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  1. Coach O says hello.
  2. It really is a bit shocking to me that there are 30 players in college football who would be taken ahead of Lawson. I often wear orange and blue sunglasses but Lawson could easily be a star in the NFL.
  3. It's ok. I still haven't really figured out how to do it either. 😔😔😔
  4. No, I was referring to Ross.
  5. He also had a very very, very good trip to Clemson as well. Seems like a thing for this kid. Hope he signs with us, but this appears to be a very long battle.
  6.“shoot-me”-at-sheriff’s-deputy/ar-BBA5xis?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp Man, Bama must have really messed him up. #shouldhavegonetoAuburn #don'tmakemefeellikeahypocritebybringinguptremason
  7. NCM and KD would be the perfect compliment. I see KD as a possession receiver - he never seems to drop any passes and I see NCM as being the burn you long type of receiver. I definitely think this offense could go places with both of them. We can still be really good on offense without him, but we could truly have a special offense with him.
  8. The good news is that our WR group is probably as deep as it has ever been and might be the deepest of any position we have on the team so if we have to miss an elite player, I guess WR would be the position to choose. That said, KD is probably our best receiver so he can't exactly be replaced.
  9. ??? What exactly is great news, the fact that Gus continues to say what he has always said? Gus is master of hiding the ball so we shouldn't rely on anything he says about Kyle Davis. Gus also expected Lawson back too soon after he injured his knee - that didn't exactly turn out like he said.
  10. I admire Gus for being a straight shooter but it appears as if other teams often do a better job of telling recruits what they want to hear.
  11. LSU beating out Auburn in landing another highly touted player is quickly becoming a thing.
  12. A lot of LSU fans on the Tiger rant are fairly confident in Fehoko committing to LSU.
  13. Is this guy gonna play a key role in getting us to the NCAA tournament? Is he any good?
  14. That's probably because they played the first team defense which might even have a better defense than Bama this year.
  15. From what I heard Spicer had a lot of respect among people in D.C. before working for Trump. I think anyone that works for Trump will pretty much automatically look like a fool. Kind of like how Condoleezza Rice lost a lot of credibility when she went to work for W.