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  1. Need to fill the seats we already have before we build more.
  2. Wr's believe 2017 "was just the beginning"

    Sorry if i sound like a debbie downer, nut i will believe any changes in Gus's offense when i see it happening in the game. He has just proven to be too stubborn. So forgive me if i seem a little dubious about thoughts of Gus innovating.
  3. 2018 Recruiting thread (Updated 1/19/18)

    From your lips to God's ears (or Gus's).
  4. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    Maybe, the incoming AD can step up to the plate with a contract for CCL that keeps him here for a long time.
  5. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    Is this guy really a dual threat, he looks a lot like a pocket passer? anyone able to shed any light on this mystery?
  6. Marquis McClain

    Sorry i thought this thread was about Marquis Mcclain
  7. Malik Willis back at work

    The sky seems to be the limit for this young man, hope he gets the coaching and mentoring he needs.
  8. Nice article on Basketball team

    Really starting to enjoy watching this team play, can anyone elaborate on who they may be picking up (recruiting wise) in the near future?
  9. 2018 4* RB Harold Joiner Commits to AU!!!

    If we move away from a FB then we better recruit some RBs who can block and don't need 1-2 yrs to decide they need to put a face mask on someone. Foe too long we have went with a RB who is questionable in their ability to block so was reserved to certain roles and couldn't be on the field all the time.
  10. Herb Hand contract

    I would be interested in hearing what Cole Cubilic (i know i misspelled that) thinks about HH. Cole seems to be fair minded and perceptive.
  11. 2018 4* LB Quay Walker (Bama)

    Sorry, i don't get the reference. Please explain
  12. Official Postgame thread

    I don't care how big or how fast or how many stars you got coming out of HS, if my team executes their offence better than yours, i will beat you most every time. That is the bottom line in football, pure and simple and that falls totally on the shoulders of the coaches.
  13. Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    Is THIS what it means to be an AU fan now? Having to put up with sub par play from a team that's spending A LOT of resources getting ready to play football? I guess we should just be prepared to accept the cards we've been dealt and move on.
  14. Positive Spin on the Peach Bowl loss

    Better them than us, getting embarrassed in the Rose Bowl. This AU team would've gotten killed by that OU team, just saying.
  15. Auburn just broke a huge mirror

    Gus made the statement "we are ready for this game" to the lady on the field who stopped him before the game. If this. is them being ready, then we are truly doomed.