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  1. Expecting to hear "Nix to Pickens for a touchdown" alot!!!!!
  2. This young man will make a great addition to Auburn Basketball.
  3. Kid passes the eye test, he looks pretty stout.
  4. Here's hoping Dunn can be a good back-up at center
  5. Concerning this topic, Gus has shown a certain stubbornness to change and to not revealing his hand no sooner than he has to. I believe in CGM, but I also believe he knows he needs to adapt to a turning tide. With that said, i think he will allow CCL some latitude to do what he wants. But it will take some time to put his trust into CCL. I sense a part of Gus thinks you should hide your cards as long as you can because it gives you an advantage over your opponent, which translates to not showing all your plays unless you absolutely have to. This has gotten him in a bind before, so you think he would have learned to be better prepared for it.
  6. I wouldn't expect too much variety from the Georgia Southern game, because Gus won't show any more than he needs to, going into Clemson.
  7. E, you missed my point. I know staffs don't think like that and i'm not saying we will only get one or the other. I'm asking what would be the forums choice be, IF, we was only going to get one now or one in the future. Just asking for discussions purpose. I understand all the semantics of reality, just wondering what everyone's choice would be, that's all.
  8. Given we could only get one, which would the board prefer, Fields in 2018 or Nix in 2019?
  9. Why does this thread, more than any other, have a problem staying on topic? smh
  10. It seems the longer this goes, the better our chances will be. JMHO
  11. I think a lot of this is just alumni dinner discussion, so just take these clubs speeches for what they are. This is talk to keep the base fired up, the real discussion will be about 2 weeks into fall camp.
  12. Winning solves so many things.
  13. At this point, i guess we have to trust Hand, in his getting the Line ready for their first game. Either that or worry until September get here. There's a lot of new cogs in the formula this year and if that line isn't ready, then not much else will matter.