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  1. Major Offers - AU, UGA, UT Teammate of highly touted Owen Pappoe - Can't find the embed code
  2. 41 offers main names - UGA,Clem,Neb, UAT
  3. AUBURN, Ala. — Auburn fans probably won’t get to see very much wildcat in the spring game on Saturday, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a couple of players ready to take over for Kerryon Johnson. Offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey briefly answered a question about the wildcat at one point leading up to A-Day. This was his response: “We don’t do much of that in the spring, maybe a little bit. We’ve played over the years here and other places I’ve been where we’ve sometimes used a running back and sometimes used a backup quarterback, it just kind of depends. Chandler Cox was our number 2 last year that kind of did a little bit of that. As we get into that stuff, we’ll be probably try to figure out who we want to give the reps there. It could be a quarterback or a running back.” MORE: Do Auburn football center injuries mean an opportunity for newcomer Jalil Irvin? Chances are Chandler Cox will line up at wildcat a couple of times during his senior season. He’s earned that right. Still, the “Coxcat,” as some call it, likely will pop up when Auburn is up big against lesser competition, but who will the Tigers turn to when it really counts? As Lindsey said, there are a couple of good possibilities to step into this role, but there’s one that seems to be a clear leader. Auburn sophomore quarterback Malik Willis demonstrated confidence and savvy during his freshman season. While Jarrett Stidham’s been recovering from shoulder surgery, Willis has been running the first-team offense — and from all indications doing a great job. Coaches have said the Atlanta product is more comfortable and they have all the confidence in the world in Wilis. Perhaps even enough confidence to be Auburn football’s new Kerryon. MORE: Can Auburn football finally find success away from Jordan-Hare Stadium? Willis’ spring experience will serve him well in the future when he likely takes over as Auburn’s starting quarterback, but in the meantime the Tigers would benefit from getting their backup QB some extra touches when possible. The athleticism Willis — remember, this is the kid being compared to Nick Marshall — has makes him a threat to opposing defenses. He may not have a ton of experience, but he’s someone Auburn’s opponents will have to pay attention to. If Willis isn’t the one, who else could fill that void? Well, Lindsey could have hinted at the answer when briefing the media on Auburn’s younger running backs. If Malik Miller or Kam Martin start out as the Tigers’ go-to guy, they won’t be an option. If Willis doesn’t take it over, that leaves JaTarvious “Boobee” Whitlow and possibly newcomer Asa Martin, who’s expected to have a role on punt returns and kickoffs, too. Here’s what Lindsey had to say about those two: “I think Boobee Whitlow is continuing to get better and better and better. He is a young guy that needs some reps. … Asa Martin has some natural instincts running between the tackles so I really like what he can do. I noticed today he got out and caught a couple of option routes so that was good.” Kerryon Johnson is headed off to the NFL, and no one will run the wildcat exactly like the beloved Auburn rusher did. Still, there are some fantastic options coach Gus Malzahn and staff can turn to when they are seeking scores in the fall.
  4. Jordan Rodgers: Jarrett Stidham was ‘very frustrated’ at times last season, wants more freedom in 2018 By Spenser Davis April 11, 2018 Auburn quarterback Jarrett Stidham is heading into a pivotal year as Auburn’s starting quarterback for a second straight season, but the Tigers’ offense could look much different in 2018. For one, Auburn is expected to pick up the pace a little bit. The Tigers wanted to ease Stidham into the offense, which makes sense. His only collegiate experience was at Baylor, which included less defensive resistance in the Big 12 and a simpler offense. According to SEC Network analyst Jordan Rodgers, Auburn is picking up the pace this year in certain situations, and will slow it down in others. “I think Auburn is going to pick and choose when they go lightning fast, and when they lightning fast go to the line of scrimmage and then allow Jarrett Stidham to get them out of a play and check to something,” Rodgers said on WJOX in Birmingham Wednesday. “I think you’re going to see a lot more variability of when they’re going really really fast … and when they’re going to chose to go tempo and when they chose not to.” That variability and freedom was apparently very important to Stidham, who could have gone pro after last season but ultimately decided to return to Auburn. “I’m not sure where it started but if I had to guess, I think that’s something Jarrett Stidham was very, very frustrated at last year. Not having the ability to have more freedom at the line of scrimmage,” Rodgers said. “Midway through the season, I think Jarrett Stidham was ready for some more leash at the line of scrimmage and I don’t think he was given the opportunity as much as he would have liked to.” Rodgers went as far as to say there was a sit-down conversation necessary to convince Stidham that he would have more freedom at the line of scrimmage in 2018. “I think in his heart of hearts, he knew he wanted to come back,” Rodgers said. “But also, I think he felt like he knew he wanted more freedom and wasn’t sure he was going to get it. That’s a conversation Chip Lindsey, Gus Malzahn and Jarrett Stidham all had sitting down together. That this offense was going to look different and he was going to get more freedom at the line of scrimmage. Those guarantees and that conversation really played into Jarrett Stidham’s decision to come back to college … And I think they’re all in a place where they’re comfortable allowing him (that freedom).” Auburn’s offense ranked No. 34 in the country per S&P+, which certainly leaves room for improvement. Here’s the full interview on WJOX:
