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  1. ^ Woody to safety if this QB thing doesnt work out? Jk......maybe not though.
  2. Id have to Google it but wasn't there an Ohio ST player that "committed suicide" a few years ago and was found in a trash can? Sounded really strange when it happened.
  3. Looks like he's UGAs for the taking.
  4. Losing recruits due to bad communication or lack of communication is to me a liabilty so much so that he was removed from the area. Idk, I hope Kodi gets it together but it isn't sounding good from what golf and WDEwde have said.
  5. With things like this, he shouldnt be though.
  6. If Kodi is that big of a liability why is he still employed at AU?
  7. Good comparison. I would be very happy with that result.
  8. Oh, well crap. I should have realized that.
  9. Glad to see Butterbean on that list. Hope he blows the staff away.
  10. Let the regression begin.
  11. That is a problem i see with Moultry at times. I wish he could be going through spring practice right now.
  12. Right but Moultry is damn good too. They both have really good closing speed. I could just see Moultry as a good edge rusher with this guy being the run stopper up the middle.
  13. I thought those were players numbers. 10?, 11 Kyle Davis, 12 Stove, 21 Kerryon, 22? Thanks for clearing that up.
  14. Would love to get this guy paired with Moultry
  15. Its 2a ball. Not that great.