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  1. No way he is 210 pounds.
  2. We are going after tall DB's again? I thought GM only liked the shirt guys.
  3. Previous post deleted.
  4. Horton is our best position coach. Would be a huge loss if he leaves.
  5. My guess is they aren't counting Manning and the other guy who committed to us last year but had to reenroll at a later point in time. Maybe I am wrong, When E gets back from his mini vacation he can correct me.
  6. In order of importance: 1) DT 2) Safety 3) CB 4) QB 5) RB 6) LB 7) WR 8) OL
  7. I assume Auburn has plans for that since Kevin Steele was the one who called him giving him the offer.
  8. I assume this isn't the same person as Austudent23?
  9. Shows you just how far an average quarterback can bring down an otherwise elite team.
  10. Blows my mind how they could be ranked so low just after winning the National Championship. Did Dabo take the off-season off?
  11. Bama people are now saying that Benton might not have the grades to qualify in which case I guess maybe Parks would get he last spot.
  12. Once this kid sleeps on it and really thinks about his decision I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he ultimately changes his mind and commits somewhere else.
  13. He did put a Bama hat on FB Live 23 minutes ago, but who knows.
  14. Maybe he did commit to Bama. Who knows WTF is happening anymore.