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  1. Great stuff, as usual, ST!!!!
  2. Just look at his self portrait that appears by his chosen name. Nuff said.
  3. All it takes to keep Golf happy is a case of PBR!!! 😁
  4. Praying on our hill in Deatsville, Bird!
  5. All you have to know is 'SEC Officiating"
  6. warhogone


    72, I am with you brother! They are the best, and you are also correct young man when you say God is Good! Following your journey as you have walked this path that I, along with others, have trod, there is one common thread throughout. That thread is, "God is Good!" You, my unknown friend, along with countless others, are indeed blessed. We have a responsibility to do as you are doing and spread the Word! No matter what the future holds, hang in there, giving God the Glory!
  7. When I found out that the recently departed Leath (who not only makes coaches millionaires, but also himself) is responsible for the New one, I quickly became a Traditionalist!
  8. When the coaching hire was made I was frankly surprised, but willing to take a wait and see. Now, I am beginning to have my doubts. I was raised on fastpitch softball and baseball. Played both and also officiated both. Don't claim to be an expert, but as an old geezer am a pretty good judge of coaching. I think this man is a good man, but, not sure he was ready for prime time and/or not equipped to help a hurting team heal and restore trust in coaching.
  9. Does anyone on this board think that Gus really could spot the next Tua or great one?
  10. Stay with the story and you will realize that Bowman is small potatoes. This case has been keeping the FBI busy for some time ..
  11. Dabo beat Shrimpo with a Freshman QB??? But, our resident nosepicker says it can't be done! Okay Gus, it's time to wake up. You are not in Fayetteville anymore, Frank Broyles is no longer there, it is not 1964, it is the 21st Century! Wake up and smell the Frosh Roses! (sp intentional) Welcome to Dabo's world, learn or lose!!!! Auburn is more than ready to holler Go Bo in 2019!
  12. "Smart = Richt2". I think not. The leg humper is nowhere near as good as Richt, nor as classy. Gawgia called for the wrong Tahd expatriot!
  13. I still find it laughable that either of those two clowns actually get paid for what they call reporting! They both have a track record of throwing stuff against the wall to see if any of it sticks. I cannot stand Slimebomb, but back in the day before he decided to become the SEC version of Jaws, he was an equal opportunity investigative reporter who dotted his i's and crossed his t's. The two clowns are shortcut takers of the nth degree!
  14. Given your number of posts, I will forgive you for not knowing. Would be good move to check some background before you leap. Just friendly advice. Around here there are barracudas in the water!
  15. I agree wholeheartedly! However, it is hard to grow a tree out of a tumbling tumbleweed! Just sayin'.