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  1. I'd rather have a root canal than go to Shreveport.
  2. Took a lot of time to type that original OP. Could have just linked to Animal House. Same warped logic at work.
  3. Well, it's important that he be seen to say all the right things. Praising everyone the fans love is a good tactic, as is standing with people that fans respect. Folks eat that stuff up. Maybe coulda kissed CCW, just to show how much he loves AU. Not on the lips, though....
  4. The question was probably a plant. Get it out there and address it. Better than waiting for it to come later.
  5. What other stipulations are in the Freeze contract?
  6. Credibility is over-rated. Staying true to the JABA way is what makes us AUsome.
  7. We didn't need a new AD to hire Freeze. He was the most obvious, easiest, least imaginative choice. JABA is real.
  8. So we're cool for Art Briles as OC, then. At least we'd win some games.
  9. Too early to call for Cohen's resignation? Let me know when...
  10. That's the impression, but really, it's probably a PR risk most schools don't want to take.
  11. Depends on who you talk to as to what Briles' role was in it all. But I know alums from Baylor and they lean toward the school blaming what they could on Briles to make the school look less culpable. YMMV
  12. So.... Any truth to the story that Liberty, should Freeze take the Auburn job, will replace him with Art Briles?
  13. Optimist. I'm waiting for Chip Lindsey to be announced.
  14. Nope. The guy gives off weird vibes and he never blinks.
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