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  1. 2018 4* WR Anthony Schwartz

    Ross is still in play. Clemson probably better fit but we shall see. I don’t think Ross doesn’t want to be here is all I’ll say!
  2. 2018 4* WR Anthony Schwartz

    Pray he becomes one
  3. 2018 3* OL Walker Culver

    Better hope and pray one of them does
  4. 2020 NR RB Deondre Jackson Commits to AU!!

    Sorry for the misunderstanding JFD
  5. 2018 4* WR Anthony Schwartz

    My thoughts exactly
  6. 2018 4* WR Anthony Schwartz

    I just watched his senior film. Let me just say, if we land him, we have to utilize this kid. You can't teach his speed and his hands are like glue. If we land him, he'll be my favorite commit in the class.
  7. 2018 4* DE Kayode Oladele

    Coynis will probably end up 320 by the end of his freshman year
  8. 2018 4* RB Asa Martin Commits to AU!!!

    Except for that one guy on the football forum
  9. 2018 4* TE Luke Ford

    Kirby: Jake, did you see Stidham followed Luke Ford on Twitter? Jake Fromm: Yeah...? Kirby: I need you to go follow him too. It makes us look bad if you don’t. Jake:
  10. 2020 NR RB Deondre Jackson Commits to AU!!

    Nah we might as well just lock it until February 3rd, 2020 since recruiting means nothing until then.
  11. 2020 NR RB Deondre Jackson Commits to AU!!

    Yeah Joey Gatewood committed in 2015 and he’s been the mouthpiece of the 2018 class. You probably said the same thing about him 3 years ago too.
  12. 2020 NR RB Deondre Jackson Commits to AU!!

    If Horton leaves, we’d have two spots to fill right?
  13. Not feeling good about Luke Ford probably