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  1. May God have mercy on your soul... Keeping the tradition going
  2. Giving him a one year deal like he’s some scrub.. man..
  3. Exactly i hate this. Hes gonna have the fans complaining...”this is who replaces Tom?” I can hear it now.
  4. I didn't even know they gave guaranteed money to undrafted free agents. Nice.
  5. It'll be up to his body tbh.
  6. That makes it worse for KJ.
  7. Looks like Tre Mason all over again. Hate to say it. Hopefully I'm wrong. AND again it's a UGA RB that gets drafted the following year.
  8. Derrick and Marlon in the NFC South! I would love for them to crush Brady!!!!!!
  9. Well...honestly surprised iggy went that early. Didn’t even think he would go to the draft. Some kind of transition for him.
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