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  1. Guess it will be a rule next year... count on it
  2. I just cannot even understand what he means by unfair? Is he that arroga....? eh, nevermind...
  3. Can we say "HEY BAMA GOT A SECOND!?!"
  4. Wow, Mac Jones has thrown 6 TD's today
  5. Our D is gassed, theirs is fresh. That 's a bad combo
  6. Good grief, just marched down the field
  7. Keep it up Anders.... this game though...
  8. Well done D... now we get the field position
  9. Refs huddling during the review: "Someone tell me there was a PI... this wasn't part of the script..."
  10. oooohhhh!! and we got a munchkin tantrum
  11. This is what we get instead of the 'instant-dive' after a big 1st down (but i'll take the TD!!!!)