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  1. Former AU QBs weigh in on Stidham

    His coaches at Baylor said he was never nervous when he was thrown into the fire once Seth Russell got hurt and went about things like it was nothing. Bet he does the same for Clempson and all the other big games. He won't be rattled after making mistakes.
  2. Dude's length and athletism is off the charts. Been having a nagging feeling that he would entertain other offers though. I sure hope not. Having a heat seeker missile like him and sherwood does wonders for us for the future.
  3. So there's his relationships with Matt Hill, Wooten family, Stid, QM, Chip, and Cam, our history with dual-threat qb's, and the results of a Stid led offense this year that factor into him coming now yet people still think he's a UGA lean...I feel good regardless 😎
  4. no whammy! No whammy! NO.....WHAMMY!!!!!
  5. Just because.....Dude's my favorite commit in this class...Of course that'll change if we get Fields. If somebody could embed this that'd be great.
  6. Former AU QBs weigh in on Stidham

    I fully believe that they will struggle on offense. Doesn't matter who their qb is, it's not watson and we did a solid job vs him anyway. What is daunting to me is their d-line....Hard to believe that Jarrett won't get sacked but I just hope he isn't running for his life all night. If the o-line does it's job I expect him to throw dots.
  7. BREAKING: Auburn lands commitment from major wide receiver target By Benjamin Wolk Auburn Recruiting Reporter August 17, 2017 Matthew Hill finally did it. The 4-star wide receiver from Brookwood High (Ga.) has been the most likely to join Auburn’s class for months, but his hesitance to publicly commit has raised some questions. Those questions have all been answered. On Thursday, Hill committed to Auburn to become the 12th commitment in the 2018 recruiting class. Despite the wait, Hill said the decision wasn’t tough. RELATED: SEC Country’s most recent Class of 2018 offensive projection “First, I grew up an Auburn fan, so I already knew what it was like. Ever since I’ve just been there so many times, it just — in my mind — it’s just another home,” Hill told SEC Country two weeks ago. “I know Auburn like the back of my hand now, like I do Snellville. I know where everything is. I just feel comfortable in Auburn.” Matthew Hill committed to the Tigers on Thursday. (Benjamin Wolk/SEC Country) The extended wait gave Hill a chance to do his due diligence. He visited South Carolina one more time with his high school coach who is a South Carolina grad. Hill stayed in communication with Crimson Tide and Gamecocks coaches. When official offer day came, Auburn, Alabama and South Carolina were the only schools to offer, which made sense considering those were the three programs he was still strongly considering. As the 6-foot-2 wide receiver waited, some Tigers’ fans started to panic. But, as Hill puts it, he’s known for “a month and a half to two months” where he was going to school. He just wanted to be sure. “I basically knew at Big Cat Weekend, the last time I visited Auburn,” Hill said. “I kinda knew before then, but Big Cat is really what set it off because I got to be around the new players, the ones that might commit, the coaching staff and just had a good time. I got to see their fun side at Auburn.” With Hill’s commitment, Auburn adds the No. 32 wide receiver and No. 160 overall prospect in the 2018 class. Hill joins Shedrick Jackson as the second wide receiver in Auburn’s class. Hill’s commitment moves Auburn up to No. 27 in the recruiting team rankings, one spot behind No. 26 Alabama.
  8. Who all is going to the Missouri game?

