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  1. Just got back from vacation huh?
  2. Because Sean White has an issue that he hasn't resolved.
  3. I know it's been said, but we're getting Fields.
  4. It's indeed, lit.
  5. 23 I've been running this joint since you left us and now you're just gonna come in here and put me in my place? I won't stand for this!!!
  6. I doubt it's a death penalty. But they'll be losing scholarships. A lot of them.
  7. Ole Miss isn't gonna be beating anyone next season
  8. 23 sighting
  9. I get it bro. I like Carl too, just not my favorite!
  10. lol I'm 19
  11. Only compliment the ones I like
  12. That's crazy but I respect it
  13. Lol bro I appreciate that
  14. If he actually commits and signs with Auburn I'll be the happiest I've ever been in my 19 years
  15. Carl Lawson is one of your all time favorite players?