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  1. Welcome to AUFamily, @Schnauzer.
  2. No. I did not know this is a one season thing. If it's a one-year thing, then..... This hire is not about refreshing the offense. It is not about teaching a QB. This hire is about doing an old friend a solid by providing him an office and paying him other peoples' money to look for a head coaching job elsewhere. Soooooooooooooooo JABA!
  3. Nobody can say what will happen. It would be in Gus' best interest to use CM to the fullest. It would be just like Gus to make a hire, say he's going to change things just to get people off is back, and go back to business as usual. Nobody knows what will actually come to pass. Be hopeful, but reserve the right to say Gus sucks when things don't change.
  4. If Chad can't get Bo to step up into the pocket and plant his feet to throw, the WRs are mostly running for exercise, even with the best routes. Well, except for the one on the roll out side of the field. Bo is staring his ass down. Fix the QB and immediately get more options. Then fix the routes. Then we'll be better off than we've been for years. Oh... and give the TE more than 3 throws per season. That's my list. Get to work, Chad!
  5. I think Gus said he'd step back and let CCM run the show and meant it. The question is whether he can force himself to really let it go. I think calling the games is Gus' favorite part of coaching.
  6. Let CCM call everything inside the redzone.
  7. Yeah. Should be. I hear Saban, the REC and the refs keep us out again this year. Poor Gus.
  8. Must be the blue. Bo wears orange and blue.
  9. Well, maybe it was either work for Gus or doing hard time at the NSCFCWCCGAWWLTDOSGT....
  10. Well... I don't know. He needs a victory. His rep was pretty well tarnished in Pigtown:
  11. Look, no one knows how things will work out. No hire is perfect. People are pointing out positives and negatives to try to build a reasonable level of expectations for themselves. Hiring Coach Morris comes with a lot of positive possibilities and we'll just have to wait to see how many of those possibilities become reality. Feel free to feel good about this hire until you are given concrete reasons not to - some time next season, if ever.
  12. Well, if we're 2011 Clemson, you can expect us to lose our bowl game by 37 points.
  13. Nobody wants that. The wife would kill us all.