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  1. Former Auburn Assistant Clarisse Garcia hired as Head Coach at Charleston Southern.
  2. We will see who she hires. I'd expect a lot of movement on the head coaching open jobs that remain and assistant jobs that are open this week, Women's basketball has a recruiting shutdown from today until 5/10.
  3. I'm interested to see where former Auburn women's player Charlene Thomas-Swinson ends up. She has been an LSU assistant since 2015. I believe she's married to former Auburn player Aaron Swinson, who was an assistant women's coach at Northwestern State in 2018-2020, but took a job at Hofstra for 2020-2021.
  4. Hearing that it's going to be official tomorrow. Huge hire for the corndogs.
  5. So apparently Nikki Fargas has resigned from LSU: https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/sports/lsu/article_e9524f3e-7c40-11eb-b43c-a765c48450cd.html Glad she waited until we hired our coach before resigning. Also hearing that Samantha Williams is in line for the open UT assistant coach position. She's someone I hope Auburn at least interviewed.
  6. So of the five Power 5 jobs that opened, three were filled by head coaches from mid major programs (Wisconsin/Mosely, Washington/Langley, and Oklahoma/Baranczyk) and the other two were filled by long time assistant coaches from what I'd call elite type teams (Auburn/Harris and Vanderbilt/Ralph). Of all the non-Auburn hires, I know the most about Baranczyk, who was head coach at Drake before taking the OU job. Good hire for Vandy, too, I think. Shea Ralph had been at UCONN for 13 years as an assistant. Will be interesting to see how they all pan out. And what dominoes fall now that
  7. I’ll add that my favorite assistant under Coach Flo was Coach Walters, who left Auburn 2 years ago to go to Bama and is now at UNC.
  8. I like her. Like you said, excellent recruiter. I know the interactions she’s had with my daughter have been positive. Both elite camps my daughter attended, Coach Garcia really went out of her way to say hi to my daughter. My daughter had begun sending/texting her game film around December, but I think coach Garcia knew the writing was on the wall, honestly. I can also see the value in a clean slate. I just know with the transfers we had last year, we need a really good recruiter (really three really good recruiters). I didn’t realize the sheer volume of turnover/movement i
  9. What are your thoughts about holding onto Coach Garcia?
  10. https://wbbblog.com/womens-basketball-transfers-fall-2020-summer-2021/
  11. Will really be interesting to see how the portal and the extra year impacts recruiting for the classes of 2022 and 2023. It's already significantly impacted 2021. Only player I've seen leaving is Patton, you know of any others?
  12. https://auburntigers.com/news/2021/4/3/johnnie-harris-named-auburn-womens-basketball-head-coach.aspx Johnnie Harris named Auburn Women's Basketball Head Coach AUBURN, Ala.—Johnnie Harris, a long-time Southeastern Conference assistant and 2018 WBCA National Assistant Coach of the Year, has been named the Auburn women's head basketball coach, Director of Athletics Allen Greene announced Saturday. Harris, who spent 16 years combined at Arkansas, Texas A&M and Mississippi State, spent the last season as the Associate Head Coach at the University of Texas. Ha
  13. I do, too. And I'd love Coach Williams - she was one of the first three or four I'd call if I were AG - I'm not sure I buy her coming back as an assistant.
  14. https://theballout.com/2021/03/ncaaw-coaching-hires-rumors-firings-transfers/
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