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  1. Would Justin Fields not be worried about competition with Francois at FSU? This is just a guess, but I feel like Fields would be redshirted at FSU. At Auburn, I feel like he wouldn't. Anyone know anything about what coaches from either teams are saying to him?
  2. I don't know why, but I would like to see a home and home with Iowa. Definitely would love to see Auburn have a home and home with Stanford and Notre Dame.
  3. Oh okay... sorry I didn't see that it was Kearis Jackson. Damn, that actually touched a nerve. Ya'll got me hyped so much on Fields right now.
  4. Is there news that I'm not aware of?
  5. Don't say that...
  6. Honestly, I think sometimes I'm just jealous of other universities. Why can't we have a QB that starts as a freshman and succeeds? A QB that starts multiple years would be relieving for once. Maybe Fields can be that guy after Stidham.
  7. I just think the odds are way higher that he stays. It gets me that everyone is already worried about him leaving after this year. He needs to have one hell of a year for that to happen in my opinion.
  8. That's what I keep trying to tell everyone.
  9. Au is gold.
  10. . Auburn should hire me. I don't have a degree in graphic design, but I could do a job that actually wows people. This is ridiculous. Gus looks like he's trying to hold back a laugh.
  11. Those heisman odds are respectable. No reason except for injury to not excel on offense this year. Malzahn, Lindsey, and Borges have a top tier QB, two experienced RBs, a young but very talented wide reciever group, and a top 15 offensive line. All that to go along with a defense that should be even or better this year. Oh yeah, and the best kicker in the nation.
  12. I would say the expectations were exceedingly as high though. At running back we had Barber, Robinson, Thomas, and Johnson. I think every fan had their favorite and it seemed like at least one of them would have a big year. Do I need to bring up Jeremy Johnson? I could see Auburn going 10-2 in the regular season this year, but I could also see them going 7-5. 6-6 and 11-1 would be surprising. 5-7 and 12-0 would be very surprising.
  13. The last time we lived up to hype was 2006. We had two bad losses against Arkansas and Georgia though. Edit: We went 11-2.