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  1. 2012 Nebraska? How checked out was I that season?
  2. This is concerning. We need to hold on to this guy along with the guy that has a shot at going to Stanford. We could lose him late as well if he is accepted.
  3. I was referring to the Temple game on my Sept 14 post. I believe my thread jinxed them because they immediately stopped putting up the points, haha. Join me in my next thread titled " Alabama and LSU putting up the points"
  4. Haha, I figured some auburn faithful were watching this game. What a trick play to set up the touchdown. Love it!
  5. Ask @Auburn2Eugene He brought it up if i remember correctly in the recruiting thread. Gotta admit that it was a little concerning. Edited to change handle.
  6. So much for putting up the points lol!
  7. I was listening to the game and the LSU guys were calling the Texas fans classless because they booed every time an LSU guy went down. It was every freakn play....somebody went down.
  8. Im just now able to watch the game but i saw highlights of Joeys run at the end of them game. He carries the ball exactly as he did in high school...... away from his body. Thats a fumble waiting to happen. I would have thought our staff would have coached that out of him. Apparently that damn ball on a string didnt teach him crap about keeping the ball tucked in tight. I dont blame him though. Its a habit not coached out of him yet. If only the coaches had seen him carrying it that way in some live contact then just maybe it could have been corrected. His ball security needs to improve and i hope it does because he needs to atleast be our wildcat guy if Gus cant dial up any other plays to get him in the game.
  9. I thought we already had a coach lined up in case Gus got canned this year.
  10. And former maryland oc and had a son we recruited in 2015 iirc.
  11. This is the 2nd week in a row that maryland has been putting up the points. I thought Syracuse would slow them down this week but that isnt the case so far.
  12. Ive been keeping up with him as much as I can. Watched him playing against Holmes a couple days ago but my tablet kept shutting down so I couldnt watch as much as I wanted. He's been playing a lot and I wish him the best.
  13. I hope we can snag Akers when he transfers.
  14. Yes, I read he was only sacked 4 times at Pinson Valley(6a) and those were all in his junior year. He played at Scottsdale(5a) his sophomore year but im not sure about his stats at that school.
  15. I opened this thread to mention Tutt as well but he has been covered. Our linebackers, Wooten, Britt, McClain, and Pappoe all had big plays. Even Pappoe knocking knees with Herbert was a big play. It kept Herbert from being in there on the 4th down stop late in the 4th quarter.
  16. Mond looked very good just like he looked in the season opener last year too. He had some nice games against bama, Clemson, and LSU last year. That oline is going to be a problem though I think. It took 3 downs to go 1 yard to score on texas state. Im worried we will have some of the same issues.
  17. Watching it on hulu right now. Heck of an almost catch.
  18. Of course he just got hurt. Hope he comes back in the game
  19. I only have a basic knowledge of how recruits get ranked but now I understand even less.
  20. I remember playing them in the early 90s and they had these 2 huge defensive tackles....had to be 300lbs plus. Neither had pants that fit and both of their butt cracks were stuck up in the air all game when they got in a stance. Lots of names being called on and off the field that night.
  21. This is true. I do enjoy that about their school. I wish beauregard had a band like that.
  22. 5-5 last year which is probably a good year for them. I just dont see what everyone else is seeing at the moment. Evidently he did well in camps to get a 4 star ranking.
  23. Was about to say the same. Bullock county is usually a pretty bad team in those lower classifications.
  24. Coaches know better than myself obviously but I'm not feeling that impressed with his performance in 3A ball. He was just a sophomore though so maybe Im worried about nothing.