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  1. Sadness is when you pick Oklahoma in ESPN streak for cash.
  2. If North Carolina doesn't want him I still want him
  3. If we Make it that far. Oklahoma will be a tough out
  4. Some reason as I read this my brain went to the "waterboy" voice from the movie.
  5. Golf in all my years of perfecting my pervertiveness.... I still wasn't prepared for that. Ellitor... you were correct!!!
  6. Now I wanna see it.
  7. I was on the bowling team at Auburn. Lol does that qualify me as a players? Probably not.... Anyways. I'm the only person I know who received a standing ovation for showing up to class. Unfortunately my faculty advisor taught the class.
  8. I definitely don't consider us one of the elite programs in the sport.
  9. I'm not so sure woody was gonna make a good back up to the back ups..
  10. I actually think he has did one he'll of a job. This is our best team in how many years?
  11. I read several good posts above and a few that were almost laughable. I'll just say I feel 1000% better about our qb situation this year as compared to last.
  12. Momma. You rock!!!
  13. 30 years later when I see my High School coaches I still address them as coach
  14. This game is no doubt wearing down fans on both sides. Im going to bed. Hopefully they don't have to cut the lights off at midnite.
  15. Thank you