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  1. This isn't his fault. Doesn't have the resume or sources for an Auburn coaching spot though.
  2. Well now you're really making me feel like we made a mistake.
  3. The guy had like four drops mid season. His numbers plummeted after along with his targets but it wasn't because of his bricks for hands.
  4. Coaches trying to sell their program or themselves as the next coaches is no different than a college grad selling himself to the next employer as capable and right for the job. Yeah, looking like you live in your van doesn't disqualify you from the job, but it will make a negative impression on the interviewer, etc. Maybe it's just the former military in me that likes things dress right dress, or maybe I mistaken the football industry as a sector that requires professionalism, but I do hold appearance as a make or break point. Speaking of Dameyune Craig, damn didn't he look good. You can see that he is confident, and a very proud man. His recruits gravitated to that. That's how you freaking get a recruit.
  5. Hopefully the early signing day will help with this. Look forward to having our coaches being able to say, "if you cannot sign right now, you may or will lose your spot."
  6. Appearance is "everything"
  7. ESPN is straight up garbage then.
  8. Proof that the Dolphins players made his ass quit!!
  10. Will Muschamp too. How did I forget that one!
  11. No. But several players. Including our own and Plaxico Burress.
  12. How long ''twas the hire Muschamp thread that we all were giddy and excited about? That one delivered.
  13. Surely you have some context to share...
  14. heart my feelings are hurt. somebody knows my real first name. I am afraid the sky is falling -concerned Auburn damsel in distress