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  1. Is there a comprehensive list anywhere we can peruse?
  2. Wow, check out the guns on Harsin. man that dude is ripped.😳
  3. Anyone know which Auburn recruiter handles South Alabama?
  4. Maybe we need to rename this thread???
  5. Maybe there's a lot of princesses up there and Mickey Mouse and Goofy run the place🤷‍♂️
  6. Is there a reason this is the subject on a Strickland thread?
  7. Seems like the kind of potential leader CBH likes and a good start to the offensive side of the ball for 2022.
  8. This is truly amazing that Auburn can be in the conversation for the best Point guards in the nation on a regular basis. I hope Auburn steps up and gives CBP what he deserves financially and makes this his last place he coaches.
  9. I understand your reluctance, but if Mason had a role in this hire, then i trust Mason to get his guy. That's all i need to know about it.
  10. CBH seems to be the kind of coach who wants and expects discipline from his coaches and players, discipline is the key to coming through the difficulties a player encounters and allows them to stay the course when everything around them is falling apart. If CBH can get everyone pulling in the same direction at the same time, I think the sky is the limit for his teams. But everyone pulling in the same direction is part of the key to success. One of the first things Saban did, when he arrived at that school across the state, was to get everyone pulling in the same direction. There is a lot to be
  11. In another thread, someone mentioned that they felt like they had picked up on a trend with the announcements. Something about skipping a day then announcing? not sure about their theory, that's all i have with that.🤷‍♂️
  12. Take it for what it's worth, but your lack of patience is becoming very weary. Constantly posting about the lack of news won't make it happen any sooner🤷‍♂️ and those of us who are checking back and forth looking for anything new is only finding you steadily yapping about it. Not trying to be hard on you, but please give it a rest.
  13. Here's a video from Boise with him talking. Boise State Football - Bronco Football Talk #9 - Jeff Pitman | Facebook
  14. He seems to be a loose cannon at times, not sure if Coach Harsin could or would put up with his "off the rails" demeanor. Coach Harsin seems to be a highly disciplined kind of guy, not just some screaming banshee trying to motivate young men. 🤷‍♂️ But then again, maybe coach boom has learned and grown.
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