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  1. Hate to see see this game go against the good guys. Congratulations Virginia Cavaliers and Zebra Squad on the win! Clearly was a team effort.
  2. Yep. And Kansas next. WTH is right.
  3. All this hustle after 4 straight games. Impressed.
  4. As long as it's not a navicular fracture, he should be ok, I think.
  5. That was some mighty fine acting.
  6. Sure. Having Gus' name on a bronze plaque outside the entrance somewhere in a list of contributors will be fine.
  7. Start on the Football-only facility today. Do not let Gus design it. Do not put Gus' name on it. Rehab the stadium in earnest when our new coach arrives and folks are excited about Auburn football again.
  8. I think the NSCFCWCCGAWWLTDOSGT is like 3 times bigger.
  9. Bingo. In the movie, it's "Wanna".