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  1. The parents that drugged the newborn are POS's that deserve neither the freedom afforded to them nor the blessing of having an otherwise healthy baby. With that said, we are not God. Not only do we not have the right to justify killing others unless through the proportionality of self-defense, our legal courts are not allowed to become social engineers that can decide who should and shouldn't reproduce. The two POS parents could clean up and be perfectly fine parents ten years from now. Do they need jailtime and rehabilitation in the meantime, yes. Do they deserve to lose their reproductive rights, no.
  2. True, anything past 21 is headed down hill for real. Thank God I can look forward to that senior cup discount at Jacks at 55.
  3. I'm sure he can do well at either position but I'm personally pulling for him at QB. The potential at QB is off the charts. He can be a TE or WR sure but I just don't know if his talents can be utilized enough in our offense.
  4. Gatewood squatting 520 as a QB?
  5. Well, alrighty then. If you think you know "exactly how they work," this is when the conversation has to end. ✌️
  6. I didn't even know he committed. My bleacher report app is letting me down.
  7. I'm thinking the older crowd can dig his all around game actually. He plays selfless on both sides of the floor, including hard defense. Of course, defense is what the older crowd always bemoans about the current NBA.
  8. He is boring personality wise but he is perfect for coach Pop though.
  9. Im not the one proclaiming that the practice of sterilizing inmates "is the best idea in ages."
  10. You can't go wrong with Kwahi Leonard. He is old school, he plays defense very hard for a superstar, and his skills are very well-rounded. He is well liked by his peers as well. Oh, and he plays for coach Pop.
  11. By permanently taking away the freedom and reproductive rights of inmates even after getting cleaned up and their lives already straigtened out? You're talking about consequences with long term effects given "voluntarily" to a bunch of vunerable inmates waiting impatiently to get out. Would these same inmates take up the benefit to get sterilized if they were outside the walls and already living a free life already? Probably not unless unless the idea of steriliziation was already on their mind. When I was at boot camp, people used to buy a regular sized pack of M&M's out of select MRE's for twenty to forty bucks just because they were desperate to have a small taste of civilian life again. If thirteen weeks could prompt irrational decisions such as to pay forty dollars for a pack of M&M's, what kind of irrational decisions do you think an anxious man with ten years in the penitentiary would make jusy to get out even faster? And I agree, sterilization doesn't solve the actual problem of addicts that won't pay child support. If there's no will to pay the child support, then there's no way to pay the child support. There will be every excuse in the book for why they couldn't pay child support. Said inmates that chose to get out sooner by undergoing vasectomies won't all of a sudden decide that paying child support is convenient to their lifestyle. Child support from having new babies won't be a problem but the old problems will still exist. And even if they do pay the child support, they then have old court costs, legal fees, etc to pay as well. Debtors prison doesn't make the matters any better. You can't hold an inmate in jail for four days in one week and then be shocked that the same inmate couldn't pay court costs or child support on the Friday of the same week. Municipal courts loves this s***. How do you they think the city gyms for city workers are built? Not being able to pay the legal fees and court costs just means more fees will be added to the bill, meaning more time will be served in jail, and much more revenue for the city governments.
  12. I just don't get this format yet. Seems that the smack talk thread is receiving all the hits despite many wanting a political thread without the snarkiness.
  13. He has already given up several SC highlight worthy opposing dunks just in the Summer League. He is below average when he has to guard 1 on 1 against players equally as athletic or stronger. He just has slow feet. Zone defenses help disguise his slow feet. Here is a good gif illustrating his feet. Lavar is certainly a genius. He knew what he was doing when he made preposterous claims like he could've beaten MJ one on one. Everybody questioned whether he would be a cancer to the NBA team that Lonzo was drafted to.However, it turns out that Lavar already told Magic Johnson that the publicity was all just a show, and that he will be hands off whenever he plays for the Lakers . So in reality, all he was doing was hyping Lonzo. And it worked. Lonzo is the most anticipated rookie in a decade probably and it's not even close. I just don't think he will be the franchise changing player that people thinks he will be. He may average 15-10-10 a game but is that going to carry the Lakers? Probably not. And his unwillingness to shoot 2 point jumpers at UCLA should be a concern for whenever he does the pick and roll in the NBA.
  14. Lonzo had a reality TV show while he was still in college thanks to his dad. Fultz is the number one pick and he didn't and hasn't received a third of the coverage that Lonzo has. Not to mention that Lavar was already making bold predictions about UCLA and attracting a bunch of reporters before UCLA's season even started. When Lavar guaranteed a UCLA championship in the preseason, that's when I started paying attention. The summer league coverage had a lot to do with Lonzo Ball than the depth of the draft class as well. Lonzo received most of the summer league headlines after all. Not to mention that ESPN has never dedicated so much time to discuss summer league basketball. Not even when Lebron, Curry, Harden, etc had to go through it. I disagree. Lonzo will be a "star" in the sense that he's the PG of the Lakers but he won't be a superstar. His offense needs work and his defense is atrocious. He very well could be Jason Kidd-like but hell, RW just averaged a triple double for the whole regular season and RW is nowhere near a winner.
  15. Ok, if you say so