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  1. Yep all these years of disappointment from the football team we had to sacrifice so the basketball team could finally win the NC....Amirite?......Right?!!
  2. So glad Bryce's career didn't end on that foul from last game. Now he goes out and does this. Basketball school!!!!!
  3. So...Say Gus gets fired this season..what are the chances Bo stays?
  4. I hope you are right but Gus should have been bought out since Green has been here and it didn't happen. I know there are other factors but he should have a very short leash. Shouldn't even have one at all really. The program's been set back enough. The uppers have already accepted JABA by him still being here. Winning whatever bowl game that was called ain't it. Yeah I'm happy we won and it should be a momentum shift but it won't matter that much because it will be the same ole same ole Gus'd up season. Everybody knows that the cycle will continue. Yeah we have the occasional good moments and probably will again this season but we know what happens. He's getting paid to set us back again for however many games they allow him to coach this season. We don't have time to deal with his bullcrap while UGA and Bammer are contending for the playoff every dang year and LSU and Tenn are coming along as well. No one in their right mind has playoffs for this team this year and the majority thinks 8 wins is the mark and it's the uppers' fault for this. Firing him during the season will suck.
  5. I believe this is the camel you are referring to? It ain't happening. We been through a herd of camel's already. Just accept that what we are accustomed to will happen again. Wasting your time thinking things will change. That goes for a lot of y'all.