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  1. Tiger96

    Southern Miss Postgame Thread

    Unfortunately I don't see anyone beating Bama this year. Maybe LSU but who knows
  2. Tiger96

    Legatron waived by Vikings

    Before the game he was heard saying that he would rush for over 200 yards on them. Finished with like 204 and we still lost
  3. Tiger96

    Alabama is averaging 56.7 PPG

    I honestly don't seem them losing a game this year. Maybe UGA or Clemson but idk. That offense is something else.
  4. Tiger96

    The Official Meltdown Thread

    2 uncalled blocks in the back... ugh
  5. Tiger96

    Mark My Word 2018

    MMW: Georgia loses 3 games this season. MMW: Alabama loses to Auburn by 2 touchdowns. MMW: Tennessee gives Auburn a game until late in the 4th quarter.
  6. Tiger96

    2018 SEC Helmet Schedule

    I'm realllly hoping for a USCe win against them. Early in the season at Columbia has all the makings of an upset.
  7. Tiger96

    June Facilities Update

    I wonder how much having that corner filled will effect stadium noise (probably not much but still a cool thing to think about).
  8. Tiger96

    National Championships

    If anything we should claim 1983 and 2004. Only reason we didn't get a shot was due to a popularity contest (Miami, USC, Okla). No reason not to add 1913 as well.
  9. Tiger96

    National Championships

    The NCAA recognizes us for 5 National Titles. If we go the Bama method, we could have as many as 9 National Titles. Not bad honestly
  10. Alabama Favorite: 2007 (first time singing Rammer Jammer reversed) Least: 2014 (No reason for losing that game.) Georgia Favorite: 2017 Least: 2017 SECCG (one win away from basically winning it all) LSU Favorite: 2010 Least: 2017 (was at the game. Love Tiger Stadium, just hate losing there) MSU Favorite: 2013 Least: 2015
  11. Tiger96

    2018 NFL Draft

    So glad that Washington DL went to the draft. Dude's a beast
  12. Tiger96

    Men vs Alabama

    That's game.
  13. Tiger96

    Men vs Alabama

    This is equivalent to watching our offense against clemson this past season
  14. Tiger96

    Men vs Alabama

    Today is not our day