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  1. 2018 Recruiting thread (Updated 1/19/18)

    We are going to sell him on the carlton davis path to success.
  2. 2019 5* RB Noah Cain

    What are the chances we look at the Glass guy you mentioned? I really liked what I saw in his highlights. He wears a brace on his right knee and im wondering if he tore his ACL the previous year. Doesnt appear to slow him down at all though.
  3. 2018 4* LB Quay Walker (Bama)

    WDEwde said walker is coming and I'm holding on to that with both hands white knuckled until the fax comes in. WDE
  4. 2018 3* TE Matt Alaimo

    Hope this works out for us. We really need this guy badly.
  5. 2018 4* RB Harold Joiner Commits to AU!!!

    Im pretty happy about this commitment. Excited to see what he can do.
  6. Clemson Running back

    My opinion is that stidham got the play wrong. Slayton broke his route off because he had two defenders taking him to the endzone. If stidham had rolled out of traffic and ran toward the left end, slayton was wide open for an easy completion inside the 10 yard line.
  7. 2018 3* ATH Nathaniel "Nate" Watson (Miss St.)

    Im liking this guy in our backfield right now filling that KJ role with a much larger frame. I know we're looking at him in other positions but this guy could be a great get.
  8. 2018 3* ATH Nathaniel "Nate" Watson (Miss St.)

    Take him as a RB....would be nice.
  9. 2019 5* RB Noah Cain

    Yes, i like Glass after watching his highlights but Crouch would be my other take.
  10. 2019 5* RB Noah Cain

    Going by stars and size, I like Trey Sanders (img) and Quavaris Crouch
  11. 2019 5* RB Noah Cain

    Couldnt say. I havent looked at anyones list but we need two every other year to keep up with the Joneses.
  12. 2019 5* RB Noah Cain

    This is one of two top ten running backs we need this cycle.
  13. Will Jalen Hurts transfer from Bama?

    I wish he could transfer here to be a RB but that isnt happening.
  14. 2018 3* RB La'Damian "Butterbean" Webb (Miss St)

    I wish beauregard would recruit players like these other schools seem to do.
  15. 2018 4* CB Olaijah Griffin

    Ok, i watched highlights on this kid about a month ago but i quickly forgot his name because he is from the west coast and never thought I'd see his name on this board. All i remembered was him being warren Gs son.