    This changes everything for me...This schedule seems unfair but the perk is if we handle our business in a lot of these games than the playoff committee will definitely have their attention on us. Not every team on the schedule will meet expectations though. We will find out who's the pretenders and contenders this year.
  9. Former Auburn QBs weigh in on Jarrett Stidham Phillip Marshall - Aug 16, 1:00 AM Ben Leard and Stan White know what it’s like to play quarterback for Auburn when the masses in the stands, the noise and the pressure of a game of great significance all come together. They know what it’s like to have their teammates look to them for leadership and courage when it matters the most. Leard was an All-Southeastern Conference selection in the 2000 season and led Auburn to the SEC West Division championship and to the SEC Championship Game. White was a four-year starter who led the 11-0 season of 1993. He remains the most prolific passer in Auburn history. Third-year sophomore Jarrett Stidham, named Auburn’s starting quarterback on Monday, has experienced none of those things at Auburn. He sat out last season after leaving Baylor, enrolled at Auburn last January and won the job over former starter Sean White in preseason camp. Stidham’s time is at hand. Leard, a commercial insurance specialist for J. Smith Lanier in Auburn, and White, who owns a State Farm agency and does color commentary on Auburn football broadcasts, have watched Stidham closely through expert quarterback eyes. And they have been impressed. “It’s the way he carries himself – head high, shoulders up,” Leard said. “You can tell this is a young man who is comfortable with the role he has been put into and is good with meeting it head-on. You watch him jump around at practice, how he mingles with the offensive line and the defensive line. You can see visibly that he has the locker room. That’s a huge thing, especially for a newcomer who has never taken a snap at Auburn.” Ben Leard made All-SEC in 2000. (Photo: Getty) It wasn’t easy, Stan White says. It couldn’t have been. Stidham showed up in January. Sean White is going into his fourth Auburn season. Sean White long ago won the respect of his teammates and his coaches. “The huge challenge is to not only come in and compete for the job, but you have to win over teammates,” Stan White said. “None of the players on this team came in with him. Normally, you’ll have 25 or so guys who have that kinship with that were in your signing class. He doesn’t have that. “I applaud the way he has come in and won over his teammates. It was a big challenge for him to come in and fit in. You are coming in and competing against a guy that’s been there for three years and actually signed with Auburn out of high school. It’s not an easy thing to do.” But what about when the ball is snapped? Does he live up to the hype that was significant when he arrived and has grown since? “He throws the ball so effortlessly,” Leard said. “If you look at Jarrett Stidham in shorts and a t-shirt or even in shells, he looks like he just left the Sigma Chi house. He’s not (physically imposing). Neither is Tom Brady. Neither is Matt Ryan. Neither is Aaron Rogers. “There is just something about the way he throws the ball – the velocity of the ball, the spin of the ball. It’s a catchable ball and it looks like he’s not even trying. That plays into his accuracy, because he’s not having to overdo it with his body. The more you strain to throw, the more propensity you have to be inaccurate.” Stan White sees those things, too. He also sees Stidham’s ability to recognize what he sees and quickly know what to do. “What I have seen from over the last several months is that he is a great decision-maker,” Stan White said. “He’s a quick decision-maker, and that gets overlooked a lot of times. He seems to be able to decipher things really, quickly and that’s what you want. Stan White is Auburn all-time leading career passer. (Photo: Getty) Stidham will go into the season with high expectations, perhaps higher even than Cam Newtonexperienced in August of 2010. He’ll be severely tested, and it won’t take long. The Tigers go on the road to play defending national champion Clemson in the season’s second game. Leard says the expectations shouldn’t get out of control, that there will be a learning curve. But he says that doesn’t mean the expectations shouldn’t be high. “He’s the starting quarterback for Auburn University,” Leard said. “He has high expectations, but let’s not automatically think he’s going to be Cam or Nick Marshall. Jarrett has a unique talent set he’s been blessed with. He will be successful. Whether it’s 100 percent successful or off-the-chart successful, we’ll find out. What is known right now is that he is QB1, and he should have everybody’s support.” That support, Leard said, is crucial, more crucial than some might want to believe. “It’s huge,” Leard said. “As much as a player or coach might try to downplay that and say they don’t hear the white noise, the background noise, I’m telling you they do. “It is virtually impossible to remove yourself from all the noise. You can pull your Twitter account and not get on social media. That’s all fine and good, but you still have the outside noise. You still have the things that may be creeping in. A teammate may tell you about it. Who is to say that background noise doesn’t infiltrate your teammates and they start believing it?” Stidham, Stan White said, should be a very good fit for first-year coordinator Chip Lindsey’s offense, one expected to provide more opportunities to put the ball in the air. “He has a really good arm,” Stan White said. “There’s no doubt. Any quarterback that plays in this conference is going to have a really good arm. I think Chip will add some more balance to the passing game – getting it out on the edge and also being able to stretch the field.”
  10. 2017 Fall Camp - Wed, Aug 16

    Yoooo!!! They actually got a Waffle House food truck!!! I didn't even know they had those! Man I need some chocolate chip waffles and a Philly steak sandwich.
  11. Who all is going to the Missouri game?

    Idk man...their players have said at media day that they have this game especially circled on their calendars and some people think it's a trap game. I blew them off when I first saw them on the schedule but I've seen that they have a pretty solid rb and seemingly strong o-line.
  12. Byron Cowart

    Yes this so much! Especially in the Clemson game pressuring their inexperienced qb's is imperative to making them get rattled. I hope that CG has stressed this to them.