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  1. Coming back for his senior year isn't gonna make it arms longer or less injury prone.
  2. It was a failed attempt at a golf is old joke
  3. Hey Golf who is your favorite Auburn head coach that's been at Auburn in your lifetime? John Heisman?
  4. Literally exactly what I think everytime I see posts like that.
  5. I'm feeling Cowart leaves after this season @ellitor just a feeling!
  6. This tells me he's expected a couple DL to leave after this year, specifically one that could declare after his junior season.
  7. Sounds like the type of combo guard Pearl loves
  8. Y'all really don't understand how comfortable he is at AU. I have my contacts at Central High.
  9. It's because Auburn's coaching staff does their own evaluations and doesn't care what their rating is on a recruiting service.
  10. Safe to say that the 2018 class HAS to be huge for DB recruiting.
  11. There was a lot going against that 2015 team
  12. If Nate Craig-Meyers wins MVP we better hope and pray he doesn't quit football to be a model
  13. By God, McClain out here balling too.
  14. I'd also like to say, Kam Martin isn't looking that good.