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  1. Seems like the same for the coaches too..
  2. FWIW Lee loves Auburn. For those unaware, he’s basically saying he didn’t get any mail from Auburn this week as he would typically get mail on Monday. He’s PROBABLY trolling.
  3. The melt on this site thread will be glorious if we lose him to the pups.
  4. With Aaron already committed is there a chance we take 2 QBs? I’d assume staff might be taking some precautions if Joey transfers?
  5. Greatest special teams player in AU history. Dude’s got like 3 rings with the Patriots haha.
  6. Did y’all know Bo Nix is Patrick Nix’s son?
  7. For someone who is consistently posting in the recruiting forum, your lack of knowledge on the subject is really impressive. Congrats on dumbest post of the day.
  8. Have a couple friends who are connected and watched this practice say that GP may genuinely have a mental problem. He does not pick up plays or do the little things well.
  9. Because who doesn’t want a RB named Tank?
  10. I’m with you. Not a ton of elite this year but OL recruiting and evals are just difficult. I believe Cohen will be the best of the bunch for us when we look back. I’m biased just because I’ve watched him a ton over the years.
  11. The majority of people mad about this wouldn’t have noticed it had they not announced it. It took me a minute and I work in design. Haha