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  1. gohogs14

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    He’s actually only 15 years older. I know it’s hard to believe he’s not 50 yet lol. He wasn’t nearly as fat when they met though.
  2. gohogs14

    Bret B is a genius!

    No Hog fan should wonder why we offered Jerry Jones’ grandson a full scholarship lol
  3. gohogs14

    SEC schedule prediction

    I like the way you think. Not sure about the best but I definitely think we can finish top 3-5
  4. gohogs14

    Texas A&M vs. Wake Forest

    Well we gave offenses who use goofy cards to signal plays crap too but now we’ll probably be doing that lol. Definitely a different approach than our previous coaches have had
  5. gohogs14

    Texas A&M vs. Wake Forest

    We’re not really, but not sure who all else is out there that would be better. Grinch (Washington State DC) gave up 40+ points his last two games. Chavis should be able to at least put a good staff together. Saw a rumor we may go after Trooper Taylor for DB coach lol
  6. gohogs14

    Chad Morris wants to run Air Raid

    Saw where we're in negotiations with Chavis for DC. Meh...
  7. gohogs14

    Chad Morris wants to run Air Raid

    They hated it at first but have really warmed up to it in the last few days. You can tell he got a lot of the things he says from Dabo. It will be nice to have some energy in recruiting and on the sidelines after Bielema just kinda looked dumbfounded most of the time. Some are still waiting to see who the DC will be first.
  8. gohogs14

    Chad Morris wants to run Air Raid

    I was surprised when he first got to Auburn what the offense looked like, but I figured it was because he had some guy named Cam. When he coached high school he threw it a ton. Rhett Lashlee ranks in the top 10 of a lot of national passing records. Then at Tulsa he had two 1,000 yard receivers one year IIRC. He seems to do a great job adapting to his roster. Auburn rarely doesn’t have a good RB but I wonder if Gus would change the offense if the running game wasn’t as good. As for Morris, it will be weird for Arkansas fans to watch this offense because we’ve never really ever ran something like this before. Our last dual threat QB was Matt Jones lol. Morris did have a 1,000 yard rusher this year so calling it an air raid might have been exaggerating. Side note: We’re trying to get him to name the helicopter that he uses for recruiting the “Pork Chopper”
  9. gohogs14

    Arkansas hires Chad Morris

    He said today he would mainly focus on Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to get some under the radar guys from the Carolinas every once in a while since he probably knows the area well from Clemson.
  10. gohogs14

    Arkansas hires Chad Morris

    The DC hire will probably make or break him. Evidently he promised to bring in a big name DC and that helped him get the job. 2019 #2 ranked QB Grant Gunnell said he’s going to take a harder look at Arkansas now with Morris so I can see it already starting to help with Texas recruits. Find it a little ironic that both our new coach and AD came from Texas and were at South Carolina before that.
  11. gohogs14

    Update on Arkansas HC search

    Don't think he would come but I've seen where we could offer Venables $2.5 million. He and Morris are close friends but it would be weird to leave that situation.
  12. gohogs14

    Update on Arkansas HC search

    Yeah Sounds like it's down to Norvell, Morris and Kiffin. Who knows if any of this is true but it's what I'm reading on various boards: Morris apparently had an amazing interview. They like his extensive connections in Texas and high school and college coaches have really recommended him. Jerry Jones pushing for him. They also like Norvell and he interviewed well but they worry about his ability to put together a good staff. Kiffin is where the biggest divide is. Some love him and some hate him. They worry about him off the field after what happened with Petrino. He spent some of his childhood in Arkansas when Monte was an assistant coach though.
  13. gohogs14

    Update on Arkansas HC search

    Yeah most people are shocked how good our facilities are when they get to campus. https://www.forbes.com/forbes/welcome/?toURL=https://www.forbes.com/sites/kristidosh/2016/12/14/why-im-impressed-after-touring-the-athletics-facilities-at-university-of-arkansas/ Not sure how reliable Danny Sheridan is, but he was on Arkansas radio yesterday saying that he's good friends with a famous former Auburn player (didn't say who) that was on the sidelines for the Auburn-Alabama game. He said the former player asked Kristi "So are you going to Arkansas?" after the game and she said "we'll see". That's why Sheridan said he thinks Gus leaves if Georgia wins tomorrow. I was surprised to hear him say that.
  14. gohogs14

    Bielema officially fired

    We won't ever hire anyone from Arkansas State. Saw where we've been talking to Venables. A little surprised if we went with another defensive-minded guy but I like him.
  15. gohogs14

    Bielema officially fired

    It was actually in an office adjacent to the field. Bielema said he preferred it that way so he would get to tell his players in person instead of them hearing it through the phone or social media since they would be going home right after the game. Crazy how much this has blown up because of a tweet without all of the info.