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  1. I am very interested to see how Chad and Gus work together. I definitely want to see the offense innovated and improved on. However, my far bigger concern is Offensive player development. We all know that LSU and Florida, at least, were EASILY winnable with the called plays if you subtract a few terrible picks and 25 yard sacks from Bo. Gus is not the best play caller, and his scheme has a few obvious deficiencies(I really can’t fathom an argument for utilizing TEs as little as Gus does) that I am avidly rooting for Chad to fix. But at the same time, if OL plays significantly better and Bo makes better decisions, then even maintaining the status quo playcalling/scheme wise will be enough to win 10+ games and be contenders. Now IDEALLY, we fuse the best concepts from Chad’s offense into Gus’s, Bo improves markedly, OL plays better, and Gus goes from decent-good to great at playcalling. Worst case is the offense gets worse because of the discombobulation of a feuding offensive staff. Unlikely IMO, but plausible.
  2. Exactly the problem with CFP. Somehow most years so far have been pretty easy decisions, but imagine if UGA, Utah, and Baylor won last week (not even mentioning the idea of Wisconsin winning). They’d have to pick among SEC champ UGA 12-1 LSU ACC champ Clemson B1G champ OSU PAC champ Utah B12 champ Baylor That’s a no-win situation, and even though we happen to have avoided disaster happening this year, there’s no doubt this 4 team playoff is gonna screw some teams over eventually (Penn State the year OSU got in over them and get slaughtered by Clemson comes to mind...)
  3. The default assumption should definitely be loyalty to Norvell. If he didn’t follow Norvell to be OC at a P5 school I’d be stunned. Obvious career move that means nothing against Gus/their relationship
  4. Small detail, but would like to see whoever is hired (chad) have the title Passing game coordinator along with OC/QBs/OL etc. Would show Gus is making an emphasis on expanding the passing game
  5. Looks like we might be getting a really quick turnaround on this one
  6. Again, we kept it in control the entire time (when they scored in the third to make it a one score game we responded with a 7+ minute TD drive IIRC), and if anything, we can be upset with our Defense letting up late. Again, it’s not like I’m trying to say Gus shouldn’t be fired ASAP. I just wanted to acknowledge that yes, that was a great game and we shouldn't take that from the staff or players.
  7. I am fully on the fire Gus train, but give credit where it’s due. We dominated Texas A&M at College Station; the score might not indicate it but they never had the ball with a chance to tie the game after the first quarter. Plenty to criticize Gus for but that was a beautifully called and executed game (that long 3rd quarter scoring drive and the Joey TD come to mind) and the staff and players deserve credit for that. Remember how worried we all were about facing Jimbo again this year? Definitely thought he would outcoach Gus.
  8. I never want to see a Briles near our program. I don't care for people letting what happened at Baylor just be forgotten and forgiving the men involved because they're good at scheming offense. For a coach to know about their players RAPING other students and not doing everything in their power to serve them justice is despicable, and I would find it hard to support our program with a guy like that on our staff
  9. No way we don’t take it to overtime with our defense. If we had scored 21 unanswered in the fourth then I’d definitely trust our team to win in OT
  10. I’m off the Gus bus, but I still don’t know if the scheme/playcalling is the problem like the prevailing narrative states. Ferguson has an article on the Athletic that shows how the shift in the 4th quarter’s success didn’t come from a change in play calls, but from the players (mainly bo) simply making more plays. We always complain about Gus not opening up the offense, etc but we passed a great deal more than ran yesterday. 62.5% of our first 3 quarters plays were passing, and 80% of the 4th. By my count, we threw SIX slants to Seth in the first half. We didn’t substitute much, we had our players spread out 4 wide the majority of the time, and we used quick passes to open up the run. I don’t know what Gus’s problem is, but it really doesn’t seem to be the same issues we’ve always complained about. (I’m still eager to fire him and get PJ or Matt Rhule though)
  11. PJ Fleck would be a dream come true. Not only is he an obviously good coach, he's a cool guy that can hopefully be the equivalent of Bruce for the Football program. Here he is showing up to a hockey practice and playing goalie with the team
  12. Yes, we knew one of them would likely transfer and that's just the nature of CFB right now. But this isn't like Fields, Jalen, Bryant, et al. Gus had a chance to use both this year and Joey could have been a valuable consistent player if not viable starter. This is solely on Gus and his poor roster management
  13. From what I got from the article, it seems they HAVE been funneling loud crowd noise in practice throughout the season, but UF was even worse than expected, so now they’re using new, unspecified techniques to prepare for it. Assuming that means new/different hand signals and the like
  14. Current forecast from the weather channel is Friday- 100% chance of rain with at least 1-2 inches expected and storms. Saturday- A steady rain in the morning, with showers continuing in the afternoon, chance of rain 60% with around a quarter of an inch expected. honestly the more rain the better. I wouldn’t mind seeing a torrential downpour like the Redskins game this weekend