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  1. Clemson should be pretty stacked at QB with their last two classes and the one they have committed this coming year. I don't see Nix going there just because of the very high level of competition. JMHO
  2. With his size and length, what would be his best position to project him at?
  3. This coming year is starting to shape up to be a very interesting year, with all the offensive possibilities.If CCL can juggle all the weapons we have on offense we can become a very dangerous team to defend.
  4. He has some guns on him, he looks like he lives in the weight room. He could be 210, a solid 210.
  5. I guess part of the question should be "will Willis mature and be ready faster than Woody?", considering some of the reports about his work in the classroom (aren't i right about that?) or was it something else? Maybe somebody who knows the inside can answer that.
  6. they do have a pretty lousy developmental record with Qbs recently.
  7. This has been an awesome day for the Tigers. Some great future players in the fold, and some great talent with a chance to grow into very good players.
  8. He's drinking the kool-aid, that's the only explanation.
  9. Pretty good, for a year where the pickings are slim.
  10. I read somewhere this morning that Tanner wasn't even offered. IDK
  11. Hopefully, the O line will begin to gel during spring and solidify during two a days. Then, when the season starts by the second week they will be ready for that pass rush that Clemson brings.
  12. I love everything Auburn and i love being around a bunch of like-minded individuals, BUT, Auburn people just seem to have it in their DNA to expect the worst and live with what happens. JMHO Sorry if I sound negative.
  13. I can tell you, if i was Gus i would be the same way. The media in this state are a bunch of piranhas, they will devour anything that comes out of Auburn. Any good is minimized, anything bad is maximized. Gus understands anything he gives them will only comeback to bite him.Gus has his faults, we all do, but the media in this state is constantly slamming him for anything. Gus is the kind of person that wants to just simply do his job as he sees fit, but the media is always clamoring for more and more information to put out to a hungry public, instead of just saying there is nothing going on. They will make something out of nothing and Gus realizes this so he is careful to not say anything that can be reported, with the thought that the less he says the less they will print. Unfortunately, he is wrong they will report stuff even if there isn't anything there.