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  1. PJ Fleck would be a dream come true. Not only is he an obviously good coach, he's a cool guy that can hopefully be the equivalent of Bruce for the Football program. Here he is showing up to a hockey practice and playing goalie with the team
  2. Yes, we knew one of them would likely transfer and that's just the nature of CFB right now. But this isn't like Fields, Jalen, Bryant, et al. Gus had a chance to use both this year and Joey could have been a valuable consistent player if not viable starter. This is solely on Gus and his poor roster management
  3. From what I got from the article, it seems they HAVE been funneling loud crowd noise in practice throughout the season, but UF was even worse than expected, so now they’re using new, unspecified techniques to prepare for it. Assuming that means new/different hand signals and the like
  4. Current forecast from the weather channel is Friday- 100% chance of rain with at least 1-2 inches expected and storms. Saturday- A steady rain in the morning, with showers continuing in the afternoon, chance of rain 60% with around a quarter of an inch expected. honestly the more rain the better. I wouldn’t mind seeing a torrential downpour like the Redskins game this weekend
  5. This is gonna be better than Arkansas 2016.
  6. I know this sounds out there, but what do you all think of making Magnolia/potentially Glenn one way around downtown? I’m not exactly sure where the one ways would start/stop, but I’d imagine magnolia could be one way westbound from around gay/Ross down to old row, and Glenn could be similar going east bound. I feel like tripling the number of lanes on magnolia would clear up a ton of the issues we have w traffic.
  7. This is the end all solution to conference realignment for the SEC: The roommate switch Bedrock rivalry games are played ANNUALLY. Rotate through the entire conference every TWO YEARS. Round-robin DIVISIONS are maintained each year (per NCAA rules for the SEC championship game). Each student/athlete gets to both HOST AND VISIT every other school in a four-year SEC career. All done in an 8-GAME schedule (or 9 if/when desired).
  8. So if the idea is they made a terrible offer they expected him not to take but he took it anyway, why wouldn't they just fix it now and allow him to hire whomever? He called their bluff; it would be silly to just go along with an agreement that harms both parties.
  9. How sure are we about the reported hamstrings on hiring assistants? I can't fathom why anyone involved (Leath, Harbert, or Greene) would intentionally sabotage Gus's chances at success next year. I feel like if Gus wants Freeze we'll pay for it
  10. "We're not here to SIMPLY assign blame." We have to assign blame to find a solution. I'm trying to actually understand the causes of our problems and the potential solutions instead of the easy way of looking at the end record and saying it's not good enough. I very clearly said all of the problems I mentioned were his fault, such as depth and development. Your response comes across as either disingenuous or as not having read my whole point. If you'd like to respond to any of the actual points I made or point out something I missed I'd be happy to discuss
  11. I'm not saying gus doesn't have problems. But we need to start being correct on what they actually are. Remember we beat a top 15 team for the season opener- this shows he has gotten better at preparing his team before the season rather than in October. Not perfect yet, but a clear improvement in this facet. LSU was a stolen fluke. We all know that without literally a single one of those phantom PI calls (or Jarrett's pick) we win the game and go into MSST undefeated and probably #5 or 6 in the country. MSST was a poor showing, but while a lot of things could be improved, the absolute biggest was this: 3 WIDE open deep receivers (sounds like good play calling and design to me) that our QB missed. A fumbled punt return. A fumbled touchdown by boobie. That on top of nick tearing through our defense. And had we beaten LSU, I bet our execution/fire would have been higher, but that's besides the point. Absolutely not on playcalling. Tennessee: Jarrett stidham throws 2 completely ridiculous interceptions that are on no one but him (yes the OL hurt him, but he had time to throw away and tried to force throws instead). Then he fumbles for a scoop and score- that fumble was understandable, but the picks were not. Our game plan that game was great and we had consistent throws downfield and utilization of our freshman talent. Our OL and QB lost us this game. So far, I challenge an intellectual argument for why any of these losses are on play calling, "meddling with chip", or any of the other recycled arguments we use against gus after every loss. No doubt he is at fault for the overall performance of the team as HC. But we are not here simply to assign blame, we're here to decide whether he is the man to fix it. Throughout gus's tenure he's had a lot of different mistakes. 2014 his defense collapsed so he hired the best DC in the game. Good on him. 2015 his star QB was a bust, he put in the freshman backup, and we actually improved significantly throughout the season before Sean got injured before UGA and it all went to crap again. 2016 same story. Started rolling and looked nearly elite before Sean, pettway, and Chandler all got injured before UGA and we had to play guess who, JJ andJF3 again. Without the injuries these two years we bead uga both times for sure and have a shot to beat Bama in 2016. This year's problems have a very clear underlying trend : Inexperienced OL play and underwhelming QB play. I get this sounds like constant excuses for gus. But these are legitimate reasons mostly outside his control that screwed us. His depth at certain offensive positions has been his most consistent problem, and that really seems like something that's fixable for a young coach.
  12. it all comes down to Jarrett performing IMO. Against uga we gave him a ton of chances to do what we thought he did best with 5 wide, short crossing patterns, easy screens, etc and he just didn't come through. If he can play with the fire and poise as he did at the end of the TAMU game we have a real shot
  13. I agree we generally run pretty similar plays regardless of the opponent. But I also see that A) at least against MSST, the plays we called were timed well and put the players in situations to succeed, and they didn't execute. (There are definitely games where it is entirely on play calling, ie lsu last year, both Clemson games, etc) B- Gus's philosophy has always been to focus on running a few plays at an elite level, as opposed to having a huge playbook. Believe me, as a huge nfl fan, of course I think it'd be cool to watch a team w an offensive playbook as diverse as Bruce Arians or Andy Reid. But I also know that Gus, when he DOES get his offense running how he wants it, can make a team perform at an elite level even without having those massive playbooks. In my opinion, the jury is still out on what works better long term- practicing the same plays until you're so good no one can stop you, or implementing a huge playbook and have the advantage of being able to adapt on the fly Gus has already defied traditional logic by showing you can beat elite defenses with a small playbook. He obviously does not know how to run practice to make the team ready week in and week out. But I don't know if I fault him for not completely changing the offensive strategy each week based on opponent: him adopting the same philosophy as Bruce Lee is not that ludicrous.
  14. This is just not true during the Mississippi State game. We had at least 2 perfect play designs/calls that would have been touchdowns if Jarrett could have executed. We had a touchdown on the ground that a player fumbled. We had a muffled punt return that gave state the only TD of the game aside from the last one. We had an extremely questionable call giving state a TD. I agree gus's play calling is often terrible, predictable, and loses games, but this week was not on the play calling. We actually gained a lot of yards in the second half, and we only had 21 rush attempts all game- that's the fewest ever by Gus, and it shows that they're adapting their philosophy to better fit the talent. I will say I think they should be throwing way more slants and easy routes to get Jarrett's confidence up, but other than that it is completely irrational to blame the state game on play calling. Note this is not taking the blame away from gus as a coach, as he should have better prepared the players to execute, but it is taking the blame away from his and Chips play calling.