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  1. ***Auburn vs. La-Monroe -- Game Thread***

    Had No idea Ruffin was that slow. Dang
  2. Kickoff returns

    ^ You cant let a kickoff bounce into the's a live ball unlike a punt.
  3. Auburn-UGA Highlights: Tecmo Bowl Style

    Hilarious! Loved it.
  4. “Give it to him”

    Thats definitely his voice and this is definitely not the first time I've heard him yell "give it to him" during a game....could have been other seasons I'm thinking of too. I knew what this thread was about before I even opened it, lol. Ive been getting a good laugh throughout the season when I've watched highlights on youtube and heard Gus doing this. I just pictured him flailing about on the sidelines with that worried face he always has.
  5. Should we try to poach a coach or two?

    Let me start off by saying I love Kodi and what he has done for Auburn. If he is not the issue then I definitely want to keep him but the only receiver we have that seems to run a crisp route is Hastings. Slayton is simply out running DBs to get open. Is Kodi to blame for Nates lack of production? I was a lineman in my playing days so somebody correct me if I'm wrong here. How is Larry Porter doing recruiting here? Would Dell Mcgee be a better fit?
  6. With all the coaching changes in the SEC, are there any coaches we go after? Receiver coach, special teams coach, O-line coach, or strength coach would be something to consider. Wouldn't mind seeing Dell Mcgee find a spot here if possible.
  7. Kickoff returns

    The pooch kick is/was only a band-aid for a problem we need to fix with personnel and/or coaching or it will cost us a win......again. Edited** I wanted to add that it was a nice adjustment by the coaching staff to get us through the one game.
  8. Jeff Holland - The Sensei

    Yeah, this is what I was saying in another thread should be mandatory for our dline. It seems to have helped Holland tremendously with his hands.
  9. 2018 4* CB Kyler McMichael (Clemson)

    This guy looks really good. Any chance we get back in on this guy?
  10. Jeff Holland / The Beast

    This is exactly how I would rank him and I really loved Dee Ford. I was very concerned with Holland taking Lawsons spot but he has greatly exceeded my expectations. Dline should be made to study martial arts in the offseason. @yngwie1995 Fairly was on another level IMO. He was Cam of the defense.....a damn monster.
  11. Game Replay?

    Full game is always on youtube....this game will be broken down many different ways but ut will def be on youtube. Small games like mercer and georgia southern are hard to find though
  12. 2018 3* RB La'Damian "Butterbean" Webb (Miss St)

    This sucks, I really wanted to see how he stacked up in the allstar game.
  13. 2018 3* RB La'Damian "Butterbean" Webb (Miss St)

    I think i heard greenville lost their qb for a portion of the season....they almost beat carroll last week.
  14. 2018 3* RB La'Damian "Butterbean" Webb (Miss St)

    Let me know what you know about Webb's injury tonight.
  15. Injuries heading into UGA Game

    Should looking at a new strength and conditioning coach be a priority? I remember heath evans saying only having 1 guy benching over 500lbs is a lot different than when he played. I know people joke about bench press but I'm only bringing it up because it seems we are a weaker team than we used to have before and very injury prone. Thoughts?