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  1. I'm getting off track do forgive. I'm so fed up with Gus that I've just about quit watching Auburn football and I realize out players deserve more from me as a fan. if everyone had my attitude the stadium would be half full. With that said my question..... I read that our AD might be considering leaving. How could or will that factor into the decision of buying him out? And does anyone have any Intel that he is gonna stay?
  2. my question is, hypothetically speaking, will Toomers corner get rolled if Gus gets fired?
  3. is there anyone on here who watched the game that could actually explain from watching what the offensive game plan was?
  4. Momma, you have tremendous backbone. Your sons should be (and I'm sure they are ) just as proud of you as you are of them. I would never survive a message board if one of my kids played. The negativity towards my offspring would get under my skin. I would get booted quick.
  5. since he is going to play in the developmental league this year and not sign till next year witll he have 2 years worth of rookie cards? and if so will that make this years more or less valuable?
  6. has he Ever not gone conservative with a generous lead?
  7. expand please. my first thought was the lb.. But I honestly wasnt paying that much attention just for the fact of who we were playing.
  8. If you criticize the coach then you obviously dont love Auburn. Never mind the fact that your just wishing for something better for the Tigers .Nor should you be allowed to Express your feelings unless it supports sunshine. if I had to guess those who show and Express their passionate feelings probably love Auburn just as much if not more than those who don't.
  9. this wins best post of the year award. you just summed up the Gus era in one quick statement.
  10. no mam.. it isnt all good. but I truly admire your ability to stay silent with your thoughts. I would be voicing my displeasure to everyone.
  11. on another note, hadn't he publicly stated he was gonna play fast again this year?
  12. the only bad I see in all this is that your explanation which you explained so well makes Gus look like a genius.