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  1. AURealist

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Start on the Football-only facility today. Do not let Gus design it. Do not put Gus' name on it. Rehab the stadium in earnest when our new coach arrives and folks are excited about Auburn football again.
  2. AURealist

    Did Alabama just hire Sark back?

    I think the NSCFCWCCGAWWLTDOSGT is like 3 times bigger.
  3. AURealist

    Did Alabama just hire Sark back?

    Bingo. In the movie, it's "Wanna".
  4. AURealist

    Did Alabama just hire Sark back?

    The last thing a guy with a drinking problems needs is to be involved with the mess the Cardinals will be the next few seasons. Sark is just the latest coach to attempt to rehab his coaching reputation at uat. Wouldn't surprise me if coaches are soon paying for the privilege of attending the NSCFCWCCGAWWLTDOSGT.
  5. AURealist

    Bama departures

    Yeah. Ego injuries are like that. Could hurt his draft potential if it happened again.
  6. AURealist

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    Which story is closer to the truth? I don't know anything about advanced lineman skills, but the story was that Gus was teaching only basics, that the line was mostly just big guys pushing forward.
  7. AURealist

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    Wasn't there a Robinson interview where it was stated that he wasn't really ready for the NFL and having to work hard to get up to speed? I seem to remember a bit shade thrown on AU's O-line coaching about that time. Do we suck at getting o-line players prepared for the NFL? Could such an impression be limiting our recruiting?
  8. AURealist

    Chip Lindsey Discusses Leaving Auburn

    I, too, believe he was being honest. But if there were issues between him and Malzahn, I wouldn't expect them to aired in a post-presser interview announcing his new job.
  9. AURealist

    Chip Lindsey Discusses Leaving Auburn

    Yep. What do folks expect him to say?
  10. AURealist

    Bama departures

    I'm sure the focus of such an article would be that an unhappy Sith Lord Saban is cleaning house to make way for a new, stronger staff to build an even more powerful death star...
  11. AURealist

    Patient Purifoy Pissed

    His play has been less than stellar since his return. On the flip side, he probably wouldn't have been any worse than the rest of the team vs OM.
  12. AURealist

    Feeling better about next year

    Don't hold your breath. Man, don't do this even in jest. It can only be bad. You said this upon Sammie Coates' departure years ago and you were right. I do think our WR Room has vastly improved from that time but we will just have to see. You can never tell what our HC is going to do. Out of reax but I laughed at this. Then cried. I love the optimism but we will never be a nightmare to face via aerial attack with Gus at the helm. He just does not know how to operate a truly dangerous passing attack. Even with the deepest and most talented stable of WRs AU has had in possibly ever. At least in my lifetime.
  13. AURealist

    Bama departures

    I had the same impression. I think he wants one more NC. If he's denied a playoff spot next season, I could see him walking. And if Dabo wins the NC next year as well, bama will probably toss Nick out and offer Dabo $12M/yr to take his place, anyway.
  14. AURealist

    Prayers Needed

    You are in our prayers. May the LORD bless you both with His strength and the peace of God which transcends all understanding.