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  1. I really like this Jason Copeland guy. Think he could be good for us.
  2. With T-WIll as our recruiter - our coaching staff probably feels it has a legitimate chance to land any top tier linebacker.
  3. Is there chatter about him possibly moving to TE, or is that just something that you are thinking might happen? I would be more than ok, if we could flip Justin Fields then move Gatewood to TE. That would pretty much be a win win scenario. At this point I think I would rather have Justin Fields anyways.
  4. I wouldn't be totally shocked if Gatewood becomes Kheil Frazier 2.0.
  5. poor Tyler Queen - always stuck at the bottom. Maybe Malzahn will throw him a bone on senior day in a couple years and let him play in a series like Rudy. (yes, I know he got a series or two last year).
  6. Agree. He looks much bigger than 204 pounds, especially being 6'4"
  7. My bad. I confused Marlon Character with Malcolm Askew
  8. Marlon Character can't be a RS FR. He just signed with us in December.
  9. Talking to yourself again E?
  10. Good point. They are close.
  11. Herb Hand undoubtedly our best recruiter on the offensive side of the ball.
  12. Especially when you have a ten hour layover in Taipe, Taiwan sitting in those hard bucket seats the whole time.
  13. Ms. Faalele gonna be stacking up the frequent flyer miles this year big time.✈✈✈
  14. I am salivating over the possibilities of a four wide receiver split of Slayton, Stove, NCM, and Davis with KJ being another pass option out of the backfield with JS also being able to run with our revamped OL blocking the hell out of everyone. Throw in a little Cannella for good measure and BOOM, we have ourselves an offense. Let's just get past spring so all those guys will be healthy and ready to go. Edit: that would put 12 men on the field after further review. Maybe the refs won't notice.
  15. Because Auburn football has a way of sucking you in, getting you addicted to your very core, only to be thrown away for garbage and disposed which will lead to many tears for the rest of your life, where, as a dying old man you will only say to yourself "why? why? why?"