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  1. I have been a reader on this site for years but never posted but feel compelled to post today. First, I have no insider information and don't personally know either family involved. My husband and I did go through that intersection on our way out of town and back into town a few days after the accident. The light was red both times so I had time to observe all the police paint on the road showing the path of the two vehicles after the collision. My theory all along is that the traffic light changed. I think they are controlled by a computer program here in Auburn so that might be able to be checked. You see in the reports that the Bramblett vehicle was stopped or nearly stopped so I think Rod made the decision to stop for the changing light. Like you see almost daily and many of us have probably done, the teenager decided to accelerate through the changing light. That might be why he went from 88 to 91. Was this just an innocent mistake - no. He was driving way over the speed limit, maybe impaired, maybe tired, and maybe following behind them too closely. We may never know what really happened and again this is just my theory for what it's worth. War eagle, Rod and Paula.
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