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  1. The last time both of them lost on the same day was November 4th of 2006 lol would love for that to happen sometime this season 😀
  2. They beat Kansas, Providence, North Carolina, then Kentucky in the finals
  3. They were also shut out twice lol
  4. I've never seen an offense score so easily and effortlessly like the Bama offense this year. Their like a video game.
  5. 2007 Iron Bowl. Nothing spectacular about the game itself, however it being my first Iron Bowl and learning Reverse Rammer Jammer, it'll always be an awesome memory.
  6. I'm pulling for Florida, but that's just cause I hate UGA lol
  7. Unfortunately I don't see anyone beating Bama this year. Maybe LSU but who knows
  8. Before the game he was heard saying that he would rush for over 200 yards on them. Finished with like 204 and we still lost
  9. I honestly don't seem them losing a game this year. Maybe UGA or Clemson but idk. That offense is something else.
  10. MMW: Georgia loses 3 games this season. MMW: Alabama loses to Auburn by 2 touchdowns. MMW: Tennessee gives Auburn a game until late in the 4th quarter.
  11. I'm realllly hoping for a USCe win against them. Early in the season at Columbia has all the makings of an upset.