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  1. Its 2a ball. Not that great.
  2. He's playing against the top competition in Tennessee. Blackman is in 6a and they made it to the 3rd round of the playoffs with some early season losses. I bet those losses came due to Master Ts concussion.
  3. He has some really good hands for a DB. We need some guys that will actually catch the ball when opposing QBs make a mistake. Tall and physical too, hope we get him.
  4. Oops! Bet you're right. Could be that 1am is the key word in my response too. Idk. Thanks for getting it squared away though.
  5. I googled both last night and saw no dates. Thanks for posting though. Ok, i just followed the first link and I swear at 1am this schedule was not on that page. I went to every subtitle on that page with Regional being the first category i looked at. If it was there at 1am my tablet didnt bring up the image.
  6. I couldnt find any dates on these camps. Do you know?
  7. ^^^^^^I read a headline that he ran a 4.34 forty at a camp IIRC.
  8. Im thinking the same without checking.
  9. This sounds like an open door for us to slip in.
  10. and we'll watch him go to uga.
  11. I wasnt impressed with Nuru's film at all. He did look like a really strong kid though.
  12. I like several out of this class and Asa looks like a good one. Just from the short amount of film ive watched he reminds me of the baylor RB that played when stidham was there. Linwood? I didnt hear much talk about him but was blown away when watching stidhams games against K st, okie st, and OU.
  13. Wish i could unlike a post haha. Good for Webb though!
  14. Martin looks pretty good too. Was he at the same camp as webb?
  15. I think this is the guy i pointed out after watching roswell play grayson in the playoffs but the name doesnt seem familiar.