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  1. 10 4... thank you sir.
  2. I kinda thought that even though we may have not pulled an offer in the past, a certain player or 2 might have been encouraged to look else where.
  3. a stupid question I know. if he commits, does one of our other guard commits lose their offer?
  4. I think in a previous discussion the words non commitable offer was discussed. this may be a prime example. until Fields decides... White is in limbo.
  5. no rumors here on the other hand, I have been reading JS is actively 'recruiting for us, spending time in the film room, becoming a team leader and so forth. by actions alone if they were of equal talent I know who I want my QB to be. as far as WB goes please let him transfer to someone we play.
  6. I see nothing but dog prints all over that article.
  7. I at least like the feeling I get that Fields will not be going to ga.
  8. the National championship game...
  9. well if he needed an excuse not to come. his heart wouldn't be here if he did come.
  10. why didn't Jackson make the trip???
  11. did his sister receive an offer from us?
  12. lol yes. don't confuse Madison academy with Madison county.
  13. better back: Cook or Pierce?
  14. iff. and I'm sure a big iff.. although not totally farfetched at all. In fact very possible. Auburn were to sign all three players mentioned. Monday, Fields and Jacson. We will see proposed legislation to not allow Cam Newton to coach 7 on 7 teams. and yes I know. Im just rambling. I'm excited.