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  1. My profile pic doesnt have the horns but it has the colors. Im with you. Feather head dress would look pretty cool.
  2. We got extremely lucky with this pick-up. Everything I've read and heard is this is Dillingham and I'm very grateful he identified this kid for Auburn.
  3. It must be my tablet because I dont get a code to pop up when i click share. It will only allow me to copy the link which is how I got the first post to work.
  4. My apologies for not remembering how to post videos correctly but just click the box above to reveal the video.
  5. Anybody have a link to watch the A-day game? I used to find them on youtube in the past.
  6. Thanks for posting.
  7. Man, I had really high hopes for this guy playing for us. Hate it played out this way.
  8. Me too but just search youtube with We’ve Got Jared and you'll see it.
  9. Aubie and I'm guessing some of the football players were at the elementary school welcoming the kids back this morning. I didn't recognize anyone but I only had a second to look at a mass of people waiting to greet the students.
  10. Ok, well first name and position is the same. That's gotta count for something
  11. They were at lake Martin and returned home to escape the weather which is truly sad. I graduated with Eric Stenson which is also one of the victims of the storm. His family lost 5-7 family members that day. Could have been more. I believe they all sought refuge in the same home.