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  1. Texas vs USCw

    I think we beat Mizzou, the cupcakes, Texas A&M. Ole Miss and Miss State are toss ups. idk about LSU. not a great offense but it's in Baton rouge. UGA and Bama we'll definitely be underdogs
  2. Texas vs USCw

    Same. After watching Miss state they may have a shot. Tenn sucks, LSU has no offense, and Ole Miss doesnt have the defense to make enough stops. If we get our offense just somewhat clicking, I say we beat bama by 10
  3. Texas vs USCw

    Just a gut feeling. Honestly Vandy may get absolutely blown out. But one can hope!!
  4. Texas vs USCw

    On a side note, didn't realize that Miss state plays Georgia next week. Could be a great game. And Vandy vs Bama. have a weird feeling Vandy pulls off the upset
  5. Texas vs USCw

    Wow. Hate the outcome but great game. Hope the Washington teams can beat USC, if not they'll cupcake their way to the playoffs and get demoralized by either Bama or Clemson.
  6. Texas vs USCw

    If they could've gotten the sack there ugh come on texas!
  7. Texas vs USCw

    This is interesting. They don't have the best kicker
  8. Texas vs USCw

    I don't think that was a catch
  9. Texas vs USCw

    that hurts
  10. Texas vs USCw

    Are you serious
  11. Texas vs USCw

    That QB for texas can play...
  12. Texas vs USCw

    Boom! nice TD by Texas!
  13. Texas vs USCw

    great catch for the first down
  14. Texas vs USCw

    Right after I say that they score. SMH
  15. Texas vs USCw

    I hope Darnold throws a pick right here