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  1. what are the chances we don't sign our last open spot and roll it over to next year?
  2. I'm falling behind yet again. I thought he was coming in to increase his possibilities of a post college career not including playing. and even though I suspected a position change I thought he was still gonna start as a qb.
  3. With 4 freshman, it baffles me that we would sign 2 more. I'm sure they have a plan, lol I just don't understand it.
  4. some guy they said could shoot some hoops.
  5. I'm lost. does he project as an OT after playing corner?
  6. That makes me feel bad for state.
  7. After what she said, I would hit the portal too. The team would be void of sophomores.
  8. lol aluminum bats went out a few years ago.
  9. I think the thing to do will be to shut the tourney down. they gotta follow everybody else. talk about a void in my life, I haven't really thought about how much time i spend watching sports until i set here and think about a lack of any sport to watch.
  10. I get no thrills from starting a thread so I'm asking here and totally off the subject but has Wiley started showing up on any draft boards?
  11. if we get him, is he going to bring anyone else with him?