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  1. Please pray

    Prayers ongoing! May He grant peace and healing to all involved.
  2. Brian Van Gorder to Louisville

    If two coaches ever deserved each other, these two would be in the running for the honor!
  3. Scarbinsky leaving

    I remember a time when another geek called Slimebaum was wreaking havoc with everybody and doing his homework and background snooping. Those days are long gone. Scarb has been more like the old Finebaum than the Slimey one!
  4. Prayers please

    Lifting all involved from James, thru family, and including medical team. God is good! May he give each of you the peace that passeth all understanding, and healing for James.
  5. Malik Willis back at work

    Our head millionaire won't even consider letting a backup do mop up. Any wonder why we don't have offensive depth in the backfield. Think he might be afraid that we would discover that he's not very good at developing or identifying talent. Definitely would not have the stones to do what the hated midget did last night in second half. WDE
  6. New AD

    a4ever, looks like a lot of silence on this subject. Evidently some of our insiders ain't as inside as they thought or the new regime has better security! LOL
  7. SEC SEC SEC!!!

    It appears to me that the SEC is playing down to the abilities of the officiating crews. Most that I have seen are so bad they make our SEC officials look good!
  8. Merry Christmas!!!

    "Mary did you know that your Baby Boy is the Great I Am?" Thank you Lord for loving us so much! Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you! Please take a moment during this week, each in his or her own way, to reflect on the 'Reason for the Season'!
  9. Moore or Jones?

    Being a conservative and a Vietnam Vet, just not of the Moore ilk, I chose to vote Moore and let Governor Ivey straighten it out if congress does what I think they will do and refuse to seat/or unseat him. I trust her judgement as opposed to her predecessor and believe she would appoint an honorable, respected conservative to this post. It's cool to call me names if you wish, as some of you are prone to do when disagreed with, but long years in Management have thickened my skin. WDE & IGTBAAT
  10. Im so durn mad.

    Then move to Stillwater!
  11. Where Are You Cheering From Today?

    Just off Deatsville Hiway , barely still in Millbrook, Al.
  12. Quoting Gabe Gross

    We see so many that it is easy to misinterpret some posts. Having said that, hope you will forgive and old Auburn fan for being suspicious, especially the week of Iron Bowl. No harm intended and appreciate the tenor of your response!
  13. Quoting Gabe Gross

    Bammer Troll
  14. a loss could cost job.

    The AD and the HFC at Iowa State! LOL
  15. Finebaum: CGM to Arky plausible

    Is there really a chance that Yeller Wood feller will come off the cash enough to rip Nick away from the REC?