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  1. How about that Hill kid? can we at least try to stay on topic. Especially any mods that seem to go off track as much as anyone else.
  2. The real question is: will this guy stay and change positions, if B. Nix comes in and beats him out for QB? Even if he slides down the depth chart and into another position, he can still make a great TE or WR.
  3. I know we have to try, but getting this guy seems a pipe dream.
  4. I'm not trying to be smart a$$ but are you implying something ?
  5. So if we get Teague, then is it safe to say most on the board will be satisfied come February with our RB commits?
  6. There is always the chance Mullen won't be there by the time this guy develops. I don't know any inside info, but sooner or later they are going to get tired of being the bridesmaid to ole miss. Mullen's only good for competing for a title every 4 to 6 years (maybe), if ole miss doesn't collapse he could be in for a hot seat. JMHO
  7. I seriously doubt it as well. However, we have to try, we couldn't just cede this state or every bama fan to the dark side. I know that's not what you're saying, however, i'm glad our coaches are giving it a try. They must've seen something that told them they had a chance.
  8. How does this list, so far, compare to those in the past?
  9. Good stuff, i have been wondering why the departure from the shifts and motions over the past couple of years? This does seem to aide the QB in the options it gives him, meaning this can really help Stidham with his experience in reading defenses.
  10. Boy!!! Gus can't win on this forum. If he says something, someone will say "he should have been quiet", if he don't say anything, someone will say "he should have said something". I think people need to think about what they're saying before hitting submit.
  11. Evaluation, evaluation, evaluation, it is all about the coaches evaluation and what THEY see. The stars are what others see, that is one reason we need to have trust in the head coach, because of his ability to evaluate. This staff seems to do that as good, if not better than most staffs.
  12. WOW, i sure hope you're right about that.
  13. "Unless they expect the GT transfer from Jax St to win C, move Golson back to RT, Braden @ RG, Bell @ LG, & James & Ashley battle it out for LT" This seems like the most likely possibility, the point of more depth (should injuries strike) is probably the best aspect of this.
  14. With the limitations on scholarships, depth is a problem every where. Coaches have to decide where to fill positions while recuiting, so pretty much everyone has some of the same problems. It would seem you just try to deal with it the best way you can, as a coach.