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  1. yeah, tee martin is from mobile, i believe and yes we did recruit him up until he signed with UT
  2. That's a good point, it's just it couldn't happen until April.
  3. I'm thinking Gus is the only one that can answer that.
  4. It's amazing how just one visit to the loveliest village on the plains can change a persons entire view of AU. The school sells itself.
  5. I agree Lionheartkc, it is way too early to be worrying about Gatewood. If we get the right OC the Gatewood issue will take care of itself. I guess the thing we all are concerned with, is will Gus allow the new OC enough autonomy to develop a balanced offense?
  6. Yeah, i remember that game as well, they had also lost several o linemen to injury. There were a lot more factors involved in that game than just a QB injury.
  7. sounds like he would be a good catch, Now let's go get him.
  8. no problems, the button got hit twice, only meant to post once.
  9. Don't really see it as pointless, just someone throwing out a name and besides what does it matter this forum can always stand to have some additional perspective. It is just a post.
  10. There's been some turnover at the NFL level, maybe someone will surface from there.
  11. understand, it seems like when it rains it pours
  12. Is the AU football program a sinking ship? Boy, it sure seems like it, at times like this.
  13. Any speculation on what may happen, specifically?
  14. I would settle for an evolution of Gus and his offense. If he can evolve what he has now into something it can be, that would be a giant leap forward. We all agree, i think, that the most needed leap forward would be a higher degree of emphasis on using the passing game to complement his run game. He seems to be pretty stubborn about giving Lashlee greater leeway to use all facets of the passing game (ie. TE, slot receiver and the deep pass) in order to improve 3rd down efficiency. The pass has to be a threat in order for the run game to flow like it truly can. I know he understands that, but i am truly mystified as to why he doesn't have a more flexible offense.
  15. Bingo !!!!, you have touched on something very critical to loosening up the front seven in order to free up some running lanes. Keeping those LBs on their heels, not knowing what is coming next is the key to moving the ball, consistently. Good post coachjay