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  1. I'm sure the guy has heard of or even likes Coach Morris, however we seem to be focusing mainly on Dual threat QBs. I understand we'll take him if he wants to come, but if the pro style kid from GA. Van Der whatever likes AU and still didn't come because of Morris then are we really in the hunt for this kid or is this a pipe dream? Just sayin 🤷‍♂ī¸ Someone please inform me
  2. I can't answer your question or even venture a good guess, but i have come to trust CBP and know that if it is at all within his power he will consistently sign good to great classes
  3. Just a question for those who may know, Is this team top-loaded with a lot of juniors and seniors or do they seem to have a team with a good mixture of all the classes? It seems BB is difficult to plot year to year in how the program is going because of the factors involved that affect the team year too year. All insight welcome!!!
  4. Wouldn't a QB who is only 6-0 have problems throwing behind linemen who are 6-5 to 6-7? meaning he would need to roll out most times to see downfield. Just asking, would like to know someone's opinion who knows .
  5. I'll only be pleased if CCM calls HIS plays, regardless who is in the backfield.
  6. Just curious, what does this guy bring to the table as far as helping the team?
  7. Don't see much coming out of this. 😕 🙄
  8. I saw one stat where it said he is up to 210. That's a pretty good start.
  9. What are the specific duties of a recruiting coordinator?
  10. yeah, but sometimes you can win the battle and lose the war, when you're arguing about something that really doesn't matter that much to the other person.
  11. Maybe so, but shouldn't we just let people feel good about something before we try to destroy their being positive?
  12. This team better find some more scorers and learn to defend the 3 point line better. ☚ī¸
  13. They have him listed as an ath. i wonder what position he'll play?
  14. I think has went to far out on that proverbial limb to pull back now.