  5. Hey Golf ...

    @augolf1716 excuse the extra testosterone...
  6. Can someone please say this BS isn't real. Please!!! Tell me it's Photoshop. I can't believe this.
  7. 24 offers Main teams - AU and Clemson Yes that's his real name
  8. Updated (4/10/18): Jakai commits to AU! Offers: AU, Arkansas State, Boston College, Kansas, Minnesota, Oregon State, Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple and West Virginia, among others. Teammate of 4* OT Wanya Morris and 5* LB Owen Pappoe Visited for A-Day, received offer and committed
  9. Offers: AU, Tenn, SC, FSU, Miami,
  10. Teammate of 4* WR Jashawn Sheffield Recruited by Grimes Offers: AU, CLEM, UGA, FSU
  11. Yep he may be a 3-star but check out his offer list. Wish we had've gotten Christian Williams but I'm fine with another diamond in the rough. Plus it seems like his ranking will go up. I like this guy.
  12. 2019 Recruiting Thread

    I was actually referring to Jaylin Simpson. He will be our next commit for sure. Dude is in love with AU. Posting many AU related pics on Twitter.
  13. Offers from UA, Fl, Tenn among others
  14. Hey Golf ...

  15. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    Actually I was inferring that it was inappropriate. I wasn't really asking how they would do it just why they had the audacity to confront him about it.
  16. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    Think Wanya going to Tenn too.
  17. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    Here is the other article Sentel posted Twitter Ads info and privacy He’s now making his commitment on May 1 instead of May 5, but you might have read that on the site already. Here’s what you might not have laid eyes on yet: He has no leader between Auburn, UGA or any other school. “I really have an idea of who it is going to be,” Pappoe said. “But I am going to make sure that I visit two specific schools back to back. I am not going to say who they are, but I will make sure that I will visit them back-to-back and I will make my decision based off of them.” If you trade in that sort of thing, he wore a UGA backpack and a UGA zip-up windbreaker on Sunday. He also competed with a pair of LSU gloves on. While we are on the subject of LSU, he said that those SEC West Tigers are now his No. 3 team. Five-star LB Owen Pappoe very likely will be the first three-time invitee to the Nike Opening finals this summer. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation) His visit plans do not include G-Day. He will be at Penn State on an official visit this weekend and then Texas the following weekend for an official. He will take two more officials in the fall. Auburn and Georgia will not get official visits, but they will both likely receive another additional visit prior to his May 1 decision. The 6-foot-1 Pappoe weighed in at 209 pounds. His testing numbers: 4.47 seconds in the 40-yard dash; 45 feet power ball toss; 4.0-second short shuttle; 40-inch vertical. Pappoe said that UGA 5-star commits Nolan Smith and Jadon Hasewlood continue to “hammer” him about playing in Athens. He said they come at him harder than the UGA coaches do. The Bulldogs staff has more of a laid-back approach … well, until recently. When he makes his decision on May 1, it will not shut down his recruiting. He will still likely take other visits. He said he didn’t actually train specifically for any of the Opening events on Sunday. “No lie,” Pappoe said. “I didn’t train for this at all. I actually shocked myself doing this. It is a blessing.” That about covers the stuff for those with the five seconds of attention span to spare regarding the decision from the nation’s No. 1 outside linebacker and the No. 7 overall prospect in the 247Sports composite rankings. “I have said that Georgia is my top school,” Pappoe said. “They are. People say that Auburn is coming into the picture. (Pauses). I guess so.” We will dive a little deeper into this decision from here on in. Owen Pappoe: The decision in his own words As stated earlier, he told DawgNation on Sunday that he currently has no public leader. That has changed over the last month. What happened there? How did Auburn catch the home state Bulldogs? Owen Pappoe ranks as the nation’s No. 1 outside linebacker and the No. 7 overall prospect for 2019. