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  1. Hmm...who's randy savage and who's hulk?
  2. Fire Gus Petition-Please sign

    Yes's better to not even bring that up so you get readers' hopes up. Tired of my AU brethren getting false hope only to get let down over and over and over and over and over and....OVER.
  3. No lol I understoood the sarcasm. I facepalmed because I wouldn't be surprised if that was true..facepalming at Gus
  4. Fire Gus Petition-Please sign

    SEC Championship dreams been over...don't do that to yourself please. Don't allow yourself to fall for the okie doke over and over.
  5. He is insulting each and every fan's intelligence! He lied once already about pettway and pretty sure he's lied about other stuff. There's no freaking way Chip has called every single play. How long does Chip last?
  6. Name your method of protesting.....

    If Yall don't want people skipping games fine...But something has to be done by the students and fans. We can all agree on that right?
  7. Name your method of protesting.....

    Idk somebody needs to start one...There probably already is one.
  8. Name your method of protesting.....

    Good ole booger sugar
  9. Name your method of protesting.....

    Nope..or it would have happened already
  10. Name your method of protesting.....

    If we all make a collective effort we can have sway over them. We need to keep the pressure on their necks because right now they think we are going to still go to games and watch on tv and cheer regardless so the decision can wait. Our fans are some of the greatest in sports but they are loyal to a fault and need to get it in their heads that this is the only way. They're not handling this with care. The Fire Gus petition has 1,000+ signatures and counting, we're making progress.