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  1. Lol Storey has a better shot of starting for Central Arkansas next year than he would of beating Bryant out
  2. Northwest Arkansas is a much better place to live than Starkville lol. Morris has offered a position to Bryant somewhere on his coaching staff after his football career is over. Couldn't blame him for avoiding the current mess of a roster at Arkansas though.
  3. Pretty much, think it was a statement more than anything. I think Morris would sign 59 players instead of 29 this year if he could. The past month the defense has looked like they weren't giving much effort at all.
  4. The OL has actually been better than I expected this year. Auburn has given up one more sack than Arkansas has. But Storey has taken a beating running the ball, not exactly built for an RPO offense but he's the best we have right now. Agree about the playmakers part. Outside of TE Cheyenne O'Grady and RB Rakeem Boyd there is no one. I expect to see a lot of freshmen playing at WR next year. Bielema did not recruit much speed at all.
  5. Visiting Arkansas 10/20 Missouri and Louisville also mentioned as possible visits
  6. We just had a TE catch 3 passes for 77 yards last week. When he was OC at Clemson, Dwayne Allen won the Mackey Award. He didn't use the TE at SMU because they didn't have any on the roster when he took over. But I think he likes using it more than Malzahn does, everything else about the offense is pretty similar however.
  7. We also have #51 and #61 how you stopped at 50 though. Tom Lemming is the one who said that, not Arkansas fans. We're approaching a top 10 class on Rivals (granted we're more likely to finish around 15 on there) so I guess it just depends which service you look at. Adding three 4-star WRs and possibly the #1 TE in the country is a pretty decent shot in the arm.
  8. Northwest Arkansas is actually really nice and one of the fastest growing areas of the country, unlike the rest of Arkansas lol. We do have arguably the #1 WR recruiting class coming in (depending who you ask it's us or OU) for 2019 so that will help but the OL will still be a major problem. Definitely think he'd beat out Storey, much better fit for this system IMO. Be a nice stopgap to get the younger QBs more seasoning to start in 2020 and beyond. I didn't realize his cousin is Martavis Bryant until a couple of days ago.
  9. At least it didn’t go into OT this time. I think we ran out of inventing new ways to lose in this series
  10. 6 turnovers against North Texas while playing 3 different QBs. They also had a punt return TD. Not on the defense.
  11. Still too early to tell, he doesn't have much to work with, but just looking for improvement every week. Some questionable coaching decisions and playcalling so far but we should have our first top 20 recruiting class since 2009 this year (#17 on Rivals) so we should be better in about two more years. Storey played admirably but he's more than likely just a stopgap QB for us. If Kelly Bryant decides to transfer from Clemson I'd be interested to see if Morris goes after him.
  12. Have to admit, it was closer than I thought it would be. I know you guys are frustrated at your offensive performance, but our defense actually hasn't been that bad this year. Colorado State- Our defense held them without a TD in the first half and only started giving up a bunch of points late in the fourth quarter after they had been on the field forever due to the offense constantly going 3-and-out. North Texas - Of the 44 points they scored, one was a pick six and one was a punt return TD. The offense had six interceptions which gave them short fields. The defense held them to 3 YPC and 6 YPA and they only went 3/16 on third down. Just like Saturday night, our offense and special teams have killed us and inflated point totals in our games but the defense has been solid all things considered. And we didn't have Ramsey (our DE #10 who was in the backfield a ton) all year until our game. Your yardage total probably would have been higher if your average starting field position wasn't at midfield as well lol.
  13. They actually only averaged about 6 yards per pass. Defense gave up 30 points with 6 interceptions from the offense. Our D hasn’t been as bad as some of our scores have indicated. But I’m sure they’ll give up a lot of points in the 2nd half after being exhausted because the offense left them on the field for so long.
  14. Not that it probably matters, but we haven’t really been totally healthy on D all year. Got some players back while others went out.
  15. The offense is a total mismatch for what Morris wants to run, and we have serious issues in the locker room right now. Our players would rather whine about being booed and laugh and joke around on the sidelines while down by 30 than play football. No leaders on this team. Morris needs to do a lot of culling of the roster this offseason. I mean, we were lucky to go 4-8 last year with Bielema and nearly lost to a 3-9 Coastal Carolina team. Morris has made some questionable coaching decisions though but when you get blown out by North Texas (a team he beat last year at SMU) it has to be more than that. I think he's a good recruiter so willing to give him a few more years. Gus was Chad's coaching mentor when he was coaching high school. Also didn't realize this but heard this morning that Paula Morris (Chad's wife) was Stidham's 3rd grade teacher.