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  1. AURealist


    Blame the fans, then deny blaming the fans when called out on it. Honestly, you should just resist the urge next time. If we're being beaten in recruiting, it's because Gus is not giving young men anything to get excited about while our rivals and other teams are, or maybe Gus' org is just weak on recruiting the right players. Gus has had 5 or 6 top 10 recruiting classes to work with and we're not in the TOP 25. There isn't a coach in the league who does less with more than Gus. Stop making excuses. If this weren't Gus and your team, you'd be singing a completely different tune.
  2. AURealist

    Liberty post game

    Nope. Still nothing.
  3. AURealist

    Liberty post game

    We can't have him. Funny he makes exactly half what we're paying Gus per season. We're so stupid!!!!!! LOL!
  4. AURealist

    Liberty post game

    41-14 AZ's wheels have fallen off. They may sneak onto the bus and beat it to the airport at the half.
  5. AURealist


    Better than the game.
  6. AURealist

    Liberty post game

    Case in point.
  7. AURealist


    Lose 88-0 + Gus punches out an octogenarian while screaming an f-bomb on national tv.
  8. AURealist

    UCF vs Cincinnati

    Don't look now, but UCF just HUNH Zone Read right into the end zone. Everybody can do it but us....
  9. AURealist

    Secondary school

    It's been a tough season so far, but he did hang on to win a tough one against USC tonight.
  10. AURealist

    Ed Oliver-Major Applewhite drama overshadows Houston win

    Prima donna. No matter how good he is, team would be better off without him.
  11. AURealist

    OK State vs W Virginia

    OSU takes it! That's real football. I wish we played like this.
  12. AURealist

    Liberty post game

    Gus is awesome. Shall we make it an even $50M?
  13. AURealist

    **Liberty game thread**

    And Purdue is in OT vs Wisconsin
  14. AURealist

    **Liberty game thread**

    You and Gus makes 2.