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  1. Yep I wonder what RD's draft status would be if he played for say... Oklahoma.
  2. They really want me to like them again...Them playing without KD is reminding me of when I was a fan.
  3. At least he didn't use a burner
  4. Don't be surprised if this guy gets moved to DB... Only jokes....I hope this guy makes us look goofy and goes off.
  5. So we're gonna get that from a guy that couldn't make it at OK and played at Youngstown St.....Aight bro. Seth can't be a Duke type WR?...Aight bro.
  6. Can the Finals get here already?
  7. Of course when Lowry shows up no one else does 🙄 They could win game 2 but the bucks could you very back and really take it to em.