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  1. I just saw her handshake with the Fla coach. Is there going to be repercussions from this?
  2. I still think we make the tourney next year. With that said. I extremely disappointed in both the coaching and the players efforts. Granted we are young but at this point in the year that's inexcusable. I am at a loss as to why coach Pearl has not been able to install a defensive mindset as of yet. The players have to realize they are getting beat by far less talented teams and that there is!a reason for it. Question is, do they care enough to fix it.
  3. Look at the bright spot, we don't have to stay up late again tomorrow night
  4. Nit is a no go.
  5. That just cost us the NIT
  6. That was a hell of a flop on that foul
  7. What it says is I have no faith in White. And while I'll support the team and root for them if he wins the battle so be it. But If he wins it my gut says we are looking for a new coach next year. If you think any one on this board doesn't want the best player playing, we'll that says a lot about you too.
  8. I don't believe Queen will even be a player in this equation. I'm not going to lie. With all the hype on Stidham and my hopes riding with his potential, if White is announced the starter I'm gonna say lots of bad words and either drop kick something or throw something. I'm gona be a kid just because I can. I'll get over it and try not to fuss, but I will not be happy about it.
  9. I'm gona pick out a positive. Maybe he is our best offensive coach and they are putting him where we need him the most. Because, at this point in their careers, our tight ends don't hsve a frigging clue what to do if a pass might by chance be thrown there way. And If coach Lindsey is actually going to emphasize the position, we'll we have a lot of ground to make up.
  10. Does he get a contract extension to the year 2060???
  11. I truly believe next year we contend as a top 25 team and defense is more than drilled into them over the off season.
  12. I'm accepting the blame for this loss. I have to stop watching basketball games. This will probably knock us out of the tourney.
  13. That sucked and wow
  14. I don't even wanna know. But an interesting stat would be how much we have been outscored in the 2nd half in sec play.
  15. It will be nice to see a different 2nd half played this time around.