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  1. 10 pt loss. Pretty nice of us to travel around the basement handing out wins to the needy...
  2. It's once again time for the Big Question: Can we keep the loss under 10?
  3. Well, then there's that. I've been eating with the wife and missed it.
  4. I've seen it. But Jeez. I just can't get over how the entire team can go cold the first period of every single game. And we had no bright spot this entire half. Usually there's some sort of bright spot - at least somebody is doing something right. This is just inexplicable.
  5. Looking like we've never played the game. How can everybody's timing be off for an entire half? Does our team hold regular practices where the players get to practice passing, shooting and simple rebounding? What a scheisse show. smh
  6. Jeez. Somebody name something we're doing right..
  7. Gus has nothing to learn. He should hold seminars on the art of striking insane contracts with people who have more dollars than sense. Bruce needs to hold 15 minute pre-game 'How to Play the Game of Basketball' refreshers for his team. Watching our basketball games is becoming a lot like watching our football games.
  8. Yep. People gotta stop believing everything that pops up on the Random JABA Generator.
  9. ...we win 15 games... BWAHahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Down early. Good. It's worked every game so far.
  11. Should also add On the Waterfront.
  12. I'm sure it bothers Gus to lose, but it doesn't bother him enough to risk what he has now to make any real changes. 8+ wins or a win over bama per season is enough for him, enough for the PTB and enough for half the fan base. Why would he risk his job to do more?