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  1. AdamsAU

    2018 5* PF EJ Montgomery

    "EJ Montgomery with 26 points, nine rebounds, four blocks off of 12-14 shooting. Best I've seen him, by far. World of upside to Auburn commit" - @coreyevans_10 EJ's looking good so far this year. Could start moving up in the rankings soon
  2. AdamsAU

    Things I saw - Purdue

    We showed up, got a win that will look great on the resume at the end of the season, and got a big time learning experience for our young guys. We played two very good teams imo. Bottom line is we leave Cancun a better team than we were when we arrived. Now it's on to USC Upstate and the remainder of the season.
  3. AdamsAU

    2017 4* PF Garrison Brooks (Miss St Signee)

    Taking OV to UNC this weekend
  4. AdamsAU

    Auburn To Play In 2018 Maui Invitational

    Huge recruiting tool for the 2018 class. Helps with guys like Khavon Moore. can't wait to see how the bracket sets up
  5. AdamsAU

    2017 4* PF Garrison Brooks (Miss St Signee)

    Yeah it's been sort of all over the place these past few weeks. I could see LSU becoming a factor IF he visits. Don't see why they would offer two weeks before his commitment if they didn't think they had a chance. We will know soon enough
  6. AdamsAU

    2017 4* PF Garrison Brooks (Miss St Signee)

    GB will announce soon after the early signing period starts (Nov 9) Could be AU, UGA, or MSU. I doubt it'll happen but can't forget about UNC. Also LSU just offered and if he visits they could be a big factor.
  7. AdamsAU

    2017 4* PF Garrison Brooks (Miss St Signee)

    After I saw all the crystal balls I went on Twitter and saw this tweet from a page that covers AL/GA HS bball "external influences clouding the vision. Brooks will step back and reevaluate his options with his parents." I think that sounds good for MSU IYAM
  8. AdamsAU

    2017 4* PF Garrison Brooks (Miss St Signee)

    Just a lot of crystal balls to MSU for Brooks yesterday. One from Jerry Meyer, another from a MSU insider...
  9. AdamsAU

    2017 4* PF Garrison Brooks (Miss St Signee)

    It's starting to look like MSU
  10. AdamsAU

    Men's Scrimmage 10-1-16

    Here are the stats from the scrimmage the other day
  11. AdamsAU

    Men's Scrimmage 10-1-16

    He's been committed over a year now so I'm sure Pearl and the staff have given him at least a basic idea of what they do and expect. Plus over that time he's been to several of the pick up / scrimmages with the current players, so they've already built some chemistry. Also, he's 6'10" 250, already bigger than a lot of SEC bigs. And like aujeff said he's been playing against elite competition from all over the country (and the world) since he was a freshmen in high school. More talented than a lot of the completion he'll face in the SEC. And finally he comes from a basketball family, both his parents played Ball at AU. I'd say he's as ready as any high schooler could be to come in the SEC mid season and produce
  12. AdamsAU

    Men's Scrimmage 10-1-16

    Im just going off of the stat sheet (which I tried to post a pic of but did not work) Laron Smith - 26 PTS (7/9 FG 12/15 FT) 11 REB I was there too and his shot is very weird and unusual, but it was going in. I was surprised
  13. AdamsAU

    Men's Scrimmage 10-1-16

    He shot 12/15 from the line so they can foul him all they want if he shoots like that
  14. AdamsAU

    2017 4* PF Garrison Brooks (Miss St Signee)

    Yeah I know I just meant that if we miss on Jones it's not that big deal because we can add another target for the LSP if we wanted to, or just use it on a transfer. But like you said, if we miss on Jones I hope we just save it for the 2018 class. We can definitely find a more talented player in 2018 for that spot. The thing that worries me about Brooks is that UNC is signing a pretty big class and apparently want 3 bigs. They have one on board with Huffman. Obiagu visiting also kind of worries me. Haven't seen his name mentioned with AU in months and now just weeks after UNC offers GB, Obiagu is on campus for a visit. Could be Pearl just being cautious.