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  1. I only have a basic knowledge of how recruits get ranked but now I understand even less.
  2. I remember playing them in the early 90s and they had these 2 huge defensive tackles....had to be 300lbs plus. Neither had pants that fit and both of their butt cracks were stuck up in the air all game when they got in a stance. Lots of names being called on and off the field that night.
  3. This is true. I do enjoy that about their school. I wish beauregard had a band like that.
  4. 5-5 last year which is probably a good year for them. I just dont see what everyone else is seeing at the moment. Evidently he did well in camps to get a 4 star ranking.
  5. Was about to say the same. Bullock county is usually a pretty bad team in those lower classifications.
  6. Coaches know better than myself obviously but I'm not feeling that impressed with his performance in 3A ball. He was just a sophomore though so maybe Im worried about nothing.
  7. Speaking of Ziemba, he used to or possibly still lives right down the road from me in Beauregard. My wife had a few girls night out with a group of friends that included his wife. Ziemba and his wife, from all accounts, have a massive son from what my wife says. About 15 years from now Gus might finally land a decent lineman
  8. Hope we get him. Has he set a commit date?
  9. I like it. Cleans it up a little.
  10. I listen to the ones everyone has named including "The Lunch Break" ESPN 106.7, "Auburn Undercover" Brandon Marshmallow, and sometimes "AU Wishbone" although the latter doesn't seem to be as plugged in as other shows.
  11. Im with you. Looked like our linemen may have slimmed down a little to me too.
  12. Iggy and Ja'Varrius Johnson came from HT if I remember correctly. Both colleges have recruited HT well. So I'd say things have changed if it was strictly a bama school.
  13. Watched this yesterday. Such an under rated back.
  14. Did a double take on that one.
  15. Last chance u on this friday if you're into the series.
  16. Who cares.....just own it. Bring out the feathered war bonnet and let's goooo! Seriously, I do like the eagle and A look but also like the war feathers for real.
  17. I just saw an article yesterday saying that o-lineman is starting this week or next. I believe everyone else is there.
  18. Man I really hate that I fell for it too.
  19. Yep, "That's just how it's going to go down." When he made this statement coupled with the previous quote I posted about "we're gonna be aggressive," I genuinely thought he meant that they were going to be an aggressive fast striking offense. I didnt know he literally meant thats how the offense was going to go down.....all the way down.
  20. "We're just going to be aggressive"..... going for two is how he rolls.
  21. This is why i mentioned the Arkansas and southern miss games earlier in another thread. I remember the defense playing well and giving the offense the ball in good field position multiple times only for them to screw the opportunity up over and over.
  22. I personally felt like that was the problem.
  23. Im trying to wrap my mind around why he listened to Muschamp about offense. I have to belive that isnt true or Gus is dumber than I thought possible.
  24. I think the two games before that also did a number on the defense. The arkansas and southern miss game were both an embarrassment for the offense.
  25. @Carnell that would be Daniel Thomas