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  1. Moore or Jones?

    Being a conservative and a Vietnam Vet, just not of the Moore ilk, I chose to vote Moore and let Governor Ivey straighten it out if congress does what I think they will do and refuse to seat/or unseat him. I trust her judgement as opposed to her predecessor and believe she would appoint an honorable, respected conservative to this post. It's cool to call me names if you wish, as some of you are prone to do when disagreed with, but long years in Management have thickened my skin. WDE & IGTBAAT
  2. Im so durn mad.

    Then move to Stillwater!
  3. Where Are You Cheering From Today?

    Just off Deatsville Hiway , barely still in Millbrook, Al.
  4. Quoting Gabe Gross

    We see so many that it is easy to misinterpret some posts. Having said that, hope you will forgive and old Auburn fan for being suspicious, especially the week of Iron Bowl. No harm intended and appreciate the tenor of your response!
  5. Quoting Gabe Gross

    Bammer Troll
  6. a loss could cost job.

    The AD and the HFC at Iowa State! LOL
  7. Finebaum: CGM to Arky plausible

    Is there really a chance that Yeller Wood feller will come off the cash enough to rip Nick away from the REC?
  8. End could be near for Jacobs

    I don't see it as click bait because Phillip's reputation is he doesn't go to print with something unless he believes his source is righteous and/or another source is in agreement. However, from time to time, over the years, he has been taken advantage of by those who he trusts and given misinformation. This could well be one of those times, but I opine that Phillip doesn't believe at this time that is the case. Just sayin'.
  9. Hot Seat Coaches

    Does Brohm own a motorcycle and like blondes?
  10. More on Corey Myers

    The only bearing it has for us is the underscoring of Clint's dedication to his family and a demonstrated disregard to rules of the institution paying his salary and disdain for the NCAA and any other organization that would dare question his authority and/or the perfection of his family. Other than that, I agree with you.
  11. Filling in for Stat

    Absolutely priceless!
  12. I think we have reached a point where the NCAA on rules interpretation is kinda like the SEC Officials on video replays. It kinda depends on who is playing who, not the actual facts!
  13. Texas A&M vs Arkansas

    The SEC has been consistent for years with "P" poor officiating!
  14. Great addition to the staff. Just a note, he has never played football with Cam. We talking a baseball man! Qualifies as a BOOM!
  15. Let's not forget our OL coach.....

    But Geez people, he has appeared on celebrity cooking shows and feeds the press and guys from time to time. Quite the impresario on the BBQ Grill and laying in the menu. Oh, that's not what we are paying big bucks for? But, he and Gus are such a team. After all, they were together at Tulsa and we all know what a powerhouse they were. Tongue planted firmly in cheek!