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  1. Andre Iguodala and a doctor’s warning before game 5 sharing how pathetic GS’s
  2. Story time!!!! This part Reminds me of HS. I’ll be in the hallway and I’ll see a friend walking and I’ll just walk right next to them without them seeing me and then jump at them from the side while pretending like I’m shooting. Before they are like “WTF are you doing Jeff!!” I’ll yell “And One!!!!” And then they laugh. lol
  3. Appreciate it man. You say you go to every game so you must do well. I are actually Nigerian Prince seeking asylum in America. I need you to hold my money for a while and I’ll make you too a rich rich man.
  4. So it appears someone likes to indirectly answer to my talking points while also pretending to ignore me. Real estate is open. You mentioned Pearl and he mentioned an annuity and I was just adding to that. That’s good information though. One day whenever I decide to start adulting I’ll keep this information in my left pocket.
  5. I thought Gus was stuck in his old ways and ain’t never lissening to nobody?
  6. Saban visited Ohio State to see Herman after 2013. We are visiting Fargo. 15-0 incoming.
  7. That’s why I wrote that players players can withdraw earlier with a penalty attached. I don’t really have the specifics all there. Just brain storming. Could maybe do CD’s instead. Instead of significant penalties, they just lose interest. Maybe the school could set aside money for such occasions. Another thing to consider is NFL hopefuls (guys destined for the pros) will probably withdraw their amount early because they believe a bigger paycheck is imminent.
  8. I don’t care if they get paid something or not. It should at least be fair and not provide a competitive advantage. I’m not interested in helping Johnny flipping football earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in autograph money a year before his big contract while his center is only living on the COLA stipend. I’m interested in the financial fitness of a team as a whole. If a school has a cash cow so well endowed that everyone (no matter their status on the team) will get money from “likeness”, that school will kill it on the recruiting trail. Even the backup center will be rewarded. I’ve mentioned doing a set annuity across the board that can be received after graduation. Some drawbacks and stipulations: -players that get kicked off the team lose their annuity -players that leave early or transfer only receive a pro-rated portion of their guaranteed amount. -players can withdraw early with a penalty attached. -Cost of living stipends remain. -option to receive money even through grad school. Fair. The million dollar question though: who is paying for the annuity? Where is the money going to come from?
  9. So altering the stance to flop ready should be made illegal? Are you not tired of judgement call fouls? I’m not going to pretend that the league is trying to preserve his Achilles either. They’re going to try to make whatever they can illegal because Harden can make a fool of the refs despite playing within the letter of the law. That’s why I don’t see how they can change what he’s doing. But it’s all good. Agree to disagree.
  10. Yeah and I admit that Harden is the first to use the refs as a primary tool in his arsenal. But even then fouls were still fouls, just called less. No bro. They train themselves to shoot and maybe land in front of wherethey were very young. Especially if they don’t have the strength to shoot from long distance. So how are the defenders fouling while standing still? We are only discussing him jumping into others? You know he gets a lot of fouls after the step back?
  11. You’ve never played basketball. You jump up, but where does your momentum take you? Has been done for decades Yeah but the shooter jumps forward right? What did wade do to Marquis? He went and got the contact. If a defender has his hand up and the shooter manipulates his shot to hit the hand, foul. That’s just smart.
  12. Guess where the natural momentum of a shooter takes him? That’s why you can’t legislate it? See above. Some shooters kick out or flare when shooting also why is it that this has been done at times by others to draw fouls but only should be illegal because Harden is great at it? You’re basically trying to outlaw a lethal pump fake because if a player catches a defender with a pump fake and then jumps forward to grab the contact, by your opinion that’s illegal. Didnt even watch the videos. Save em for a Harden fan.
  13. Which kids are you trying to look after? The super stars? What about the senior backup linebacker? None of that seems fair to me. Maybe the senior backup linebacker will be convinced to go to Jacksonville State so that he can make a dollar.
  14. DJ is a stud and I said that before he even committed.
  15. As an addendum, I hope for all of this without actually negatively impacting the game. There is a reason why people don’t like the NBA and the NFL after all. Hopefully the NCAA doesn’t turn into the schools with the fattest cows performing the best.