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation) He said his three-day unofficial visit over the last month mattered. That’s because every time he had been to Auburn before, it had been for a game or a camp. The personal attention and extended 1-on-1 time from that trek really made an impression. “I really do have interest in Auburn,” Pappoe said. But he also wondered why the internet would run wild with Crystal Ball picks and speculation that he was now trending toward Auburn. He didn’t see where all the “he’s now going to Auburn” stuff came about. Why choose Georgia? “Just stay home and play with my brothers,” Pappoe said, noting that attention from Haselwood and Smith. Why choose Auburn? “Just to see how the recruiting class there goes,” Pappoe said. “Whenever I go, I want to play with some dogs, too.” When he decides, he feels he will “be pretty solid with the school he picks” on May 1. He also had a thought to help frame up those analyst Crystal Balls and rumors. “I just look at it like this: If you don’t hear from the man then don’t believe it,” he said. “It is just rumors.” This is a close decision, but he will not allow anyone to paint him as having a hard decision with this. That’s a mature statement. That’s because if anyone is prepared to weather a tough college decision, it is Pappoe. Owen Pappoe set a new Nike Opening regional combine record with his 147.12 football rating. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation) He has been getting major college offers since before his freshman year. Pappoe has been heavily recruited since his freshman season. He also has a cadre of good mentors and coaches to lean on around Grayson High School. There was a time when he was supposed to (air quotes are maybe necessary here) choose Clemson. Then Florida State. Then Georgia. “You can’t make it hard on yourself,” Pappoe said. “A lot of people make it harder on themselves because they are listening to the fans. They build up a good relationship with the coach. Now they are listening to the coach and it’s, no, don’t go there now. You just can’t make it hard on yourself.” How did the UGA coaches respond to the Auburn chatter? Pappoe gave a very honest answer to how the Bulldogs responded to all the rumors about him trending to Auburn. “I was like, ‘Coach just let the media be the media’ and I just told them if you don’t hear something coming from me then don’t listen to it,” Pappoe said. Inside linebackers coach Glenn Schumann reached out. So did defensive coordinator Mel Tucker. Pappoe then noted that every program has graduate assistants and staffers that follow the Twitter grapevines. “They were basically like, ‘We are hearing this, what is up?’ and just talk about it,” Pappoe said. The 5-star LB did just that. Owen Pappoe does not plan to take official visits to Auburn or Georgia. He will visit both schools prior to his decision. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation) “I was just like ‘Coach, this is the media and you know how it is going’ with me,” he said. “They didn’t really take it too seriously.” What is the truest thing he can say right now about his decision? “I’ve been getting offers since the eighth grade,” Pappoe said. “I’ve put a lot of thought into it and I believe whatever decision that I make is going to be the right one for me.” We already discussed Pappoe’s wardrobe choices on Sunday. He also wore a mostly red-and-black tuxedo to his prom on Saturday night. Are there any conspiracy theories to sort through there? “No comment,” he said. What can the Bulldogs do to seal up his decision? “They don’t have to do anything special,” Pappoe said. “[The way] how they have been recruiting me this far is really good.” And Auburn? “I just want to make sure I play with some dogs,” Pappoe said. “I want to see how their recruiting class goes.” That’s an important point. Auburn is trending heavily with 4-star defensive back Jashawn Sheffield from South Georgia. His Grayson teammate Wanya Morris is down to Auburn and Tennessee. There is the recent Auburn commitment Jakai Clark. Clark is another Grayson teammate. That said, the Tigers have three commitments for 2019. Georgia has three 5-star commitments in that same cycle. He said the Grayson school community all feels like he will choose the Bulldogs. “Everybody thinks that I am going to go to Georgia,” he said. “I will just let everybody think what they want to think. They will see May 1.”
  18. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    This is too much...
  19. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    BTW How are the coaches gonna confront him about rumors? If he was in fact trending towards AU so be it and continue your recruiting. As it is I don't feel good about this anymore...of course I wasn't exactly locked in after last week's news but I still felt better than the past but this is bad. I don't think he's putting up a front for the coaches either.