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  1. AU80cruiser

    Media Using Our Posts

    Haha, I remember reading several of those quotes.
  2. AU80cruiser

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    I listened to the game live today and read comments in this forum in anticipation of watching the game when I got home. I dont know fella's if I agree that we got robbed by the refs. Seems that LSU played collectively more aggressively than we did. Now I saw Whitlow, Shivers, Seth Williams, and Deshaun Davis play their butts off. There are probably others but those four stood out to me the most. It looks like our freshman are bigger play makers than our veterans on offense. From this point forward I hope we get better. We need to fix some issues we have in the secondary. This is two games now with loads of penalties on them for PI and it needs to be corrected quickly. The season is far from over and we can still make it to the playoffs even after this loss. God luck to the team and keep improving.
  3. AU80cruiser

    Ole Miss

    They look like they practice way more than we do but I know that can't be because NCAA rules on that kind of stuff right?
  4. AU80cruiser


    What happened i missed it. 20-0? How did that happen so quick.
  5. AU80cruiser


    Orangemen up 13-0 in the bottom of the 3rd.
  6. AU80cruiser

    2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    Chip could leave after this season and if he does I would want no other OC than Freeze. That would also end our chances of getting Dell even if Horton left. No way would Dell buy the co-OC title if Freeze was on the offensive staff. I realize these thoughts are premature but I hope Gus has been thinking about them already in case some of our coaches get better jobs at the end of the season. Sorry for the derailment.
  7. AU80cruiser

    2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    Freeze, coordinator in waiting.
  8. AU80cruiser

    2020 Recruit Thread

    I had never heard of him until Opelika played Callaway and he was running all over a team that usually has a pretty good defense.
  9. Bumping an old thread because the guy impressed me a couple years ago and saw some of his recent highlights. Been hearing Kylin Hill is looking really good this year. We would be in really good shape if we had gotten in on this kid with Boobee and Kmart.
  10. AU80cruiser

    2020 Recruit Thread

    Oh yeah, sure when corchjay says Tank Bigsby everybody chimes in but when I said it a couple weeks ago, crickets! J/k Glad corch is keeping track of this kid. There is a 9th grader at Valley High to keep an eye on. B. J. Baker is running all over teams so far this year. @corchjay I havent seen him play but he seems like a good one from what I'm hearing.
  11. AU80cruiser

    Schwartz time!

    Yeah he was a little late on that one and whiffed on his block. Its not for lack of effort, just speed. Also, I think it was a sweep left that really stood out where Schwartz tried to cut inside then went back outside after chandler finally got to his block.
  12. AU80cruiser

    Schwartz time!

    I noticed Chandler's lack of speed to get blocks for Schwartz. If Joiner could get in that H-back spot for a few plays I think it would help Schwartz a ton. That would mean Joiner could get in the wildcat for a play or two prior to the speed sweep just so the defense doesnt key in on the speed sweep every time Joiner comes in the game.
  13. AU80cruiser

    I know it's only been two games but...

    Can this all be moved to the meltdown thread? 🤣
  14. AU80cruiser

    AU vs ASU - Highlights (and other Vids)

    Anyone found the full game on the interwebs yet?
  15. AU80cruiser

    Cam Akers

    When this kid is ready to transfer after this terrible season FSU is having I hope our coaches are focused on getting him to Auburn. He would be huge for our backfield.