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  1. yes I'm wondering price. if we make to the ship I'll come down on monday.
  2. I gotta send out props to Brown for not forcing up impossible 3's and taking what the defense gave him. I would have loved to see a little more of that in his game all year.
  3. didn't bore you did it? fall asleep in overtime maybe? lol I'm thinking my better half thought she was gonna have to carry me to the hospital.
  4. I think they said Arizona did it back in the day
  5. I am reduced to tears. The last time I did this was setting in the stands watching the end of the Oregon game. The guys battled from beginning to end and i am soooooooo glad Okeke made it.
  6. maybe nervous is a bad choice of words. it's that feeling I get in my gut when I know we can compete and I know we have a chance to win. I get the same feeling when I am competing in some of my larger softball tournaments and we get very near the finals and the level of competition has risen.
  7. I hope no one else is in my shoes. its 9 AM and I cant get the game out of my head. I'm basically all over the internet looking for aricles to read on Auburn basketball. I can't seem to focus on my normal day to day activities. As a matter of fact I really want to blow them all off and start prepping for the game. I'm not sure I've ever been this nervous about a basketball game especially an Auburn basketball game. I wish it was game time now.....
  8. I played softball in Montgomery and we finished up just in time to watch the game. I gave the kids a treat and took them to Toomers. I had to chunk 1.
  9. maybe some of our recruiters need a class on knowing when to shut up and let what's gonna be be . I've had a deal sealed before and yet I kept running my mouth..