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  1. Premium on 247 off tRant ^
  2. Willis at QB2
  3. Buddy of mine is going to be a freshman next fall and he's working as a trainer. Said that Stidham looked really good, Pettway didn't get a lot of reps, and Malik could be our #2
  4. He's still in classes
  5. Best of luck to a cool guy.
  6. Gus has been gaining some weight
  7. Please God don't let JF3 be a starter as WR, if he is, our WR wonderkids aren't as good as we thought.
  8. Even though we all love to forget about Tyler Queen
  9. Carlton Davis is a junior
  10. Somebody gets it
  11. Stop worrying about Kyle Davis... he will be back by the end of spring break.
  12. And the spring ball hot takes begin
  13. As deep as this class is with RB's, there's no way he makes into this class unless he commits earlier than NSD.