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  1. AUeng

    ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Anyone know if the game will re-air this weekend? I'm at a wedding for a good friend of mine this afternoon, so can't watch it live.
  2. Prior to playing Auburn, MS State was #10 in total defense (255.5 ypg) and #37 in pass efficiency defense (112.97). The NCAA site does have an option for viewing stats by date:
  3. AUeng

    Auburn with shot at Sugar Bowl

    Looks like we'll get our rematch. Here's to hoping we represent Auburn well... and represent the SEC better than Bama has in their last three Sugar Bowls.
  4. AUeng

    Auburn with shot at Sugar Bowl

    A matchup with OU is likely more meaningful to most Auburn fans—for the reason ellitor mentioned, if nothing else. It would also be our shot at evening the record (see '71 season Sugar Bowl). I'll enjoy either matchup. I have several friends and co-workers who are big football fans and alumnus of either OU or OSU, so either way it will be interesting for me. I've never been to Stillwater, but from what I understand (and in some cases have observed), their fanbase/culture is much more similar to AU than that of OU.
  5. AUeng

    Auburn with shot at Sugar Bowl

    I'd like to see Auburn go to the Sugar Bowl, but can't say I'd be too upset if Florida wins the SEC championship.
  6. AUeng

    Auburn with shot at Sugar Bowl

    AU— #14 LSU— #21
  7. AUeng

    **Idaho vs. Auburn - Game Thread**

    Pulling out the fake punt against Idaho!
  8. AUeng

    **Idaho vs. Auburn - Game Thread**

    Not predictable at all
  9. AUeng

    7 wins or 6 to bowl

    Previously, a win over an FCS opponent did not count in terms of bowl eligibility unless that opponent had awarded at least 90% of its 63 scholarships over a two year period. However, that rule has been dropped in recent years so that a win over any FCS opponent can count toward bowl eligibility. Over the last decade, bowl eligibility rules have grown more and more lenient. In fact, I believe this is the fourth consecutive season that allows for a team with a losing record to be bowl eligible. Of course, a 5-7 record does not guarantee anyone a spot and teams with non-losing records or with at least 6 wins are selected first.
  10. AUeng

    Stripe the Stadium..well done

    I watched it on TV... the crowd did seem louder than usual. I think it even helped to cause a delay of game? As for orange and white stripes instead of orange and blue, I think it would look too much like Neyland.
  11. AUeng

    Pregame Sights & Sounds - San Jose State

    To try to answer your question... LaFlamme is a RB, Rice a WR. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the players can opt for a low top if they value flexibility over stability. I do like the white... thought the orange was a bit too much.
  12. AUeng

    Al Borges
  13. AUeng

    Auburn vs LSU Score Prediction

    AU - 41 LSU - 7