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  1. @ShocksMyBrain @jared52 @bigbird @augolf1716 @ellitor @McLoofus and probably more that I’m forgetting. Hard to narrow it down, this place has been the peak of quality posting and people since I joined back in 2014.
  2. So what you’re saying is you’re going to be the one to land him? Don’t fail us like with Martez Ivey
  3. Hey E, missed you man! Brock is really good.
  4. You’re not worth the time sweetheart.
  5. Oh and this was a gem. Imagine thinking that criticism of our coach means I’m not a fan of Auburn anymore. Lol. That’s the best you got Jeffy?
  6. Cute Jeffy, good to see you and Mikey have become pals. Makes sense.
  7. The fact that people have literally wrote out the real problem for you multiple ways... In-depth, logically, and sarcastically and you still can’t seem to grasp this simple concept is ridiculous to me. It’s really ticking me off that I’m going to try to explain it to you too. Brock Vandergriff is an AU Legacy who has been going to Auburn games since he was in diapers. His mom graduated from Auburn. He has more or less dreamed of being Auburn’s QB since he first waved the orange Pom Poms... he is the closest thing to Bo Nix in terms of “fandom” you can get other than his father not donning the Orange and Blue. Yet he isn’t committed to us... why? Because he LITERALLY SAID he’s waiting to see how Gus handles our offense and QB situation this year. Gus’s track record with QB’s has spoken for itself and is pushing away a kid who would’ve committed last year had Gus not wet his pants for the 5th time in 6 years here. I get your shtick here is to defend Gus and Auburn here until you die but open your eyes and except some criticism.
  8. I pray the Central curse gets lifted... the one where none of them ever work out for us 😂 big get and a big kid!
  9. Gotta think UNC is the landing spot assuming he doesn’t just go to the NBA.
  10. Underrated. He’s raw but the talent is there! Obviously has the instincts and intellect to play QB.