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  1. Timeslider 6

    2019 5* OT Wanya Morris (Vols 5/1/18)

    I think, given time, pruitt will have a better run at UT than kirby at UGA. JMHO
  2. Timeslider 6

    Freshmen could contribute

    I wonder how much the RB coach plays into deciding who plays? Rather than Gus making that decision.
  3. Timeslider 6

    2019 4* DE Curtis Fann (FSU)

    Really, are you implying they have their own bagman?
  4. Timeslider 6

    2019 4* DE Curtis Fann (FSU)

    Taggert doing some good work down there.
  5. Timeslider 6

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Would it be too soon to compare this guy to a young Julio? Good control of his body.
  6. Timeslider 6

    I'm afraid it's an Auburn thing

    Maybe Wiley can lead the mens BB to great heights and blow your hypothesis away. 😛
  7. Timeslider 6

    2019 4* DE/DT Charles Moore (Miss St.)

    Smart move by Gus to bring Woodson onto the staff
  8. Timeslider 6

    Harold Joiner sets sights on Heisman

    He won't win anything without a quality line to run behind. Right now that may be the biggest question, not these stable of good RBs we have waiting in the wings. Come on Coach Grimes, get those big uglies ready!!!!!!
  9. I really don't have anything against Driscoll, its just that i would rather see a HS tackle come in and develop rather than a GT. Seems smarter to play the long game here rather than a quick fix, which i'm not sure we just have to have him.
  10. Would be curious to know how many 6' 5 OTs have been effective in the SEC? I understand arm length is a big factor with OTs and i would think taller OTs may have longer arms. Just wondering as well what kind of DEs he has played against at UMASS versus the ones he would see at AU?
  11. Timeslider 6

    Our Backup QBs

    I agree it would be wise to keep everything in the right perspective. But, alas, we are fans (short for fanatics).
  12. Timeslider 6

    Next Years Team

    The future looks bright for the Mens BB; wonder who Pearl is looking at as far as future recruits, what position is he looking to sign and is it a problem we don't have any commits yet?
  13. Timeslider 6

    2019 4* RB John Emery Jr.

    exactly, i agree with Bird on this one, you want a RB with that kind of an attitude. It's up to the coaches to dial him back.
  14. Timeslider 6

    Softball vs. Ole Miss

    Go here for the game tracker: http://www.auburntigers.com/gametracker/launch/gt_wsoftbl.html?event=1586015&school=aub&sport=wsoftbl&camefrom=&startschool=&
  15. Timeslider 6

    Davion Mitchell Transferring

    Is this part of a mentality that says if i don't see success now i will move on to find it somewhere else, instead of putting the time in to get better? Just wondering or maybe there's more to the story than we will ever know.