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  1. "Yeah. There has been rumblings behind the scenes that AU has made up ground. Not sure yet if true or not. Regardless. Thanks for sharing! I hope so! I want this young man!
  2. "Which is all hype, I along with Brian Billick, feel the say way. Tide players get their value while at bama. Brian Billick says that Saban players used up by the time they get to the nfl. And that comment came from a Super Bowl head coach." Saban is a snake.....but come on man. Julio, Eddie Lacy, James Carpenter, Mark Barron, etc etc etc are all doing pretty dang good right now.
  3. Is it possible drake leaves bama after this season too? That means 2 of their top 3 are gone, opening up a lot of playing time. Maybe that's what he's thinking?
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