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  1. I read a profile about a former Oklahoma State wideout last year and you would’ve thought that the profile was about Auburn. I asked a poster here that knows all about Big 12 football and that guy said the article was full of it. Everyone loves crapping on the spread system but yet it keeps getting incorporated into the NFL more and more. Gus runs his own system and it doesn’t ask a lot from its QBs and WRs. It mainly asks them to do their job. I’m perfectly fine with our offense as long as it is actually scoring. When we aren’t sending players to the league prepared to play and collegiate play is inept as well, that’s a problem. We are a two back downhill, vertical play action offense. That’s our identity.
  3. Hopefully Gatewood is doing 300 pushups and 1000 sit-ups tonight. Gonna have to carry the team in the fall.
  4. 448 total yards and 22 first downs isn’t a total collapse. Gus isn’t the reason for the TO’s. BTW: You could swap Steele for Gus and the edited version would fit even better.
  5. Well you know there has to be some give and take. There will be times when the defense gets a turnover and the offense doesn’t respond. There will also be times when the offense scores and the defense doesn’t take advantage. That’s football. We both agree the offense deserves the majority of the blame, but that doesn’t absolve the other side from its own mistakes. The issues with the offense has dominated the offseason, so it’s not like the offense is getting off with a pass. Harping on the offense for this particular game really doesn’t make any sense. During the two game stretch of the Mississippi State- Tennessee games, the defense gave up on average 23 points and 410 yards. Yeah, that may be good enough to keep the team in the game sometimes, but when it’s against teams that formed the mudsill of offensive production in the SEC, it’s simply not good enough.
  6. I remember when Urban Meyer’s speed kills recruiting strategy ended up costing him in his last year. Their offense couldn’t get going as they were undersized and the opposing defenses played to keep everything in front.
  7. The offense played against the top ranked total defense in the nation, the top ranked 4th quarter scoring defense, the number two scoring defense in the nation, the third ranked rush defense, and 6th ranked pass defense.. The offense also looked like crap the previous week against Southern Miss and lethargic the week before against Arkansas.. Our defense played against an offense that was 80th in scoring offense and 119th in passing offense, etc. This is the same offense that had 201 and 202 yards of total offense leading up to the Auburn game in their previous two games against Florida and Kentucky...As for the next week, instead of getting pounded on the ground and nearly giving up 200 rushing yards to a QB, we shored up the ground game and got air raided by Tennessee in a game that the offensive teammates actually put together good drives. Not diminishing the collective efforts of our defense, but let’s call a spade a spade here. The one side of the ball that you’re attributing all of the blame to is the one side that had the much taller task as soon as they stepped on the football field, and it’s because you’re blinded by your hate of Gus Malzahn. The game was billed as a defensive battle before the ball was ever kicked off and let’s face it, our defense bent more than theirs, our offense sucked little more than theirs, and we had more turnovers. That’s a team L.
  8. I made my mom buy them all when I was a young, pure Auburn fan. Printed off NSD lists every year and put them in laminate paper as well. The good old days. Can’t answer your question though. Internet took away that passion long time ago. Thanks for reading.
  9. Just like last year I’ll be watching the whole draft but only providing real time updates in the first round and when Auburn players are drafted.
  10. Most companies want your resume in .doc or pdf, not gif. #Protip
  11. Yeah, kinda hard to say look they cheated when those players were steered to advisors, not to the school just like ours were.