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  1. Jamel Dean is gone, I think. 6'2" CBs don't grow on trees. Jarrett Stidham should either come back for one more year or transfer to a program where he can play another year. He's not ready. Bo Nix should seriously reconsider opening his recruiting.
  2. In one week there's a good chance Auburn teams have to face Tua Tagovailoa and Zion Williamson.
  3. Gus's recruiting strategy tends to be "get best player available multiple times." So if he fixates on WRs, we sign 7 of them.
  4. I see a future with Gus. It's just not a bright one.
  5. Maybe that's just how he handles stress. People banged on Jay Cutler for being loose and lax but he played hard. Just because he doesn't go Tom Brady on someone doesn't mean he cares less. Just means he handles his business differently. Brandon Marcello has been sowing that seed of a story about locker room problems but I'm not seeing it. They aren't coached well and aren't playing well. Happens.
  6. Same because neither plays on the offensive line nor "coordinates" the game plan.
  7. I wonder what academic have against him. All he's done is promise to add more to their ranks and coffers since he got there.
  8. But what's it based on? You can argue every team gets the benefit of or gets shaded by the referees? And every program does $100 handshakes and such for recruits. Even MTSU and UTSA do that stuff. It's not like they are harboring murderers down there. (Unlike what ever Urban Meyer was doing in Florida.)
  9. I know, right? I think that became the convenient excuse to declare Gus the winner because he was ready to get on a plane within the hour of being hired.
  10. There may not be a bigger piece of fake news than this conspiracy theory amongst our fan base.
  11. It's well-established that Jacobs wanted Gus and they remained close after Gus went to Arkansas. The committee was there like most of them are - to put a good face on it. Kirby Smart impressed everybody but they balked when he wanted to coach Bama through the national championship game. Made the decision to go with Malzahn easier.
  12. I'll bite. What do you base that on? Honestly curious...
  13. In Malzahn's offensive design certain player packages are set to run certain plays from certain formations. Always has been this way and I suppose it always will. People like to scoff at the 2016 Clemson game (the 3 QB rotational attack plan) as the dumbest thing in the history of ever but that plan was built on the above principle. Almost worked, too. Imagine what the season would have looked like if it had! Malzahn got negative reinforcement with the win over Washington that this plan for this season was good. It clearly wasn't. And, as we all know by now, there is no backup plan.