams had nothing to lose and everything to gain. We lulled those teams to sleep with our terrible offense. The opposing coaching staffs played conservatively because they knew we weren't going to be much of a offensive threat and they didn't need to take big risks on big plays. If either offense had to turn it on to beat us they would have done so more than likely. This game with clemson is different. They know we will be a huge threat this year and will play their best game against us. However, I think we pull out the victory in a close one.
  13. He does a little jump move before the tackle sometimes. It helps him break tackles but I think he is landing on the tackler awkwardly and turning his ankle.
  14. This was my thinking as well. He probably only had one more series before they pulled him.
  15. I expect a very close game assuming they have a quarterback ready to play reasonably well.