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  1. Down early. Good. It's worked every game so far.
  2. I'm sure it bothers Gus to lose, but it doesn't bother him enough to risk what he has now to make any real changes. 8+ wins or a win over bama per season is enough for him, enough for the PTB and enough for half the fan base. Why would he risk his job to do more?
  3. Blaming officiating is the laziest and most pathetic of all excuse-making. The 'if only -insert one play here- went our way we would have won the game' excuse, unless it's the last play of the game, is second. Falling for these types of arguments is the sort of thinking that keeps us from making changes needed to become a better team. If the team is a repeated 'victim' of biased officiating then the coach should make a stink and/or prepare his team to win through it. Adapt, persevere and overcome. Whining and excuses are for folks who want to feel good about continuing to lose.
  4. Excuses were whatever they needed to be to make people feel good about accepting mediocrity. Same as it ever was.
  5. He helped make Ole Miss what they are today and he needed a job. It's a win-win.
  6. 7-5 and we lose our bowl game. The "money is there" rumors prove to be complete bull---t and we keep Gus because 'you can't fire a coach for one poor season'.
  7. Heh. I've seen most of the rest of the games this year. My viewership seems to be a non-factor (except I always see free throws percentages in the gutter). Tell me it's been better the last two games and I'm gonna cry.
  8. Second game in a row I've missed. Happy for the win.
  9. All is forgiven. Just don't let it happen again.
  10. Since 1960, we're upside down against LSU, UF, uat and UGA and Gus is losing ground. I'm sure there are some great reasons for that, though.
  11. Also Bill Napier, Mark Hudspeth and Todd Grantham. Scoop: Other potential candidates include: Bill Clark, Gene Chizik, Larry Fedora, Todd Monken, Skip Holtz and Kevin Steele.
  12. I usually read your posts. I was surprised to see you enter the conversation with only insults. I won't be next time.