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  1. Even if we got Kelly he wasn't gonna save us from the inevitable.
  2. I commend you for your optimism because someone has to have it. I just can't allow myself to fall down that well again.
  3. Not much. I don't feel good about this season. I'm exhausted from the whole Gus experience. The roster has plenty of talent but the head coach is the same...him calling plays won't matter that much. We could go 12-0 and I'll still feel like something would go wrong. Every AU fan has that feeling whether you want to admit or not. We have and will continue for several years to have the hardest path to the playoff, not even thinking about the possibility this season. I want things to go right for the team to finally win it all but there is too much to overcome. Fans will get blinded by success from a few games and get bamboozled again..That's something that won't change.
  4. What gives you reason to believe that? Seriously...I'm curious.
  5. Would be really nice if we had a Clemson effect this season (stacked d-line returns and freshman qb leads team to the championship) but you know...
  6. That will forever irk me. Other stuff pissed me off that day too. Just an all around bad day.
  7. Aaron Murray: Auburn’s Nick Fairley made me contemplate quitting football Andrew Olson - Saturday Down South Former Auburn defender Nick Fairley was an absolute beast on the football field. He laid some vicious hits, sometimes illegally. Former Georgia QB Aaron Murray took such a pounding against Fairley’s Tigers in 2010 that he considered hanging up his cleats. Murray recently visited WJOX 94.5 FM’s “3 Man Front,” and reflected on his memories of facing Fairley and the Tigers in The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry. “If he did that outside the football field, he’d have been in jail for three years. … That was actually the first time in my life I was like ‘I don’t know if I want to play football anymore.’ I’m not kidding either,” Murray recalled. “I was on the sideline, and I had six stitches; my jersey’s covered in blood; I had a fractured sternum and can’t feel the left side of my body. I got whiplash in my neck, and I can’t really move my neck. I was like ‘Is this really worth it? It’s my freshman year, I can quit now and save myself a lot of punishment.’ “I had to sit up sleeping the next two weeks. I couldn’t even lay down. It was tough.” Fairley’s hits angered the Bulldogs and one offensive lineman retaliated in a memorable way. “Ben Jones ripped the dreads off the middle linebacker’s head. … I’m in the huddle and have a fractured sternum (from Fairley’s hit), Ben hands me the dreads in the middle of the huddle. I’m like, ‘Ben, what do you want me to do with these?’ I have to call a play in like 10 seconds. So, he sticks them in his pants, and then, at his house in Athens, he attached it to the ceiling fan,” Murray told the show. Murray, of course, stuck with football and went on to become the SEC’s all-time leader in passing yards (13,166) and touchdowns (121).
  8. Really not expecting much from this season and have avoided the media hoopla because of it but Marlon is making that hard for me. We know what Derrick is going to do but Marlon has to have that monster year. I know he's capable of it.
  9. I wouldn't advise you to put your eggs in that basket.