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  1. Aubie and I'm guessing some of the football players were at the elementary school welcoming the kids back this morning. I didn't recognize anyone but I only had a second to look at a mass of people waiting to greet the students.
  2. Ok, well first name and position is the same. That's gotta count for something
  3. They were at lake Martin and returned home to escape the weather which is truly sad. I graduated with Eric Stenson which is also one of the victims of the storm. His family lost 5-7 family members that day. Could have been more. I believe they all sought refuge in the same home.
  4. I saw a video clip from Sunday with Will Herring out on Lee road 38 helping out. I figured the football team would soon be there helping too.
  5. Man, they were extremely lucky. That is right there by my cousins house. I remember riding down LR 100 many times with my dad to get some Bill Capps sausage.
  6. Beauregard is nestled between the Southeast side of Auburn and the South side of Opelika about the same distance from each city. I can get to either auburn or opelika in about 5-10 minutes from where i live just to give you an idea of how close I am to Auburn.
  7. I grew up in and currently live in Beauregard where the tornado struck. My cousin, her husband, and one of their children were in their home when the tornado hit yesterday. Their house was leveled. They have severe injuries but they were among the fortunate to survive. I live on Lee county road 11 not far from Sanford Middle School. My cousin's house is exactly 2.5 miles from where I just built my house.
  8. This guy causes a ton of turnovers and usually ends up with the ball in his hands. I like what im seeing.
  9. Thanks Ellitor for the edit.
  10. His highlights are no longer private.
  11. I already commented before I read this and I agree with you loof.
  12. No worries. I still see my definition as being a bit racist though in saying that its only in a white persons nature to do such a thing.
  13. It's when you give up something you pretend is valuable to you for the sake of some poor unfortunate soul to boost your public persona when in reality your motives were for personal gain and not genuine in nature.