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  1. lutzcammed

    SEC Baseball Tourney thread

    dang. I could of made it. not a hint of rain here in Huntsville.
  2. lutzcammed

    Softball vs. florida state

    and that hurt.....
  3. lutzcammed

    softball vs Kennesaw State

    yay... and thanks for the updates
  4. lutzcammed

    softball vs Kennesaw State

    fingers crossed... Will check back in here in a few.
  5. lutzcammed

    softball vs Kennesaw State

    are we getting any good wood on the ball or is their pitcher owning us?
  6. lutzcammed

    softball vs Kennesaw State

    any updates?
  7. lutzcammed

    Harold Joiner sets sights on Heisman

    Just reading above I don't think Derek Henry's running style and Harold Joiner's running style even remotely compare.
  8. I think rivals has him As a 4 star.
  9. what time........... just kidding
  10. lutzcammed

    Heron declares for NBA draft, hires agent

    This may sound like I'm rambling. Sorry. He is good at every thing he does on the court. But, he isn't great at any of it. when I think of 5 star I think of some one like Sexton who has the most obvious talent to make it at the next level. He will not get drafted and I'm pretty sure he knows it. But this is still a business decision for him and he will get paid somewhere and likely a good salary at that. I can't say I blame him or fault him. As some of you have said, it was never in his plans to stay 3 years. I commend him for everything he has did for Auburn university. He was our first five star recruit. He has helped changed the landscape of our program. He will hopefully be the first of a long line of players who choose to leave early. While we want all of our quality players to stay 4 years we also want to be one of those programs who are so good that we always have to worry about who is gonna leave next. With or without Heron next year we are going to be a very talented team. Even if Wiley leaves, we will have talent and lots of it. I wish Heron the best. thank you for your time and effort sir.
  11. lutzcammed

    Way Too Early Top 25

    I don' ever want to be under the radar again.
  12. lutzcammed

    If we share the title

    I would not call any of these articles I pulled up as facts but I would definitely say they show a president who is not happy with his coach . The fact that our wonderful president would speak out publicly against their coach dumbfounds me. that is something even if he is unhappy with them that you should keep internal. By him bringing it up in public just makes me feel like pearls on a fine line. I most certainly hope I'm wrong
  13. lutzcammed

    If we share the title

    the way Leath.. is acting, I think it' s a very distinct posibility.