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  1. I can’t believe we’re wasting a scholarship on an LB!!! WE NEED MOAR OFFENSIVE LINEMAN.
  2. Thank god the thoughts of 2 or 3 isn’t what the vast majority of our fanbase believes. What a sad life to live.
  3. My favorite thing you do here is act like Harsin’s been here for a season and a half. Literally got here December 24th, 2020. Been here for a year and a month. Acting like he could fix Gus’ class of misfits in the 2021 class is just preposterous.
  4. You don’t know that at all. Funniest part about your post is that you cite stuff from our recruiting people who you claim know nothing. Oxymoron, no?
  5. Can we not allow this thread to also be a “Was Bo this or was he this?” He’s gone. Move on.
  6. So will the recruiting forum also be taking after the football forum in complete doom and gloom?
  7. You recruit them because you do have a chance. We had a chance and the LSU got him on for a visit. Sucks but this literally happens every single year. It’s recruiting. Hard to pull a hometown kid but you have to try.
  8. Wait wait wait, so you’re telling me an in-state kid chose his state school who regularly puts out ELITE talent at the WR position over a school 5+ hours away who hasn’t had a first round WR drafted this millennium??? I am SHOCKED.
  9. A top 8 basically three weeks before signing day seems a bit excessive but I respect his hustle
  10. Just not sure this thing is over with. If he really wanted to be at USC he would’ve already committed to them.
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