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  1. BlakeWDE

    Caption This

    Can I get a Groza please?
  2. BlakeWDE

    Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    Lets just look at the positive... at least we know who its not going to be now...
  3. BlakeWDE

    Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    It'd be neat to see a list of each potential OC discussed in this thread with pro's and con's. I've come to accept the fact there is pretty slim chance that I'm going to be super happy with the outcome, but I will remain optimistic and hopeful.
  4. BlakeWDE

    I wonder if we're overreacting a little

    I agree completely! It's very easy to point your finger and place blame, or even suggest ways to fix it; but at the end of the day the majority of the people upset have never been involved with coaching, game planning, etc. From a complete outsiders point of view, it looks like a big "dumpster fire", but what if what you're seeing is due to a weak area that just needs a little time to grow? I just know from a professional stand point, these coaches are some of the best in the business at their positions and it's not like they forgot what they're doing. I believe the media gets our expectations built up to the point that the only way to go is down, sometimes in a blazing crash. Maybe the only thing that has me not on the "fire Gus" bandwagon yet is the realization that there were a lot of staff changes last year at very critical areas and it takes time for everything to come together.
  5. BlakeWDE

    Naming a Starting QB at Auburn

    I hope I'm wrong but given that the QB race isn't down to just 2 at this point, it has me really concerned that we're going to be running a ridiculous dual QB system that very rarely has successful "big time" results.
  6. "Let me jog over and check him out"
  7. BlakeWDE

    The Positive Thread

    And this is the positive thread... I know I'm one of the few that feel this way, but it appeared we started to actually establish an offensive identity in the second half. It was just a flicker but it was there. Too bad the defense was gassed at that point.
  8. BlakeWDE

    10 questions/thougts

  9. BlakeWDE

    Bielema's Presser

    He atleast seems to have his concerns in the right location...
  10. He has UGA finishing 11-1 and winning the east... his opinion is null and void.
  11. BlakeWDE

    Why not us?

    I really believe Chizik rode coattails everywhere he went. It's very questionable if he was ever truly responsible for a good defense when you look at his career as a whole. It seems in every place he was either under a great defensive mind, or briefly took over what a great defensive coach left behind (be it scheme, players or both like 2002-2004). He's a great guy, but he seemed to always fall into the right jobs until he became a HC.
  12. BlakeWDE

    SEC Network opening night lineup

    They put the worst games on when normal people are asleed ;-)