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  1. Men vs Alabama

    Becoming resigned to the fact that we just really aren't that good of a team anymore. Potentially disappointing finish to an otherwise incredible season. Hopeful that if we can get all of our guys back next year and if Purifoy and Wiley choose to come back for one more year than we should be a top 15 team next year.
  2. Hurts wears auburn jersey

    This is really funny. As an Auburn fan, I can still respect a good troll. Hurts and Tua are Class A type guys - sucks they have to play for a program like Bama under a coach like Saban.
  3. 2018 or 2019 Grad Transfer OT Calvin Anderson

    Sucks cause we REALLY need a graduate transfer now to come in. I am not convinced the players we have on the team now are quite good enough to give us a really good O line. Really really need someone else to come in and help out like we had last year with Casey Dunn.
  4. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    There have been rumors going around that Justin Fields got 6 figures to sign with UGA. Who knows if that is true or not.
  5. replacing 4 starters on offensive line

    We still REALLYneed a solid grad transfer for me to feel good about this unit next year
  6. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    I think UGA will break our hearts again in this one
  7. Not sure Auburn has ever had a truly successful change over from an offensive position to defensive position before. I can't think of any. I am not sure Trovon Reed counts. Can anyone think of a situation like this where the player truly excelled after switching positions?
  8. 2018 Spring Practice - Day 1

    Gus wouldn't be Gus without doing that, which is why he will probably want us losing to Washington, so he can point out how we have improved every week.
  9. 2018 Spring Practice - Day 1

    It would also be huge if N. Brahms would be ready to start as well. I would take either assuming they are a good fit. Horton is too good of a guard for me to be happy putting him at center.
  10. All Things Final Spots in the 2018 Class

    Pretty much. We are trending down for pretty much everyone on that list except for maybe Caleb Johnson. We easily could miss on all of them. Not shaping up to be a good finish.
  11. 2018 4* OT/OG William Barnes

    This one is pretty much over. Might as well move this thread to the Rivals forum.
  12. Herb Hand to Texas

    We were already trending the wrong way for both Gourraige and Barnes anyways. Doubt we would have landed them even with HH, which means we aren't left with the ugly girlfriend. Time to move on from HH. Seems like a good guy, but clearly our biggest weakness the last couple of seasons was on the offensive line.
  13. Herb Hand to Texas

    In the long term, absolutely even if it means missing out on Gourraige.
  14. 2018 3* OT Jalen Goss (FSU)

    CBs rolling in for Florida State. I really like this guy. I am really hoping this means the coaching staff is confident in getting Gourraige, Barnes and/or Wonnum. We'll see. If we miss on all I am going to be posting a lot in the Meltdown Thread.
  15. 2018 4* WR Justyn Ross

    How much coffee do you drink everyday? Everything you type is like you drank too much coffee or you are stoned...or something.