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  1. AURealist

    Bracket Projections Talk

    FYI: Joe Lunardi has AU as a #1 Seed in the West.
  2. AURealist

    Malzahn's contract details

    If Steven Leath actually negotiated the contract and didn't just go with it on advice of others, then Auburn University now has an idiot at its helm. Actually, his signing off on it proves him an idiot. Batten down the hatches. Rough seas ahead. JJ still sucks. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  3. AURealist

    Malzahn's contract details

    Well, at least Gus and the Bussers are happy. It was a genius move to keep Gus, quell the calls for Gus' ouster, stick a thumb in the eye of those who spent years calling for JJ's head while screwing the school for the next 7 years. Well played, JJ. Well played...
  4. AURealist

    Malzahn's new contract

    Good to know there may be some wiggle room above the guaranteed minimum of $0.10 per heart beat for the next 7 years. I feel so much better now...
  5. AURealist

    Ten Things You Must Do...

    I thought we went over this the other day in class... That guy you're thinking of in the backfield is the blocker back. The running back, the guy who actually runs the ball every play, is the 'H Back'. That's "H" as in 'Highlander', for in the end, there can be only one.
  6. AURealist

    Ten Things You Must Do...

    ..."we’re a two-back"... Does having one back sitting on the bench unprepared to play constitute a 'second back'? So we now know we have what we expected we had. Gus' team knows 6 plays and practices them to perfection. When they no longer work, we run them anyway, because that's all we've really got. Then, when things look really bad, run play #7 or #8 - plays we don't practice much and don't do well. No wonder they look like the acts of desperation they are. Gus in a nutshell. At least there will be no more Gus has changed comments. And thanks for that, Jeff11. It's been hard getting to the laughing out loud and face palm emojis on my mac...
  7. You said "pass catching".
  8. AURealist

    JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    Well, in all fairness, Jesus hasn't coached an offensive line in like..... forever. Could be a good recruiter, though. Maybe bring Him on in an off-field position and see what He can do...?
  9. AURealist

    We’re ranked

    RPI gets more predictive as the season progresses. Right now, it could be that our opponents' opponents are performing particularly well against weak teams playing other weak teams with abnormally high number of wins against other weak teams.... So for now, a simpler SOS calc says more, but still not much. Overall, the more we win and better the the teams we've beaten do, the better we'll look. Just gotta keep winning.
  10. AURealist

    We’re ranked

    eh... Mostly Strength of Schedule concerns at this time, I think.
  11. AURealist

    We’re ranked

    Ranked 17th now. Feels AUsome!
  12. AURealist

    Malzahn wants 8-team playoff (Merged Threads)

    Perhaps Gus suspects this year foretold the SEC's future and with it, Auburn's CFP future. He has seen Auburn beat both uat and uga and still be left breathing fog marks on the CFP windows. Without an expansion, we may never see another playoff during the rest of his time here.
  13. AURealist

    Men Vs. Ole Miss

    85 - 70 Game over.
  14. AURealist

    Men Vs. Ole Miss

    5:35. Up by 12
  15. AURealist

    Men Vs. Ole Miss

    Still rushing shots inside.