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  1. Kerryon Johnson update anyone?

    If Malzahn got a flat tire, instead of pulling over to change it, he would think to himself maybe I'll just drive real slow until i get home. Meanwhile, he is backing up traffic for miles, the tire starts shredding off the rim, the rim is throwing sparks on the gas tank, and his truck is engulfed in flames right into his driveway. Hey, atleast he made it home today. Although his home is now in danger of being burned to the ground as well. Ok, maybe he isnt that stubborn but its pretty close.
  2. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    It probably got old to other posters but I used to always get a good laugh when you used this quote.
  3. 2018 4* Buck Richard Jibunor

    Who's this old lady?
  4. Kerryon Johnson update anyone?

    Is Malik Miller healthy? Just heard something on a radio show that insinuated he isnt.
  5. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    Auburn winning the good coordinator turned bad head coach game is the first choice. Any other is, at best, settling for second best. If Auburn cannot beat Missouri, it is a failure. That's how I see it.
  6. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    Been thinking the same thing
  7. 2018 3* RB La'Damian "Butterbean" Webb (Miss St)

    Webbs most recent highlight update of the Sylacauga game has him with 3-4 pancake blocks, a couple catches down field, and the usual nice runs in traffic. This guy is unbelievably stable on his feet. Its just crazy every time I watch him. He gets absolutely rocked tiptoeing the sideline and it doesnt knock him down....I just dont know how thats possible. Kid is amazing and I dread the day he suits up for Miss ST.
  8. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    AU-59 Mizzou-42
  9. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    Just joking about malzahn....not necessarily about what you said.
  10. AU vs Mizzou - Weekly Presser

    I dont see where your concern is. Malzahn said we're improving, it must be happening. Take his word for it. You know, like when he said everybody will be available to play against Ga southern. Although, if you watch this press conference it's the most honest and straight forward he's been since i can remember. It was shocking. He gave more info about a players status (kerryon) than he's done in a while and he was more specific about Byron leaving than I could believe I was hearing coming out of Malzahns mouth.
  11. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

  12. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    Got a good laugh out of that.
  13. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    Posted 1 hour ago First its Seans public intox and other issues. Now Stidham has a sex tape out? Malzahn needs to get this teams priorities straight.
  14. Byron Cowart

    I was a fan of his play against GA southern. Hoped he was getting better