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  1. Yeah man... A healthy Jarrett with bubba and others SHOULD spell fright for all opposing teams.
  2. Yeah I saw a video on where chip goes over film with the QBs. It's pretty good...He kind of gets on woody though.
  3. This is where I was getting at...At least we have two QBs who have played meaningful games and performed solidly and a freshman who has impressed a lot. Last season was a crap fest.
  4. Man it feels so good to have stability at the qb position.
  5. I just think he's trying to give sean a fair shake...We all know that he limits the offense and he might just have to show tough love and give him the 2nd string.
  6. Wait are you talking about Malik Miller or Malik Willis?
  7. I like the 60/40 split. It should be interesting to see how they utilize jfIII and Hastings..But I surely don't want to see jfIII on punt return.. Would give me too much anxiety.
  8. Man so woody really has fallen out of favor...
  9. [media] [/media]
  10. So ready for April 8 to get here so we have something. Though spring games are always complexing to me, I gotta see Stidham slanging the football to get that rust off if there is any. Even though Kyle Davis, Jamel Dean, and others won't play at least we'll get a better picture.
  11. Yeah some people say he could put on 40 pounds
  12. I wonder if Markeviest Bryant can have a Marlon type year and step up as second string buck and be that speed rusher.
  13. Man I'm really starting to like this Chip guy.
  14. Whatever floats your boat or finds your lost remote.
  15. seems too good to be true