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  1. Apologies, I’ll be more sure next time hahahah
  2. Well hell remind me to never make a post with my gut again
  3. Green would start with us day one IMO.
  4. Yeah, was awhile ago though. He’s as tall as me so his height may have been doing some tricks on my eyes
  5. He needs to gain some weight, last time I saw him in person he looked pretty skinny.
  6. Understood 👊🏻
  7. Before it got edited, it read as USCe was a part of the ACC, not sure why he facepalmed me. Point still stands though
  8. When did USCe become an ACC school?
  9. Imagine you’re sitting in 100 degree weather, decked out in Auburn gear, it smells like corn dogs, you’re surround by drunk frat boys screaming “TIGER BAIT!” at you as you walk to your seat. The first quarter opens up and Jarrett Stidham is dicing em up, he gets to the 50 yard line and you see Will Hastings line up in the slot with Delpit covering him... you know what’s coming. Hastings exposes Delpit with a post route and he scores! You’re in everyone of those lame purple and gold frat boys’ faces. You go up 20-0 a little after. But LSU fights back. Surely Gus sees he can score and is gonna keep his foot on the gas right? Surely we’re gonna keep scoring in the second half right? That’s when I realized that Gus had lost that fire. And then we blew it. I cried.
  10. Dude, I misinterpreted your post. There is no reason to be a complete jerk. Grow up.