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  1. ClaytonAU

    Next Year's LBs

    To the defensive genius part? 😂
  2. ClaytonAU

    2019 3* Nickel Jammie Robinson

    Brown and Woodson doing something right
  3. ClaytonAU

    Next Year's LBs

    Interesting. Feels like Wooten has been in the program forever, that’s why I was thinking he’d get the nod. But you’re the defensive genius.
  4. ClaytonAU

    Next Year's LBs

    Over Wooten/TD? Thinking Britt is a lock.
  5. ClaytonAU

    The starting lineup

    When he makes it, he looks like a BA (that one against UGA). When he’s cold as ice (NC State) he looks like he should’ve went to Kennesaw State. I’m not sure what broke him or if he’s just been off, but I hope it shakes off soon.
  6. ClaytonAU

    Auburn drops to 14

    Thankfully the Ole Miss loss doesn’t look as bad with them playing well. If we lose to A&M we need to seriously reevaluate the lineup.
  7. ClaytonAU

    Patient Purifoy Pissed

  8. ClaytonAU

    The starting lineup

    Love Bryce Brown but he is frustrating to watch at times. Think Samir could do well at his spot.
  9. ClaytonAU

    One missing piece on defense

  10. ClaytonAU

    Next Year's LBs

    Think TD will be the one who moves back to LB. He played there in HS, think it’ll be Britt/Wooten/TD and occasionally Pappoe + Harris. Not sure if McLain has gained weight yet but assuming he has, probably those three are the backups.
  11. ClaytonAU

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    More success on the field means more $$$ from donors
  12. ClaytonAU

    2019 3* Nickel Jammie Robinson

    Still holding out on Hampton since the staff has put a full court press on him. Not sure if taking Jammie means we’re out of it with MH, what do you think?
  13. ClaytonAU

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    Some people seriously think you come on here and spew out nonsense.
  14. ClaytonAU

    2019 4* RB Mark-Antony Richards

    This is the brother of Ahmon Richards who is a helluva athlete so I imagine the genes carried over. Sucks we never got to see him in the NFL.