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  1. Salvaging The Season

    I agree, but you still have to try with some QB roll outs and waggle plays. I don't remember seeing any of those called Saturday.
  2. Or, " the key to being successful at anything is to be willing to evolve if what your doing is not working" .
  3. The #1 problem...

    I'm beginning to fall into the camp of unless one of them is named Cam Newton or Nick Marshall, there could be 10 QBs on scholarship. And this offense will hit the wall against the power 5 teams.
  4. The #1 problem...

    I can imagine the opposing D staff laughing in the film room before the AU game. I would think ANY other coach would be scratching there heads today wondering why they keep making the same play calling mistakes. But I'm sure that GM is probably thinking the players didn't execute the plays. I'm padding my room for the rest of the season.
  5. AU vs. Clemson Program Cover

    I've always been reminded of an Owl when I see that wanna be tiger.
  6. QB Coaching

    Agree, must be watching different game if you think the DL is solely to blame for AUs run defense. Some of the worst LB play I've seen . It's got to get better.
  7. Updated roster and weights

    Likely from last Fall. It originated from the official AU website & the only roster changes the site does in the Spring is add new January enrollies to the roster. Gotcha, thanks, the freshman threw me off but none of them have any +/-.
  8. Updated roster and weights

    Good info, are the +/- comparisons from their spring weight?
  9. Beating Clemson

    AUs defense has always fared decent against established QBS. It's always the freshman or first time starters that gives us fits. I don't have a prediction yet, but it's definitely a winnable game if our O can put up some points..
  10. Im pretty optimistic, but I do agree with most of these concerns. I also think the DEs have really got to start protecting the edge on the runs more consistently. To many times they were either getting ate up by double teams, or couldn't get off single blocks. Hell, a few times the back side end over pursued so badly the RBS would just run the direction the end was coming from for big gains. The ends would also get caught up in a weird inside stunt with no one having contain on the outside. Which I find puzzling for a 4-2 type defense. Hopefully they lock it down and turn everything in this year, but I will have to see it to believe it.
  11. The Run Offense (Schematic Breakdown)

    Yes, great points. Was thinking even air raid type Os have to be balanced. Pass short to take off the top, attempt and connect over the top to open the flats and slants.etc
  12. Tyler Queen update?

    So, guess there's no updates on TQueen?
  13. April 1 Scrimmage

    If they are checking up, with his speed he should be breaking for long runs every play. .
  14. More often than not, it is poor execution. Stat, in my profession, we constantly hear "Data doesn't lie." I want to thank you for the extra work you put forth in laying out the facts. It's enough detail for the detail folks to be able to respect, and enough evidence for the read-between-the-line folks to be able to draw logical inferences. I do have to wonder...does, on occasion, poor execution LEAD to poor play-calling...sort of like having to use an inferior plan B when plan A doesn't work? yes. When you can't trust your qb to challenge the middle of the field the defense stops covering it and sells out on the RBs and screen passes. It makes you predictable and forces the plays you do call to be executed to perfection. And when the defense stops covering the middle of the field, and you still don't have a QB that can exploit that, you are really in deep trouble.