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  1. Haha, yes it's good. Its about his life which explains his mind. Not a psychological breakdown of his mind.
  2. I was reading the forum and watching this on Netflix. Thought some of you guys would be interested.
  3. Lodi dodi he likes to party, he should done better and signed somebody.
  4. I love this hire for Miss St.
  5. The Malzahn Error, lol. I like it.
  6. Mark my words. This will be a lame Gus hire.
  7. Can we please let someone else take a stab at this head coaching thing?
  8. I mean really? How does a coach not remember we were down 7 at halftime, wtf? Seems that would come up a time or two when they were getting their butts chewed. The man is an idiot.
  9. We gotta bring out the brown bags of death next year when we start having games like this to really show our embarrassment
  10. The insanity continues. I cant take this coach much longer.
  11. We got our asses handed to us today guys! I hate Gus and his inability to read a game. He has to be the worst coach at reading energy.
  12. We were thinking the same thing, lol
  13. How about today? You get your fill? Lol
  14. You cant advance a fumble forward on 4th down, didnt i hear that recently?
  15. Do you hear Gilmore? Is he really that stupid?
  16. Boneheaded play call. Why not just get the 1st down?
  17. It wasnt his first road game. Texas A&M was his first, however, you have to find a way to beat a team like this Florida team with or without Nix at QB. I've seen several of these teams run a second QB out there to try and get a spark as well as run the wildcat. Its just a shame we lost to Florida out of the three losses we toted this year because we were more talented vs being equal or out talented. Virginia played with them most of the game and they were missing several players from their secondary. This was like a home game for Florida btw in Miami.
  18. Even with a freshman qb you gotta win a game like that against a team as unspectacular as Florida.
  19. Its a shame we couldnt beat this florida team. They really dont look very good even after a full season under their belt.
  20. Seems they bring in new grass for some of these bowl games and i dont know if its slick because they have to water it or if the turf moves under their feet.
  21. I was really just joking about Malzahns trust tree.
  22. No. 9 nationally with 16 recruits sounds pretty stout to me.
  23. You guys better quit wishing for a new O-line coach because you know its going to be Herb Hand right?