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  1. What about all the lack of execution between all those plays? Does that not count for something? Mississippi ST - lack of execution later in the game. Im talking purely offensively since both coached offense S Carolina - I'll give you bad call on that but what happened the rest of the game? Bama - I was saying go for two in first overtime myself Houston - we played like crap. Blocks werent executed for the run game and passing was bad most of the day. Finley just aint it.
  2. Previous coach isnt responsible for play calls but he is responsible for lack of developement. Also, the top guys should be from the previous staff as they have been on the team for 3-5 years. I agree, 2023 is do or die for Harsin but if he doesnt have a good season this year he wont get the recruits he needs to compete moving forward.
  3. Yes, Im aware. He also had different assistants coaching with him not hand picked by him. When he had his chance to do it his way it got worse. You can look at this two ways. Every time Gus left we had a losing season. Was that because Gus was a remarkable coach holding his team together with his genius? Or was it Gus's offense that was so simplistic that when the players (under developed) had to play in a big boy offense they struggled to catch up?
  4. Throw nick marshall out because I said 6 out of 8 years. The first two years were pretty good even the 8-5 record we had in 14 was due to bad defense, offense looked good then. Keep in mind these players were coached under a different head coach and staff. As soon as they were gone so was the offense. Only decent year we had offensively after that was 17 and without KJ it wasnt good. None of our receivers looked like any good players I saw on other teams except for maybe Seth Williams but he was only about half the player he could have been IMO. Now we have a talent depth problem under Harsin. Unless we have a good season and talent is developed more this year we wont get the recruits we need for more depth next year. We need some breakout stars this year and better offensive execution to make that happen.
  5. Boise also executed against power 5 schools but it really doesnt matter execution is execution. We just havent been good at it for a long while.
  6. Execution was the issue we had 6 out of 8 years under Gus and we had that same issue last year with Harsin. Boise ST, on the other hand, doesnt seem to have the same problem we have and they do it with less overall talent. With that said they have had much better QB and receiver play than us the past few years so maybe they edge us out in those two positons. I wonder why that is? Could be that Boise actually coached up their players and Auburn hasnt in a long time under Gus. I hope to see that change this season.
  7. Our current linemen are just too good to attract any competition.
  8. Are we after Cody Jackson? Description sounds like just what we need.
  9. Heard one of their qbs threw 5 tds. Not the current starter.
  10. I think the possible firing of Harsin is over for now. How will he be able to hire coaches? How are we going to hire a decent QB coach with the possibility of the axe dropping at any moment?
  11. I think all of it would happen instantly and simultaneously.
  12. Once he started bringing the recruits in and hired an OC and DC they would do whatever. IMO
  13. I went from 4 to 2 in a matter of a couple weeks.
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