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  1. What is the possibility of losing one of the QBs in that room after spring? (say T.J or Davis) Maybe we would be looking for another at that point?
  2. Hoping he can do the same with O linemen🙏
  3. Thanks for the kind and helpful suggestion. 👍
  4. From the tweet, it seems like it was the Nebraska team that had the sick players, with a couple being sent home.
  5. He helped them develop their focus and concentration, it's the small things that contribute to a talented wr catch the ball and this isn't a "rebuttal", it's a fact. You're right about the absolutes, that's why guys get absolutely better when they have coaches that know what they are doing.
  6. If that were the case, everybody would get better with just playing experience. No, the new wr coach actually knows what he's doing here and he has the vision and knowledge in how to prepare the players, more than the old wr coach.
  7. Curious, you don't see any of the "Bo haters" criticizing him very much any more. Sure, he's had some rough patches, and there is a lot about him I don't like, but the young man has definitely improved with the current coaching staff. He's had to, they'd benched him if he hadn't.
  8. Wow, check out the guns on Harsin. man that dude is ripped.😳
  9. Anyone know which Auburn recruiter handles South Alabama?
  10. Maybe there's a lot of princesses up there and Mickey Mouse and Goofy run the place🤷‍♂️
  11. Is there a reason this is the subject on a Strickland thread?
  12. Seems like the kind of potential leader CBH likes and a good start to the offensive side of the ball for 2022.
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