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  1. I wonder when we start seeing decomittes.
  2. at this point I can see our coaches board looking something like this: player A: 2 star OL. take player B: 3 star LB. take player C 3 star DB. take player D juco 2 star DL take player E: juco no rating. take athelete Player F: juco no rating. take athelete Player G: cheerleader transfer take athelete
  3. the problem with that, we are no longer a top tier program, we more resemble a laughingstock.
  4. his talent would have been wasted anyhow. I really wanted him for the basketball team.
  5. I don't want to hear anything he has to say
  6. if i were Britt, I would opt out and start preparing for the NFL draft.
  7. just to clarify, did Gus ride the bus or fly home???
  8. how about asking "gus, do you know any good real estate agents?"
  9. maybe the media should just boycott the presser..... tell him nobody wants to hear his crap anymore.
  10. It's not that we don't want him to succeed, we do. He has however, for the most part, besides flashes of success, managed to tread just above the line that continues to keep him employed at Auburn University. It almost appears that in order to replace him, he is going to have to become a colossal failure. After 8 years, its not gonna change. As much as I love Auburn, and will continue to do so, for things to improve , he has to go. He has completely lost my support. i refuse to even entertain the thought of attending a game. I don't even watch on TV anymore. yes, I know the next c
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