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  1. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    Best wishes young man. Keep that Auburn Degree clean because that is your future! Thanks for your efforts.
  2. Great News - OT

    LhKC, God is good all the time, and all the time God is good! As a fellow survivor coming up on year 5 celebration, I understand the feelings involved. I know that your family is taking a long deep breath and looking forward to Thanksgiving together this year. God Bless you, Bro!
  3. fall camp position breakdown: Wide receivers

    Lots of potential to anticipate and salivate over! Crepehead's future limited till he goes back where he sprouted from, 'The Ohio State Asylum'. He is and always will be a royal jackass!
  4. Tide coach trying to revoke scholarships

    Just when I was beginning to like having him around. Oh well, maybe they will bet another loser!
  5. Hey, Old Man!

    Happy Birthday to all you young whippersnappers! Try to stay out of trouble this weekend and weather aware!
  6. ESPN on air personalities take another hit

    Been there, done that, ain't fun. Having said that, I always watched ESPN for "sports reporting". When they started trying to do investigative reporting, got into politics, chasing rabbits to fill time brackets, and moved away from what made them welcome in the American home, they lost me. Got too big for their britches and like many of us at various times in our life, have had to pay the piper.
  7. Unfortunately, this is just an extension of a trend that started some years back. There are good laws and bad laws, but until they are amended or done away with, they are the law of the Municipality, County, State, etc. If we don't like it, we can work to change a law, however, until changed, if we violate we pay the price. I don't like to drive the speed limit, but I accept the fact that if I am rolling down the road and an officer drops the blue light on me I will pay a fine. We do not get to pick which laws we will obey without consequences. Doesn't have anything to do with College Athletics, it has to do with the laws in place and until recent years we have been a nation of law. I sincerely hope that others will step up and take the lead in turning this team around and pull them together. They have several good players and still have an opportunity to get into the post season. Let's focus on those who care and want to represent Auburn by cheering the Team forward. WDE & IGTBAAT
  8. OT: Prayers needed

    Praying for the peace that passeth all understanding for your Mom, you and all the family in this time.
  9. Thanks for the Auburn Football Memories

    May God continue to watch your steps and guide your path! War Eagle, Doc.
  10. I assume anytime involves Turdtown it is taken seriously!
  11. Dye-Gest: Spring Goals

    With all of his shortcomings, and like the rest of us he has his share, Coach Dye is still a Hall of Fame Coach. A lot have come and a lot have gone and not been selected for the Hall. While I certainly don't want him meddling in the area today, a certain amount of respect is due him, so let him write his articles and offer his opinions on sport talk shows. He has that right and he got it the hard way, he earned it! WDE
  12. All Things Sean White (Merged)

    Without all the verbiage displayed above, if anyone but Stidham is named starter, it would just tell me that Gus and his now departed son just wasted another scholly. I will be behind whomever is chosen and be screamin' WDE.
  13. OT: Twitter Help

    Shameless, nah. Absolutely correct, though! WDE
  14. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    Crepehead was brought to Alabama by the Montgomery Advertiser to replace Jay Tate. He is a graduate of "The Ohio State". This alone should give y'all a clue. JG/s old blog "The HABOTN" (Hottest Auburn Blog on the Net) was kept running for a bit by an innocent youngster, then when the Crepehead came on the scene he was a jackass and the members of the blog pretty much destroyed his credibility and welcome in the Advertiser coverage area. We couldn't stand the pompous b__turd. He hates the SEC, he hates Auburn more and the feeling is mutual. I was one of those members, and the hardcore members of the old blog have congregated in a new place. Maybe that will give you a little insight to this pompous Yankee.
  15. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    I think Rhett knew the handwriting was on the wall when he got locked out of the Diet Coke frig!