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  1. your totally right. I obviously didn't know that either. Both coaches could probably get their dream job were it to come open, although they are both probably very happy where they are.
  2. did I hear correctly that the Duke program has only been in existence for 6 years. That is a tremendous job by the Head Coach.
  3. I have thought through this whole process that it was all about the money But then again, I am getting that feeling more and more often.
  4. well got to admit, chances are good, he was right... I'm headed to Knoxville next month to play softball. Maybe I can buy a celebratory beer in honor of his guruness.
  5. after watching that, Chance can definitely handle the ball.
  6. I have not watched any film on Westry. If he were pressed into service like Flan was 2 years ago, can he handle the ball like a true point guard? and on another note, I can see Traore passing Jaylin at some point.
  7. If for some reason Phillips doesn't work out, who else are we still communicating with as a back up plan?
  8. am I wrong in saying Oscar needs to expand his game and develope away from the rim in order to be a first rounder?
  9. I would take Sears over Sills all day long.
  10. Last year, did we get most of our transfers shortly after the season, or did it run into the summer before we settled on the current roster?
  11. Unfortunately, I would say its pretty accurate. We are not playing at our best as of late.
  12. My gut tells me he will not change.
  13. conspiracy theory He went to the coaches meeting but was asked to stay in Auburn and meet with the board. He has now broken the new rule and can be fired with cause.
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