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  1. I played softball in Montgomery and we finished up just in time to watch the game. I gave the kids a treat and took them to Toomers. I had to chunk 1.
  2. maybe some of our recruiters need a class on knowing when to shut up and let what's gonna be be . I've had a deal sealed before and yet I kept running my mouth..
  3. I dont know why, but pre season I thought Purifoy might be that guy.
  4. I thought we moved the ball well earlier in the season. lol way earlier.
  5. The only word that comes to mind is "OUCH" well actually a lot of words come to mind but none worth repeating.
  6. As down as I am on the Gus bus and ready for a change even when I consider the basketball team to be underachieving this year I have nothing but love for Bruce. I hope we are the last job he ever has. just think, our 2nd best year in recent history and we grumble... Bruce has put us in a different place.
  7. we have an offensive line??? sometimes lol it doesn't feel like it.
  8. I know this one guy..........
  9. My gut said he wasnt coming. Especially this morning when he moved times and location. to many red flags for me.