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  1. Squidward2016

    Praise for Coach Malzahn

    The second block wasn’t from a guy jumping high up on the line, in which case what you’re saying would stand. The block was a guy coming from the side who got past our line. That’s just bad blocking by our ST
  2. Squidward2016

    Chip admits to calling all plays

    There are plenty of things gus has clearly done wrong as a coach and deserves criticism for. The Clemson game plan last year for one. The poor evaluation of JJ is another. The poor in game adjustments (this years Clemson game). The lack of QB depth the last two years. But I don't understand why we even look at the games last year when Sean and pettway (and many more starters, including cox and KJ during UGA) were injured and pretend that's an indictment on Gus's offense. When the majority of your starting lineup, including your only competent QB, is injured, the game is null. The only truly valid criticism then is of his QB recruiting. The vast majority of the frustration fans feel is not based on logic, it's based on frustration from the unfortunate injuries we had 2 years in a row. Blame gus for his faults, not for our bad luck. The only truly negative trend I've seen with him is his bad in game adjustments. His QB recruiting has improved. His ability to delegate has improved (there's no way gus called a game where he passed it 2x as much as ran it, plus the obvious defensive improvement). Last year, he delegated his offense to Rhett when he saw it wasn't working, and it turned out beautifully. That's a willingness and ability to change your ways. If Sean and pettway didn't get injured we would certainly have beaten UGA and could have beaten bama and gone to the SECCG. Even against OU we looked great until Sean broke his arm. Why do we judge the coaches so harshly for offensive "trends" that are obviously caused by injuries, not coaching?
  3. Squidward2016

    Can the offense turn it around?

    During the 6 game stretch last year, were there any specific statistical weaknesses of Sean White that we can look for Jarrett to improve on? At what point this season will we be able to fairly compare the two?
  4. Squidward2016

    Scrimmage 03/25/2017

    Don't know how much faith to put into this, but I'm a student, and from the ~10 freshman/sophomore players I've talked to(post scrimmage), they seem adamant that Sean is better than stidham. If nothing else, this means there's definitely still loyalty/chemistry to white
  5. Squidward2016

    Moving Forward

    Just how ridiculous was the QB rotation at Auburn this weekend? Every play charted: it's worse than you think great analysis from redditCFB. Someone needs to send this to Gus in case he doesn't see it himself when he watches the film
  6. Squidward2016

    2015 Forward: Big 5 opponent - New rival?

    Am I the only one who would kill for a series with Oregon? The whole nation would want to watch that offensive explosion