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  1. And another one.....oh, never mind.
  2. I haven't really noticed that as a trend until this year. This year, we seemed to have lost more leads than we have ever lost before. Most years, we lose one or two guys we previously led for (especially to Alabama), but this year it just seems like we are losing lead after lead.
  3. Our list of potential summer commits keeps dwindling by the day. And IF Kodi was assigned as the lead recruiter then absolutely some of the blame needs to be attributed to him. Recruiting is what they get paid to do.
  4. And another one bites the dust and another one gone and another gone and another one bites the dust!
  5. ...which is 12 months out of the year is it not?
  6. Curious E, what do you do for employment? Don't you work at Auburn?
  7. Nothing better than a statue. Championships come and go...statues stay forever...unless they are in New Orleans (ha, joke. Not meant to be political).
  8. Any clue as to whether Clemson still has room for Monday?
  9. Gus might have to start cashing in on all of those non-commitable offers he has been sending out.
  10. Another one bites the dust Another one bites the dust And another one gone, and another one gone Another one bites the dust…
  11. If you watch his film from during his time at Baylor, you will see that Baylor had at least 5 designed runs for him per game. I thought Baylor used him extremely effectively. Hopefully, Coach Lindsey will adopt a similar approach.
  12. I think SW's injuries last year seem to stem from his own effort to try to extend a play than a decision by the coaches to run him. Just look at the bowl game when he broke his arm - that was because SW was trying to give 110% and wanting to do a John Elway helicopter instead of sliding.
  13. I can agree with that Really hope JS doesn't try to be a physical runner since we would be at a big loss if JS ever gets injured. If I recall correctly, he was injured for much of his true freshman year at Baylor.
  14. I don't believe Auburn will use heavy zone read with Stidham although I believe he will probably run it 5-10 times a game, but Stidham is no SW when it comes to running - he is MUCH more of a threat in the run game than White. Stidham reminds me a lot of Trevor Knight, but a MUCH better passer than Knight ever was.
  15. Ummm, probably not meant to be taken literally unless our football team has decided to adopt Midnight Madness.