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  1. Gonna miss you man, always a pleasure to talk with you. Prayers for you and your family in the coming days and years!
  2. One of my favorite threads to have revisit from a recruit was Chris Davis', there's a line where someone says "I hope we get to see him run one back" because he had a couple runbacks in his highlights... little did they know.
  3. Just read all 7 of these pages and lost a ton of respect for some mainstays on this site. A shame that somehow the term “Black Lived Matter” offends some of you so much. Have a conversation with a person of color and ask them how they feel about what’s going on in this country.
  4. With UGA locking down the majority of the talent in GA this year along with our emphasis on Texas, grabbing the elite talent from Alabama was huge for this staff.
  5. Nah it’s just the schools that we don’t like E!
  6. Markail Benton played every game his junior year with an Auburn towel in his waistband and we saw where that got us. 😂 Granted he’s at Jacksonville State now.
  7. Also have seen some Tennessee chatter for Mims
  8. Similar to the rock slab and chisel you used back when the wheel was being created
  9. What the hell E I thought I was your favorite
  10. With you there. All of this info is fluid.
  11. So hunter says we’re close but Dukes says it’s not as close as other say? What do you think E?
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