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  1. Brunette is my type of RB. I hope the staff feels the same. We desperately need to reel in the Zion kid from Charles Henderson as well. These are the type of kids we keep missing on.
  2. Being that QB is the center piece of the offense I'm sure it was easy to work in the words that WW was the first recruit Freeze visited.
  3. Very surprising to me. Air looks really good in his highlights.
  4. Is there no way M'ba could play edge with his speed? Or would that be a skill most couldn't learn in a year at this level?
  5. He was talking about the word "perineal," which I had never heard of either, being used instead of perennial
  6. Where is Caleb Wooden at size wise? Big enough to play linebacker?
  7. When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you
  8. I got vaxxed in March of 2021 both doses of Maderna. Work 2 jobs, deal heavily with truck drivers at one and the public at the other so I'm very exposed. Got covid once that I know of in Jan 2022. Symptoms were like a bad cold with a different loss of taste than a regular cold and had lingering congestion for a few months that would make me hoarse at times. If I caught covid again I didn't know it. Wore a mask when I had too but hated it so took it off whenever I was allowed. Wife got vaxxed with one dose, Pfizer I believe, in late summer 2021. Caught covid immediately after and then again when I got it in Jan 2022. Kids never vaxxed got it when wife did in late summer but never had symptoms the second time my wife got it. Son loved the mask but wore it under his nose and daughter hated it. I let them choose when the mask mandate was lifted at school early 2022. Son wore it until I realized it was a crutch and told him to stop, again he wore it under his nose so I didn't see the point.
  9. Watching Leary's highlights he throws a lot of near picks against bad defensive play. Looks to me that SEC defenses would have played the ball better than what I saw from his competition. I trust Freeze and staff to find a guy and if they say this is it then my evaluation must be off and Leary will adjust to the more gifted DBs of the SEC.
  10. He looked really good in all the games I watched of West Virginia. That totals about two but I liked what I saw from him.
  11. I'm a Fairweather fan.....there's a dad joke in there somewhere. Looks like a good player to bring in to help our offense and at least fill Shenkers shoes if not surpass his abilities.
  12. Whoa, damn Cadillac! Aggressive
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