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  1. Look at his coaching history to the right because you know...Wikipedia is always right.
  2. Boca Raton? Tampa? I don't know. Where is Kiffin at?
  3. This might be believable, if Gus were not flying all over the country interviewing people still.
  4. Insiders, am I reading too much into things or did Gus already have his guy chosen last week and then JJ nixed his choice and made him choose someone from outside Gus's coaching tree. True or false?
  5. If we really are throwing Kyle Shanahan's name into the ring then I want to re urge Peyton Manning again. Maybe Dan Marino can be our new QB coach.
  6. Markavius Bryant won't be there. Visiting LSU. News with him just keeps getting worse and worse.
  7. I loved that guy. always full of crap, but he was sure entertaining.
  8. You are completely missing the point. I wasn't complaining about him not sugar coating it or having accurate info. My point is that the story just lacks any real news, which is a normal thing for him.
  9. Typical PM. If you read this closely you realize there is pretty much no substance to any of this. Most of the posters in here could have said all of this.
  10. Totally agree. It is just really frustrating to have so many big misses as of late. Leaving a bad taste in my mouth.
  11. Fair enough. Every issue has multiple perspectives. I am more than willing to consider it from other points of view. I will say for your point of view is that at least we have filled the most important Ned's being LB and OT so I give the staff credit for that.
  12. Yes. Said much more eloquently than my post but this is what I would have said if I were as good with words as you are.
  13. We just aren't finishing strong. Missing on lots of guys lately.
  14. Auburn's recruiting is tanking faster than Alabama ' s performance in the fourth quarter of the title game.
  15. If I ever claimed to be an insider that would have been a great comeback.