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  1. All Things NFL Thread

    Per Adam Schefter: Panthers’ TE Greg Olsen is signing a two-year extension today worth $8.55M per year with a max value of up to $10.05M per year, per source. Could make him NFL’s highest paid TE. ·
  2. Commission on College Basketball - Report

    Trying to form the G league into a successful minor league system is kinda overboard imo. Let the undrafted players return to college and all is well.
  3. All Things NBA Thread

    James Harden hasn’t been playing all that great lately. A 24 point volume shooter isn’t all that impressive but then again, Westbrook’s 45 points on 39 shots wasn’t either.
  4. Donte Divincenzo

    A bunch of Josh Allen’s tweets have been dug up. Includes the N word and: Why are you so white ? — If it ain't white, it ain't right! LINK — Josh Allen (@JoshAllenQB) June 25, 2013 .Maybe he will fall to 24 and be drafted by the Panthers where Cam is traded in explosive fashion to Dallas and Dak to the Colts.
  5. Commission on College Basketball - Report

    I read the bullet point proposals. Woj on ESPN says if the one and done rule is abolished, it wouldn’t happen until well after 2020.
  6. Commission on College Basketball - Report

    The commission spent about 6 months trying to come up with recommendations and they only came up with a list that an average joe could write up in six minutes.
  7. All Things NBA Thread

    Lebron with the goaltend and then the GW 3. The “KANG” 👏
  8. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    Brutal. Negas Unite!!
  9. All Things NFL Thread

    Thanks. It’s not exclusive to Cam by no means, but the motivation behind the public charity offered by the public figures has always been contemplated. I love tbe unfiltered and unplanned stories more than anything. I like to know which athletes act like a dick in restaurants or public places or who inconveniences themselves for others when the cameras are not around. I was pretty impressed that the Greek freak balled out for Milwaukee in the NBA playoffs and he didn’t make a big “do you know who I am!” deal about a Milwaukee restaurant not seating him in a timely manner just hours later. He just calmly left and nobody would’ve ever known if not for a patron that recognized him.
  10. All Things NFL Thread

    Not trying to be a pain in the ass, but how do you know this isn’t a PR move?
  11. Gus is an average coach

    He’s already tbe HC at Arizona...
  12. All Things NBA Thread

    Westbrook let man bun get in his head. SMH No wonder KD and Westbrook didn’t get along. They’re both so sensitive. I bet they could go months without talking to each other.
  13. Gus is an average coach

    I actually forgot about this game too. Crap.
  14. Gus is an average coach

    That we could have a shot at? Why? Or a list of SEC coaches better than Gus? Does having a league full of either mediocre or inexperienced coaches mean that Gus isn’t mediocre? As for my list: 1.Saban 2. Fisher 3. Malzahn/ Smart 5. Mullens 6. Muschamp 7 and ⬇️: Make the list yourself, foo!