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  1. My bad... I’ll get back in line, please forgive me and don’t turn me in for my obvious Thoughtcrime. INGSOC! now do I have to choose either Republican or Democrat before I have my citizenship revoked? 🤤
  2. I take offense to that... I wasn't a stoner 'til after high school! 😆 (kinda explains things now that I think about it)
  3. Right there with you. I look at it like smoking is 'instant gratification' and edible sneaks up on you like a ninja... It's funny up here though. Recreational isn't technically legal, so you are given the 'goods' for free and 'tip' the amount that is owed for said goods. Police basically look the other way because, why bother? Now that I've derailed...
  4. I got an extra room at our house here in Maine... even have a 'homegrower' that supplies me
  5. I agree with everything you say. This is what frustrates me: Meh... I just deleted too long of a rant because you nailed it and I don’t need to add to it. It’s just freaking exhausting to argue politics when nothing really changes. We’ve been so divided into a damn near middle ages caste system it’s disgusting. Go ahead, call me paranoid or overreacting but whenever cracks in the political system start to show we have civil unrest & start fighting among ourselves (literally right now) instead of the real ‘enemy’. (ok, that was kinda a rant anyway but I’m in Maine and we all know what’s legal here)
  6. I’ve been far too cavalier with my likes today, thus I have none for this reply 😢
  7. Not a gotcha question, but would you agree that Trump is a result of a deeper, underlying problem or an ugly blip (we can argue this term later)? I can’t answer with certainty yet, but I’m curious of your true opinion since you have quite a strong one.
  8. Probably a lot lost in translation with what I said.. sorry you take it that way (not a knock) but I bet if we spoke in person I could articulate it better. Plus I'm trying to do this while taking calls at work nonstop (HVAC season in summer up here is wild) so the train of thought is easily broken... no worries. (although pathetic hurts the feelz 😁) I do take exception to me "mindlessly saying all politicians are bad"... that an assumption that really can't be backed up. No worries though, smack-talk and all. I swear you could blindfold a real Mainer (not a Mass-hole) and drop them in Alabama/Mississippi and they wouldn't skip a beat except the weird accent. And yes, guys in Mass call Maine the redneck southern state. BEAUTIFUL country though... stunning...
  9. You guys are making me talk to much we need sports BAD I agree with this statement and it doesn't matter to me. My faith in this government has been shattered, but you're right about the last part of that sentence and that's all I/we can do. It just bothers me that we are all at each other's throats about this, but I need to stop caring I guess. 😪
  10. I just don't think everything will magically (I say in jest) fall back into place with Trump out. I believe there is a deeper problem that I don't have an answer for that we are facing in this country and Trump is a result of that. My opinion is that leadership in this country has failed us for many years now. What will fix that? Nothing that I see looking into the crystal ball, but I'm always keeping my ears open for answers. That's what we need to be seeking rather than arguing. But I'm just some dumb country boy from Alabama who lives in Maine now, what do I know...
  11. What if they both make me equally sick? Giant douche or turd sandwich... here we are again! 😀 Oh well... I'll fade back into the shadows
  12. I guess my unpopular opinion is that Joe Biden is the best alternate option? I'm a private person about spouting out my personal political views but Trump is definitely proving he's not as much of a shoo-in as some 'may' think, but am i wrong to say that Biden isn't really the persona of health and well-being? He just doesn't seem to have the mental capacity he once had. Don't take that as a knock (although most will) but just what I see watching his mannerisms and the way he talks that he's not 'all there' so are we basically voting for a VP to be President? I don't know... politically I'm at a loss. This country is really in the shi... errr... pooper right now in more ways than one and there is no one out there that I can even slightly imagine being the right person to help right the ship. Just my opinion.. and to me they are ALL dumb... D's & R's
  13. You guys are making a grown man cry at work... in Maine... where I can't even explain it without getting crazy looks RIP Pat Dye... You are part of the reason our family is an Auburn family.
  14. I know this thread has kinda fizzled, but she has gone home (well, with my parents in Notasulga) and testing negative for COVID-19. It took a lot out of her and she's worn down, but for a 95 year old I think she gets a pass! My folks just need to get her over to Auburn (even though she a bama fan) and have everyone cheer her on and pep her up!