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  1. I see his name on the recommended videos along with other players and other teams. In hindsight I can pick him out knowing his name but prior to that it looks random. This tablet Im using is old, slow, skips, sputters, and randomly shuts down. I get the wifes hand me downs that the kids dont get first. Sometimes the pages show up funky for me so it could very easily be my tablet.
  2. Must have been my device because the link would not allow me to see it.
  3. It took some digging for me to find his name. Justin Williams from Dallas, GA. Looks fast and fairly balanced but his running style doesnt remind me of anyone in the college ranks. Will have to wait and see on this one.
  4. Mike says he filmed every football moment in the early 2000s including practice.
  5. I havent listened yet, brought it to you guys first.
  6. @ValleyTiger Your handle was mentioned on this episode. That you at 1:12:00?
  7. I've linked them a couple of times and had a few posters say they've been watching them too. I cant wait for the Courtney Taylor interview. It should shed more light on why our passing game has been so bad and whats been going on within the program.
  8. You see what I see. I dont think anyone picked up on my question on the first page.
  9. The War Repport on youtube mentions this same thing coming from Courtney Taylor. Taylor is training kids to be prepared for college play and was trying to give Auburn an early chance to recruit #1 receiver in 2021 Emeka Egbuka. Auburn (Kodi) didnt even call him back until way too late.
  10. That was quick, already in a bama uni. (I'm aware. Used to play against Handley in High School)
  11. If you watch the video he specifically states that coaching is not something he wants to do.
  12. With it being 4 guys talking football atleast one of them usually hits the nail on the head for me whether it's a particular question they ask or their rationale for believing/predicting what they do.
  13. These guys do a good job and the quality is only getting better. I linked a video a few days ago and another forum member said the same about their show.
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