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  1. warhogone

    Official New Hires Thread

    Given your number of posts, I will forgive you for not knowing. Would be good move to check some background before you leap. Just friendly advice. Around here there are barracudas in the water!
  2. warhogone

    Gus' coaching tree

    I agree wholeheartedly! However, it is hard to grow a tree out of a tumbling tumbleweed! Just sayin'.
  3. warhogone

    Simple Solution?

    I agree with Mikey and LIGER. Under normal circumstances, if your coaches are good at evaluating and developing players, I would agree with Mikey. On the other hand, since all we can observe is game day, at this juncture of the season, I would have to also agree with LIGER because we have a large enough gameday sample to discuss and dissect what our staff doesn't seem to be able to do. WDE
  4. warhogone

    Data on how predictable we are on Offense...

    Having observed Gus on multiple occasions seeming to go off at somebody on the Headset, I would not be at all surprised to find out that Gus discovered that Chip was deviating from the Divine Call he wanted and caused that situation to happen! It would be in keeping with his "I Am the Most Wonderful Play Calling Head Coach in the World" mentality.
  5. warhogone

    Arkansas Game Report Card

    I am not sure we need to be dogging our returned offensive line coach since he has replaced the truly offensive 'hamburger king', and is now trying to undo some things that were either taught, or allowed by Gus's old friend. I am willing to take a wait and see attitude for the time being. As for Stidham, I am beginning to think that the curtain has been pulled back and the wicked wizard is allowing us to see why he really transferred. His nervous eyes and happy feet seem to point to someone who is in over his head.
  6. warhogone

    New NCAA rule regarding draft

    Agreed, don't think there is any doubt whatsoever!
  7. Old Umpire here, LOL. The rule book definition of the strike zone never has changed, however, MLB altered and lowered the top considerably on the field. The excuse being that they are entertainment and do not want to endanger multimillion dollar 'athletes' any more than necessary. Unfortunately, because of the onfield actions of MLB officials, the same movement manifests itself all the way through college, to High School, and down to all age groups. This is unfortunate in my view, but then I am an old man who has been actively involved with the sport in one capacity or another since I was 8 years old and am now 72. Where has baseball gone. War Damn Eagle!
  8. warhogone

    walk-on wide receiver arrested

    The Creephead is an Ohio State Grad! His first Alabama job was at the Montgomery Choke and Puke as Sports Editor and he took over Jay's responsibility with the old Blog that Jay had going known as the HABOTN (Hottest Auburn Blog on The Net). Those familiar with the situation know that there were limitations, and when the Creephead whizzed all over the members of that Blog with his Northern Aristocracy bull, we pooped all over his birthday cake. As a result, he didn't last very long because readership is key. Unfortunately, he didn't run home to Mommy, he went to Birmingham where his type of arrogance is firmly planted in the Finebaum Poop. And the rest, as they say, is history! He ain't never been, nor will he ever be a real sports writer. People of his ilk set themselves up to be manhandled by Coaches because they do not have the intelligence to know when to shut up. Y'all have a great day. Oh yeah, Creephead if you are reading this, just know you will never be as good a poop shoveler as Slimebaum!
  9. warhogone

    State of baseball team

    As an over the hill official, officiating in the SEC is one of my pet peeves. As a matter of fact, one of the biggest cut I can lay on any official I observe in any sport is that they make SEC officials look great! If you refuse to, or are not able to move to get into position to make the right call, get out of the profession! There is no excuse to continuously be caught out of position at any level.
  10. warhogone

    phone issues?

    When it said "Old Server" it was referring to AUGolf!
  11. warhogone

    Please pray

    Prayers ongoing! May He grant peace and healing to all involved.
  12. warhogone

    Brian Van Gorder to Louisville

    If two coaches ever deserved each other, these two would be in the running for the honor!
  13. warhogone

    Scarbinsky leaving

    I remember a time when another geek called Slimebaum was wreaking havoc with everybody and doing his homework and background snooping. Those days are long gone. Scarb has been more like the old Finebaum than the Slimey one!
  14. warhogone

    Prayers please

    Lifting all involved from James, thru family, and including medical team. God is good! May he give each of you the peace that passeth all understanding, and healing for James.
  15. warhogone

    Malik Willis back at work

    Our head millionaire won't even consider letting a backup do mop up. Any wonder why we don't have offensive depth in the backfield. Think he might be afraid that we would discover that he's not very good at developing or identifying talent. Definitely would not have the stones to do what the hated midget did last night in second half. WDE