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  1. Don’t worry boys, I’ll handle this guy
  2. Probably because he doesn’t want to be ran to death next year 😂😂😂
  3. I think it’ll be Friend personally
  4. First hire where I’d be pretty disappointed
  5. Ah so he’s taking the Trovon Reed route where in his final season we realize he probably should’ve been playing a different position to begin with.
  6. Kodi needs to go and coach somewhere and learn how to be a real WR coach if that’s what he wants to do. He was never going to get the right teaching here to do that.
  7. Be rest assured, if Gunnar committed here he’d have a lot of kids wanting to come play with him
  8. I’m with you. But I definitely think the players are already seeing a different type of leadership than they’ve been used to. Garner was also known to be a hard ass so I don’t think BK just decided he couldn’t handle Harsin.
  9. Feels like Harsin really has laid down the law here. Saban didn’t get a statue for being nice...
  10. I don’t know that we hire a safeties coach, feels like Mason will coach them.
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