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  1. Nah they lost to a high school team, South Alabama will probably win the Sun Belt
  2. McCormick needs to make a 100 FTs before he starts again. Dude is a liability.
  3. We are the superior team and playing down to their level
  4. Jesus McCormick looks great and then makes a couple bone headed moves
  5. Refs not calling a thing and we’re playing soft. Wiley needs to figure out how to use his hands.
  6. McCormick has been incredibly underwhelming
  7. Benton probably would’ve came to AU had the $$$ been bigger
  8. Pretty much the same stuff that Keith and others have said. The issue has and will be Bama’s been in his ear. Family is pro-Bama IIRC.
  9. Our staff doesn’t play with that honestly. I don’t think LSU or Bama will take him.
  10. For us to be the second/third largest city in Gerogia... the amount of football talent in the area is small other than Central (in Alabama) and the occasional Carver player. Baseball talent is a little different. Most Auburn people here are upper class people, most of whom do not produce good football players hahaha.
  11. Would be shocked to see him end up at Auburn, LSU, or Bama.
  12. Have a feeling this one might go down to the wire.