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  1. You are wrong. You just don't want to admit it. Lindsey served only one year with Propst out of a decade while serving as a HS coach in some form. To say that Lindsey "came from a coaching tree of sleeze ball HS coaches" just because of that one year is downright deceptive if not a blatant lie. And if im an ass for making you eat your mistake, so be it. I find it highly revealing that nobody else has a problem with that statement.
  2. You gave a list of negatives and flaws before you said you wouldn't hold the flaws against him. One of the detrimental issues you mentioned was that "Chip Lindsey came from a HS coaching tree of sleezeball coaches" even though His resume says otherwise. One stint and one year with Propst doesn't change the fact. I don't mean to nitpick you but if you pass something off an inaccuracy as fact then I will say something. And I really couldn't give two sh**s about who I piss off. I don't care if two hundred people agree with you, I will say you are wrong.
  3. Maybe @TitanTiger can show me where I've been negative throughout the day. My opinion of him was that he would be "a stud coach but probably not a stud recruiter." That's not being negative. That's being realistic. One benign assumption can cause so much grief and butthurt for @ToraGirland others but to call me negative or ignorant is just as ignorant as calling CL a "yes man."
  4. Well observed an average joe temperament. That's not made up and that is certainly not a bad thing....But of course you take offense to everything I say. This happens a lot in life. Grow up. So this inaccuracy falls under "me making s*** up." You must be 12. I discounted the stat as a product of many factors but I didn't make anything up. Yeah I messaged you. That's all you got right out of that. Uhhh what? I've known one recruit since I've been on here. I've never pretended to be a recruiting insider. @ellitor can vouch for that. This is actually hilarious. Would love to know what you're talking about. Please be generous with the details.
  5. You're the one not getting it. Again I have to explain that he has coached with many other sets of coaches and is legitimately in other much deeply rooted coaching trees, which makes one year of working in a different coaching tree extremely insignificant. So insignificant that it isn't worth bitching about as a matter of fact. What is your point @FoundationEagle
  6. There is a difference between drawing the line with fact and fiction by saying "my sources say" and actually giving an opinion based on anecdotal evidence and small town hearsay. While mine isn't the gospel, I can at least attribute the statement to a source and the reasoning for it. I don't blame you for not believing that I have the evidence to make an accurate opinion. s*** changes all the time and there are enough frauds on this site already. Don't confuse or compare me to a pseudo-insider though.
  7. Where have I ever made anything up?show me and I'll leave this site forever.
  8. What evidence are you expecting from me? What could I possible show you? Bueller? anyone? Oh okay so you are saying im making s*** up?
  9. Well this is wrong. He only worked with one bad apple and only briefly. He is as much of the Tandy Gerelds and Mothershed football tree which emphasized faith and football. "This guy is from a coaching tree of sleezeballs in HS. "
  10. I only corrected because it was wrong. The rest wasn't.
  11. This is not true. He worked with one sleezeball. Like I said last week, his HS coaching pedigree is pretty rich. He learned from John Mothershed and Rush Propst. Mothershed learned from Tandy Geralds which was the coach featured in "Woodlawn." And both were coaches of high integrity.
  12. My point was we barely recruit North Alabama other than Madison Academy and that's where much of his connections are. But you're right for sure. He had a brief stint in Georgia and worked with Lutzenkirchen but I'm not sure of his connections there.
  13. Naive about what? Sounds like you're the one that may be a tad bit naive.
  14. Yeah, basically that's what it comes down to. Didn't Malzahn attach himself to his HS QB?
  15. I already mentioned Barnett and that 4*. Your article mentioned his lack of recruiting experience though.