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  1. Hot Seat Coaches

    Does Brohm own a motorcycle and like blondes?
  2. More on Corey Myers

    The only bearing it has for us is the underscoring of Clint's dedication to his family and a demonstrated disregard to rules of the institution paying his salary and disdain for the NCAA and any other organization that would dare question his authority and/or the perfection of his family. Other than that, I agree with you.
  3. Filling in for Stat

    Absolutely priceless!
  4. I think we have reached a point where the NCAA on rules interpretation is kinda like the SEC Officials on video replays. It kinda depends on who is playing who, not the actual facts!
  5. Texas A&M vs Arkansas

    The SEC has been consistent for years with "P" poor officiating!
  6. Great addition to the staff. Just a note, he has never played football with Cam. We talking a baseball man! Qualifies as a BOOM!
  7. Let's not forget our OL coach.....

    But Geez people, he has appeared on celebrity cooking shows and feeds the press and guys from time to time. Quite the impresario on the BBQ Grill and laying in the menu. Oh, that's not what we are paying big bucks for? But, he and Gus are such a team. After all, they were together at Tulsa and we all know what a powerhouse they were. Tongue planted firmly in cheek!
  8. Al Del Greco on WJOX

    Been just sitting here reading the manure that's being slung around wondering if anybody had paid attention to the actual title of this thread! LOL
  9. ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    Not taking any sides in the finger pointing that is present here, just observing that I would be very hesitant to quote anybody from ESPN on anything given their crucifixion of Auburn in the Cam debacle and so many other misstatements designed to make fake news long before recent politics! I have no doubt that when the dust clears and the lynch mobs gathering on both sides settle down, we will ultimately know the truth! War Eagle, let's get ready for some football!!!!
  10. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    Best wishes young man. Keep that Auburn Degree clean because that is your future! Thanks for your efforts.
  11. Great News - OT

    LhKC, God is good all the time, and all the time God is good! As a fellow survivor coming up on year 5 celebration, I understand the feelings involved. I know that your family is taking a long deep breath and looking forward to Thanksgiving together this year. God Bless you, Bro!
  12. fall camp position breakdown: Wide receivers

    Lots of potential to anticipate and salivate over! Crepehead's future limited till he goes back where he sprouted from, 'The Ohio State Asylum'. He is and always will be a royal jackass!
  13. Tide coach trying to revoke scholarships

    Just when I was beginning to like having him around. Oh well, maybe they will bet another loser!
  14. Hey, Old Man!

    Happy Birthday to all you young whippersnappers! Try to stay out of trouble this weekend and weather aware!
  15. ESPN on air personalities take another hit

    Been there, done that, ain't fun. Having said that, I always watched ESPN for "sports reporting". When they started trying to do investigative reporting, got into politics, chasing rabbits to fill time brackets, and moved away from what made them welcome in the American home, they lost me. Got too big for their britches and like many of us at various times in our life, have had to pay the piper.