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  1. Really thought we would. Pretty sure we could easily at least beat teams ranked 15-25.
  2. With Brown returning I think we will have another elite defense next year. Our offense can’t be much worse than last year’s team so maybe 7 wins is our floor?
  3. Who knows. I fully expect Chip to have a successful coaching career wherever he goes.
  4. Can I check in from my smart phone? Have client meetings alllll day tomorrow. 🙈😐
  5. Maybe Gus can just hire two offensive line coaches. Who needs a special teams coach anyways.
  6. Thanks E. I like you and you are a good guy and I believe you come with good intentions, but often times things are more grey than they are black and white. Good to be back. I am always here, just not always posting comments.
  7. You really need to stop being so condescending - it makes you look like a jackass. And please stop saying "with due respect" - you use it way too much and it actually has the exact opposite effect. There is a way to have disagreements without taking the approach you are taking.
  8. Gus is one of the reasons we are in the situation we are in today - Herb Hand deserves his fair share of the blame too though.
  9. Not giving JB or our head coach a pass at all - my point is simply that a big reason why we hired Hand was his recruiting ability and he pretty much failed at that. If you look at all of his recruiting misses before he went to Texas, its pretty astonishing just how badly he whiffed on a LOT of big name guys.
  10. Well, for one - that "top notch recruiter" we had in Herb Hand turned out not to be such a great recruiter - he missed on a LOT of really big targets and is a big reason we are in the position we are today.
  11. If only we had a Pugh and Ziemba to put in there.
  12. This is the first game I have seen where I fee Chip Lindsey has complete control of Offense. Pass heavy, no wheel routes or reverses and we threw slants down the middle of the field. Prettt excited to see that
  13. Just getting this thread warmed up for later today
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