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  1. Seriously ..I know it can't be just Carl's arm length? What the heck is going on man!!!
  2. Highly doubt Rudy gets drafted tonight
  3. Wow Monty got the call right after his son was born!!! Pretty cool.
  4. Jermaine Whitehead and Ryan White
  5. Draft experts kept saying Monty was inconsistent. Our players have had that problem too. Doesn't help that Carl was getting held and double team almost every play too!
  6. Finally yes!!!!!
  7. Meanwhile Sammie Coates, one of our higher round recent draftees, is getting replaced by JuJu Smith-Schuster. We need them to produce when they get there too.
  8. Panthers should have taken Carl..perfect chance...Had'nt even heard of the de they chose
  9. Maybe Jarrett and Bubba could get drafted in the first two rounds...?
  10. I wonder will we run PA pass for the first play against GS or just a simple screen? Or will we just run as usual. Kind of a prelude to the annual first play thread.
  11. Yes we see what NCM has the potential to do with a qb like Stidham..We can only imagine what kd is capable of...Catches like the one against ark state and many more..possibly
  12. I believe we can beat all three..But destroy seems far-fetched, especially against bammer.
  13. I don't know if I can say that I have confidence in Gus right now even with all the moves that he's made, but if whoever got him to make those moves gets it in his head to keep a lead foot on the pedal I'm all in the season. If he changed the other stuff this is another blatant issue that he should see that needs to be solved.
  14. The hype train is picking up hyper speed!!!