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  1. AU80cruiser

    Malzahn Presser Georgia Week

    The backside is my bet.
  2. AU80cruiser

    Tell me how we can beat Uga

    Stomach virus?
  3. So Gus is safe until Jan 2, 2019, gotcha!
  4. AU80cruiser

    Probably a bad idea....

    Yes. Young and NFL experience.
  5. AU80cruiser

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    I want Joe Whitt Jr for DC and Hugh Freeze as the OC and a head coach with enough experience that both of those guys admire his accomplishments as a football coach.
  6. AU80cruiser

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    I bet he can recruit as well as Gus at the very least.
  7. AU80cruiser

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    We know "the league" sells to recruits so we need a coach that can sell "the league" to the recruits because of his first hand knowledge of what it takes. Offensive scheme be damned....just get their butts here and the wins will come.
  8. AU80cruiser

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    I kinda felt the same about Bruce Arians when the Cardinals season was covered. I'd love to have Bruce but I'm pretty sure he's done with football.
  9. AU80cruiser

    Biggest disappointments of the season

    I think you're right about beating aTm and everything else you said. I said there was no chance in another thread but atm didn't sound very good last night so I give Auburn a 30% chance of winning that game. Our Oline against that Dline of theirs is going to be ugly.
  10. AU80cruiser

    Is Gus coaching for his job against A&M?

    It's about the matchup. Their dline vs our oline is not a good mix for us. Also they are number 2 against the run in the entire country.
  11. AU80cruiser

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    Josh McDaniels seems like a good one. His dad was a legendary high school coach in Ohio. Hes been under the tutelage of some great coaches in the NFL. Hes been a head coach for a short while at Denver and is now the OC for the Patriots.
  12. AU80cruiser

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    I've had my fantasies of our next coach being anybody from Bob Stoops to Mike Campbell to Venables to Aranda or even Bill Clark and this is another one of those fantasies. While any of these coaches may be a good choice, I think we need to go a different direction and get an NFL coach. Someone that can sell his firsthand knowledge of the NFL to recruits and would give Auburn a leg up on the most recent hires of LSU, Tenn, Florida, and Georgia. They all hired college coaches with no NFL experience that I'm aware of and this could be an advantage for Auburn (think negative recruiting). We should also hire a professional talent evaluator and then get experienced coaches that our experienced head coach chooses. Id like to keep Garner, Porter, T Will and Steele if possible. Im not an NFL fan anymore so my knowledge of any coaching successes and failures is lacking. Is their anyone in those ranks that would consider being a college head coach? Bill O'Brien? Maybe a Joe Whitt jr? Im sure this hair brained idea is full of holes but I'd like to gauge the boards thoughts on going this route and fine tuning this into something possible.
  13. AU80cruiser

    2019 3* RB Jamious Griffin (NC State)

    I like him. He runs well in traffic which should be good for getting that extra yard running up the middle.
  14. AU80cruiser

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    I'm good if we can get Hugh Freeze as our OC. Then we can fire Malzahn and hire Freeze as head coach the next year.
  15. AU80cruiser

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    @Eagleclaw @Eagle Eye 7 Saben Suspicious coincidence.