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  1. Why would people want to see other people happy when they could just piss in everyone’s cheerios instead?
  2. Keep waiting for him to answer the second part
  3. Fun fact once you ask Mikey to explain something or give an actual opinion he disappears into the night
  4. The all important “All Star Game Announcement”
  5. The first highlight in his senior tape hudl he literally runs past the whole secondary...
  6. He’s ranked 9th in the composite at his position which puts him at top 10 in his class at his position. for reference: TJ Hockenson was ranked 66th at his position and was taken 8th overall in the 2019 draft and Noah Fant was ranked 31st and taken 20th overall in the 2019 draft.
  7. Mikey what do you think NFL skill set and NFL size is??? Dude is 6’7, has legit speed, blocks well, and catches everything thrown at him. That’s what an NFL TE does. Auburn people aren’t the only ones high on him. He’s exactly what NFL teams want when they look to draft for a TE strictly looking at skill set and size. Will he turn out that way? Who knows, but from a strictly peripherals standpoint? He’s exactly what you want and that’s why people say he has NFL size and skill set.
  8. I meant to post this in the Bro Jones thread. Oh well, still, just trash takes.
  9. There have been some downright terrible takes on this website today I swear
  10. He is one of those early 2021 commits where we see his rankings shoot up through the cycle and ends up being a solid 4*