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  1. Pat Dye: As of right now, 4 more losses ...

    Oh gotcha. Yeah, I don't know Dye's quotes any more than Dye knows where he left his pants.
  2. Pat Dye: As of right now, 4 more losses ...

    I don't get the joke. You mean 20/20?
  3. Pat Dye: As of right now, 4 more losses ...

    Sounds to me like Dye is trying to hang Gus himself. Saying that this is the most talented football team he's ever seen did no favors to Gus given that Dye's seen more than one undefeated seasons at Auburn. And then saying that we are not good enough to beat four other teams right now after saying Auburn has the most talented team he's seen is basically burying Gus. Gus, don't send that man a Christmas card.
  4. All Things NFL Thread

    The Thursday night NFL game has been amazing. Best Thursday night game I've seen in a while.
  5. Byron Cowart

  6. Byron Cowart

    We got two 182+ carry, 1000 yard seasons out of him.
  7. Surprisingly, we agree. Anybody that can say that quoted quote is a sick human being.
  8. read-option offense

    "Lets see if this works" seems to be our cutting edge redzone philosophy.
  9. read-option offense

    I figured that. Cox has only had one carry this year as far as I know though. I'm frustrated that we are still using the wildcat on the goal line. It simplify doesn't work against the good defenses even with the extra blocker.
  10. read-option offense

    I was mainly talking about KP and Kerryon running the wildcat. Cox is a no-go at wildcat no matter what offense is being ran. Cox is a decent blocker and he should be utilized as such on the line.
  11. read-option offense

    Does Malzahn consider JS DT? I'm dissapointed we are still putting the wildcat out there at the goal line. NM and Cam never had one.
  12. Our D is nasty this year! Here's some stats.

    Ahh, ok. I thought the whole convo got zapped. Insert GW inserting hug gifs
  13. Our D is nasty this year! Here's some stats.

    Not sure why my posts had to be sacrificed.
  14. I Just Learned Something Really New

    IE: " " ^ Fits the new formula. If a Christian that runs a bakery can be considered a bigot because her views on homosexuality altered the populations she'd bake for, other races can most assuredly be guilty of intertwining racist or political beliefs with workplace hiring and/ or standard operation procedures. Doesn't fit the "only white people can be racist" narrative though.