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  1. Woo-hoo! I thought it was only given to Seniors and then saw he is the only junior to ever win the award! So proud of this guy.
  2. Isnt this how bama got their current OC?
  3. No, he's a goober. Edit*** I see the goober/doofus discussion has already cleared up any confusion about who's who.
  4. Ok, I heard it on a radio show yesterday but the guy is a doofus (im just starting to form an opinion about the guy and so far its doofus) therefore i didnt know if he had any real info.
  5. I asked this yesterday. Was it to interview the okie st Offensive Coordinator?
  6. Interviewing a certain ok st coach?
  7. I would say Kendal Briles since Bird gave another hint and said it wasnt Art.
  8. I didnt feel very good about the 4 names floating around earlier in this thread but Sterling Gilbert sounds like a great hire at the moment.
  9. All the sports shows i listen to that cover Auburn sound like they read this forum. I believe Cubelic was on finebam yesterday afternoon and said what has been talked about on here. Basically what finebaum tweeted word for word. Finebaum, barely knows anything about auburn football so dont look to him for inside info. He's too obsessed with bama and Saban to care. While i cant take the idiots on finebam except in small doses (to hear bama fans excuses and laugh), I do like Cole Cubelic and think his show is pretty decent. Sidenote, Auburn sportscall has taken a turn for the worse now that Randy Lee, Brett Prichard, and Andy Graham are gone. Theres some young kid on there now that doesnt know what he's talking about half the time.
  10. Ok, yeah. I actually liked the show which I really didnt think would happen with Rogan at the helm. Joey had some pretty good stories to tell though, haha. Pretty disgusting, some of them, but he had me interested.
  11. So he is a goober....I knew it!
  12. Oh hell, its Malzahn hiring Malzahn....j/k
  13. After reading all the discipline problems the OU players admitted were going on, i dont want him either.
  14. Please, for the love of God, read the forum every once in a while.
  15. I heard this guy on the Joe Rogan show saying that he ate boogers out of habbit from his cocain snorting days. Said he would wake up to find a big frosted booger every morning and eat it to start his day off right.