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  1. I'm working outside unfortunately and dont have much time to internet surf. what # rated recruit is he for the state of Alabama.
  2. lol you just answered my question as I was coming here to find out this exact thing.
  3. I think I would much rather have Steiner...
  4. I hate our chances when the 3 teams we are up against are Bama, Clemson and Ga... it's a difficult pull....
  5. I really am not looking forward to our guys having to face Kumar on any games of importance for the next two years. I think when the time comes he will put up a good case for being selected #1 in the draft.
  6. And that very well would have probably been the worst thing that would have ever happened in my lifetime of being an Auburn fan. Mind you I'm not including the losses of life which have hit the Auburn family so hard.
  7. what percentage of these appeals work? I'm guessing really low.
  8. I've become such a Basketball homer and Bruce fan that it shocks me when a player decomits. I totally expect it in football especially 2 years out but in the world of Bruce I want everybody to want to come play for him. I see it though and were I the kid I wouldn't want to be committed at this point in the process.
  9. what's worse that was probably Auburn message boards.
  10. bird can he play LB with a speed of 4 9?or will he most surely get moved?
  11. both teams had some fight in them. I just breathed deeply...