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  1. Class superlatives

    Looks like Dinson will be at safety and Peters at Nickel. How do you feel about this @bigbird? I don't want Dinson there but is it something we'd have to do to start off with or do you think Sherwood and Smoke will hold down the fort?
  2. Wide receiver position of strength

    *crosses fingers* I've been talking about this for a while. I want at least one change in the starting lineup at wr. I would love to see McClain tear up secondaries as it looks like he should and I want to see Iggy get some PT at wr and hopefully not run straight into defenders. I know Slayton is going to do his thing along with RD but NCM needs to bring it. IDK what to expect with Sal or Eli since it seems like they're treating him like stanton truitt....more of a rb than wr. 5 wide would do wonders for the offense....and so would using two-rb sets.......and a TE......and slants....and curl routes...
  3. Why did Holland leave early?

    And I love that Tutt has taken it upon himself to choose to wear no. 6. Greg Brown told him that we needed a Carlton type but he can be better than Carlton. That's certainly plausible in my mind. He's fast and physical...he'll be the guy that covers like a CB and hits like a S.
  4. So Bama got caught up with Sexton...Wonder when the football program will get caught 🤔....I bet never.
  5. football tidbits

    Yeah I am too young to remember him but I do think that guys like Barrett and Kam will pack on the weight and can surprise us. I for one felt good about Barrett last year and think he will be the underdog who can surprise. All this talent, you have to believe someone will be great.
  6. football tidbits

    Don't see why...We got a KJ clone in Asa and several other Uber talented guys. My thing is that I don't know who will be The guy or guys but I do know that we should have stellar play there.
  7. Why did Holland leave early?

    He definitely ain't poor. He's had very expensive clothes this whole time... Somehow.
  8. Why did Holland leave early?

    He is money hungry. Most of what him and Carlton and some others talk about on social media ...He's really into expensive clothes. Like you said I can understand with the other players. He should be fine though.
  9. Offense Needs to Change

    I really meant that for all players in general that people have talked about. I give Miller a pass because really I haven't heard much talk about him but the Sal Cannela's and NCM's they got to come with it.
  10. Offense Needs to Change

    That curl route to Chandler in the SEC CG....Need more of it.
  11. Offense Needs to Change

    Yep talk is on the 99 cent menu...Tired of it with no results.
  12. Offense Needs to Change

    This should be a no-brainer with the rb depth we have but ya know...
  13. 2018 4* DE Kayode Oladele Commits to AU!!!

    Yeah I need to try that.
  14. 2018 4* DE Kayode Oladele Commits to AU!!!

    Beast! Love this recruiting class. We got talented, hard workers and I believe some diamonds in the rough.