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  1. Heron declares for NBA draft, hires agent

    Maybe he will go play in one of the middle eastern leagues, Mustapha does mean "The Chosen One." Heron has a great game, but he is very hit or miss when finishing on his drives to the basket. That is really the only negative I saw at his position.
  2. Men vs. Clemson

    "We would have been winning if we had Anfernee." -40% of Aufamily basketball commenters-
  3. Men vs. Clemson

    This is embarrassing. A Clemson player just flexed for 10 seconds.
  4. Men vs. Clemson

    At least we won one game.
  5. Men vs. Charleston

    Yeah, that is crazy! Can't believe no one caught that for Charleston
  6. Men vs. Charleston

    How can you call a foul if there isn't a foul? Twice! A strip, then a block...
  7. Men vs. Charleston

    Okeke blocked that...
  8. Men vs. Charleston

    We just got screwed!!!
  9. Men vs. Charleston

    Haha, and it happens to be the next half. 3rd halves the charm, if that can possibly make sense.
  10. Men vs. Charleston

    Why did Spencer block the ball like that?
  11. Men's basketball Fri 6:30 PM

    I think he's just being realistic. That doesn't mean they haven't enjoyed the ride so far. Auburn has slowed a little down the stretch. I really think we could beat anybody though. Keep turnovers under 10 , shoot 40% from three, and 75%+ free throw. This seems to be the recipe for Auburn basketball domination.
  12. Men vs Alabama

    Anfernee was not going to shoot 8 out of 10 with 12 rebs in the 2nd half and shut down Collin Sexton. People just need to calm down.
  13. Men vs Alabama

    I'm okay with losing this game as long as Alabama doesn't win the SEC tournament and we retain our current 3 seed.
  14. Men vs Alabama

    Raise your hand if you wanted to play Alabama over A&M because of Auburn's size disadvantage if they played A&M.