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  1. I wasn't looking for a way to fire him but I understand why you would think that. I'm looking for a solution on how to guard against the next contract. Not that I would be able to do a dang thing about it. Only to discuss on this forum.
  2. So under Authorities, Duties, and Responsibilities of Head Football Coach paragraph 2 note (2) competitive success, how do you find out what that is defined as? I don't see how he is going to uphold that part of the contract which will become more evident after getting into SEC play.
  3. Check out Israel Keyes. There is a podcast called True Crime Bull**** that discusses him. Guy operated different than the more famous serial killers.
  4. Like Friday evening breaking news good timing with the big announcement.
  5. Or two and that would be reasonable. Also letting TJ get full drives with Robby getting his own drive. Not the TJ in for 1st down run that went nowhere bring Robby in for 2nd down that gains a couple yards and then bring TJ back in to convert 3rd and long. TJ has a problem with sensing pressure and throwing passes when his arm is in danger of being hit only to throw a duck that is intercepted. Hes about 50/50 on knowing when to tuck the ball in and run for whatever he can get. He did that better this past game than other games but his turnovers are a big problem that he must correct.
  6. I was OK with how we substituted QBs in the first game. I was much less ok in the last two.
  7. He was on "Locked On Auburn" podcast yesterday or the day before giving an interview.
  8. Deion with Grimes as OC....best of both worlds. Or freeze with Grimes as OC.
  9. My only gripes with TJ is his inability to sense and even see pressure when its right in his face. Sometimes you just have to secure the ball and take the sack or tuck it and run straight ahead for whatever you can get. Also when running he has the balance of an upside down triangle if running any direction besides straight ahead. Its like he went to the QB sliding school of Sean White when he tries to do that.... Looks awkward as hell. All that said if the Oline blocked worth a crap his weaknesses wouldn't be so glaring.
  10. Its more about a connection to other men. Someone you can believe in someone you feel will lead you in the right direction.
  11. Remember when Tennessee fans got Schiano fired before he ever stepped on campus.....could fans also ban together to demand Deion? Seems like a long shot but we should try.
  12. I looked at the OC and DC earlier today and was impressed without looking at the assistants....great staff for a smaller program
  13. Well one thing I can say is he is aware of the O-line talent deficiency Jackston St has compared to the SEC. He said that is the only thing keeping him from beating a team like Alabama.....I like where his head's at. Maybe that's a selling point....he gets to compete against Saban here.
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