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  1. someone made him say it and possibly wrote it for him. at least this is my guess.
  2. My gut told me somebody was going to leave but my brain told me it would be 1 of the transfers, who would decide it was going to be tough to find the amount of playing time he wanted
  3. is the OTHER drama involving team mates or somewhere else?
  4. based on this alone, I just put in a bet on auburn to win it all next year. with excellent odds to boot.
  5. we knew at some point, they were gonna come callin.
  6. I did, thank you as always for keeping me updated, but until we get him inked, I have an uneasy feeling.
  7. it bothers me more that at the present time we will not have a point than it does him actually leaving.
  8. I think, all things considered, Pearl did a heck of a job. our pg situation was a tough spot to overcome. If you could play any one of Cooper, Powell or even Turbo in the games we didn't have a point, we would have finished over 500. And yes we were very young. I think Pearl used the whole season as a instructional building block looking towards the future. I also believe 100% it is harder to stay focused when you have nothing to play for, especially with the younger guys. I am not dissatisfied at all, with the exception of losing Powell. I am very much looking forward to next year
  9. If it is for health reasons and getting closer to home I wish him the best. I hope he never gets another concussions and is able to function without any ill effects. If it is for the bs tampering, I hope that he and the other team as a whole, fail miserably.
  10. are all of these offers commitable?
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