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  1. WFE12

    All Things NBA Thread

    KD is soft and he can't take much more of Draymond. He was already leaving before any of this happened because of him wanting top dollar but this is the last year. So get your three-peat and bounce. Draymond meant every word he said and he doesn't take any of it back.
  2. WFE12

    All Things NBA Thread

    Sour grapes coming from the guy that begged him to sign there.
  3. WFE12

    All Things NFL Thread

    CAP vs KJ Sunday...
  4. WFE12

    All Things NBA Thread

    Fultz is playing hard man...He hustles and gets baskets. His shooting stroke ain't that good but it can work. Jimmy looking good in his debut.
  5. WFE12

    All Things NBA Thread

    Just trying to get as much fun as I can out of this regular season.
  6. WFE12

    All Things NBA Thread

    This what I'm talking about. We're not even near the halfway point of the season and Draymond and Boogie haven't fought yet. Inject this into my veins!!! Edit: I know he didn't really say it but just play along
  7. WFE12

    All Things NFL Thread

    Idk I guessed it was just on mobile
  8. WFE12

    All Things NFL Thread

    The whole point is to make money, right? 🤔
  9. WFE12

    Can't make this up

    Yessir!!! We LIT over heeeeeeeeeeeerreeee!!!! Go Blazers!!!!
  10. WFE12

    Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    RIP one of the best to ever do it
  11. WFE12

    A Little Buyout Backlash

    I've been waiting for the right opportunity to use this.
  12. WFE12

    All Things NBA Thread

    Please don't tell me these gruesome injuries are commonplace in basketball. A couple years ago we didn't have this now we see it more and more. Prayers out to Caris Levert.