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  1. That would only be because our O-line is average to bad but I dont see that happening. My concern is with them as a unit not stidham.
  2. Glad to hear austudnt23 say we're in a good spot with this guy.
  3. Is this why Bentley went to Opelika instead of AHS?
  4. Havent seen these guys mentioned so I'll take: Sal Cannella on offense Daniel Thomas and Andrew Williams to step up this year
  5. i can find this later.
  6. I didnt know about that field until i watched highlights of the QB Oregon got from Eastern Washington a couple years ago. It is pretty bad too.
  7. Who hasn't shown up yet?
  8. Im afraid he goes to LSU. That could be a game changer for them especially when they play bama.
  9. I dont recall watching any of the green teams (Michigan ST, Oregon, Baylor,....etc) and thinking they blended in with the grass. Maybe they do more than I remember idk and I couldnt find a good pic with a google image search to compare. However the Boise blue field is a dead ringer match for the all blue Boise State uniforms.
  10. Mikey trusts the coaches and goes by numbers. He just wants us to take four a year of our coaching staffs choosing.
  11. Yeah, i just looked that up after I posted. Seems the opposing coaches complained about it taking more time to break down game film too due to the camouflage.
  12. That field is an unfair advantage in my opinion. Its like camouflage with their uni's. I wonder how many picks they get in their stadium vs when they go on the road. Or how many sacks their defense gets at home vs away. Would be interesting to see if there is a decided difference over the normal home field advantage.....probably hard to prove unless numbers are astronomically higher though.
  13. Glad you're back. Look forward to the posts.
  14. I blame the guys talking about his neck pic.