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  1. I figured he would tire of it.
  2. It will be UGA 15 & 16 all over again
  3. Maybe I missed a post refuting this but wasnt it reported that all the centers and the receiver would play for Georgia?
  4. I like Fleck but he doesnt have the connections down here that Cristobal does so I would have to lean towards Cristobal over the two.
  5. LSU did it the same year we did vs UAB.
  6. I remember, before the started, some insiders saying a coach has already been picked and agreements were made if Gus didnt survive the season. Passthebiscuits was one of them but i dont see him posting much now. Is this still the case?
  7. Who knows who could leave or be fired in silly season. South Carolina could come calling, Kentucky, Missouri, Vandy, V-tech,.....We dont know how much Steele likes coaching with Malzahn. I dont imagine he does but I dont know that to be true. I see player developement from the defensive side of the ball is all I know and we got that on offense we would be a 10+ win team.
  8. Ok, I'll give it to you if we can make a splash hire while keeping Steele with us and not letting Gus take him with him. If not, then I'd rather promote Steele.
  9. He has built that defense like Saban built his team. Why couldnt Steele do the same for the offensive side of the ball if given a chance?
  10. Steele has managed his defensive staff and players well during his time as our DC. He has been head coach of that side of the ball. I dont have any reason to think he couldnt manage the team as a head coach. We shouldnt have to give him a ridiculous contract to make him head coach either and our staff mostly stays intact. Hiring an OC and DC would give us what we want along with a few staff changes.
  11. If we dominate Alabama and Georgia then I see us getting considered for the playoff assuming okie loses again. Anything less than that will go unnoticed by the committee. It's possible if Malzahn pulls his head out of his a** and calls plays to the strength of his players of which (I think) I saw against Ole Miss. I wish with all my heart that this defense just doesn't go to waste or I will hold it against Malzahn until he leaves and more likely well after. Im pissed how Gatewood was handled this season and some of the other boneheaded stuff I've seen from Malzahn again this year but Im going to try to let it go for the month of November.
  12. All those inside details from one man? Im blown away.
  13. I wish we could but who on that offensive staff could possibly step in as OC? Porter?
  14. Soooooo, this Bill Clark fella
  15. 71 people are talking about this I said in another thread that I listen to games every week because I share an office with a bama fan. It seems to me that if you looked at calls against bama in the 1st quarter vs other teams you would see a pattern. You would also need to look at over turned calls as well because I swear Ive heard only a handful of calls get reviewed and go against them in the last 5-6 years of listening to them play.