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  1. Generally, Joey may be brought in for 3rd and short and GL situations, but the threat of pass is still there which should be like taking candy from a baby if the defense is expecting a power run. If I had to guess, that threat is just as much underestimated as Nix’s wheels.
  2. Take me out to dinner if you want to talk that dirty to me. I ain’t cheap.
  3. We have one of the better RB’s already committed and have an early lead on a mammoth 5* DT from Eight Mile Alabama. Past that, good question.
  4. Gus is finally learning little something about that grand old concept of gamesmanship. Oregon gonna be cramming in Joey prep after dinner.
  5. We had more first downs and total yards than Tennessee. Also had 3 picks.... that stings.
  6. Brandon Cox threw 3 picks his first start but still thought he was going to hang the moon because he also had 342 passing yards that game. Well that first game ended up being his careeer high in passing yards, but not picks, unfortunately.
  7. Gatewood ran a 4.81 over 2 and a half years ago. He was probably barely 17
  8. Gus needs to win 9+ or less than 8. If he wins less than 8, at least we will know. 8 is going to be a tough call, but idealistically we shouldn’t reward 8 win seasons. 9 either, but the SOS/ TF QB compromise can make 9 more reasonable.
  9. Here is his wiggle room aka escape hatch. He propped us up on the pedestal so that he could watch the fall from it, and claim another disappointing season. Although I must say, even the outsiders seem to respect a job on the line Gus.
  10. I basically think he’s going to be lucky to see 7 snaps a game unless injury happens. I think he a capable backup though, so the coaching staff doesn’t have to be ultra conservative with Nix’s running abilities, though he still shouldn’t explode into defenders like Sean White used to do. SW would deliver some heroic hits as a runner but would fracture himself in the process as well lol.