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  1. Mullen’s call worked!! Miami’s D looks suspect though. Florida 7 Miami 3
  2. Also, lol at the Kirk and Reece calling Felipe Franks a proven commodity before the game.
  3. Miami’s offense came out strong, but died in the RZ. Miami 3 Florida 0 Jarran Williams did well but didn’t see a deep pass.
  4. That’s embarrassing. I hope dyehard doesn’t find this. Too late:
  5. Can’t believe Ohio State is predicted to make the playoffs w/ a new coaching staff and QB either. That says a lot about their conference.
  6. I’ve always thought of Corso as a sharter. lol
  7. Still think we would have stomped them as bad as Missouri did if Stidham didn’t have three turnovers. Good talk.
  8. Couldn’t stop the 121st offense from moving the ball either. I’ve already discussed Stidham’s play. Why can’t we just admit both sides sucked without the whataboutisms?
  9. What is this amateur hour. You invited yourself to my conversation with Brad bringing only immature gifs with you. I’m sorry if I haven’t given you enough attention lately, but let’s not make stuff up just for the sake of it. You were the one reported for spam. Irony is getting dense.
  10. Thanks to quick scoring strikes and sloppy QB play? Did the defense force any turnovers? Anything?
  11. Really? We got more first downs and total yards against Tennessee than they did. There is no fatigue argument there.
  12. Tennessee had the 121st offense in the nation and we made Guarantano look like a Heisman. We were discussing our play against mediocre teams weren’t we? Oh, that’s right. My argument wasn’t about Gus.
  13. 44 first downs given up says we had 44 opportunities to get the ball back. And MSU had the best defense in the nation.
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