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  1. Curious as to what makes you think Derrick Brown will be the best DT.
  2. Well for instance, I couldn't watch some whole games last year because of Gus's ineptitude. It hurts even more when you know the team is capable of more but the coaches hold them back. I have watched til the end up until recently for bad games. Hopefully this season I can watch every game to the end.
  3. It was cool seeing him and Bubba playfully go at Ronnie Brown on Twitter about the best rb duos for AU saying that they are up for the challenge. Again can't stress it enough..We need our boys to be healthy and we will be cooking with grease.
  4. Really want KM to break out as the 3RB. Hoping he shows better in fall camp and makes up for his A day performance. Dude has stupid speed and Stid throwing to him on wheel routes like the one in the a day game and others getting him into open space will allow him to do major damage. Don't want him to be Roc Thomas all over again.
  5. Yeah...Very frustrating but again like others have said the offense gave no favors. SHOULD be completely different this year. Defense can pick up offense on occasions and vice versa.
  6. Discount Double Check!!!
  7. yeah but how do you go about doing that while still showing respect to Sean? Certainly don't want to mishandle him and have other recruits thinking the same could happen to them too.
  8. A little bit earlier than usual..I can dig it. The sooner the better on seeing everyone shaping up together.
  9. He needs to put some respeck on yo name.
  10. He didn't mention auburn at all in the interview or at least that's what the article inclined. Just checked another article nvm.
  11. I get your point but he has already shown more good than jj ever did big 12 defense or not. There's a chance he won't be sharp to start but he won't be JJ bad. He puts too much work in.
  12. Yep him getting off the team didn't help but I expected as soon as he got on a team he would display all his on field talents that he showed for us on the rams. I still hope for the best from him.
  13. Yeah he was incredible... Currently he's playing for the Edmonton Eskimos in the CFL. I really don't see how he couldn't make an NFL team.
  14. It's not like it's a big problem.. Can't even compare to JJ. He doesn't throw straight to defenders. Just look at his games at Baylor. Plus like the coaches say he stays in the film room and is his biggest critic so I wouldn't worry about it.